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25 march 2017

1 views01:39:49 Surprising twist in confined liquid crystals: A simple route to developing ne... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

24 march 2017

2 views20:35:44 Gravitational Waves Send Supermassive Black Hole Flying (Scientific American Physics) New
1 views19:10:57 In a quantum race everyone is both a winner and a loser (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views15:58:25 Researchers grow a versatile diamond foil in a test reactor (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:59:34 Multi-parameter microscopy aids design of improved optoelectronic devices (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views14:59:34 Controlling ice formation (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views14:46:44 Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:41:40 The physics that stops a bullet also makes your car more fuel efficient (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views12:49:30 Upgrading the CERN LHC`s CMS experiment detector (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views11:14:31 A robust, two-ion quantum logic gate that operates in a microsecond is designed (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views11:14:31 Insights may lead to design and development of superior metallic alloys (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views11:14:30 Inventing a new kind of matter (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views10:45:50 The world`s first international race for molecular cars, the Nanocar Race (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

23 march 2017

0 views23:50:54 Astronomers Observe Milky Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe (Scientific American Physics) New
1 views22:47:36 Astronomers Observe Milky-Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe (Scientific American Physics) New
2 views22:15:49 Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views20:29:14 Researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views19:06:29 Biophysicists construct complex hybrid structures using DNA and proteins (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views16:44:15 Where does laser energy go after being fired into plasma? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views16:44:15 New portal to unveil the dark sector of the Universe (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views16:44:15 Researchers discover new type of memory effect in transition metal oxides (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views15:01:10 Laser activated gold pyramids could deliver drugs, DNA into cells without harm (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views14:45:02 Physicists prove that it`s impossible to cool an object to absolute zero (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:11:03 Physicist develops drip-free wine bottle (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views11:00:30 `Synthetic skin` could lead to advanced prosthetic limbs capable of returning... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views06:01:31 UV Rays Strip Small Galaxies of Star Stuff (Scientific American Physics) New

22 march 2017

0 views22:33:14 New low-cost method to produce light-based lab-on-a-chip devices for fast med... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views19:07:53 Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views19:07:52 Researchers use light to remotely control curvature of plastics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:27:13 Insights pave way for solar cells and photodetectors based on tunable nanopar... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
0 views14:58:57 Visualizing nuclear radiation: Team images gamma rays to help decontaminate F... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views14:58:57 ATP hydrolysis energy explained through large-scale hybrid quantum / classica... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:00:10 Single-angle ptychography allows 3-D imaging of stressed materials (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:00:10 Researchers develop a new model to unlock catalytic powers of gold (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:00:10 A novel `soft` magnetic material could enable faster computer memory (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views13:48:45 Chemical reactions `filmed` at the single-molecule level (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views13:43:29 Supercritical carbon dioxide delivers protective molecules to semiconductor s... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views13:43:29 Imprinting nano-patterns in metals (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
0 views13:15:06 Chemists create nanoparticles for safe imaging of tumors (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

21 march 2017

0 views22:17:24 Scientists discover new `boat` form of promising semiconductor GeSe (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views17:39:41 Does the universe have a rest frame? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views17:34:43 Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views17:07:13 A new model for capillary rise in nano-channels offers insights into fracking (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views17:07:13 Spintronic technology advances with newly designed magnetic tunnel junctions (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views17:07:13 Estimating the glass transition temperature for polymers in `confined geometr... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views17:07:12 Manipulating magnetic textures (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views17:07:12 Revealing the microscopic mechanisms in perovskite solar cells (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views16:17:07 Q&A: Lawrence Krauss on The Greatest Story Ever Told (Scientific American Physics) New
1 views14:48:19 Unusual fluid behavior observed in microgravity (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:20:36 Producing radioisotopes for medical imaging and disease treatment (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views14:20:35 Electrons used to control ultrashort laser pulses (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views14:16:13 Electrocrystallization-breakthrough in gold nanoparticle research (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views14:04:38 Electronic oscillations in graphene could make a tabletop source of X-rays a ... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views13:45:51 Research set to reveal the chaotic mysteries of turbulence (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views13:45:51 From black holes to helium (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views13:45:51 Deformable thermoelectric materials add a new twist to the design of energy-s... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views13:45:51 Results from the NEOS experiment on sterile neutrinos differ partly from the ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views11:48:29 How fullerite becomes harder than diamond (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views11:48:29 Light-controlled gearbox for nanomachines (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
0 views11:48:29 Quantum dots illuminate transport within the cell (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
1 views11:34:26 Boosting the ability to detect superweak magnetic fields (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views01:38:56 Chaotic Orbits Could Cause Catastrophic Collision (Scientific American Physics) New

20 march 2017

1 views18:30:11 New feedback system could allow greater control over fusion plasma (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views18:06:44 New Detector Could Soon Narrow Down Gravitational Wave Sources (Scientific American Physics) New
11 views17:38:04 `Flying saucer` quantum dots hold secret to brighter, better lasers (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views17:31:06 Molecular scale transporter with a twist, powered by liquid crystal defects (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views16:55:33 How small can superconductors be? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views16:55:32 Lust for power: Engineers develop non-toxic material that generates electrici... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:34:37 Moire superstructures created using block copolymers (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views14:31:03 Scanning tunneling microscopy reveals unexpected optical phonon effect (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views14:06:49 New Detector Could Soon Narrow Down Gravitational-Wave Sources (Scientific American Physics) New
2 views12:51:20 Raising the (G)bar for antimatter exploration (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views12:46:09 Star-spangled find may lead to advanced electronics (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views12:24:12 Mystery of how sperm swim revealed in mathematical formula (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views12:24:12 Research reveals inner workings of liquid crystals (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views11:56:42 Researchers discover that chaos makes carbon materials lighter and stronger (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views11:56:42 Bio-inspired gel material could help engineers control movements of soft robots (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views11:24:06 Tethered nanoparticles make tumor cells more vulnerable (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

17 march 2017

5 views18:31:49 Can quantum theory explain why jokes are funny? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views15:44:03 Nanotube film may resolve longevity problem of challenger solar cells (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views14:35:12 Nano-polycrystalline film leads to stronger magnetism compared to single-crys... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views13:49:01 Better nanoimages `spin` the path to improved magnetic memory (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views12:44:32 LHCb observes an exceptionally large group of particles (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views12:44:31 Researchers launch plasmons with controlled amounts of angular momentum (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views12:14:43 Dark Matter Did Not Dominate Early Galaxies (Scientific American Physics) New
5 views11:15:58 Gold foil discovery could lead to wearable technology (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

16 march 2017

2 views19:10:28 Physicists experiment with nanowire in a promising field that could make elec... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views16:14:20 Electro-optical switch transmits data at record-low temperatures (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:27:25 Quantum shortcuts cannot bypass the laws of thermodynamics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views15:27:24 Producing crystals without defects for research (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views15:27:23 Researchers beat the quantum limit of microwave measurements (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:53:39 Block copolymer micellization as a protection strategy for DNA origami (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views14:04:17 Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views13:53:25 Russian scientists teach ultrasound find and kill cancer cells (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views13:39:51 Novel nozzle saves crystals-double flow concept widens spectrum for protein c... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views13:39:51 3-D X-ray imaging makes the finest details of a computer chip visible (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views13:17:29 The strangeness of slow dynamics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views13:10:07 How photons change chemistry (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views13:07:25 Nanocages for gold particles-What is happening inside? (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

15 march 2017

7 views21:57:17 Quantum movement of electrons in atomic layers shows potential of materials f... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
21:57:17 More ...

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