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11 october 2019

22 views07:40:34 The Law Firm Disrupted: Dentons, Dentons Everywhere (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views05:01:16 5 Ways Law Departments Can Drive Organizational Change (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views05:01:16 A Different Kind of Relationship Partner: How the Client Officer Role Emerged (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views05:01:16 In-House Lawyer Accuses PIMCO, General Counsel of Gender and Race Discrimination (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views05:01:16 Higher Law: Q&A Insights: `The Huge Thing Is Banking. It`s Still Such a Mess`... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views05:01:15 With Gowdy Advising Trump, Nelson Mullins Pulls Double Duty in Impeachment Fight (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views05:01:15 Nissan Names New Chief Legal Officer to Replace Ghosn Whistleblower Hari Nada (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views05:01:15 McDermott Boosts Restructuring Group, Banking on Recession (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views05:01:15 Florida Jury Will Decide the Fates of Law Prof`s Accused Killers (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views05:01:15 State Judge Blasts NY Legislature for Law Curbing Religious Exemptions to Vac... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views05:01:15 Lawyers Jump In to Represent States, Others Opposing Purdue`s Stay of Their C... (Law.com Newswire) New

10 october 2019

14 views20:05:40 What`s Next For Gordon Caplan? (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views20:05:40 16 Conservative Lawyers Say They Support `Expeditious` Impeachment Inquiry (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views20:05:40 Deutsche Bank Doesn`t Have President Donald Trump`s Tax Returns, 2nd Circuit ... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views20:05:40 Federal Prosecutors Charge 2 Giuliani Associates With Campaign-Finance Violat... (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views20:05:40 How I Made Partner: Davis Polk`s Vanessa Jackson (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views20:05:40 DLA Piper Targeted by Student Protests in Four Cities (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views20:05:40 In Opioid Cases, 6th Circuit US Appeals Court Rejects Petitions to Delay Tria... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views12:25:08 Matt Lauer`s Lawyer, Bill Brewer Fights a Sanction, Where are Kirkland`s Blac... (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views03:45:13 California Jury Hands Johnson & Johnson a Defense Verdict in Talc Trial (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views02:15:22 Law Grad Who Disclosed Alcoholism as Student Claims Bar Is Now Taking Punitiv... (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views02:15:22 Juggling Responsibilities to Improve Business: A Q&A With CVS General Counsel... (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views02:15:22 Dentons Chases Big 4`s Footprint With New US Strategy (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views02:15:22 New Matt Lauer Accusations Are Latest Test for Libby Locke (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views02:15:21 Inside Track: 45 GCs Speak Out On Multidistrict Litigation. Plus, Peter Thiel... (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views02:15:21 TransPerfect Promises to Expose Skadden`s `Questionable Billing` (Law.com Newswire) New

9 october 2019

19 views21:20:09 Is an LSAT Overhaul in the Offing? (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views21:20:09 Practically Invisible: Kirkland & Ellis` New Black Partners (Law.com Newswire) New
40 views19:40:07 Here`s an IDEA from the First Circuit: Let the Kid Have His Dog (Law.com Newswire) New
66 views19:40:07 `Barely-Lawyered Temper Tantrum`: Here`s How Lawyers Are Talking About Cipoll... (Law.com Newswire) New
42 views15:25:56 Defense`s Turn In Law Prof Murder Trial, Big Four, Big Deal, Meditation`s Mom... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views10:30:13 EY, Big Four Top Brand Rankings for Alternative Legal Services (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views01:50:15 `Constitutionally Defective`: Trump White House Refuses to Cooperate With Imp... (Law.com Newswire) New

8 october 2019

16 views23:51:10 `Wow`: DC Judge Questions DOJ`s `Extraordinary` Stance on Mueller Grand Jury ... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views23:51:10 Where Gorsuch Sees Ambiguity, Kagan Sees Clarity in LGBT Rights Case (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views23:51:10 Defense Takes Over in Law Professor Murder Trial (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views23:51:10 45 General Counsel Sign Letter Supporting Review of MDL Procedures (Law.com Newswire) New
30 views21:53:26 International Investment Bank Hires Ex-Treasury Department Adviser as General... (Law.com Newswire) New
30 views21:53:26 Big Law Supporters Form New Group Backing Kamala Harris (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views19:35:54 Latest Impeachment Blowup Brings Robert Luskin Back Into the Fray (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views19:08:25 My Weekday Workout: Fisher & Phillips` Christine Baran (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views19:08:25 Keep Calm and Practice: Lawyer Launches `21st Century` Sound Meditation App (Law.com Newswire) New
69 views15:45:36 LGBT at SCOTUS, Risperdal Punitives, Class of 2035: The Morning Minute (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views10:17:33 Dentons Combines With Two US Firms in One Go, Launching New American Strategy (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views10:17:33 Penn Law Launches New Project on the Future of the Legal Profession (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views03:15:07 Draft CFIUS Rules on `Sensitive Personal Data` Mean More Deal Worries for Ins... (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views01:06:50 NY Federal Judge Presses DOJ Lawyers for Reason Behind `Public Charge` Rule (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views01:06:50 Hulk Hogan`s Florida Lawyers Now Rep Kim Kardashian`s Plastic Surgeon in Miami (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views01:06:50 Global Food Supply Firm`s First General Counsel Talks Growth, Risk (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views01:06:50 A Supreme Court Argument Debut, and a New Format: Opening Day Highlights (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views01:06:50 School Districts Sue Juul Over Marketing E-Cigs to Their Students (Law.com Newswire) New

