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22 april 2019

4 views23:21:09 Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views23:21:09 How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:20:42 Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:20:42 Researchers make synthetic polymers inside of living cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:20:41 Catalyst renders nerve agents harmless (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:20:41 Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views17:20:41 New technique produces longer-lasting lithium batteries (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:19:50 Driving chemical reactions by remote control (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views15:19:49 Slow charge generation plays big role in model material for solar cells (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

19 april 2019

6 views19:51:20 Salt takes a quick step before falling out of water (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views19:51:20 Researchers report high performance solid-state sodium-ion battery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views16:05:03 Through thick and thin: Neutrons track lithium ions in battery electrodes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views14:46:14 On-chip drug screening for identifying antibiotic interactions in eight hours (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views14:46:14 Researchers find adding rare-earth element to piezoelectric crystals dramatic... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views13:43:22 From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views12:57:19 An exotic microbe and an unusual extraction process may add up to an economic... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views12:01:02 Chemists take a closer look at the spot where water meets air (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views09:54:40 Molecular target UNC45A is essential for cancer but not normal cell prolifera... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

18 april 2019

5 views22:15:36 How Do I Know If My Tap Water Is Safe? (Scientific American Chemistry) New
5 views19:20:43 Researcher uses network science to understand how materials work (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views19:20:42 Scientists advance creation of `artificial lymph node` to fight cancer, other... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:17:14 New automated biological sample analysis systems to accelerate disease detection (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:17:13 Making a fast ion transporter (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views17:17:13 The potential of flexible OLEDs as an innovative surface material (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:17:12 Light and peptides: New method diversifies natural building blocks of life (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views17:17:11 Multistep self-assembly opens door to new reconfigurable materials (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:17:11 Video: Is it really `dry clean only`? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views11:15:22 Green material for refrigeration identified (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views10:55:58 How bacteria build an enzyme that destroys climate-changing laughing gas (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views00:15:20 Researchers improve method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-io... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views00:15:20 Researchers develop new platform that recreates cancer in a dish to quickly d... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

17 april 2019

2 views17:26:28 Crystallizing knowledge with a learning machine (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:28 The sticky science of underwater adhesives (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:27 Green plastic production made easy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:26 Tailor-made materials with ultrafast connections (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:26 A comprehensive look at cow`s milk (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:25 Biosensor `bandage` collects and analyzes sweat (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:25 Improving quantum computers (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views17:26:24 New deep-learning approach predicts protein structure from amino acid sequence (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

16 april 2019

2 views23:19:08 Smart antioxidant-containing polymer responds to body chemistry, environment (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
1 views23:19:08 New algorithm allows for faster, animal-free chemical toxicity testing (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
11 views13:57:28 Researchers explore energy-saving catalysts that operate at room temperature (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views13:36:08 Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views12:00:04 New discovery makes fast-charging, better performing lithium-ion batteries po... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

15 april 2019

7 views22:44:13 Researchers forge new computational tools to make more accurate predictions o... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views22:44:12 Low-calorie sweetener derived from lactose gets manufacturing boost from yeast (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views17:24:14 Compound allows bacterial communication to be controlled by light (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views17:24:13 SLAC`s high-speed `electron camera` films molecular movie in HD (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views15:38:05 Can we cure cancer by finding out how two proteins interact? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:38:04 Scientists develop artificial chemical receptor to assist viral transduction ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views15:05:46 Scientists invent handheld device for quick monitoring of drinking water quality (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

13 april 2019

8 views01:30:18 Squeezed Potassium Atoms Straddle Liquid and Solid (Scientific American Chemistry) New

12 april 2019

4 views22:14:38 Tiny light-up barcodes identify molecules by their twinkling (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views22:14:38 We now know how insects and bacteria control ice (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views20:22:08 New method inverts the self-assembly of liquid crystals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views16:57:01 Researchers find a way to synthesize small cyclodextrins (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views14:52:37 Chemists develop eco-friendly nanocomposites from fruit and berry peel (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:27:47 New method may lead to better in vivo drug delivery (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:27:47 Researchers characterize molecular scissors for plastic waste (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views09:43:39 New smart material works better under pressure (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views08:00:00 Molecules that curb errant proteins of AL amyloidosis point to new type of th... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

11 april 2019

5 views20:23:39 Video: The chemistry behind different tea flavors (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views20:01:29 Keeping the taste, reducing the salt (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views17:42:07 Ships slide in an air envelope (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views15:52:58 Biosynthesis of widespread pigments from bacteria revealed (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views15:52:57 Monsanto loses appeal in French farmer`s poisoning case (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views15:52:57 MOFs can sense and sort troublesome gases (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views15:20:06 Scientists find self-healing catalyst for potential large-scale use in hydrog... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views15:02:42 Scientists improve cycling performance of Al-based batteries with high areal ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

10 april 2019

4 views22:00:13 New quantum material could warn of neurological disease (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views14:36:37 3-D printing electrically assisted, nacre-inspired structures with self-sensi... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:36:37 Spinout seeks to transform food safety testing (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
4 views14:36:36 Creating sustainable bioplastics from electricity-eating microbes (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views00:15:15 Whitening Strips Alter Proteins in Teeth (Scientific American Chemistry) New

9 april 2019

7 views22:01:50 Shrinking the carbon footprint of a chemical in everyday objects (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views16:49:16 Novel membrane material removes more impurities without the need for toxic so... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views16:05:45 New findings on the effect of Epsom salt-Epsom salt receptor identified (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views15:10:24 Researchers use shear forces to create self-assembled supramolecular hydrogel (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:42:02 Fuel cell advance a breath of fresh air for future power alternative (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views14:42:02 Turning the periodic table through 180 degrees for a new perspective (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
2 views14:42:01 Researchers provide new method to boost clean energy research (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views09:10:08 Study shows potential for Earth-friendly plastic replacement (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views01:04:45 Infrared Light Offers A Cooler Way to Defrost (Scientific American Chemistry) New

8 april 2019

6 views22:19:28 Researchers discover new technique to test for viral infections (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
7 views21:42:49 Elements can be solid and liquid at the same time, study reveals (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views16:38:19 Modeling biomimetic collagen-ligand interactions to understand intrafibrillar... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views16:38:18 New biologically derived metal-organic framework mimics DNA (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
3 views16:38:18 Slug glue reveals clues for making better medical adhesives (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
5 views09:26:50 Spying on cells eating habits could aid cancer diagnosis (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

5 april 2019

8 views20:08:25 Rocket fuel that`s cleaner, safer and still full of energy (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views17:10:55 Hydrogen fuel cells: With a database of 500,000 materials, researchers zero i... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
10 views17:10:54 Cathinone color test is now on the market (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views17:10:54 New bioinspired glue bonds any surface underwater (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
8 views15:10:53 Carbon dioxide to methanol conversion (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
13 views14:35:44 How do muscle and tendon connections last a lifetime? (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
9 views14:35:43 Chemists warn against unreasonable wastage upon acquisition of scientific equ... (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views13:40:19 Catalyst research for solar fuels: Amorphous molybdenum sulfide works best (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New

4 april 2019

10 views22:52:22 Researchers uncover hidden deicer risks affecting bridge health (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
12 views20:26:17 Using a promiscuous inhibitor to uncover cancer drug targets (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
6 views17:26:40 Our first look at a new light-absorbing protein in cyanobacteria (PHYSorg.com Chemistry) New
17:26:40 More ...

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