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24 august 2019

9 views08:05:15 Migrating mule deer don`t need directions: study (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views08:05:15 A novel technology for genome-editing a broad range of mutations in live orga... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

23 august 2019

12 views23:05:06 Flashing Neurons, Invisible Moonlight and Adorable Squid Babies: The Week`s B... (Scientific American Biology) New
9 views23:05:06 Gene Editing Transforms Gel into Shape-Shifting Smart Material (Scientific American Biology) New
12 views19:05:32 Plants are going extinct up to 350 times faster than the historical norm (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
16 views19:05:31 Birds balance sexiness and predator avoidance by changing color (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views19:05:31 Artificial trees capture new bird species on candid camera (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views19:05:31 Breath! Respiring microbes generate more energy (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views19:05:31 Keeping monkeys as pets is extraordinarily cruel-a ban is long overdue (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views19:05:31 This rat is foiling developers` plans to capitalize on a weaker Endangered Sp... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views14:35:36 High diversity of harvestmen in Atlantic Rainforest and ancient geological ev... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views14:35:36 Manta rays form social bonds with each other (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views14:35:35 After using tools, crows behave more optimistically, study suggests (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views14:35:35 Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views14:35:35 To ban or not to ban genetically modified crops? That`s not the question (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views14:35:35 Scientists find longevity biomarkers (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views14:35:35 Caffeine does not influence stingless bees (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views14:30:02 Surprise: Bees Need Meat (Scientific American Biology) New
7 views12:15:09 French mayor due in court after banning pesticide use near homes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views12:15:09 Conflicting consequences of climate change for Arctic nesting geese (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views12:15:09 Eight species of fungus cause root rot in South Dakota corn (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views12:15:09 Research team reveals molecular program that controls cells` capacity for div... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views12:15:09 Greenhouse uses predatory insects for pest control (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views12:15:08 Indigenous hunters are protecting animals, land and waterways (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views12:15:08 The Paleozoic diet: Why animals eat what they eat (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views12:15:08 Bacterial sex drives evolution of microbes to conquer and colonize the gut (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:08 Researchers reveal plant defense toolkit and insights for fighting crop diseases (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:08 A single gene determines whether a fly has a good sense of sight or a good se... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views12:15:08 High-precision technique stores cellular `memory` in DNA (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:08 Shocking rate of plant extinctions in South Africa (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views12:15:08 Positive steps for Asian elephants facing skinning threat (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:08 Wildlife meeting backs more protection for giraffes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:08 Hundreds of Pyrenees livestock farmers protest predator bears (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:07 Adaptation to life inside cattle may be driving E. coli to develop harmful fe... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:07 Tracing the evolution of vision in fruit flies (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views12:15:07 Scientists successfully innoculate, grow crops in salt-damaged soil (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views12:15:07 Cell suicide could hold key for brain health and food security (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:07 Experiments illuminate key component of plants` immune systems (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:07 Map of malaria behavior set to revolutionize research (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:07 New tool mines scientific texts for fusion protein facts (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:07 San Francisco Zoo brings red-legged frogs back to Yosemite (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views12:15:06 How red-eared invaders are hurting California`s native turtles (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
2 views12:15:06 What`s killing sea otters? Scientists pinpoint parasite strain (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:06 Research details impact of energy development on deer habitat use (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:06 Big brains or big guts: Choose one (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
4 views12:15:06 Scientists a step closer to saving northern white rhino from extinction (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

15 august 2019

10 views23:42:16 Genetic redundancy aids competition among bacteria in symbiosis with squid (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views23:42:16 Countries push to protect sharks, rays (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views21:30:48 Discovery could pave the way for disease-resistant rice crops (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
14 views21:30:47 Enriched environment in aquaculture enhances the survival of fish from bacter... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
13 views21:30:47 Research suggests glyphosate lowers pH of dicamba spray mixtures below accept... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
13 views21:30:47 Bloodsucker discovered: First North American medicinal leech described in ove... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views21:30:47 Extinct Caribbean bird yields DNA after 2,500 years in watery grave (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views17:15:38 Now endangered: The very act that protects wildlife (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views17:15:37 Climate change `disrupts` local plant diversity, study reveals (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views16:45:14 Research: Previously unknown aspect of cell internalization during embryonic ... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
29 views16:45:14 Why captive breeding will not save the wild tiger (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views16:45:14 Rapid metabolism change helped mammals to thrive in colder climate (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views16:45:14 `Finding Dory` did not increase demand for pet fish, despite viral media stories (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views16:00:18 Controlled hydraulic fracturing sculpts mammalian embryos into shape (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views15:30:08 Stressed plants must have iron under control (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views15:30:08 Researchers dish up digital avocado (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
12 views15:30:08 Drought spells changes for soil microbes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views15:30:08 Newly discovered mussels may help refocus conservation efforts in Texas (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views15:30:08 How ancient seafarers and their dogs helped a humble louse conquer the world (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views15:30:08 What goes up must come down-landing locusts crash on their heads (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views15:30:07 Is scruffing the best way to handle an upset cat? (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views15:30:07 Ghana wants to grow more cashews. But what about unintended consequences? (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views12:30:06 California defies White House to ban controversial pesticide (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views05:38:15 High hopes that Berlin zoo`s panda is expecting (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views05:38:15 The demand for luxury shellfish is polluting the ocean with plastic (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:15 Researcher seeks to make trees more resilient amid a changing climate (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
11 views05:38:15 Rare antelopes and black cats (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:15 What a group of bizarre-looking bats can tell us about the evolution of mammals (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:15 Study shows birdsong loses complexity as population numbers decline (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views05:38:15 Plan B for cholesterol transport (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views05:38:15 Behavioral scientists test biological principle on free-living Assamese macaques (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views05:38:14 Research bias may leave some primates at risk (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
10 views05:38:14 New study reveals unique dietary strategy of a tropical marine sponge (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:14 Revolutionising the CRISPR method (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:14 Rapid evolution: New findings on its molecular mechanisms (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views05:38:14 New information on tropical parasitoid insects revealed (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
9 views05:38:14 Federal agency to consider protections for lake sturgeon (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
8 views05:38:14 AI used to test evolution`s oldest mathematical model (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views05:38:14 Scientists make first observation of fish schooling using bioluminescent flashes (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views05:38:14 Helping threatened coho salmon could generate hundreds of millions in non-mar... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
5 views05:38:14 Engineering multiple bacterial strains reverses antagonistic interactions and... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views05:38:13 Rare Amur leopard cubs go on view at zoo; no names yet (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views05:38:13 Sticky proteins help plants know when-and where-to grow (PHYSorg.com Biology) New

14 august 2019

7 views11:30:05 Pinpointing the molecular mechanisms of ageing (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
7 views11:30:05 `The Nemo effect` is untrue: Animal movies promote awareness, not harm, say r... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views11:30:05 Hard-working termites crucial to forest, wetland ecosystems (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
6 views11:30:05 Songbirds silenced as Colombia fights wildlife trafficking (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
18 views00:15:40 Editorial: Trump guts the Endangered Species Act. Polar bears and bald eagles... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
19 views00:15:40 Climate change is turning Florida`s sea turtles female. How long can these sp... (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
15 views00:15:40 Interbreeding turned grey squirrels black: study (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
17 views00:15:40 Researchers study protein ancestors to understand their role in growth (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
19 views00:15:40 How plants synthesise salicylic acid (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
20 views00:15:40 Cell biology: Compartments and complexity (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
20 views00:15:40 Poo`s clues: Moose droppings indicate Isle Royale ecosystem health (PHYSorg.com Biology) New
00:15:40 More ...

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