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17 february 2019

7 views01:21:18 Mueller: Manafort Should Face 19-24 Years on Bank, Tax Fraud Charges (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views01:21:17 Gibson Dunn Team Sues Justice Department Over Reversal on Online Gambling (Law.com Newswire) New

16 february 2019

6 views09:01:38 Whole Foods Asks DC Circuit to Apply `Bristol-Myers` to Limit Class Action Ju... (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:13 Justices Add Census Case to April Calendar, Teeing Up Major Political Test (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:13 Copyright Office Says `Smell Ya Later` to Alfonso Ribeiro`s `Carlton Dance` C... (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:13 Tech Services Company Cognizant to Pay $25M Over Bribery Allegations (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:12 Troutman Sanders Hires Ex-Wisconsin Solicitor General Known for EPA Challenges (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:12 Trump Watch: A Look Inside Trump`s National Emergency Proclamation (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:12 Here`s Who Wants to Sue Trump Over the Border Wall (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:12 Court Tosses $20M Lawsuit Against NFL From Aaron Hernandez`s Family (Law.com Newswire) New
2 views00:23:11 ICO No-No: On 2nd Look, Judge Grants SEC Injunction in Blockvest Case (Law.com Newswire) New

15 february 2019

3 views17:36:45 `All of You Naysayers Were Wrong:` An Associate with Autism Tells Her Story (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views17:26:21 Marijuana, MoFo and a Judicial Typo: Test Your Knowledge With `Ex Post Facto` (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views16:03:17 While Everyone Else is Busy Bragging, the Smart Law Firms Let Data Do the Tal... (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views13:31:55 Undoing Dues, Change is Hard, Strong Assets: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views04:00:23 MoFo Hit With Texas Lawsuit Alleging `Egregious Overbilling` (Law.com Newswire) New

14 february 2019

5 views23:54:24 Higher Law: Squire Patton Boggs Picks Up Cannabis Client | Kamala Harris Smok... (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views23:54:21 BIC Sparks Federal Investigation Into Alleged Counterfeit Lighters From China (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views23:54:19 Everybody`s Found Something to Hate in Proposed Deposition Rules Changes (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views22:10:23 ACLU Sues Judge for Calling ICE on Couple`s Wedding Day (Law.com Newswire) New
3 views22:10:23 US Supreme Court Ruling Fuels Suits Challenging Mandatory Bar Fees (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views20:30:39 Kirkland & Ellis` Bill Barr Confirmed as Attorney General (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views16:05:53 The Reason Companies Aren`t Buying Is How Lawyers Are Selling (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views15:06:54 There isn`t going to be an elite transatlantic law firm merger (Law.com Newswire) New
3 views13:05:58 Harvard`s Fate, Earplug Plaintiffs, Manafort Undone: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views04:23:44 Harping and Hammering, Legal Titans Conclude Arguments in Harvard Admissions ... (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views02:48:53 Mueller Prosecutors Are Unleashed From Paul Manafort Plea Agreement (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views01:35:10 US Treasury Department Criticizes EU`s List of High-Risk Countries (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views01:35:10 Matt Fawcett of NetApp Brings Law`s Mental Health Conversation In-House (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views01:35:09 Plaintiffs Lawyers Ready to Battle Over Allegedly Defective 3M Earplugs (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views01:35:09 Marijuana Banking Goes to Washington, as House Holds First-Ever Hearing (Law.com Newswire) New

13 february 2019

6 views22:43:27 SEC Charges Former Apple Securities Lawyer With Insider Trading (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views22:43:27 How to Identify and Resolve High Exposure Claims Early (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views22:43:27 Walmart`s Phyllis Harris Leaving to Become General Counsel of American Red Cross (Law.com Newswire) New
6 views21:34:21 `Meh`: Apparent Note-to-Self Makes It Into Published Federal Decision (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views20:28:40 Roberts Declares Himself First Amendment`s `Most Aggressive Defender` at SCOTUS (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views19:27:24 Critical Mass: SEC Punts on Mandatory Arbitration in Shareholder Suits. Plus,... (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views18:20:06 How I Made Partner: Weil Gotshal`s Adam Banks (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views16:31:02 Skilled in the Art: Mission Impossible: Section 101 Protocol + No Patent Is E... (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views14:31:56 What`s Next: Who`s Policing Our DNA? | AI + Human Error | Dose of Dystopia: B... (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:48 Kagan`s Scathing Death Row Dissent Highlights Central Voice on Religion (Law.com Newswire) New
3 views13:00:48 Women Increase Share of US Patents, But Only to 12 Percent (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:47 Ahead of the Curve: The Law Job Hustle (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:47 US House Judiciary Lawyers Up for Trump Investigations (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:47 Yale Students Who Protested Against Kavanaugh Sue Yale Fraternities Alleging ... (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views13:00:47 `Scared. Ashamed. Crippled.`: How One Lawyer Overcame Living With Depression ... (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:46 Gig Economy Plaintiffs Will Test-Drive New SCOTUS Ruling Against Arbitration (Law.com Newswire) New
4 views13:00:46 Are You as `Mean` as Amy Klobuchar? (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views13:00:46 In `Mommy Track` Lawsuit, MoFo Points to Its Track Record for Defense (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views13:00:45 Two Veteran In-House Counsel Talk About Why They Moved to Law Firms (Law.com Newswire) New
5 views13:00:45 Harvard in Court, Gig Disputes, MoFo`s Mommies: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New

