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19 august 2023

146 views10:39:49 `Heaven on Earth` turned deadly: Fire exposes Maui`s shocking lack of prepara... (LA Times National) New
2866 views10:39:49 The real story behind that photo of a weirdly unscathed house in the rubble o... (LA Times National) New
2664 views10:39:49 U.S. Guatemalans hope presidential candidate Bernardo Ar&eaigu;valo may be li... (LA Times National) New
2794 views10:39:49 How climate scientists feel about seeing their dire predictions come true (LA Times National) New
2840 views10:39:49 6 things to know about Hurricane Hilary as it churns toward Southern California (LA Times National) New
2723 views10:39:49 California GOP may strip opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage from pl... (LA Times National) New
2722 views10:39:49 Regional threats push Japan, South Korea to Camp David trilateral summit with... (LA Times National) New

14 august 2023

2641 views02:11:36 Lahaina resident tells of desperate escape with cars stopped, wall of fire in... (LA Times National) New
123 views01:37:36 Lahaina resident recounts family`s escape from fires down deadly highway (LA Times National) New

13 august 2023

2829 views19:54:21 Maui death toll surpasses Paradise; deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century (LA Times National) New
2756 views18:44:15 Devastation in Maui: 93 dead in deadliest U.S. wildfire in last century (LA Times National) New
2595 views06:42:52 Devastation in Maui: 89 dead in deadliest U.S. wildfire in last century (LA Times National) New
3098 views05:04:56 Devastation in Maui fire: 89 dead as frustration with emergency response grows (LA Times National) New
2821 views01:36:07 Devastation in Maui fire: 80 dead as frustration with emergency response grows (LA Times National) New

12 august 2023

133 views21:30:35 Hawaii`s attorney general opens probe into wildfire response (LA Times National) New
136 views14:50:20 Column: Madness and migraines? Side effects of trying to negotiate the Medic... (LA Times National) New
2974 views14:50:20 Mourning the catastrophic loss of Hawaiian culture and history in Lahaina (LA Times National) New
2609 views13:41:12 Anatomy of a monster: Maui fire seemed under control. Then it exploded with l... (LA Times National) New
129 views02:04:58 A historic banyan tree burned in Maui`s wildfires still stands, but can it su... (LA Times National) New
128 views02:04:58 Jason Momoa tells tourists to stay far from Maui: `Not the place to have your... (LA Times National) New
124 views00:23:09 Column: If the Maui fires don`t wake up Americans to the climate emergency, n... (LA Times National) New

11 august 2023

119 views21:48:01 Oprah Winfrey donates supplies to Maui residents affected by `overwhelming` w... (LA Times National) New
116 views19:44:04 Judge says Trump`s free speech rights `not absolute` in 2020 election trial (LA Times National) New
2885 views18:14:54 Chaos and terror: Failed communications left Maui residents trapped by fire, ... (LA Times National) New
2509 views17:51:10 Photos: Maui devastated by deadly wildfire (LA Times National) New
2704 views15:00:44 What makes for a transgender safe haven? California, other blue states are fi... (LA Times National) New
2745 views15:00:44 How to adjust your travel plans for Hawaii during the wildfires (LA Times National) New
2620 views13:45:45 How a perfect storm of climate and weather led to catastrophic Maui fire (LA Times National) New
2647 views13:45:45 Maui fire warning came late, with some victims dying in their cars, sources say (LA Times National) New
3133 views13:45:45 Column: With the destruction of Lahaina, the realities of climate and housing... (LA Times National) New
126 views01:57:36 Opinion: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas` corruption is intolerable. He... (LA Times National) New
127 views01:23:26 Special counsel Jack Smith proposes Jan. 2 trial date for Trump`s 2020 electi... (LA Times National) New
2728 views01:23:26 How to help Maui residents displaced by the devastating wildfires (LA Times National) New