7 october 2019

11 views18:14:41 US Judge Dismisses Trump Challenge to Subpoena of Tax Returns; 2nd Circuit Ge... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views18:14:41 Winston & Strawn Loses SCOTUS Bid to Stop Ex-Partner`s Discrimination Lawsuit (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views18:14:41 SCOTUS Rejects Effort by NYC to Toss Case Over Gun Control Measure (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views18:14:41 The `Silly Season` (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views14:15:13 It`s First Monday. Here We Go, Giuliani`s Men in the Spotlight, Sandy Hook Fa... (Law.com Newswire) New

5 october 2019

24 views02:40:11 Hispanic National Bar Association to Focus on Ensuring Integrity of 2020 Elec... (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views02:40:11 Say Your Piece, Supreme Court Advocates. But Only for Two Minutes (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views02:40:10 Skadden and Weil, After 60,000 Hours, Near End of Innocence Project Backlog (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views02:40:10 Legal Jobs Decline as Broader Professional Services Sector Sees Gains (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views02:40:10 Stressed Out, Left Out: Law Firm Staff Suffering in Silence (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views02:40:10 Peter Thiel`s Venture Capital Fund Lobs Accusations at Ex-General Counsel, `W... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views02:40:10 Paul Weiss Pokes Gibson Dunn in New SCOTUS Brief in Consumer Bureau Case (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views02:40:10 In Theranos Civil Case, Cooley Says Elizabeth Holmes Has Growing Unpaid Legal... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views02:40:10 Sandy Hook Families Hire Ex-Solicitor General Verrilli for Fight With Gunmake... (Law.com Newswire) New

4 october 2019

22 views20:20:37 Justices Take Louisiana Abortion Case, Marking Major New Term (Law.com Newswire) New
39 views13:16:26 Opioid Judge Facing Flack, Emory Prof`s Epithets in the Spotlight, Vernon Jor... (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views13:16:26 Giuliani`s Guy, Vernon Jordan Reflects, Merger Meh: What You Said (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views03:23:49 The Law Firm Disrupted: Betting on Blockchain (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views02:18:18 Q&A: Vernon Jordan on His Quest for Workplace Equality (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views02:18:18 Higher Law: Getting `Comfortable` on the Plant-Touching Side | Meet Dykema`s ... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views02:18:18 Ethics Complaint Filed Against Judge Who Gave Bible to Amber Guyger After Mur... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views02:18:18 Amid New Leadership Structure, Jack in the Box Chief Legal Officer to Depart (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views02:18:18 After DLA Piper Accusations, Should Law Firms Fear `The Open Letter`? (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views02:18:18 How a Federal Appeals Court Could Upend the Opioid Lawsuits (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views02:18:18 Help Wanted: Law Schools Need Professors (Law.com Newswire) New

3 october 2019

15 views21:40:21 Facebook Must Remove Hateful Posts Worldwide, Top EU Court Rules (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views21:40:21 Ex-Big Law Leader Reprimanded for Harassing Women at Bar Event (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views21:40:21 Gibson Dunn Takes New Bite From Jones Day Bankruptcy Group (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views21:40:21 Manhattan DA`s Office Asks for Dismissal of SDNY Challenge to Trump Tax Subpoena (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views21:40:21 Former Employee Alleges Retaliation by Robert De Niro, Production Co. in Resp... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views13:13:30 Gordon Caplan Set for Sentencing, Clinical Faculty Highs, Lows, Gates Foundat... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:28 By the Numbers: The 2019 LTN Tech Survey (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views06:01:28 `I can`t see less than 20`: Lawyers Discuss Fate of Murderer Amber Guyger (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views06:01:28 DLA Piper Partner Accused of Sexual Assault in EEOC Claim, Open Letter (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:28 Equal Parental Leave for Men and Women Is Inevitable. Embrace It. (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:28 Jon Sale Is Proud to Take Part in `Legal History` Again, This Time for Rudy G... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:28 My 2L Life: The `Weirdness` of Law School`s Second Year (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:28 US Department of Justice Weighs In on Manhattan DA`s Fight for Trump Tax Returns (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views06:01:28 Proposed Safe Injection Site in Philadelphia Clears Legal Hurdle (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views06:01:28 Q&A: How Covington & Burling`s Pipeline Fueled a Diverse New Partner Class (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views06:01:28 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Names 2 General Counsel, Gives Chief Legal Of... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views06:01:28 Kirkland Announces Partner Mega-Class With 141 Promotions (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:27 Inside Track: Rising To The Top. Plus, CIA GC In The Spotlight. (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views06:01:27 Law School Clinical Faculty Ranks Are Slow to Diversify, Study Finds (Law.com Newswire) New

2 october 2019

21 views17:07:35 Skilled in the Art: Kirkland Wields PTAB Rulings to Help Score $125M Judgment... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views17:07:34 Ahead of the Curve: Introducing Law and Macroeconomics (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views17:07:34 Robert Mueller Returns to Wilmer as DC Partner (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views17:07:34 Appellate Veterans Jockey at SCOTUS to Contest Consumer Bureau (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views17:07:34 My Weekday Workout: Brownstein Hyatt`s Sarah Mercer (Law.com Newswire) New
17:07:34 More ...

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