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20 january 2020

12 views11:08:32 No Ordinary Trial: The Case on Trump`s Impeachment Gets Underway (Law.com Newswire) New

18 january 2020

20 views08:00:09 Skilled in the Art: Patent Enablement Is Not Like Pornography + Gilead Compar... (Law.com Newswire) New
35 views00:46:24 After Six Years of Pretrial Appeals, Waffle House Sex Tape Case Can Move to D... (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views00:46:24 Meet Joseph Bondy, Lev Parnas` Attorney and Cannabis Law Expert (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views00:46:24 A Law Firm Merger Blooms in the Northeast—But Don`t Expect a Thaw (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views00:46:24 `Big Law Loves Litigation Financing`: Legalist`s GC Breaks It Down (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views00:46:24 Duane Morris Merger a `Standout` in Industry`s Quest for Scale (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views00:46:24 Justices Up the Stakes With New Cases on `Faithless` Electors and ACA Contrac... (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views00:46:24 Pharmacies Petition 6th Circuit to Overturn `Sweeping Order` for Opioid Presc... (Law.com Newswire) New

17 january 2020

18 views20:25:24 Trump Adds Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz to Impeachment Team (Law.com Newswire) New
42 views14:49:55 Investigating Jussie Smollett`s Prosecution, Wanting a Dean Job, Those Astros... (Law.com Newswire) New
45 views14:49:55 Q&A: Harness Dickey`s New CEO Bill Coughlin (Law.com Newswire) New
41 views12:15:00 Hogan Lovells Teams Up With Elevate for New US Document Review Center (Law.com Newswire) New
211 views12:15:00 Duane Morris Tie-Up Imminent, What`s Lev Parnas` Legal Strategy?, A First in ... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views05:35:05 Parnas Lawyer Wants His Client to Tell Congress All About Ukraine Scheme (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views05:35:04 With Trials Looming, Monsanto Looks to Settle Some Roundup Cases (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views00:31:53 AI Hiring Tools Are Becoming Common—Just Not in Legal (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views00:31:53 DOJ Warns Search Warrant Ruling Could `Seriously Disrupt` Investigations (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views00:31:53 Judge Said He Expects Quick DC Circuit Ruling on McGahn in Pausing Trump Tax ... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views00:31:53 Young Professionals Network Video Series with Kimberly Sumner (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views00:31:53 What`s Next? Drinking Chaperones at Your Law Firm? (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views00:31:53 First Law School for Tribal Attorneys in Nascent Stages (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views00:31:52 Duane Morris, NY-Based Satterlee Stephens To Merge in February (Law.com Newswire) New

16 january 2020

14 views18:00:16 10 Top Strategies for Retaining Tomorrow`s Talent (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views18:00:16 My Weekday Workout: Ice Miller`s Robert Gauss (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views18:00:16 Harvard Law Students Protest Paul Weiss Over Exxon Ties (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views13:40:22 Robot Court Reporters?, Impeachment Trial Nears, Inside Astros Cheating Scand... (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views03:00:41 States Make Closing Arguments in Bid to Halt Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views03:00:41 These 2 In-House Counsel Led Investigation Into Houston Astros Cheating Scandal (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views03:00:41 Fate of $500B XRP Cryptocurrency Market Now in Judge`s Hands (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views03:00:41 BP Loses Bid to Avoid Paying $15M to Walmart Over Oil Spill Losses (Law.com Newswire) New
30 views03:00:41 Inside Track: Why The Major League Baseball Scandal Is A Corporate Ethics Les... (Law.com Newswire) New

15 january 2020

18 views22:28:06 Meet the Impeachment Managers: Pelosi`s Prosecutors Who Will Make the Case to... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views22:28:06 Duane Morris, Satterlee Stephens in Advanced Tie-Up Talks (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views22:28:06 Critical Mass: In Talc Trial, Who`s Repping J&J After Judge Struck Lawyer`s C... (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views22:28:06 Hogan Lovells Argues States, Not Feds, Should Hold Executions in Fight Over B... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views22:28:06 How Paul Clement Is Defending Obama`s Consumer Protection Bureau (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views22:28:06 The Art of Delegating for Time-Crunched Lawyers (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views16:40:07 More Defections From Boies Schiller as Several Attorneys Leave to Launch New ... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views16:40:07 Thank You, Gino—An Invaluable Asset to the Seventh Circ. Who Will be Mi... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views12:33:02 Wiley Rein Drops `Rein,` Adds New Look and Moves to .Law Domain (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views12:33:02 Axiom Spinoff Retooled, Wiley Drops `Rein`, Impeachment Moves Ahead: The Morn... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views12:33:02 Axiom Spinoff Takes New Identity, Aiming for Growth and Its Own Niche (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views10:46:06 Big Law`s Booze Chaperones, Slaughters Bans Ski Trips, Confidence Slides: The... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views10:46:06 Lateral Partner Survey Casts Doubt on Compensation as King (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views10:46:06 Manhattan Prosecutor Says Voir Dire in Harvey Weinstein Criminal Trial Should... (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views10:46:06 `Easy to Make Up Cases There`s a Lie in`: Justices Question DOJ`s `Bridgegate... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views10:46:06 NYCLA Hosts `Solving the Problem of Innocent People Pleading Guilty` (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views10:46:05 Competition for Law Dean Jobs Heats Up (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views10:46:05 Ex-Vedder Price Shareholder Accused of Faking Invoices, Double-billing (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views10:46:05 Subway Remains Quiet About New Chief Legal Officer (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views10:46:05 Former IBM Watson`s Brian Kuhn`s New Role: Creating a Legal Tech GitHub (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views10:46:05 David Drummond Gets a Wrist Slap (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views10:46:05 Ahead of the Curve: So You Want To Be a Law Dean? (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views10:46:05 Theranos Prosecutors: `Common Sense` Only Thing Needed to Understand Charges ... (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views10:46:05 Tesla Employees Suing Over `Jim Crow Era` Workplace Seek Sanctions (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views10:46:05 Judge Links Fate of House`s Bid for Trump Tax Returns to DC Circuit Ruling on... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views10:46:04 1st Dept Erases $46M Verdict, Orders New Trial in Hedge Fund Managers` Decade... (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views10:46:04 After Johnson & Johnson Lawyer Scolded By Judge, Talc Trial Resumes With New ... (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views10:46:04 Michael Flynn Wants to Scrap His Guilty Plea Ahead of Sentencing (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views10:46:04 Skilled in the Art: Neal Katyal Asks SCOTUS for the Big Kahuna + Lawyers Reac... (Law.com Newswire) New

