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19 april 2019

6 views19:43:10 How NASA Earth data aids America, state by state (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views13:40:09 Private cargo ship brings Easter feast to the space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views13:40:09 American astronaut`s dreams of seeing space becoming reality (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:38:27 We Need a Space Resources Institute (Scientific American Space) New
6 views13:13:10 Opinion: Canada`s approach to lunar exploration needs to be strategic or we`l... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views10:36:44 Things are stacking up for NASA`s Mars 2020 spacecraft (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views10:36:43 Video: Soon, kidneys-on-a-chip will rocket to space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

18 april 2019

5 views22:24:14 Israeli team investigating `chain of events` in lunar crash (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views22:24:12 NASA`s 1st female astronaut candidate, Jerrie Cobb, dies (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views19:48:41 Hubble celebrates its 29th birthday with unrivaled view of the Southern Crab ... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views19:48:39 Israeli team: human error may have caused spacecraft crash (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views17:46:18 Research provides insights into molecular gas in the massive spiral galaxy NG... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views17:46:18 OSIRIS Image Viewer makes available all images of Rosetta`s comet 67P (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:46:17 Four questions: Here there be monsters (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views15:10:03 How Old Are Saturn`s Rings? The Debate Rages On (Scientific American Space) New
4 views14:50:43 Five planets revealed after 20 years of observation (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:50:42 Microcavity experiment heads to ISS (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:50:42 Planck reveals link between active galaxies and their dark matter environment (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:50:41 Lithium detected in an ancient star gives new clues for Big Bang nucleosynthesis (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views13:34:42 China to launch asteroid probe, calls for partners (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

17 april 2019

6 views23:50:40 Space station shipment launched from Virginia seashore (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views23:50:39 Meteor seen blazing through skies over East Coast (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views23:00:08 Elusive molecule, first in Universe, detected in space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views22:01:14 Watch Now: Einstein`s Scientific Revolution and the Limits of Quantum Theory (Scientific American Space) New
6 views19:05:24 To Find Earth-Threatening Comets and Asteroids, Think Small (Scientific American Space) New
0 views18:23:56 A closer look at Mercury`s spin and gravity reveals the planet`s inner solid ... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:07:32 US astronaut to spend 11 months in space, set female record (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views15:47:35 Drop test proves technologies for reusable microlauncher (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views15:01:41 Image: Mirror array for LSS (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views14:58:17 Evidence of another possible planet orbiting Proxima Centauri (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:58:16 Image: Partial Gravity Simulator practice (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:58:16 Possible evidence of an extrasolar object striking the Earth in 2014 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views14:58:15 Explosion on Jupiter-sized star 10 times more powerful than ever seen on the sun (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views14:27:58 NASA wants to send a low-cost mission to explore Neptune`s moon Triton (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views14:02:18 Powerful particles and tugging tides may affect extraterrestrial life (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views12:54:20 `Oumuamua-like Objects Might Supercharge Planet Formation (Scientific American Space) New
15 views11:07:50 A small step for China: Mars base for teens opens in desert (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

16 april 2019

8 views18:54:07 CubeSats prove their worth for scientific missions (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views18:54:06 How to defend the Earth from asteroids (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views18:54:05 SpaceX`s recovered core booster damaged in rough seas (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views16:55:47 Astronomers discover third planet in the Kepler-47 circumbinary system (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views16:55:47 Former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott dies (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:26:09 Mysterious star 21 Comae reinvestigated with MOST satellite (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views14:05:14 Variations in the `fogginess` of the universe identify a milestone in cosmic ... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views14:05:14 NEOWISE celebrates five years of asteroid data (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views14:05:14 Indian scientists make deepest radio images of the sun (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:32:07 Cassini reveals surprises with Titan`s lakes (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