10 august 2023

112 views21:22:46 Five U.S. citizens `wrongfully detained` in Iran now out of prison, under hou... (LA Times National) New
2677 views21:22:45 Special counsel Jack Smith proposes Jan. 2 date for Trump 2020 election trial (LA Times National) New
1846 views15:34:27 Why California officials traveled to Kenya to find solutions to poverty (LA Times National) New
1841 views13:06:59 Boots. Bones. An ID with a familiar face. Hikers who found Julian Sands tell ... (LA Times National) New
1900 views13:06:59 Past donors to Reps. Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee face a dilemma... (LA Times National) New
1891 views13:06:59 Opinion: One thing Joe Biden could learn about Latin America from Donald Trum... (LA Times National) New
97 views01:35:02 Phylicia Rashad stepping down as dean of Howard University`s Chadwick A. Bose... (LA Times National) New
98 views00:49:24 Woman killed in Las Vegas murder-suicide was `accidentally` cremated, lawsuit... (LA Times National) New

9 august 2023

1752 views21:21:48 Mexican authorities shutter pharmacies in Yucatán, citing threat of counterf... (LA Times National) New
95 views18:04:44 Sen. Dianne Feinstein leaves hospital after `minor fall` (LA Times National) New
1696 views13:03:14 California lawmakers want to make social media safer for young people. Can th... (LA Times National) New
1720 views00:28:41 Opinion: Why Georgia might beat the feds at holding Trump accountable (LA Times National) New

8 august 2023

95 views19:56:11 Supreme Court revives federal rules against `ghost guns` (LA Times National) New
1789 views15:06:47 Los Angeles mom accused of trafficking daughter by Southwest Airlines sues co... (LA Times National) New
89 views14:37:49 Remote work gave them a reprieve from racism. They don`t want to go back (LA Times National) New
86 views13:33:17 `She was gasping for air.` Abortion fight shifts to women who suffered under ... (LA Times National) New
1696 views01:14:20 Trump legal team pushes back on proposed limits to how he can use information... (LA Times National) New

7 august 2023

84 views14:15:41 Three co-workers running for the same Senate seat? That`s awkward (LA Times National) New
1772 views12:50:00 South Korean actors in Netflix originals want better pay. The company refuses... (LA Times National) New
1872 views12:50:00 A cop feared for her life around her boyfriend. What happened after she kille... (LA Times National) New

6 august 2023

90 views13:17:16 Abcarian: The Republican Political Paradox — can`t win if you don`t attack ... (LA Times National) New
87 views13:17:16 Opinion: Three words you won`t hear from today`s Supreme Court justices (LA Times National) New
86 views09:36:04 Amid femicide epidemic, Mexico prosecutor charged with cover-up in a single m... (LA Times National) New
1947 views09:36:04 U.S. turns up pressure in critical ally Niger as region faces threat from Rus... (LA Times National) New

1 august 2023

1848 views13:08:41 The unsung heroes underground: How fungi are reducing the carbon in our atmos... (LA Times National) New
83 views13:08:41 Florida`s coral is in hot water. Scientists are diving in to rescue the fragi... (LA Times National) New

31 july 2023

1676 views21:49:53 31-day heat challenge: Phoenix sets record for consecutive days above 110 deg... (LA Times National) New
1904 views19:58:31 An 8-year-old was attacked by a cougar in Washington. Mom yelled and her kid ... (LA Times National) New

30 july 2023

1951 views12:35:03 Abcarian: Dying from the heat is not a political statement (LA Times National) New
1732 views01:07:15 Tensions flare as California GOP gives Trump a boost by overhauling state pri... (LA Times National) New
1814 views00:42:18 Tensions flare as California Republicans give Trump a boost by overhauling st... (LA Times National) New

29 july 2023

1771 views12:50:37 Jose Cervantes left Delaware to see his dying father in Mexico. What happene... (LA Times National) New
1937 views12:50:37 Opinion: Russia is deploying a new weapon in Ukraine: world hunger (LA Times National) New
94 views00:41:47 Calmes: A bad week for Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein, leaders of Wash... (LA Times National) New

