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14 december 2018

7 views16:37:48 The splendid generative potential of the Sierpinski triangle (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:37:48 Magic number colloidal clusters (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:37:47 Using Wi-Fi signals to perform analog, wave-based computations (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:37:46 It`s not so easy to gain the true measure of things (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views16:37:46 When heat ceases to be a mystery, spintronics becomes more real (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:37:45 Scientists dismiss the idea of travel through wormholes (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:37:45 How complexity science can quickly detect climate record anomalies (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views16:37:44 A space playground for the fourth state of matter (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views15:46:30 Scientists design custom nanoparticles with new `stencil` method (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views15:46:29 Modification of existing nitrile latex with magnetite nano particle (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views12:55:02 Better superconductors from ceramic copper oxides (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views08:18:22 Good vibrations: Neutrons lend insight into acoustic fracking (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views07:10:05 Timken turns to neutrons to get its bearings on internal stresses (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

13 december 2018

4 views21:18:41 Team invents method to shrink objects to the nanoscale (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views19:24:45 Tangled magnetic fields power cosmic particle accelerators (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views19:24:44 Data use draining your battery? Tiny device to speed up memory while also sav... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views17:08:45 New transport mechanism of a nanomaterial through a cell membrane: membrane s... (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views17:05:28 Time travel is possible - but only if you have an object with infinite mass (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views17:05:28 Invention promises airport security screening without queues (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views17:05:28 Mobile device makes the detection of parasitic infections faster and more sen... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:05:28 The secret life of cloud droplets (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:05:27 Researchers lay foundation for smart contrast medium (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views17:05:27 Stretched quantum magnetism uncovered by quantum simulation (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:05:27 New discovery improves use of optical tweezers (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views17:05:26 Increasing the effectivity of condensation through electrowetting (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views15:13:46 Novel X-ray imaging technique provides nanoscale insights into behavior of bi... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views14:26:10 Microscopic devices that control vibrations could allow smaller mobile devices (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views14:13:11 High-efficiency discovery drives low-power computing (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:13:10 Mini-detectors for the gigantic? Bose-Einstein condensates are currently not ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:13:10 Two-micron fill tubes fill two needs (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views14:13:10 Networking goes quantum (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views08:31:48 Researchers design technology that sees nerve cells fire (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views07:12:57 New device could help answer fundamental questions about quantum physics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

12 december 2018

3 views21:18:53 Helping the anti-parasitic medicine go down (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views16:40:53 Distortion of water droplet surface may increase the likelihood of the drople... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views16:40:53 Diamonds are forever - whether made in a lab or mined from the Earth (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views15:23:28 Researchers discover unusual new type of phase transformation in a transition... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views15:23:27 New method gives microscope a boost in resolution (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:23:27 How bacterial communities transport nutrients (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:21:37 Ni/MWCNT-based electrochemical sensor for fast detection of phenol in wastewater (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views14:04:25 New X-ray imaging approach could boost nanoscale resolution for advanced phot... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:03:47 Scientists create way to power pacemaker with light (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
9 views13:54:38 Copper compound as promising quantum computing unit (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

11 december 2018

2 views21:56:11 Taming turbulence: Seeking to make complex simulations a breeze (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
0 views18:40:48 Researchers make shape shifting cell breakthrough (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views18:24:43 Better biomedical devices, wearable displays may result from tiny light-guidi... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views17:28:58 A step closer toward revolution in electronics? (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
2 views17:28:58 Insights into magnetic bacteria may guide research into medical nanorobots (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views17:28:58 Chemical engineers develop new theory to build improved nanomaterials (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views16:41:56 Successful observations of single molecule dynamics with low X-ray doses (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views16:41:56 Physicists edge closer to controlling chemical reactions (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views15:28:10 Cutting and pasting with graphene (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views13:58:32 Novel laser technology for microchip-size chemical sensors (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views13:58:31 Using water molecules to unlock neurons` secrets (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views13:58:31 Terahertz laser for sensing and imaging outperforms its predecessors (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views13:58:30 Answering the mystery of what atoms do when liquids and gases meet (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