13 january 2020

19 views16:35:07 Sixth Circuit Grants Rare Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Abortion Case (Law.com Newswire) New
38 views15:05:05 Drug Prices in TV Ads on the Docket, Wachtell Leads M&A Pack, Trump`s Judges:... (Law.com Newswire) New

11 january 2020

27 views01:20:05 Watchtell Leads the Pack in Global M&A Value as Kirkland Keeps Its Volume Edge (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views01:20:05 Carnival`s First Compliance Officer Rushing to Prove Value of New Centralized... (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views01:20:05 Skilled in the Art: All Quiet on Section 101 + Sonos to Hit Replay on Patent ... (Law.com Newswire) New

10 january 2020

26 views22:20:04 Tear Down the Window-Dressing: Big Law Policies That Actually Support Women (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views21:20:51 Alphabet Chief Legal Officer David Drummond Is Retiring (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views20:05:17 Boeing 777 Crash Victims Must Pursue Claims in Malaysia, Appeals Court Rules (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views20:05:17 `Ian Was No Different From You`: Wife Says Legal Marketer`s Suicide Is a Less... (Law.com Newswire) New
55 views13:50:04 New Era for Student-Debt Discharge?, CA`s Privacy Act Will Cost Ya, SCOTUS 20... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views11:11:37 The Law Firm Disrupted: The Revolution Will Be Publicized (Law.com Newswire) New
39 views04:00:16 Lyft Fights Attempt to Coordinate All Sex Assault Cases in California (Law.com Newswire) New

9 january 2020

30 views23:40:22 Law Grad`s $221K Loan Discharge Has Bankruptcy Bar Buzzing (Law.com Newswire) New
32 views23:30:04 Fintech Startup PayActiv Hires Ex-McGuireWoods Partner as Chief Legal Officer (Law.com Newswire) New
62 views23:11:04 Higher Law: Q&A: Dykema`s Andrew Scott on Illinois Scene | NY Recreational in... (Law.com Newswire) New
40 views21:20:05 NYC Bar Association Calls for Congressional Probe of AG William Barr (Law.com Newswire) New
29 views21:20:05 New York City Bar Association Calls for Congressional Probe of US AG William ... (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views21:20:05 Ex-Cop Who Was on DA`s `Do Not Call List` Sues Meek Mill, Amazon Over Documen... (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views21:20:05 Iranian American Lawyers Watch Warily After Strikes, Border Scrutiny (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views21:20:04 SCOTUS Conference Watch: Big Petitions Set for Justices` Review (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views20:21:28 How I Made Partner: Becker & Poliakoff`s Jie Chengying Xiu (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views20:21:28 University of Denver Law Settles Another Pay Discrimination Suit by Female Fa... (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views18:31:18 Troutman Sanders, Pepper Hamilton Vote to Seal Merger Deal (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views18:31:18 Judge Refuses to Recuse Himself in Harvey Weinstein Criminal Trial (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views13:48:02 Will Weinstein`s Judge Hit the Bricks?, Recruiters to Women: Speak Up!, Scali... (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views03:45:05 Cooley Launches Singapore Office (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views03:45:05 DOJ`s Rod Rosenstein, Job Searching Since September, Lands at King & Spalding (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views03:45:05 Shh! Don`t Talk About the Rivalry in the Sisterhood (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views03:45:05 Adding `.com` Changes Everything, or Does It? Updates in Fourth Circuit Trade... (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views03:45:05 2nd Circuit Refuses to Lift Injunction Preventing Implementation of `Public C... (Law.com Newswire) New
28 views03:45:05 Smart Camera Hacks Boost Privacy Concerns—But Not a Firm`s Bottom Line (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views03:45:05 Federal Judge Grants Motion to Dismiss in Two Helms-Burton Cases (Law.com Newswire) New
28 views03:45:05 Critical Mass: Hotels Slam Door on Sex Trafficking MDL. Why Ikea Paid $46M to... (Law.com Newswire) New
28 views03:45:05 What`s Next: Facebook`s Alleged Attempt to Shrink TCPA + Amazon`s Ring Racks ... (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views03:45:04 Trump Judicial Nominee Faces Questions Over Recently Renewed Federalist Socie... (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views03:45:04 Lawyers for Harvey Weinstein Call for NY Judge`s Recusal in Criminal Trial (Law.com Newswire) New
29 views03:45:04 Ex-Jones Day Associates Blast Bid for Sanctions in Gender Bias Lawsuit (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views03:45:04 Changes to US News Law School Rankings Met With Skepticism (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views03:45:04 Inside Antonin Scalia`s FBI File (Law.com Newswire) New
03:45:04 More ...

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