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19 october 2018

3 views17:49:46 Discovering a previously unknown role for a source of magnetic fields (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views15:46:38 Researchers study interactions in molecules using AI (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:46:38 New simulations confirm efficiency of waste-removal process in plasma device (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views15:46:38 Modified optical centrifuge has potential to open up new ways for the study o... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

18 october 2018

3 views22:45:04 Pushing the extra cold frontiers of superconducting science (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views20:11:37 The big problem of small data: A new approach (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views20:11:37 Scientists discover first high-temperature single-molecule magnet (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views20:11:37 Breakthrough in accessing the tiny magnet within the core of a single atom (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views18:44:37 Making the Church Taller (Scientific American Physics) New
4 views18:44:36 Measurement Shows the Electron`s Stubborn Roundness (Scientific American Physics) New
5 views18:01:26 Study provides insight into how nanoparticles interact with biological systems (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views17:59:49 Planet Formation? It`s a Drag (Scientific American Physics) New
6 views17:47:00 Scientists find unusual behavior in topological material (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:55:37 Graphene`s effects on the lungs (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views16:55:36 Nanocages in the lab and in the computer: how DNA-based dendrimers transport ... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views16:28:40 Cryocooler cools an accelerator cavity (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views14:39:02 A Bose-Einstein condensate has been produced in space for the first time (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views14:24:19 Bursting the clouds for better communication (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

17 october 2018

6 views22:42:30 Revolutionary Microscopy Technique Nets Most Lucrative Prize in Science (Scientific American Physics) New
5 views21:35:06 Study supports Standard Model of particle physics, excludes alternative models (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views19:42:52 Taking steps toward a wearable artificial kidney (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views16:18:15 Physicist describes the shape of a wormhole (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views16:18:15 Acrylic tanks provide clear window into dark matter detection (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:18:15 Physicists create guidelines for non-equilibrium measurements of many-body sy... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views15:46:35 Exploring new spintronics device functionalities in graphene heterostructures (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

16 october 2018

10 views17:03:42 New reservoir computer marks first-ever microelectromechanical neural network... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:03:41 New memristor boosts accuracy and efficiency for neural networks on an atomic... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views16:50:02 Toward unhackable communication: Single particles of light could bring the `q... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:19:42 Exploring the challenges of exfoliating novel two-dimensional materials (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:19:42 Blue phosphorus-mapped and measured for the first time (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:19:42 Molecular semiconductors could be the future of electronics, and this new tec... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views15:06:27 Fermilab scientists to look for dark matter using quantum technology (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
1 views14:32:48 Scientists discover new properties of uranium compounds (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views13:23:25 High-performance, flexible, transparent force touch sensor for wearable devices (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views12:55:20 Physics: Not everything is where it seems to be (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views12:55:19 The state of the early universe: The beginning was fluid (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

15 october 2018

6 views22:07:49 High entropy alloys hold the key to studying dislocation avalanches in metals (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views18:56:01 New model helps define optimal temperature and pressure to forge nanoscale di... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views18:55:02 Researchers announce the discovery of an atomic electronic simulator (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views18:55:02 Hawking`s final book offers brief answers to big questions (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views17:21:58 Study exposes security vulnerabilities in terahertz data links (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views17:21:58 Study shows what happens when ultrafast laser pulses, not heat, cause a mater... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:12:42 Researchers report innovative optical tissue imaging method (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views16:12:42 Ionic decision-maker capable of self-learning (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views15:47:26 Bio-inspired nanoreactors (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views15:36:01 Covalently modified two-dimensional arsenic (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views14:49:51 Quantum computers tackle big data with machine learning (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:49:50 Using puffed rice to simulate collapsing ice shelves and rockfill dams (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views14:04:12 Disrupting crystalline order to restore superfluidity (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:04:12 Scientists achieve first ever acceleration of electrons in plasma waves (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

13 october 2018

3 views17:17:35 Chasing the Quantum Tantra (Scientific American Physics) New

12 october 2018

4 views16:45:09 Researchers discuss the probability of finding a gluon inside the pion (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views16:45:09 Researchers model how toxic proteins course through the brain, lead to disease (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:53:10 Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecom... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views15:53:09 Nanoscale spin-wave circuits based on engineered reconfigurable spin-textures (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views15:31:26 A novel topological insulator (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views15:31:26 Team simulates how Alzheimer`s disease spreads through the brain (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:31:25 Superconductivity and ferromagnetism fight an even match (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views15:08:29 World`s fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views15:08:29 New understanding of the solidification of high-pressure ice found in `ocean ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views14:22:51 Light switch: Scientists develop method to control nanoscale manipulation in ... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views14:22:51 Hidden gapless states on the path to semiconductor nanocrystals (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views14:22:51 Researchers quickly harvest 2-D materials, bringing them closer to commercial... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
14 views14:22:50 Frances Ross discusses witnessing nanostructure formation (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

11 october 2018

8 views21:35:06 Einstein`s Famous `God Letter` Is Up for Auction (Scientific American Physics) New
11 views20:16:40 Disorder induces topological Anderson insulator (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views17:27:16 A tiny antenna could be good for your health-all you have to do is stick it i... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views16:35:18 Latest Cornell dot features a new cancer weapon: antibodies (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views15:46:01 Steering material scientists to better memory devices (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:46:00 Physicists suggest new way to measure speed in liquid micro-flows (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:46:00 `Fudge factors` in physics? (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:46:00 New tool simultaneously senses magnetic fields in various directions (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views15:18:20 New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:09:14 The culprit of superconductivity in cuprates (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:09:14 The sublimation of solid ice happens just as quickly as the evaporation of li... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views15:09:13 Improved amplifier technology for use in positron emission tomography (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:09:13 New NSLS-II beamline illuminates electronic structures (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:09:13 Stephen Hawking: Master of the multiverse (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:21:26 Efficient light conversion with perovskite nanocrystals (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views13:05:09 Mathematicians confirm the possibility of data transfer via gravitational waves (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views13:05:09 Measurement-device-independent quantum communication without encryption (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

10 october 2018

8 views22:51:26 Research on light-matter interaction could improve electronic and optoelectro... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views21:28:21 Innovative sensing technique could improve greenhouse gas analysis (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:31:28 Researchers determine catalytic active sites using carbon nanotubes (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
18 views15:15:28 Ancient pigment can boost energy efficiency (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views15:07:29 Stamp-sized graphene sheets riddled with holes could be boon for molecular se... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
10 views15:07:28 Chemist creates nanoreactors to synthesize organic substances under visible l... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views15:07:28 Understanding catalysts at the atomic level can provide a cleaner environment (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:01:30 Harnessing silicon fabrication technology to build quantum optical circuits (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views15:01:30 The cosmological lithium problem (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views15:01:30 Three renowned scientists: Heusler, Weyl and Berry (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views09:57:23 Novel design could help shed excess heat in next-generation fusion power plants (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views08:48:42 Scientists forge ahead with electron microscopy to build quantum materials at... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New

9 october 2018

11 views21:40:11 Intense microwave pulse ionizes its own channel through plasma (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views21:40:11 Ultrafast optical fiber-based electron gun to reveal atomic motions (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views21:05:04 Harvesting solar fuels through a bacterium`s unusual appetite for gold (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views20:08:10 Precise electron spin control yields faster memory storage (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views20:08:09 Statistical method recreates the history of a long-abandoned village (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views20:08:09 Freeloaders beware: Incentives to foster cooperation are just around the corner (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
12 views16:17:24 Graphene puts nanomaterials in their place (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
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