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10 december 2019

30 views16:50:17 Studying the wake of reflected shockwaves reveals the cascade of chemical rea... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
14 views16:50:17 Liquid crystal monomers used in LCDs found to be potentially persistent and b... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views16:50:17 Porous polymers show remarkable stability at high pressure (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
14 views16:50:17 The role of superstructure in first-cycle voltage loss in lithium-ion batteries (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views15:26:40 Watching a drug in action: Precise action anti-cancer drugs in the cell clari... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views15:26:40 Lithium can now be recycled (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views09:56:26 A sustainable new material for carbon dioxide capture (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views09:56:26 Breakthrough made in detecting carbon impurities in gallium nitride crystals ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views09:56:25 Chemists develop paper-based sensor to detect potent nerve toxins (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views09:56:25 What makes wine dry? It`s easy to taste, but much harder to measure (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views09:56:25 Electronics integrated to the muscle via `Kirigami` (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views09:56:25 Speedy and precise multicolor imaging of biomolecules now possible (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views09:56:25 Scientists show point defects in cathode crystals may speed lithium absorption (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views09:56:25 New function for plant enzyme could lead to green chemistry (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views09:56:25 Green hydrogen: Research to enhance efficiency (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views09:56:25 Acoustic focusing to amass microplastics in water (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views09:56:25 Stretchy and squeezy soft sensors one step closer thanks to new bonding method (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views09:56:25 CMU becomes go-to place for machine learning in catalysis research (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

6 december 2019

14 views21:05:41 Surface effects affect the distribution of hydrogen in metals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views21:05:41 Using a molecular motor to switch the preference of anion-binding catalysts (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views21:05:41 Scientists have spotted new compounds with herbicidal potential from sea fungus (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views21:05:41 Researchers add order to polymer gels (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views16:19:10 Nanocontainers for targeted drug delivery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
18 views16:19:10 Exciplex emission observed over much longer distances than previously thought... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
18 views16:19:10 Smart simulations chart the behavior of surprising structures (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views16:19:10 A new view for glasses (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views16:19:10 Improved pH probes may help toward cancer treatments (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views16:19:10 Life of a foam (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views01:54:00 Self-healing liquid brings new life to battery alternative (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
29 views01:54:00 Scientists use X-rays to crack the secrets of shale, a keystone of one of the... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views01:54:00 Jelly invention can heal itself like human skin (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
19 views01:54:00 Researchers develop method to improve skeleton of common chemicals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views01:54:00 Your food may help make stickier, safer glues for laptops, packaging, furniture (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views01:54:00 `Buildings` in human bone may hold key to stronger 3-D-printed lightweight st... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

5 december 2019

17 views15:25:04 A robot and software make it easier to create advanced materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

4 december 2019

19 views19:37:03 Water was a winner in capturing carbon dioxide (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
26 views19:37:03 Brewing beer that tastes fresh longer (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
20 views19:37:03 How tiny enzymes reign supreme in worldwide carbon recycling (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
18 views19:37:02 Adding copper strengthens 3-D-printed titanium (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views18:43:34 Like Pavlov`s dog, this thermoplastic is learning a new trick: walking (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views16:50:58 An alloy that retains its memory at high temperatures (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:50:56 Two chiral catalysts working hand in hand (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views16:50:54 Diamonds in your devices: Powering the next generation of energy storage (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views16:50:52 VTT developed an optical fiber made of cellulose (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:50:50 Thin skin: Japan firm develops ultra-fine spray-on facemask (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:50:48 Mapping the energy transport mechanism of chalcogenide perovskite for solar e... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:50:46 New technology for protein bioconjugation and structural proteomics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views16:50:44 Bio-inspired hydrogel can rapidly switch to rigid plastic (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views16:50:43 Hydrogen research fuels new solar ideas for green energy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

