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20 april 2018

158 views19:05:11 Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind, but new process takes a simpler approach (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views19:05:07 New theory shows how strain makes for better catalysts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views14:22:59 One step closer to reality (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views14:22:58 Molecular motor: Four states of rotation (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:22:57 Scientists identify unique binding mechanism of antifreeze molecule (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views04:51:59 Traffic Deaths Increase after 4:20 P.M. on 4/20 (Scientific American Chemistry) New

19 april 2018

3 views21:20:10 GLUT5 fluorescent probe fingerprints cancer cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views21:20:08 Homemade microscope reveals how a cancer-causing virus clings to our DNA (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:39 Building crystals on a very hot surface (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:38 Far-red fluorescent silk can kill harmful bacteria as biomedical and environm... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:38 Light-controlled current transport by charged atoms demonstrated for the firs... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:37 Bundling big science tools to shed light on flexible proteins (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:36 In pursuit of perfect chemistry-a vision for unifying catalysis (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:36 Machine-learning software predicts behavior of bacteria (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:35 How plastic-eating bacteria actually work-a chemist explains (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:34 Shaping proteins to understand chaperone-related diseases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:34 Developing oral medicines that work more efficiently (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:33 Porous salts for fuel cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views18:49:33 A scale-up nanoporous membrane centrifuge for reverse osmosis desalination wi... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
0 views18:49:32 Fossilized algae hold promise for improved food safety testing (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
0 views18:49:31 Optical `overtones` for solar cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
0 views18:49:31 Spider silk key to new bone-fixing composite (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
0 views18:49:30 Converting CO2 to store renewable energy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views02:30:09 Spinach used in neutron studies could unearth secret to stronger plant growth (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

18 april 2018

1 views19:46:57 One step closer to understanding explosive sensitivity with molecule design (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views19:46:57 Portable device to sniff out trapped humans (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views19:20:48 Stemming the tide of ocean plastics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:13:04 Field-cycling relaxometry can assess the tumor status by measuring the rate o... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:53:54 Hydrogen as a pedalling aid (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views15:53:51 Molecular scaffolding aids construction at the nanoscale (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views15:53:49 Shielding oxygen production to keep hydrogen coming (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views15:03:23 The `radical` ways sunlight builds bigger molecules in the atmosphere (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:58:19 Battery`s hidden layer revealed (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:03:27 Researchers establish crystal structure of gastric proton pump (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:03:26 Simulation of the AsqJ enzyme opens up new options for pharmaceutical chemistry (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:03:24 Carbon dioxide as a raw material (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:03:22 New highly selective antitumor photodynamic therapy agents synthesized (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

17 april 2018

2 views20:18:12 Calculus III for cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views20:18:11 Solving the structure of ATP synthase (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views20:18:10 Full of hot air and proud of it: Improving gas storage with MOFs (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views18:52:09 Researchers discover new mechanism of antibiotic resistance in leprosy and tu... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views18:52:08 Mouse study provides insights into how the metal accumulates in bone tissue (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views18:52:07 Video: What is flame jetting? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views18:52:06 Strong carbon fiber artificial muscles can lift 12,600 times their own weight (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views12:11:04 Researchers produce 50x more stable adsorbent (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

16 april 2018

3 views22:52:45 Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views18:39:37 New self-assembling protein hydrogels may hold many applications for biomedicine (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views18:39:35 Thin film converts heat from electronics into energy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views15:59:34 Study produces clearest images to date of HSV-1, the virus that causes cold s... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views11:33:00 Artificial antimicrobial peptides could help overcome drug-resistant bacteria (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

13 april 2018

1 views19:23:43 A heavyweight solution for lighter-weight combat vehicles (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views18:30:27 Using caffeine as a catalyst, researchers create new gels for drug delivery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views18:30:26 Technique to fine-tune two-component biological sensors (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views18:30:25 How do we make hydrogen from coal, and is it really a clean fuel? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views08:34:02 `Scaffolding` method allows biochemists to see proteins in remarkable detail (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

12 april 2018

3 views22:17:58 Theoreticians finally prove that `curly arrows` tell the truth about chemical... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:56 Understanding a cell`s `doorbell` (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:55 Discovery raises possibility of treating neurological disorders (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:53 `Water-in-salt` electrolyte yields stable cathode for lithium-air battery ope... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:51 Faster, cheaper wastewater treatment through improved oxidation reactions (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:50 Class of proteins involved in essential cell functions has an unexpected role... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views22:17:48 Peptide-based biogenic dental product may cure cavities (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:36:35 Scientists mimic a worm`s lethal jaw to design and form resilient materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:07:46 Scientists use carbon nanotube technology to develop robust water desalinatio... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:07:44 Team delivers world`s first biosensor chips based on copper and graphene oxide (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:07:41 Gold protein clusters could be used as environmental and health detectors (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

11 april 2018

4 views21:46:31 `Everything-repellent` coating could kidproof phones, homes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views21:46:29 New methodology helps study of promising targeted drug delivery scaffold (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views18:35:08 Why Do Bananas Change Color? (Scientific American Chemistry) New
4 views18:25:39 Mushrooms, feathers combine in biodegradable shoes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:57:50 Pepper plant sops up personal care product antibiotic (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:57:48 Scientists discover greener way of making plastics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:57:46 Cactus roots inspire creation of water-retaining material (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:57:44 Old proteins tell tales of historical artifacts and the people who touched them (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:57:43 Synthesizing a deadly mushroom toxin (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views14:34:41 Biologically inspired membrane purges coal-fired smoke of greenhouse gases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views13:21:18 Duel of the inflammatory master regulators-insights for drug discovery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views12:48:38 A tool based on the use ofcarbon nanoparticles enables detection of antidepre... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views12:48:33 Robust and inexpensive catalysts for hydrogen production (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

10 april 2018

11 views20:23:13 NREL opens large database of inorganic thin-film materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:27:38 Cheaper, less toxic and recyclable light absorbers for hydrogen production (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:27:37 Digital penicillin production (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:27:36 Machine learning offers new way of designing chiral crystals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views17:27:35 Video: Why you can`t buy fresh olives (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:59:18 Researchers discover how colliding oxygen molecules absorb light (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:59:17 New material makes cooling devices more energy-efficient (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views13:37:03 Researchers design upgrade device for mass spectrometers (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views13:37:01 Study analyzes the keys to fragmentation of metallic materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views13:37:00 An oil-eating bacterium that can clean up pollution and spills (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

9 april 2018

4 views23:38:04 Survival strategy: How one enzyme helps bacteria recover from exposure to ant... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views22:13:29 Prominent academics call for more science in forensic science (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views22:13:27 Advancing the science of smell-with a hint of musk (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views19:02:15 Electron transfer and oxidative damage in DNA in a biomimetic crowding enviro... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views19:02:13 Imaging method evaluates cell functional changes and wound healing (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views19:02:11 Reaction adds chiral groups to nitrogen rings without first installing reacti... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
160 views19:02:09 Removing the brakes on plant oil production (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

7 april 2018

7 views00:01:33 How pathogenic bacteria prepare a sticky adhesion protein (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

6 april 2018

5 views18:49:36 New cellular insights in bone development (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views15:45:23 C9h peptide capped to induce cancer cell apoptosis (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views12:32:18 New liquid modeling technique predicts chemical reactions and lowers drug dev... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12:32:18 More ...

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