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18 february 2019

6 views15:01:22 Predicting sequence from structure (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:01:22 Genetics efforts enriching nutrition of popcorn, sorghum (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:01:21 World`s finest gold specimen probed with Los Alamos neutrons (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:01:21 New device simplifies measurement of fluoride contamination in water (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:01:21 Chemist develops a new catalyst for oxidation and amidation (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views15:01:20 Design principles for peroxidase-mimicking nanozymes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

17 february 2019

5 views20:35:29 Diagnosing `art acne` in Georgia O`Keeffe`s paintings (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

16 february 2019

4 views23:27:04 Human Diet Drugs Kill Mosquitoes` Appetite Too (Scientific American Chemistry) New

15 february 2019

3 views16:15:03 Chemical data mining boosts search for new organic semiconductors (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views14:30:52 Innovative bio-based air filter could transform air filtration, possibly redu... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views01:34:52 Cracking colibactin`s code: Study examines how compound damaged DNA to unders... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views01:34:50 Researchers create ultra-lightweight ceramic material that withstands extreme... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

14 february 2019

3 views18:44:51 Better red than dread: Barrier keeps batteries safe (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views18:44:49 Lipoproteins behave `almost like a tiny Velcro ball` (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:15:22 New additive provides fire protection for wood (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:15:22 Researchers develop diagnostic tool for detecting cryptosporidium (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:15:22 Controlling and visualising receptor signals in neural cells with light (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views15:19:37 Scientists design fast, reversible bio-inspired catalysts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views13:35:32 New approach improving stability and optical properties of perovskite films (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views09:38:04 3-D experiments shed new light on shape memory alloys (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views09:38:03 Collaboration sparks sustainable electronics manufacturing breakthrough (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

13 february 2019

3 views17:42:09 Turning desalination waste into a useful resource (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:42:09 Polymers pave way for wider use of recycled tires in asphalt (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:42:09 Upcycling plastic bags into battery parts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:42:09 New method uses fluorescence to identify disease-causing forms of proteins (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views17:28:56 Salt Doesn`t Melt Ice—Here`s How It Makes Winter Streets Safer (Scientific American Chemistry) New
2 views16:07:42 Chemists develop a new eco-friendly material for waste water purification (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views16:07:42 Gory, freaky, cool: Marine snail venom could improve insulin for diabetic pat... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views16:07:42 Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views16:07:41 Researchers develop fire-retardant coating featuring renewable materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views16:07:41 Drug-induced cellular membrane complexes induce cancer cell death (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views16:07:41 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views16:07:41 Researchers develop a cheap, targeted antibacterial compound (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views16:07:40 Physicists develop a new method to identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views12:03:15 Salt Doesn`t Melt Ice--Here`s How It Makes Winter Streets Safer (Scientific American Chemistry) New

9 february 2019

12 views14:48:51 New Adaptive Fabric Cools Down as You Heat Up (Scientific American Chemistry) New
9 views11:58:02 A better way to make acrylics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

8 february 2019

10 views21:20:10 Researchers add porous envelope to aluminum plasmonics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views21:20:10 Nitrogen gets in the fast lane for chemical synthesis (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:40:28 Scientists take X-ray aim in effort to discover new fuel catalyst (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:40:28 Turning a porous material`s color on and off with acid (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:40:28 How a fungus can cripple the immune system (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:40:28 Boosting solid state chemical reactions (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:20:52 Cryo-force spectroscopy reveals the mechanical properties of DNA components (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views13:41:04 Scientists discover genes that help harmful bacteria thwart treatment (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views13:41:04 Researchers develop new methods to create microfluidic devices with fluoropol... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views13:38:49 I Was a Teenage Element Hoarder (Scientific American Chemistry) New

