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18 december 2018

0 views18:30:10 Trump directs Pentagon to create `Space Command` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views17:16:08 `Farout!` Newfound Object Is the Farthest Solar System Body Ever Spotted (Scientific American Space) New
4 views17:07:49 The Saturn Nebula reveals its complexity (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:07:49 Mystery of coronae around supermassive black holes deepens (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views16:22:23 New Horizons spacecraft takes the inside course to Ultima Thule (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views15:12:13 New bright high-redshift quasar discovered using VISTA (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views14:17:09 MuSCAT2 to find Earth-like planets in the TESS era (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:38:41 Image: 115 years of flight (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
0 views13:19:24 Gaming with Galileo: New Android smartphone apps published (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
0 views13:19:24 ESA paves way for new space transport services (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
0 views12:55:54 Rare relic is one of only three fossil clouds known in the universe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

17 december 2018

3 views23:31:49 Outer solar system experts find `far out there` dwarf planet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views23:31:49 NASA research reveals Saturn is losing its rings at `worst-case-scenario` rate (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views23:31:49 First private Israeli lunar mission will launch in February (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views17:22:20 Israeli spacecraft gets special passenger before moon journey (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views17:22:19 Alien imposters: Planets with oxygen don`t necessarily have life (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views15:55:05 Narrowing the universe in the search for life (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views14:26:34 Caught in the Act--Astronomers Get Their Best Look Yet at a Supernova Blowing Up (Scientific American Space) New
8 views08:41:34 Next-generation of GPS satellites are headed to space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

16 december 2018

8 views20:54:33 A nuclear-powered `tunnelbot` to search for life on Jupiter`s icy moon Europa (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views20:54:33 The life and death of a planetary system (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
12 views20:54:32 Hubble goes deep (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:55:13 December comet brings back Rosetta memories (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views13:55:13 A new neptune-size exoplanet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:55:12 Image: Giant black hole powers cosmic fountain (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

15 december 2018

9 views22:25:13 The Birth of Worlds (Scientific American Space) New

14 december 2018

9 views22:20:42 See a passing comet this Sunday (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views21:22:22 NASA moves liquid hydrogen tank to Huntsville for testing (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views18:42:52 Satellite Spies Methane Bubbling up from Arctic Permafrost (Scientific American Space) New
1 views16:18:08 Innovation increases observable volume of the universe by a factor of seven (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
1 views16:18:07 Actual image of a white dwarf feeding on material from a larger red giant 650... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views16:18:07 Video: Enjoying the Geminids from above and below (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views16:18:06 Exactly how we would send our first laser-powered probe to Alpha Centauri (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views14:16:15 A young star caught forming like a planet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views13:24:26 Mars InSight lander seen in first images from space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

13 december 2018

8 views20:34:59 Look Up! Gleaming Geminid Meteor Shower of 2018 Peaks Tonight (Scientific American Space) New
11 views19:09:02 Hubble finds far-away planet vanishing at record speed (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views18:43:59 Virgin Galactic rocket ship reaches space in test flight (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views18:18:39 An astronaut returns to Earth (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
2 views18:18:37 Preparing for discovery with NASA`s Parker Solar Probe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views18:18:33 NASA`s Webb Telescope will provide census of fledgling stars in stellar nursery (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views18:18:26 After a 1.2 billion-mile journey, a reward: There is water on the asteroid Bennu (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:00:08 NASA`s InSight Mars Lander Snaps Selfie, Surveys Workspace (Scientific American Space) New
8 views15:53:37 Living on Mars: Team to lead simulation facility mission (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views15:13:40 We have a Christmas comet: How to spot interplanetary comet 46P/Wirtanen (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views15:13:40 Four NASA-sponsored experiments set to launch on Virgin Galactic spacecraft (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views12:48:16 Photos from Japan space rovers show rocky asteroid surface (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

