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19 april 2018

4 views15:56:49 How Seashells Take Shape (Scientific American Math) New

18 april 2018

3 views15:52:25 New study improves `crowd wisdom` estimates (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

14 april 2018

2 views18:32:09 Jayadev Athreya`s Favorite Theorem (Scientific American Math) New

9 april 2018

1 views14:40:32 Mathematicians devise new model to study response of endovascular aneurysm se... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 april 2018

3 views18:35:38 Review: Inventing the Mathematician (Scientific American Math) New

5 april 2018

5 views00:40:06 The Same, Only Different (Scientific American Math) New

3 april 2018

9 views13:29:31 Why prime numbers still fascinate mathematicians, 2,300 years later (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

1 april 2018

11 views00:33:25 A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Pseudo-Rhombicuboctahedron (Scientific American Math) New

31 march 2018

6 views14:49:23 Harnessing the Invisible Power of `Flutter` (Scientific American Math) New

30 march 2018

6 views02:57:43 Math Cracks a Knuckle-Cracking Mystery (Scientific American Math) New

29 march 2018

7 views20:44:10 Cracked it! Experts find answer to the knuckle-popping puzzle (Update) (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
4 views17:50:32 Cracked it! Experts find answer to the knuckle-popping puzzle (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
6 views15:36:42 Math Cracks a Knuckle Cracking Mystery (Scientific American Math) New

28 march 2018

3 views20:09:32 Momentum Isn`t Magic--Vindicating the Hot Hand with the Mathematics of Streaks (Scientific American Math) New
6 views16:36:54 Momentum Isn`t Magic - Vindicating the Hot Hand with the Mathematics of Streaks (Scientific American Math) New

25 march 2018

10 views08:49:03 Federico Ardila`s Favorite Theorem (Scientific American Math) New

21 march 2018

7 views20:33:35 Mathematicians invent tool to judge when voting maps have been unfairly drawn (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

20 march 2018

6 views18:11:41 Privacy and Counterfeit Coins (Scientific American Math) New
6 views18:11:41 `Grand Unified Theory of Math` Nets Abel Prize (Scientific American Math) New
3 views15:35:15 Sustained bacterial outbreak in mosquitoes limits spread of life-threatening ... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

16 march 2018

10 views15:44:44 The genius at Guinness and his statistical legacy (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

15 march 2018

9 views15:45:24 High number of adults unable to do basic mathematical tasks (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

14 march 2018

7 views18:56:09 Pi City (Scientific American Math) New
7 views12:31:36 What Is Pi, and How Did It Originate? (Scientific American Math) New

13 march 2018

9 views19:34:55 How Much Math Do You Need to Win Your March Madness Pool? (Scientific American Math) New

12 march 2018

6 views20:20:14 The Magic (and Math) of Skating on Thin Ice without Falling In (Scientific American Math) New

9 march 2018

12 views20:52:55 A model for autoignition in turbulent jets (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 march 2018

7 views21:35:04 New study takes the guesswork out of selecting and seeding teams for `March M... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
11 views17:20:10 Want to predict March Madness? New method identifies key statistics, outperfo... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

6 march 2018

11 views16:20:44 Teachers, pedagogical skills, and the obstacle of intuition (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

5 march 2018

12 views21:20:04 Who makes the NCAA tournament? Researchers at the University of Illinois can ... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

2 march 2018

13 views19:38:53 The Math behind the Perfect Free Throw (Scientific American Math) New

24 february 2018

17 views15:16:47 From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections (Review) (Scientific American Math) New

20 february 2018

17 views14:46:34 Researchers engineer a winning strategy for the Rottnest Channel Swim (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

13 february 2018

21 views14:24:10 To Fight Fatal Infections, Hospitals May Turn to Algorithms (Scientific American Math) New

6 february 2018

20 views16:23:10 Mathematicians work to expand their new pictorial mathematical language into ... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

5 february 2018

20 views19:14:46 Physicists Harness Twisted Mathematics to Make Powerful Laser (Scientific American Math) New

31 january 2018

20 views15:32:25 A newly discovered prime number makes its debut (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
21 views13:38:12 Painting New Lines: Maximizing Color Difference in Metro Maps (Scientific American Math) New

29 january 2018

27 views15:37:21 Method to visualize hidden statistical structures in environmental data (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

24 january 2018

25 views19:55:50 Calculating tsunami`s size and destructive force by exploiting high-speed aco... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
21 views16:04:53 Detecting tsunamis (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
30 views01:34:10 Modern math sheds new light on long-standing debate about Viking-age Ireland ... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

17 january 2018

26 views18:02:49 The Hidden Depth in Math`s Simple Puzzles (Scientific American Math) New
26 views16:14:48 How to avoid a sucker bet - with a little help from maths (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
24 views15:10:20 How Robot Math and Smartphones Led Researchers to a Drug Discovery Breakthrough (Scientific American Math) New

16 january 2018

27 views20:06:29 The Fields Medal fallacy: Why this math prize should return to its roots (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
27 views07:51:29 Math can predict how cancer cells evolve (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

14 january 2018

25 views22:36:15 Roots of Unity Turns 5 (Scientific American Math) New
27 views15:13:12 Mohamed Omar`s Favorite Theorem (Scientific American Math) New

12 january 2018

25 views15:42:35 Why do we need to know about prime numbers with millions of digits? (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

8 january 2018

39 views11:54:56 Vision, sensory and motor testing could predict best batters in baseball (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

6 january 2018

27 views19:40:20 A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Bicylinder (Scientific American Math) New

4 january 2018

33 views16:07:57 GIMPS project discovers largest known prime number (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 january 2018

39 views09:37:57 How Facebook could stop a disease outbreak (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
31 views01:06:24 Maths for midges that pull 10g (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

2 january 2018

31 views19:34:41 Randomness a key in spread of disease, other `evil` (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

1 january 2018

28 views19:13:05 Do You Know Your ABCs? (Scientific American Math) New

30 december 2017

34 views14:46:43 How to Measure Time Without a Stopwatch (Scientific American Math) New

28 december 2017

32 views22:09:43 Statistical test relates pathogen mutation to infectious disease progression (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
31 views12:57:51 Scientists explain how the process of erosion forms unusual shapes and struct... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

27 december 2017

36 views14:43:32 Cracking the Brain`s Enigma Code (Scientific American Math) New
32 views14:17:42 Mathematicians obtain new fundamental results in functional inequalities (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

23 december 2017

41 views15:49:59 In Silico Flurries (Scientific American Math) New

21 december 2017

41 views23:41:31 Mathematical model reveals solution to sloshing coffee (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

15 december 2017

38 views16:03:19 Can math predict what you`ll do next? (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
39 views13:10:52 First mathematical network model for the Battle of the Sexes (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

13 december 2017

34 views12:33:44 Mathematicians crack 44-year-old problem (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

11 december 2017

38 views22:28:52 New statistical method links vast records, shows negative effect of Texas vot... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

9 december 2017

37 views17:08:52 Justin Curry`s Favorite Theorem (Scientific American Math) New

28 november 2017

36 views18:38:50 Fractions: Where It All Goes Wrong (Scientific American Math) New

27 november 2017

43 views11:53:47 New computational methodology gives unexpected answers to two Hilbert problems (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

26 november 2017

38 views21:29:13 Bathroom, Mathroom (Scientific American Math) New

24 november 2017

39 views16:39:46 Millions, Billions, Trillions: How to Make Sense of Numbers in the News (Scientific American Math) New
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