7 february 2019

7 views22:32:16 Unleashing perovskites` potential for solar cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views21:31:32 Video: What is white chocolate? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views21:31:31 Periodic table still influencing today`s research (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views21:31:31 Shape of structure that nerve cells use to sense cold and menthol could be ne... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views21:31:31 Scientists find a cheaper way to light up OLED screens (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views17:40:29 Bioplotting bone-mimetic 3-D tissue scaffolds with osteogenic effects (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:40:28 Manfred Eigen, 1967 Nobel chemistry laureate, dies at 91 (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views17:40:28 Sandia identifies unusual polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using tandem mass ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views17:40:27 Chemical and topographical single-cell imaging at nanoscale resolution by nea... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views17:40:26 Scientists discover a better way to make plastics out of sulfur (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views17:40:25 Scientists develop metal-free photocatalyst to purify pathogen-rich water in ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:40:24 Green water-purification system works without heavy metals or corrosive chemi... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views17:40:24 Researchers obtain an important chemical compound (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:40:23 Atomic-scale simulation of antiarrhythmic drug interaction with cardiac cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views14:45:03 Scientists to create new `chemical noses` to rid the environment of industria... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views14:15:29 Scientists discover new type of self-healing material (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views12:27:39 Novel electrocatalyst outperforms platinum in alkaline hydrogen production (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views09:48:36 Study unravels how microbes produce key compound used to fight cancer (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

6 february 2019

11 views19:50:03 Mega docking library poised to speed drug discovery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:30:06 Special high-protein plants provide proteins, fibres and antioxidants in a si... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:04:43 `Unclonable` tag combats counterfeiters (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views16:07:40 Chirality inversion in a helical molecule at controlled speeds (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:41:31 How `optical tweezers` could address one of crime labs` biggest challenges (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:41:31 The subtle role of surfaces in ion stickiness (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views15:41:31 Hydrogels change water and solute dynamics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:41:30 Controlling charge flow by managing electron holes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views15:41:30 Untangling a strange phenomenon that both helps and hurts lithium-ion battery... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views13:09:53 Neutrons unlock properties of novel porous metal-hydride for possible new ene... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

5 february 2019

8 views22:30:21 3-D printed tires and shoes that self-repair (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views19:25:05 Better assessing bacteria sensitivity to antibiotics could change how drugs a... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views19:25:05 Researchers use artificial neural networks to streamline materials testing (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views19:25:05 Researchers track down new biocatalysts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views15:59:26 Ferroelectric polymers made more versatile (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:59:26 Scientists exploit gel polymer electrolyte for high performance magnesium bat... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views15:59:25 Anticancer mechanism revealed in yeast experiments (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views15:59:25 Q&A: The fascinating backstory of the periodic table, which is about to turn ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:59:25 Building self-tests for the world`s most common infectious diseases-with paper (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views14:04:10 Nano-sized diamond will improve materials for maritime transport (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views13:48:24 Observing hydrogen`s effects in metal (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

4 february 2019

7 views22:26:19 Chemists harness power of light to tackle asymmetrical molecules (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views22:26:18 Research using atom probe tomography reveals chinks in iron crystals that can... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views18:45:06 Research shows hidden fire risk of emollients (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:55:03 Researchers synthesize renewable oils for use in lubricants (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views16:55:02 Where does this contamination come from? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views15:25:58 Crystal clear solvent filtration (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views15:25:57 Polymer power potential (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views15:25:57 Revealing the path of a metallodrug in a breast cancer cell (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views15:25:56 Radio frequency energy heats up interest in low-temperature nanocatalysts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views09:48:02 Simply shining light on dinosaur metal compound kills cancer cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

3 february 2019

8 views01:30:18 Forget Everything You Know About 3D Printing--the `Replicator` Is Here (Scientific American Chemistry) New

1 february 2019

12 views21:43:48 Video: How shaving cream works (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views21:43:47 Researchers create first carbon fibers with uniform porous structure (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views21:43:47 Magnetic teeth hold promise for materials and energy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
21:43:47 More ...

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