15 april 2019

3 views20:11:29 Israeli nonprofit vows new moon mission after 1st crashes (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views18:46:28 Meteoroid strikes eject precious water from moon (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views18:46:27 TESS finds its first Earth-sized planet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views18:46:27 Astronomers take first, high-resolution look at huge star-forming region of M... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views17:13:15 Asteroids help scientists to measure the diameters of faraway stars (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views17:13:14 Tiny fragment of a comet found inside a meteorite (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views17:00:47 Image: the Egg Nebula (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:48:20 Beresheet: First privately-funded mission crashes on moon, but its significan... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views15:02:42 Video: The making of the largest 3-D map of the universe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:02:42 Breezing through the space environment of Barnard`s Star b (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:02:41 Astronomers investigate jet kinematics of the blazar 4C+21.35 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

14 april 2019

8 views08:25:03 DIY gravitational waves with `BlackHoles@Home` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

12 april 2019

5 views23:32:58 A Second Planet May Orbit Earth`s Nearest Neighboring Star (Scientific American Space) New
3 views18:30:40 Israeli team assesses what went wrong with lunar landing (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views16:56:45 Hubble peers at cosmic blue bauble (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views16:17:37 10 things you should know about planetary defense (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views16:17:37 Tests for the InSight `Mole` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views16:17:36 Rocket break-up provides rare chance to test debris formation (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views13:50:32 Doing up the deep dish (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views13:50:32 NASA`s `Twins Study,` landmark research for an eventual Mars mission (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views13:50:31 Curiosity tastes first sample in `clay-bearing unit` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views09:21:59 Israeli spacecraft crashes during moon landing: mission control (Update) (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views09:21:58 SpaceX launches mega rocket, lands all three boosters (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views09:21:58 Israeli spacecraft crashes in attempt to land on moon (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views09:21:58 Trump`s Space Force collides with skeptical Congress (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

11 april 2019

6 views23:30:50 Israeli Spacecraft Fails to Make First Private Lunar Landing (Scientific American Space) New
3 views22:00:17 Israeli spacecraft crashes during moon landing: mission control (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views21:18:06 Scientist superstar Katie Bouman designed algorithm for black hole image (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views21:18:06 Astronaut has no lingering, major epigenetic differences from earthbound twin... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views20:39:49 Tests on Astronaut and Twin Brother Highlight Spaceflight`s Human Impact (Scientific American Space) New
10 views19:37:03 Researchers observe formation of a magnetar 6.5 billion light years away (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views19:37:03 To get to the Moon in 2024, the rocket is just NASA`s first headache (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views19:37:02 Israel set to land spacecraft on the moon in first (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views16:22:43 First black hole photo confirms Einstein`s theory of relativity (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views16:22:42 Exoplanet detectors (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views16:22:42 Public invited to help name the largest unnamed world in the solar system (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:10:09 MAXI J1957+032 contains a neutron star, Swift observations suggest (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views14:34:56 The Event Horizon Telescope, the Hawking Effect and the Foundations of Physics (Scientific American Space) New
5 views14:34:56 Mars Methane Hunt Comes up Empty, Flummoxing Scientists (Scientific American Space) New
2 views14:31:40 Working together as a `virtual telescope,` observatories around the world pro... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views14:31:39 Martian methane mystery: First results from the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views14:31:39 Greenland Telescope to image black holes by moving onto the Greenland ice sheet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views14:31:39 Observing the invisible: The long journey to the first image of a black hole (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views09:40:26 SpaceX postpones first commercial launch due to strong wind (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views09:40:26 No nausea for Beth Moses, Virgin`s space tourist trainer (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

10 april 2019

6 views23:51:42 Seeing is believing: Four lessons of the new black hole image (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views22:04:18 Battle for space more stealth than Star Wars (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views22:04:18 Ridding space of old satellites and debris (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views20:18:05 An Exit Chute from the Universe: The Story of a Historic Effort to Image a Bl... (Scientific American Space) New
10 views20:02:02 SpaceX`s Falcon Heavy rocket poised for first commercial launch (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:20:11 At Last, A Black Hole`s Image Revealed (Scientific American Space) New
14 views15:58:50 Astronomers deliver first photo of black hole (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views13:34:42 NASA demos CubeSat laser communications capability (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
13:34:42 More ...

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