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24 june 2017

7 views00:57:31 Atomic imperfections move quantum communication network closer to reality (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views00:57:31 Making ferromagnets stronger by adding non-magnetic elements (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

23 june 2017

5 views19:27:40 Team launches `comb and copter` system to map atmospheric gases (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views15:43:16 Magnetic nanoknots evoke Lord Kelvin`s vortex theory of atoms (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views13:52:14 A single electron`s tiny leap sets off `molecular sunscreen` response (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views13:52:14 Physicists settle debate over how exotic quantum particles form (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views12:49:15 Neutron-rich nucleus shapeshifts between a rugby ball and a discus (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views12:49:15 Peering at the crystal structure of lithium (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views12:29:54 New technique to produce more durable and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

22 june 2017

5 views20:22:13 A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views20:22:12 Quantum thermometer or optical refrigerator? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views20:22:12 Piling on pressure solves enduring mystery about metal`s makeup (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views20:04:19 Switchable DNA mini-machines store information (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views19:29:22 Tiny nanoparticles offer significant potential in detecting/treating disease ... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views17:15:15 Holey pattern boosts coherence of nanomechanical membrane vibrations (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views17:11:11 New screen coating makes reading in sunlight a lot easier-the secret? Moth eyes (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:24:53 Smooth propagation of spin waves using gold (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:14:00 Injector 2-a pre-accelerator for protons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:14:00 3-D virus cam catches germs red-handed (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:26:51 Ultra-thin camera creates images without lenses (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:58:24 Camera captures microscopic holograms at femtosecond speeds (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views02:26:42 Keep Rolling Luggage Upright With Physics (Scientific American Physics) New

21 june 2017

8 views20:17:16 Self-assembling reagents with tunable colors and brightness enable highly mul... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:07:51 Experiment shows non-classical growth of crystals (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views17:07:51 New 3-D display takes the eye fatigue out of virtual reality (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views16:03:14 Chemists create 3-D printed graphene foam (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views14:34:17 New prototypes for superconducting undulators show promise for more powerful,... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views14:34:17 Problem of wheeled suitcases wobbling explained (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:14:15 Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views11:59:19 Neutron scattering clarifies the arrangement of skyrmions in material (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views09:55:07 Deceleration of runaway electrons paves the way for fusion power (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

20 june 2017

3 views21:58:49 Einstein letters on God, Israel and physics fetch $210,000 (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views18:03:51 Scientists turbocharge high-resolution, 3-D imaging (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views18:03:51 Making waves with the hot electrons within Earth`s radiation belts (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views17:46:14 Researchers experiment with geometric factors to maximize plasma jet length (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views17:46:14 Illuminating a better way to calculate excitation energy (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views17:46:14 Cow herd behavior is fodder for complex systems analysis (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views17:46:13 Wave beams mix and stir the ocean to create climate (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:46:13 Scientists develop innovative, atomic resonance-based method to measure elect... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views16:33:41 Researchers developed nanoparticle based contrast agent for dual modal imagin... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views16:07:26 Enhanced photocatalytic activity by Cu2O nanoparticles integrated H2Ti3O7 nan... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views16:07:26 Neuron transistor behaves like a brain neuron (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views16:03:27 Electron caught in the act (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views14:34:12 Researchers developing a new balance for the new kilogram (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views14:34:12 Soliton molecules caused to vibrate like real molecules (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views14:34:12 New laser technique identifies the makeup of space debris, from painted shard... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views14:32:19 Using photoluminescent nanorods as ultimate probes of fluid flow (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views10:09:49 Tiny bubbles provide tremendous propulsion in new microparticles research (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

