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RSS Feedsmathematics.myheadlinez.com - News from the category "Mathematics" (4 feeds)


9 december 2019

36 views04:15:28 Eight Degrees North (Scientific American Math) New

8 december 2019

26 views18:05:09 The Surprising Link Between Recreational Math and Undecidability (Scientific American Math) New

30 november 2019

20 views23:26:06 The Ditherer`s Mean (Scientific American Math) New

21 november 2019

20 views18:56:55 Mathematician develops model to control spread of aquatic invasive species (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

20 november 2019

18 views21:05:15 Best of the best: Who makes the most accurate decisions in expert groups? (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

19 november 2019

13 views22:05:06 New statistical model improves the predictive power of standardized test scores (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

12 november 2019

15 views18:45:02 Sorry, wrong number: Statistical benchmark comes under fire (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
35 views16:04:30 Mathematicians prove the Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
23 views16:04:30 Mathematician discovers method to simplify polymer growth modelling (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

9 november 2019

16 views09:53:48 Mathematicians` work helps change how people vote (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
19 views09:53:48 Proving a longstanding conjecture about the area of negatively curved spaces (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 november 2019

21 views15:53:13 Self-Referential Podcasting (Scientific American Math) New

31 october 2019

30 views14:35:08 Surviving a zombie apocalypse using mathematics (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

30 october 2019

38 views21:26:36 Is Inequality Inevitable? (Scientific American Math) New
50 views13:25:12 Removing human bias from predictive modeling (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

29 october 2019

17 views16:15:35 Mathematician proposes method to simplify the mathematical model of substance... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

28 october 2019

45 views03:06:44 It`s Factoradical! (Scientific American Math) New

23 october 2019

17 views17:15:07 Mathematicians prove a theorem that would help calculate the movement of wate... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 october 2019

30 views16:20:02 Models designed to predict when and how the roads of Bizkaia will deteriorate (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

30 september 2019

27 views19:15:02 Expanding the scale of dangerous weather prediction (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
23 views19:15:02 Mathematicians help improve efficiency of data centers using Markov chains (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

25 september 2019

24 views00:20:11 The Mathematical Language of Nature (Scientific American Math) New

23 september 2019

32 views10:23:22 Ping-Pong for Introverts (Scientific American Math) New

20 september 2019

25 views14:10:39 Mathematician describes movement in a flat strip of plasma for first time (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
34 views09:41:06 Where to park your car, according to math (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

16 september 2019

31 views13:15:25 New Proof Solves 80-Year-Old Irrational Number Problem (Scientific American Math) New

15 september 2019

33 views18:45:23 Is Mathematics, Like Science, Pluralistic? (Scientific American Math) New

14 september 2019

33 views12:20:07 Mathematicians proposed an express method for calculation of the propagation ... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

9 september 2019

26 views17:25:09 The ever-winning lottery ticket: Mathematicians solve a dusty mystery (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

8 september 2019

42 views22:40:03 How Quickly Can You Fill Up a Circle? (Scientific American Math) New

7 september 2019

41 views17:00:03 In Praise of Chicago`s Hypotenuses (Scientific American Math) New

6 september 2019

32 views22:30:04 Sum of three cubes for 42 finally solved-using real life planetary computer (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

5 september 2019

32 views20:47:56 People can see beauty in complex mathematics, study shows (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 september 2019

34 views21:39:07 Eminent scientist`s 160-year-old theories aid light wave discovery (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

30 august 2019

39 views16:21:45 Using a bank analysis tool to make predictions about a national or global fin... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

28 august 2019

42 views17:51:31 Ranking cities around the world by transportation accessibility (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
35 views16:25:16 Is the Mathematical World Real? (Scientific American Math) New

9 august 2019

35 views17:06:17 Mathematicians develop new statistical indicator (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 august 2019

40 views15:19:32 The compelling mathematical challenge of the three-body problem (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
48 views02:10:08 Animal collectives like ants should move through their environment like `savv... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 august 2019

55 views17:10:21 In Pursuit of Completeness (Scientific American Math) New

1 august 2019

44 views16:37:20 The Three-Body Problem (Scientific American Math) New
40 views16:37:18 A New Book Examines the Relationship between Math and Physics (Scientific American Math) New

25 july 2019

45 views19:19:08 An algorithm developed to study the structure of galaxies helps explain a key... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

20 july 2019

51 views22:28:41 Parallels and Perpendiculars in the Lives of Two Extraordinary Siblings (Scientific American Math) New

18 july 2019

50 views16:10:34 Mathematics is about wonder, creativity and fun, so let`s teach it that way (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
47 views15:03:15 Illusive patterns in math explained by ideas in physics (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

13 july 2019

57 views19:00:28 1,000 Years of Congruent Numbers (Scientific American Math) New

4 july 2019

57 views13:07:22 Scent composition data reveal new insights into perfume success (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

9 june 2019

65 views17:20:04 The Funniest Math Joke (Scientific American Math) New
64 views12:50:03 Inka History in Knots (Book Review) (Scientific American Math) New

7 june 2019

63 views02:40:54 The universal beauty of the mountains can be seen in graphs (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

4 june 2019

62 views17:32:51 Mathematicians work out how to predict success in show business (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
64 views06:05:50 Remembering Murray Gell-Mann (Scientific American Math) New

3 june 2019

57 views17:47:57 Godzilla, King Kong: films are actually spot on in how to defeat kaijus - mat... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

1 june 2019

68 views15:30:02 Calculus Reveals the Universe—and Can Make a Tuna Melt Sandwich (Scientific American Math) New

26 may 2019

67 views21:06:39 A Curious Sequence of Prime Numbers (Scientific American Math) New

24 may 2019

62 views15:19:25 Mathematics of scale: Big, small and everything in between (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
70 views02:50:48 Secrets of the Universe Revealed! (Scientific American Math) New

23 may 2019

66 views16:15:08 Phase transitions: The math behind the music (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

22 may 2019

60 views15:43:17 Beautiful Math (Scientific American Math) New

21 may 2019

63 views22:20:02 Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to the Riemann Hypothesis (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

18 may 2019

75 views18:32:48 A Journey through Gromov`s Gap (Scientific American Math) New

12 may 2019

72 views15:39:33 The Serendipity of Swiss Cheese (Scientific American Math) New
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