2 december 2019

14 views17:09:54 New membrane technology to boost water purification and energy storage (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views17:09:54 Researchers discover new way to split and sum photons with silicon (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views16:50:16 How to find molecular glues to effectively target diseases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
20 views16:50:15 A nice reactive ring to it: New synthetic pathways for diverse aromatic compo... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views16:50:15 Daylight damage-saving time (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

29 november 2019

21 views17:10:02 Compound controls biological clock with light (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views16:37:13 Packaging made from banana plants an a-peeling alternative (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views16:37:13 Protein changes precede photoisomerization of retinal chromophore (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views16:37:12 Production of recyclable plastic a step closer (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
14 views16:37:12 Functionalized surfaces: Cylindrical micellar brushes with controlled length ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
20 views00:20:17 Additive manufacturing and Ni/Ti metal bolster cooling technology (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
26 views00:20:17 With ultracold chemistry, researchers get a first look at exactly what happen... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

28 november 2019

10 views18:07:03 An electron highway headed for methanol (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

27 november 2019

18 views19:15:18 Untangling the secrets of worm and spider silks (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views19:15:18 Solving fossil mystery could aid Mars life quest (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views19:15:17 Building a better battery with machine learning (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
19 views19:15:17 Material for safer football helmets may reduce head injuries (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
14 views19:15:17 Researchers finally grasp the work week of enzymes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views19:15:17 Transparent wood: the building material of the future? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views19:15:17 Black silicon can help detect explosives (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views14:22:18 Researchers create `smart` surfaces to help blood-vessel grafts knit better, ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

26 november 2019

19 views20:05:52 Secrets of Lucretia painting closer to being revealed (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
30 views20:05:52 Mapping the three-dimensional structure of catalytic centers helps to design ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
20 views20:05:52 New catalyst method promises better use of syngas, coal (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views15:59:33 New study analyzes viability of sustainable fuels developed through new process (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views15:59:32 Biotech breakthrough turns waste biomass into high value chemicals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views15:59:32 Glass from a 3-D printer (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views15:59:32 Anchored by a dense neighborhood: What stops cells from going astray (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views15:59:32 Using the power of microwaves to recycle plastics (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
18 views15:59:32 Fast surface dynamics enabled cold joining of metallic glasses (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views12:35:47 Leftover grain from breweries could be converted into fuel for homes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

25 november 2019

17 views23:20:07 Bright and efficient light without rare metals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views23:20:07 News sustainable plant-derived plastic to aid organ research (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:07 Chemists create molecule that can help treat heart disease and detect viruses (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:07 Using wood in electrodes for more durable, sustainable wearables (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:07 Chemist proposes new way to improve fuel quality using microwave irradiation (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:06 Potent antimicrobial found that shows promise in fighting staph infections (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views23:20:06 Scientists develop electrochemical platform for cell-free synthetic biology (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:06 Using gene scissors to detect diseases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views23:20:06 New study looks to biological enzymes as source of hydrogen fuel (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views23:20:06 Ammonia synthesis made easy with 2-D catalyst (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views23:20:06 Downstream signaling: Cilia release ectosomes to deliver important messages i... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17 views23:20:05 pinMOS: Novel memory device can be written on and read out optically or elect... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
16 views23:20:05 Liquid-liquid transitions crystallize new ideas for molecular liquids (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views15:56:45 Ancient Rock Art Got a Boost From Bacteria (Scientific American Chemistry) New
15 views14:26:05 Small, fast, and highly energy-efficient memory device inspired by lithium-io... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views14:26:05 Team science leads to breakthrough in carbon dioxide conversion (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

22 november 2019

14 views01:50:06 Air Pollution: An Unclear and Present Danger (Scientific American Chemistry) New

21 november 2019

12 views20:30:57 Researchers uncover critical metabolic switch for inflammatory diseases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
18 views20:30:57 Illinois researcher`s theory of pore-scale transport to enable improved flow ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
15 views20:30:57 Researchers visualize bacteria motor in first step toward human-produced elec... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
20:30:57 More ...

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