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16 december 2018

3 views17:08:46 Newly identified enzyme could play key role in childbirth and muscle diseases (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views17:08:45 Oyster aquaculture limits disease in wild oyster populations (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views13:08:02 Tracking the footprints of protein synthesis (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views10:48:22 Cambodia seizes record 3-tonne haul of African ivory (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

14 december 2018

6 views20:59:07 For these critically endangered marine turtles, climate change could be a kno... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views19:05:27 Join Blue Planet II Live-Tweet (Scientific American Biology) New
6 views18:10:08 Orangutans can communicate about the past just like humans, new research finds (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views18:10:08 Scientists warn of slow progress towards United Nations biodiversity targets (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views18:10:07 Study peels back details on mammalian keratin genes and adaptation to living ... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views18:10:07 First-ever footage of wolves hunting freshwater fish captured near Voyageurs ... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views18:10:07 Scientists create bee vaccine to fight off `insect apocalypse` (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views18:10:07 Researchers verify that agricultural biodiversity is an effective tool to fig... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views18:10:06 We train Colombian woolly monkeys to be wild again - and maybe save them from... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:49:22 Computing the origin of life (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:49:22 Black widow spiders dial up posture for survival and sex (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:49:21 Studying marine biodiversity from pole to pole (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views15:49:21 Tale of two trees: New web tool estimates gene trees with ease (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:49:21 Moun­tain birds de­clin­ing in Europe (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:49:21 Native cherries are a bit mysterious, and possibly inside-out (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views13:46:54 `Spy` Virus Eavesdrops on Bacteria, Then Obliterates Them (Scientific American Biology) New
5 views07:35:47 Fishing pressure and climate change challenge Tokelau`s food security (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views01:12:54 Big-Boned Chickens May Be Humans` Geologic Legacy (Scientific American Biology) New

13 december 2018

4 views23:54:16 Plants` defense against insects is a bouquet (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views23:54:15 Unpredictable food sources drive some bats to cooperatively search for food (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views23:54:14 Genetically modified pigs resist infection with the classical swine fever virus (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views23:54:13 Protein involved in nematode stress response identified (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views23:54:13 To repair DNA damage, plants need good contractors (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views21:18:27 New technology paints in-depth picture of organisms` response to climate change (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views21:18:27 Scientists overhaul corn domestication story with multidisciplinary analysis (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views19:46:52 Neuroscientists uncover sensory switches controlling infanticide and parental... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views18:50:05 Monitoring the environment with artificial intelligence (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views18:50:05 Marine mammal experts gather to identify solutions to save threatened dolphin... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views18:50:04 Research team discovers oldest known plant virus at ancient settlement (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views18:50:04 Record number of Mexican gray wolves found dead in 2018 (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views17:30:02 Improved faunal status at the soft bottom in Skagerrak (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:06:00 Scientists discover new, frightening-looking creature in Florida, of course (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:06:00 The key to our humanity isn`t genetic, it`s microbial (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views17:06:00 Study calls for stricter regulation of elusive rabbit breeding industry (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:59 How to save endangered freshwater pearl mussel? (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:59 New techniques better determine how ancient viral DNA influences human genes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:59 Septin proteins act as cellular police to identify, imprison and kill `superb... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:58 Swarming behavior discovered in fish-dwelling parasite (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:58 Ebola-fighting protein discovered in human cells (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:58 Five new species of sea slugs found in the ocean depths (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:58 Tumor cells conquer territory from their neighbors using a newly discovered m... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views17:05:57 Biologists turn eavesdropping viruses into bacterial assassins (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views17:05:57 Neandertal genes shed light on unique aspects of the modern human brain (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views17:05:57 Scientists crack the CRISPR code for precise human genome editing (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views15:55:13 Whale experts call for rethink of global shipping routes to stop marine giant... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views15:55:12 Study confirms rise in megaesophagus cases in dogs was linked to pet food (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views15:55:12 Fifty years of decline in Queensland`s coastal sharks (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views15:55:11 Researchers capture `key` to deadly malaria infection (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views15:55:11 Humpback whales linger in Sitka Sound (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views15:55:10 How chickens became the ultimate symbol of the Anthropocene (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views14:04:03 Scientists study genes misidentified as `non-protein coding` (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views14:04:03 Biologists shed new light on the diversity of natural selection (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views14:04:02 Study reveals striking decline of Vermont`s bumble bees (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views14:04:02 It`s in the genes - there may be hope for pikas hit by climate change, resear... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views13:05:35 Local conditions shape plant communities (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views08:45:38 Scientists identify 66 alien species that pose greatest threat to European bi... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

12 december 2018

5 views22:35:12 Ancient Marine Reptiles Had Familiar Gear (Scientific American Biology) New
4 views21:55:52 Fishery length, angler effort: How they relate (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views21:42:52 Cardinals living in adjacent deserts are sharply distinct in genetics and song (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views20:18:18 Tiny tech tracks hummingbirds at urban feeders (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views20:00:19 Why deep oceans gave life to the first big, complex organisms (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views19:38:38 Baby Gene Edits Could Affect a Range of Traits (Scientific American Biology) New
7 views19:05:07 Rice plants that grow as clones from seed (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views18:31:07 European network of protected areas has not yet been able to stop the decline... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views18:31:07 Students around the globe collect quality, eye-opening research data on mammals (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views16:37:06 `Eavesdropping` on groupers` mating calls key to survival (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views16:37:06 UFZ model in the fight against African swine fever (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views16:37:05 Researchers reverse engineer way pine trees produce green chemicals worth bil... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views16:24:18 Lung lavage as new test method improves tuberculosis diagnosis in rhinoceros (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views16:24:18 More heatwave summers will affect animals (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views15:50:00 Drones help map sea level rise (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
0 views15:50:00 New research on deep reefs finds 195 species of coral (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views15:35:51 The eradication of the tsetse fly will boost the livestock sector in Senegal (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views15:35:51 During droughts, bacteria help sorghum continue growing (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views14:47:38 How skin cells protect themselves against stress (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views14:47:38 Anti-GMO sentiment has repercussions for developing world (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views14:47:37 Hot possums risk losing their homes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views14:47:37 Algorithms to locate centrioles in the cell (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
3 views14:47:37 Researchers find positive visual contagion in Barbary macaques (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views14:14:07 The real history of quantum biology (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views13:36:42 Cold-stunned turtles flown from New England to Florida Keys (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views13:00:16 When less is more: A promising approach for low-cell-number epigenomic profiling (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views11:49:11 College textbooks largely overlook the most common animals (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views09:05:06 Washington state combats collisions with new wildlife bridge (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views02:20:01 Little Aphids Ride Big Ones To Safety (Scientific American Biology) New
4 views01:27:29 Dracula ants possess fastest known animal appendage: The snap-jaw (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views00:34:01 McDonald`s unveils plan for cutting antibiotics in beef (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

11 december 2018

0 views19:04:05 Stop sterilizing your dust-Antimicrobial chemical tied to antibiotic resistan... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views18:46:44 Stronger pesticide regulations likely needed to protect all bee species, say ... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views17:16:23 A future for red wolves may be found on Galveston Island (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views17:16:23 Plants as efficient antifungal factories (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views17:16:22 Calculated risk: Crickets draw mates, lethal parasites with upbeat call (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views17:16:22 The source of stem cells points to two proteins (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views17:16:21 `Pest-controlling` bats could help save rainforests (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views17:16:21 Transformed: the plant whose sex life fascinated Charles Darwin (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
1 views16:39:31 Prehistoric Viruses and the Function of the Brain (Scientific American Biology) New
16:39:31 More ...

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