28 july 2023

1718 views19:40:14 Anchorage mayor proposes sending homeless people to Los Angeles this winter (LA Times National) New
1729 views18:46:38 Pence courts conservative Catholics in Napa (LA Times National) New
88 views12:54:35 It`s not just Feinstein: McConnell episode exposes age, vulnerability of U.S.... (LA Times National) New
1963 views12:54:35 Three months ago they unionized. Now a strike by Amazon contract drivers is h... (LA Times National) New
2032 views03:29:58 Trump is accused of trying to delete surveillance video in classified documen... (LA Times National) New
1828 views03:05:05 Trump accused of trying to delete surveillance video in classified documents ... (LA Times National) New
1743 views01:41:35 Trump accused of trying to delete surveillance footage in classified document... (LA Times National) New

27 july 2023

1873 views22:58:16 As extreme heat bakes California and the West, Biden unveils new plan to respond (LA Times National) New
81 views20:28:00 A lesson in satire from the Arab version of the Onion: Some dictators can`t t... (LA Times National) New
1729 views20:28:00 Bus carrying 36 migrants arrives in Los Angeles from Texas (LA Times National) New
1823 views17:48:15 California is second state to offer free prison phone calls. Are they aiding ... (LA Times National) New
1897 views16:07:08 California is second state to offer free prison phone calls. Is it already ai... (LA Times National) New
76 views15:09:25 Column: Trump`s Big Lie and the Republican Etch A Sketch strategy (LA Times National) New
1919 views15:09:25 She loved her baby. But at six months she needed an abortion (LA Times National) New
80 views15:09:25 California`s free prison phone calls bolstering inmates` family ties, rehabil... (LA Times National) New
72 views13:08:54 In an L.A. suburb, Chinese `border crossers` seek a new life after harrowing ... (LA Times National) New
1965 views05:13:05 A ranting former Mexican president manages to offend retirees, Jews and the F... (LA Times National) New
91 views02:29:00 Oppenheimer`s test site wasn`t remote. It was populated by Hispanos and Nativ... (LA Times National) New

26 july 2023

85 views23:33:28 They ventured into the Colorado Rockies to live `off the grid,` away from a s... (LA Times National) New
1775 views17:00:08 About 1 in 3 vertebrate species is used, eaten or traded by humans, study finds (LA Times National) New
93 views15:59:00 California Democrats ramp up pressure on Hollywood studios over actors` strike (LA Times National) New
1677 views15:24:07 This space artist changed the way we see the universe (LA Times National) New
1739 views15:24:07 LGBTQ+ culture wars surface in heated Riverside County congressional race (LA Times National) New
95 views12:53:33 A Netflix hit, a Facebook flood and an overdue reckoning: How Taiwan`s #MeToo... (LA Times National) New
1986 views02:10:06 Q&A: Why would a young, healthy athlete go into cardiac arrest? (LA Times National) New
82 views01:25:27 The crisis over Netanyahu`s judiciary overhaul is hitting Israel`s once-flour... (LA Times National) New
1820 views00:59:18 Federal court blocks Biden rule limiting asylum for migrants, a big blow to a... (LA Times National) New

25 july 2023

1675 views20:49:03 Federal court blocks Biden rule limiting asylum for migrants, a major blow to... (LA Times National) New
91 views19:43:36 Obama family chef dies in paddleboarding accident on Martha`s Vineyard (LA Times National) New
1849 views19:43:36 Climate change leaves fingerprints on July heat waves around the globe, study... (LA Times National) New
1975 views19:43:36 Federal court blocks Biden asylum restrictions (LA Times National) New
85 views14:38:37 Inside the growing cult of El Salvador`s Nayib Bukele, Latin America`s politi... (LA Times National) New
1751 views03:29:23 Grizzly bear kills hiker near Yellowstone, the third such fatal attack in as ... (LA Times National) New
03:29:23 More ...

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