10 december 2018

2 views22:28:52 Sprayable gel could help the body fight off cancer after surgery (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views17:30:29 Compelling evidence for small drops of perfect fluid (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views17:30:29 Topological matters: Toward a new kind of transistor (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
3 views16:07:30 New optical device brings quantum computing a step closer (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views15:14:29 Iron-rich lamellae in a semiconductor (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views15:14:29 ESRF puts its shining light in standby mode, to return brighter in 2020 (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views15:08:23 Proteins imaged in graphene liquid cell have higher radiation tolerance (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
5 views14:12:49 Engineers produce smallest 3-D transistor yet (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
7 views12:54:45 Milestone for bERLinPro: Photocathodes with high quantum efficiency (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views12:54:43 Supercomputers without waste heat (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

8 december 2018

5 views18:22:41 Facing the End of Science (Scientific American Physics) New
7 views00:26:05 Harnessing the power of `spin orbit` coupling in silicon: Scaling up quantum ... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views00:26:02 A new `spin` on kagome lattices (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views00:26:01 Experiments at PPPL show remarkable agreement with satellite sightings (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

7 december 2018

8 views18:48:53 Hunting for rare isotopes: The mysterious radioactive atomic nuclei that will... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
2 views17:21:57 Seeing and avoiding the `blind spot` in atomic force measurements (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views15:32:12 Multichannel vectorial holographic display and encryption (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views14:24:02 Artificial intelligence predicts rogue waves of light (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views14:24:02 Blasting molecules with extreme X-rays (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views14:24:01 How ice particles promote the formation of radicals (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
4 views13:47:57 Interactive size control of catalyst nanoparticles (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
4 views12:13:17 Engineers invent groundbreaking spin-based memory device (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views12:04:59 Two-dimensional materials skip the energy barrier by growing one row at a time (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views12:04:59 Atoms stand in for electrons in system for probing high-temperature supercond... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

6 december 2018

11 views21:18:49 New traffic rules in `Graphene City` (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
6 views20:52:21 Using quantum entanglement to study proteins (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
6 views19:38:23 Engineers demonstrate mechanics of making foam with bubbles in distinct sizes (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views19:07:14 Researchers develop method to transfer entire 2-D circuits to any smooth surface (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views17:53:40 Friendly electromagnetic pulse improves survival for electronics (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views17:53:39 Capturing spray from flash-boiling liquid jets (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
7 views16:21:49 Student engineers an interaction between two qubits using photons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
8 views15:23:34 Molecular adlayer produced by dissolving water-insoluble nanographene in water (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
16 views15:23:33 Artificial synapses made from nanowires (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
3 views15:08:17 Is the U.S. Lagging in the Quest for Quantum Computing? (Scientific American Physics) New
8 views13:58:50 Researchers examine competing states in high-temperature superconductors (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views13:10:09 Scientists enter unexplored territory in superconductivity search (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
10 views02:06:26 Technique inspired by dolphin chirps could improve tests of soft materials (PHYSorg.com Physics) New

5 december 2018

5 views20:15:27 COSINE-100 experiment investigates dark matter mystery (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
5 views20:15:27 First observation of a square lattice of merons and antimerons (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
15 views18:35:14 On the trail of the Higgs Boson (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
11 views18:27:07 Researchers use a virus to speed up modern computers (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
8 views18:27:07 Using graphene to detect ALS, other neurodegenerative diseases (PHYSorg.com Nanotechnology) New
11 views16:25:44 Plasmonic quantum size effects in silver nanoparticles are dominated by inter... (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
9 views16:25:44 Galileo satellites prove Einstein`s Relativity Theory to highest accuracy yet (PHYSorg.com Physics) New
16:25:44 More ...

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