19 june 2017

12 views19:09:03 Sugar-coated nanomaterial excels at promoting bone growth (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views18:35:11 Engineers Build Bendy Batteries For Wearables (Scientific American Physics) New
5 views17:41:27 First atomic structure of an intact virus deciphered with an X-ray laser (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:41:27 Sound waves direct particles to self-assemble, self-heal (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views16:04:51 Of wrinkles and wires: Capillarity-induced skin folding spontaneously forms a... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views15:52:18 How to build the perfect sandcastle-according to science (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views15:11:59 Using sunlight to the max (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views15:05:56 The exciting future of light energy (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:13:01 Prototype device enables photon-photon interactions at room temperature for q... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views13:04:08 World`s Most Powerful Particle Collider Taps AI to Expose Hack Attacks (Scientific American Physics) New

16 june 2017

16 views21:50:19 Nickel for thought: Compound shows potential for high-temperature superconduc... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views14:40:57 How the quantum Zeno effect impacts Schroedinger`s cat (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views13:16:45 New study opens the door to solid-state devices that use excited electrons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views12:59:01 Scientists develop synthetic diamond-based detectors for CERN (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views09:32:34 Big scientific breakthrough at sub-atomic level holds promise for secure comms (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

15 june 2017

7 views20:27:28 China Shatters `Spooky Action at a Distance` Record, Preps for Quantum Internet (Scientific American Physics) New
9 views19:07:01 No Universe without Big Bang (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views17:46:41 US-China collaboration makes excellent start in optimizing lithium to control... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:45:29 Researchers discover shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views15:37:29 Quantum dot transistor simulates functions of neurons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
13 views14:34:11 Propagating `charge density wave` fluctuations are seen in superconducting co... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views14:34:11 Playing the numbers-a billion-dollar gamble on the European X-ray Laser (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:03:19 Desert lizards use body oscillations to dive into sand (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:38:11 Acoustic emissions from organic martensite analogues (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views12:26:16 Changing the color of laser light on the femtosecond time scale (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views09:45:56 A mechanical trigger for toxic tumor therapy (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views09:45:56 New chemical method could revolutionize graphene (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

14 june 2017

17 views17:12:47 Graphene encapsulation provides unprecedented view of the diffusion and rotat... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views13:34:46 Manufacturing hybrid silicon lasers for mass-produced photonic devices (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views13:04:46 3-in-1 device offers alternative to Moore`s law (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
12 views12:24:41 How gold binds to silicone rubber (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

13 june 2017

10 views23:07:56 Superconducting nanowire memory cell, miniaturized technology (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views20:46:32 Magnets, all the way down! (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views18:00:58 Scientists solve a mystery in cellular `droplet` organelles (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
19 views18:00:58 Research effort creates new alloys, phase diagram (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views17:22:15 Helium droplets offer new precision to single-molecule laser measurement (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views17:22:15 Researchers devise a new way to examine the movement of low-energy electrons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:18:05 Hybrid membrane creates a stir on the global market (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views17:18:05 Silver atom nanoclusters could become efficient biosensors (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views16:15:23 Cooking up `frustrated` magnets in search of superconductivity (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views16:15:22 More than the sum of its parts: the ATLAS Experiment looks inside the proton (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views16:15:22 Einstein letters on quantum theory and God to be auctioned (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views15:44:57 Nanoparticle aggregates for destruction of cancer cells (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views15:25:19 Neural networks take on quantum entanglement (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views12:45:19 Researchers create a high-temperature device that produces electricity from i... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views12:04:15 Breakthrough in thin electrically conducting sheets paves way for smaller ele... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views11:51:36 On the road to creating an electrodeless spacecraft propulsion engine (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

12 june 2017

10 views22:47:59 Chemists perform surgery on nanoparticles (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
12 views22:34:19 Learning with light: New system allows optical `deep learning` (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views17:39:48 Physicists use quantum memory to demonstrate quantum secure direct communication (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views17:23:41 Black Holes, Cosmic Collisions and the Rippling of Spacetime (Scientific American Physics) New
13 views16:12:58 Imaging helps to spot fake ancient daggers (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
16:12:58 More ...

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