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15 august 2018

6 views15:36:10 Mapping the universe in 3-D (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:36:09 Unusual doughnut-shaped jet observed in the galaxy NGC 6109 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views14:38:10 Video: NASA`s NICER does the space station twist (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views09:40:40 Modi says India will send manned flight into space by 2022 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

14 august 2018

7 views21:04:37 Meteorites May Have Created Some of Earth`s Oldest Rocks (Scientific American Space) New
5 views19:16:02 In a massive region of space, astronomers find far fewer galaxies than they e... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views18:22:26 NASA team demonstrates `science on a shoestring` with greenhouse gas-measurin... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views17:34:40 Solar Eclipse of 2017 Boosted Science Interest (Scientific American Space) New
6 views16:09:40 Quest for source of black hole dark matter (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:34:41 Tiny Worms Survive Forces 400,000 Times Stronger Than Gravity on Earth (Scientific American Space) New
7 views15:13:00 Astronomers discover supermassive black hole in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views15:12:59 Unraveling the stellar content of young clusters (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views09:41:48 SpaceX vows manned flight to space station is on track (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views09:41:48 NASA administrator supports Trump `space force` proposal (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

13 august 2018

7 views20:16:01 A record number of Americans watched the 2017 solar eclipse-and sought scienc... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views18:13:30 Earth mini-moons: Potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views16:36:37 Putting the ethics into planetary protection (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:36:37 Researcher discusses the launch of the Parker Solar Probe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:36:36 Historic space weather could clarify what`s next (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:36:36 Image: Partial solar eclipse from space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views15:15:17 High-speed cameras show MOMO-2 launch failure in unprecedented detail (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views15:15:17 Hydrogen sulfide detected in the protoplanetary disk of GG Tauri A (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:09:49 Record-Breaking Signal May Help Solve the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts (Scientific American Space) New

12 august 2018

10 views20:11:12 `Wow, here we go`: NASA spacecraft hurtles toward the sun (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:41:55 Mars and the Waves of Darkening (Scientific American Space) New
11 views11:29:39 NASA spacecraft rockets toward sun for closest look yet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
18 views11:15:25 Network of video cameras poised to catch meteor showers over Meteor Crater (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

11 august 2018

11 views12:58:23 NASA poised to blast off first spacecraft to explore Sun (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views00:45:19 NASA sending spacecraft straight into sun`s glittering crown (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

10 august 2018

10 views22:24:53 NRL`s sun imaging telescopes fly on NASA Parker Solar Probe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views16:36:51 Students digging into data archive spot mysterious X-ray source (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views14:38:44 The cautionary tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views14:38:43 First coronal mass ejection from a star other than the sun observed (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views14:38:43 The U.S. plan for a Space Force risks escalating a `space arms race` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views14:38:43 NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to `touch Sun` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views13:01:18 Satellite measurements of the Earth`s magnetosphere promise better space weat... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

9 august 2018

10 views22:24:10 Omega Centauri unlikely to harbor life (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views22:05:03 NASA`s Parker Solar Probe is about to lift off (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views22:05:03 Pairs of small colliding galaxies may seed future stars (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views22:05:02 Time saving tooling rods used on NASA`s Webb Telescope sunshield (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views22:05:02 Astrophysicists discover that ultrahot planets have starlike atmospheres (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views22:01:33 Lunar Exploration Tech Tops NASA`s `Tipping Point` Funding List (Scientific American Space) New
7 views20:37:43 US to Launch Space Force in 2020, Pence Says (Scientific American Space) New
7 views18:18:15 Pence outlines plan for new Space Force by 2020 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views17:45:10 Finding the happy medium of black holes (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views17:45:09 Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter`s coloured bands (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views17:22:54 Impact of a stellar intruder on our solar system (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:22:54 Scientist begins developing instrument for finding extraterrestrial bacteria (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:26:51 PhD student develops spinning heat shield for future spacecraft (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views13:20:40 Mission to the Nearest Star: Fastest Spacecraft Ever Will Dare to Sample the ... (Scientific American Space) New
2 views12:08:56 The Umov Effect-space dust clouds and the mysteries of the universe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views11:37:55 A new wave of satellites in orbit: Cheap and tiny, with short lifespans (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

8 august 2018

4 views17:57:49 Astroethics and Cosmocentrism (Scientific American Space) New
6 views17:20:16 Red-hot voyage to sun will bring us closer to our star (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views17:20:16 Short orbital-period binary star detected at the heart of the planetary nebul... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:20:16 Ready for its day in the sun-the SWEAP investigation (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:20:16 Getting more out of microbes-studying Shewanella in microgravity (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:20:15 Balloon-borne telescope looks for cosmic gamma rays (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:20:15 Astronomers report the most distant radio galaxy ever discovered (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:20:15 New Canadian radio telescope is detecting fast radio bursts (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views12:02:39 Largest haul of extrasolar planets for Japan (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views12:02:39 Elliptical elegance (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views10:39:01 NASA poised to launch first Sun-skimming spaceship (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

7 august 2018

5 views22:57:32 1st of Christa McAuliffe`s lost lessons released from space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views21:59:21 Space Station Crew Photographs Raging California Wildfires (Scientific American Space) New
8 views20:04:02 Space probe to plunge into fiery corona of the sun (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:53:59 Five things you need to do to build a home on Mars (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views16:53:59 Image: California fires as seen from the space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views16:53:58 `Great show` predicted for Perseid meteor peak on August 12-13 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:53:58 Hole in ionosphere is caused by sudden stratospheric warming (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:53:58 Recipe for a spacewalk (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:53:57 Can the Parker Solar Probe take the heat? (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views16:53:57 A quiet Sunday night discovering a supermassive black hole (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:59:10 Researchers spot an inside-out planetary nebula (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views13:37:17 Million-fold increase in the power of waves near Jupiter`s moon Ganymede (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

6 august 2018

6 views22:38:28 Organic makeup of ancient meteorites sheds light on early Solar System (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views18:00:15 NASA`s Planet-hunting TESS catches a comet before starting science (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:11:00 Rocket City, Alabama: Space history and an eye on the future (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:11:00 The universe`s rate of expansion is in dispute - and we may need new physics ... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views17:10:59 Astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:10:59 Another blow for the dark matter interpretation of the galactic centre excess (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views15:58:39 Spitzer infrared observations of a gravitational wave source-a binary neutron... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views15:19:17 Researchers investigate stellar populations in the central region of the Andr... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:10:49 Image: Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko horizon (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

5 august 2018

5 views22:17:09 The Utter Failure of Fictional Time Travel (Scientific American Space) New
22:17:09 More ...

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