12 december 2018

9 views22:10:06 The epoch of planet formation, times twenty (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views22:10:05 Virgin Galactic aims to reach space soon with tourism rocket (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views18:56:57 Juno mission halfway to Jupiter science (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
11 views18:00:02 Astronomers find that dark matter dominates across cosmic time (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views16:24:55 Image: ICESat-2 reveals profile of ice sheets (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views16:24:55 Periodic radio signal detected from the blazar J1043+2408 (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views16:24:54 Astronomers confirm extended atmosphere on accretion disk of X-ray binary (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views16:24:54 Rosetta witnesses birth of baby bow shock around comet (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views13:21:06 Finding Alien Life May Require Giant Telescopes Built in Orbit (Scientific American Space) New
7 views10:43:33 InSight Mars lander takes its first selfie (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views08:40:47 Russian spacewalkers take sample of mystery hole at space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views00:59:46 Spacewalking astronauts check site of capsule leak (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

11 december 2018

10 views21:02:39 Cosmonauts start spacewalk from ISS to examine mystery hole (Update) (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
10 views17:23:05 Cosmonauts to examine mystery hole on ISS spacewalk (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:16:09 Geminids meteor shower: An astrophysicist on what to look out for (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:16:09 Australia is still listening to Voyager 2 as NASA confirms the probe is now i... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views17:16:08 Calibrating cosmic mile markers (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views17:16:08 Researchers consider whether supernovae killed off large ocean animals at daw... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
9 views09:13:57 NASA`s first look: Tiny asteroid is studded with boulders (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

10 december 2018

8 views23:00:02 OSIRIS-REx discovers water on asteroid, confirms Bennu as excellent mission t... (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views22:49:09 Voyager 2 Spacecraft Enters Interstellar Space (Scientific American Space) New
2 views18:05:21 NASA`s Voyager 2 probe enters interstellar space (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views18:05:21 Solar activity research provides insight into sun`s past, future (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views18:05:20 Team finds evidence for carbon-rich surface on Ceres (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views16:07:28 Image: Dione and Rhea appear as one (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
3 views15:20:18 Cataclysmic variable ES Ceti has an accretion disk, study suggests (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

9 december 2018

7 views08:54:02 SpaceX Christmas delivery arrives at space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

8 december 2018

10 views17:11:06 Mars `76 (Scientific American Space) New
6 views13:56:17 SpaceX Christmas delivery delayed by communication problem (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
14 views01:19:47 InSight lander `hears` Martian winds (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
11 views01:19:47 China launches rover for first far side of the moon landing (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

7 december 2018

12 views21:30:36 China Launches First-Ever Mission to the Moon`s Farside (Scientific American Space) New
8 views18:46:44 Chasing Copernicus in Poland (Scientific American Space) New
11 views16:13:07 Learning from lunar lights (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
11 views15:11:52 Planetary defense: The Bennu experiment (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views14:24:25 Water plumes on Europa: Tasting an extraterrestrial ocean (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views14:24:25 NASA`s Mars InSight flexes its arm (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views13:48:26 Earth`s magnetic poles could start to flip. What happens then? (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views13:17:38 The World`s First Space Telescope (Scientific American Space) New
7 views08:26:21 China prepares mission to land spacecraft on moon`s far side (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

6 december 2018

8 views20:45:02 Unknown treasure trove of planets found hiding in dust (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views20:20:05 An exoplanet loses its atmosphere in the form of a tail (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views20:20:05 Helium exoplanet inflated like a balloon, research shows (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views20:20:05 Mice display altered immune system following spaceflight (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views16:30:04 Space weather `piggyback` (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
6 views15:28:31 Bizarre `dark fluid` with negative mass could dominate the universe (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
8 views15:28:30 Getting a grip on space weather (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
4 views15:28:30 Dutch research team involved in first landing on the far side of the moon (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views15:28:29 Blast off for first UK-led experiment on the International Space Station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
7 views15:28:29 Can space help us understand our cells? (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
5 views15:28:28 LIGO supercomputer upgrade will speed up groundbreaking astrophysics research (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New

5 december 2018

15 views22:39:26 SpaceX launches cargo, but fails to land rocket (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
13 views22:39:25 Christmas turkey, fruitcake rocketing toward space station (PHYSorg.com Space & Earth) New
22:39:25 More ...

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