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18 august 2017

2 views12:54:44 Super-photostable fluorescent labeling agent for super-resolution microscopy (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

17 august 2017

4 views21:50:47 Gold nanostars and immunotherapy vaccinate mice against cancer (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views21:20:29 Team images tiny quasicrystals as they form (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:01:48 New terahertz imaging approach could speed up skin cancer detection (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:34:40 Researchers found that rotation causes the zig-zag of rising particles (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views14:34:40 Breakthrough ink discovery could transform the production of new laser and op... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views14:34:40 Sharp X-ray pulses from the atomic nucleus (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views13:59:02 Newly upgraded laser peers further into the extreme universe at SLAC`s LCLS (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:16:08 Going nano in the fight against cancer (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views09:49:16 Fizzy soda water could be key to clean manufacture of flat wonder material: g... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

16 august 2017

3 views20:23:42 Boron nitride foam soaks up carbon dioxide (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views19:25:57 Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views17:47:59 Gold shines through properties of nano biosensors (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views17:31:21 Multicolor MRIs could aid disease detection (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views16:51:50 Physicists measure complementary properties using quantum clones (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:25:18 Turning pollen into a low-cost fertilizer (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views15:04:30 `Fixed-field` accelerator transports multiple particle beams at a wide range ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views14:45:22 Technique for making microdroplet lenses (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views11:21:28 Drug-delivering micromotors treat their first bacterial infection in the stomach (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

15 august 2017

8 views17:40:28 Now you can levitate liquids and insects at home (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views17:40:28 Relativistic self-focusing gives mid-IR driven electrons a boost (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views17:40:28 Soft and spherical: Researchers study dynamics of drop impact (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views17:12:15 Nanotechnology gives green energy a green color (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views17:07:46 New thruster design increases efficiency for future spaceflight (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:46:51 Video: Dark matter hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:17:04 Simulation demonstrates how exposure to plasma makes carbon nanotubes grow (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:17:04 Machine learning tackles quantum error correction (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
18 views15:59:11 Reactions in tiny containers-towards the world`s smallest coaxial cable (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views15:56:43 Pure optical detection of spikes for the ultimate brain machine interface (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views13:53:52 Researchers use polystyrene to make next-generation of solar panels even cheaper (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views13:53:51 Killing bacteria by hacking plastics with silver and electricity (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views13:05:57 `Organismic learning` mimics some aspects of human thought (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:55:43 ATLAS observes direct evidence of light-by-light scattering (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views12:26:02 Protein to stop acute cerebral hemorrhage (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views12:26:02 A graphene and boron nitride heterostructure creates large spin signals (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views11:27:53 Researchers achieve major improvement for lensless computational microscopy (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views11:27:53 X-ray imaging with a significantly enhanced resolution (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views01:36:51 Nanomaterials help spiders spin the toughest stuff (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

14 august 2017

6 views19:19:44 Trophic coherence explains why networks have few feedback loops and high stab... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views18:32:53 2-faced 2-D material is a first at Rice (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views18:16:58 The critical point in breaking the glass problem (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views17:30:01 Exotic quantum states made from light (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views17:05:37 Single molecules can work as reproducible transistors-at room temperature (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views16:14:57 A microscope within a microscope (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:16:52 New research initiative turns laser focus on high-energy-density physics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views13:16:52 Freeform optical device packs more punch in a smaller package (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views10:40:05 Hologram technology could lead to improved diagnoses of chronic diseases in r... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

11 august 2017

3 views20:59:55 Space-based experiment will tackle the mysteries of cosmic rays (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views20:59:55 New SQUID-based detector opens up new fields of study with new level of sensi... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views20:03:25 Massive particles test standard quantum theory (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views20:02:28 New ultrathin semiconductor materials exceed some of silicon`s `secret` powers (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views17:19:26 A smoother ride over troubled waters (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views15:41:40 New devices to control X-rays are less expensive, faster to make (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views15:41:40 Blind quantum computing for everyone (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views15:41:40 A new tool for multilayer networks (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:18:12 Shock front probed by protons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:23:30 Moving objects at the nanoscale using thermal regions (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views14:23:29 Flexible batteries power the future of wearable technology (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

10 august 2017

7 views17:55:48 Researchers develop innovative way to understand nature of an entire tiny par... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:05:29 Surprise discovery in the search for energy efficient information storage (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views16:16:10 Engineers find better way to detect nanoparticles (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views15:40:19 Chinese team sends quantum keys to ground stations and teleports ground to sa... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:40:19 Two ways to improve optical sensing using different resonator techniques (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views15:40:19 Textured LED gives green light to Li-Fi (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views15:29:48 Harnessingthe properties of a remarkable 2-D material (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views14:53:24 Super-light graphene and ceramic metamaterial possesses high strength, other ... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views14:52:50 The structural mystery of scandium fluoride illustrated (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:09:49 Mega-Tsunami Could Be Triggered by an Alaska Quake (Scientific American Physics) New
4 views13:46:24 Fireworks on a pinhead as electrons enable colours in 100 000 pixels per inch (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views11:17:36 First data transmission through terahertz multiplexer reported (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

9 august 2017

11 views22:20:30 Scientists shine new light on the `other high temperature superconductor` (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views21:39:37 Scientists show growing atom-thin sheets on cones allows control of defects (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
12 views20:31:22 Chaotic magnetic field lines may answer the coronal heating problem (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views20:03:27 Updated computer code improves prediction of particle motion in plasma experi... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views20:03:27 New optical method pinpoints weak spots in jet engine thermal coatings (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views19:48:12 Closest Supermassive Black Hole Tests Einstein`s Relativity (Scientific American Physics) New
11 views14:06:02 With a gentle touch, scientists push us closer to flash memory successor (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
15 views13:14:09 Scientists creating an atomic `Lego set` of 2-D wonder materials (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
14 views13:14:09 Assembling nanomachines in bacteria (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

8 august 2017

5 views21:05:35 Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views20:37:06 The Great American Eclipse (Scientific American Physics) New
9 views16:39:13 New theory on the origin of dark matter (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:47:59 Scientists investigating properties of hybrid systems consisting of carbon na... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views14:07:48 Spinning diamonds for quantum precision (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views12:20:16 New solid lubricant shown to reduce friction and wear on steel surfaces (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views11:47:33 High-resolution optical coherence tomography without particle accelerator (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

7 august 2017

5 views23:35:44 New technique to suppress sound waves from disorder to improve optical fiber ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views22:54:36 Scientists probe the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear react... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views18:59:35 Invisibility cloak takes one step closer to revealing itself (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views18:33:12 MRI contrast agents accumulate in the brain (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views18:24:25 Researchers set record for fastest light pulse (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:24:10 Inspecting matter using terahertz light (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:55:27 Metal cloud to protect fusion reactor walls (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:37:04 4-D camera could improve robot vision, virtual reality and self-driving cars (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:37:04 Scientists closer to explaining why matter persists over antimatter (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views12:15:54 Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

5 august 2017

12 views13:33:52 Air travel: Researchers say factors like plane size and boarding method can h... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

4 august 2017

9 views20:52:31 Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views20:09:26 Microbot origami can capture, transport single cells (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views15:33:40 Physicists investigate fundamental limits of quantum engines (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
15:33:40 More ...

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