11 february 2019

7 views01:34:57 Inside Law Firms` Best Results in a Decade (Law.com Newswire) New

9 february 2019

16 views06:54:07 Justin Fairfax Takes Leave from MoFo as Firm Opens Investigation (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views00:41:27 Seattle Jury Awards $123M to Victims of Deadly Duck Boat Accident (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views00:41:26 NFL Class Counsel Alleges Link Between Roger Stone and Rival Attorney (Law.com Newswire) New

8 february 2019

9 views22:18:44 Alphabet Sued for Records Related to Data Breach, Alleged Sexual Misconduct a... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:15:44 Boies Schiller Plays White Knight for Jeff Bezos, Led by Bill Isaacson (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:15:44 `Your Five Minutes Is Up,` Matt Whitaker Tells Leading House Democrat: Highli... (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views19:32:02 After 1-Year Delay, Singapore to Launch Asia`s First Legal Tech Startup Accel... (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views19:32:02 How American Media Top Lawyer Jon Fine Got the Job (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views17:39:55 Relax—It`s a Quiz, Not a Subpoena (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views17:39:55 OK, Your Law Firm`s Diverse, But in What Practice Areas? (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views15:04:03 5th Circuit`s James Ho Agrees With Himself in Denying Broad LGBTQ Rights (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views13:30:17 Whither Whitaker?, Off the Hook, Grassroots Growth: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views04:39:57 Jeff Bezos Alleges American Media`s Deputy General Counsel Attempted To Extor... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views01:39:13 Q&A: Getting Ready for the Emoji Law Revolution (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views00:53:49 Bitter Court Fight Pits Health Care Giant Against a Former Top Executive (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views00:31:28 Companies Oppose Proposed Rule to `Confer` with Adversaries on Choice of Witn... (Law.com Newswire) New

7 february 2019

13 views23:46:57 Chief Legal Officer v. General Counsel: Why You May Need Both (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views23:26:44 Indiana Jury Awards $3M in Bellwether Trial of Cook IVC Filters (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views23:26:44 Grassroots `Black Lives` Program Grows at Law Schools (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:59:20 Holland & Knight Forms Venezuela Practice in Light of Political Turmoil (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:59:20 InterContinental Hotels Group Promotes General Counsel, Appoints New Chief La... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:59:20 Overcoming Legal Finance Misconceptions (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views21:59:19 MDL Panel Sends Marriott Data Breach Cases to Maryland (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:59:19 Georgetown Heads to Nation`s High Schools to Attract Diverse Lawyers (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:59:19 Judge Tosses Lawsuit of KSU Cheerleader Who Knelt During Anthem (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:59:19 Lawyers Bemoan a `New` Rudy Giuliani `We Don`t Understand` (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:59:18 NY Lawyers Bemoan a `New` Rudy Giuliani `We Don`t Understand` (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:59:18 Future McGuireWoods Partner Denounced Blackface Yearbook Photos 39 Years Ago (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views17:29:25 Saul Ewing Opens Minneapolis Office, Continuing Midwest Expansion (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views12:38:15 New Top Dean, AI for All, `Bad Faith` Bias?: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views03:13:26 Stanford Names Jenny Martinez as Next Law Dean (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views03:13:26 Opioid Judge Hears Testimony Over Whether to Disqualify Baker Hostetler as De... (Law.com Newswire) New

6 february 2019

8 views22:58:30 Orrick Team Accuses US Labor Dept. of `Bad Faith` in Bias Case (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views22:40:57 KPMG`s Legal Arm Announces `Record` Growth in 2018 (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:41:03 Skilled in the Art: No Escape From EDTX for Google + Samsung`s Wild Week in P... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:03 What`s Next: The Emojis Are Coming! Plus, a Look Back at Legalweek and Your D... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:02 Critical Mass: Cases Over `No Poach` Agreements Draw DOJ Response. Plus, Judg... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:02 Cornell Law Review`s New All-Women Board Speaks Volumes, Editor Says (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:02 Va. AG Mark Herring Says He Wore Blackface at 1980 Party (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:02 US Attorney McSwain Files Action to Stop Phila. Safe Injection Site (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views21:41:01 US Solicitor Weighs New Supreme Court Challenge to Vietnam Veteran Benefits (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views21:41:01 Covington Catholic Student`s Lawyers Send Notice to CNN, Other Outlets (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views18:11:49 My One-L Life: The Looming Job Search (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views12:46:54 Remember Abramoff?, Nonprofit, Please, Secret Briefs: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
7 views00:48:02 Sheldon Whitehouse Confronts `Anonymously Funded` SCOTUS Amicus Briefs (Law.com Newswire) New

5 february 2019

9 views23:54:23 The Unicorn Watch: New Black Partners (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views23:28:22 Judge Restarts Emissions Class Action Against Mercedes-Benz (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views23:04:52 SEC Names Elizabeth McFadden as Deputy General Counsel for Law and Management (Law.com Newswire) New
23:04:52 More ...

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