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19 january 2022

31 views09:22:51 Indonesia names new capital, approving shift from Jakarta (CNN.com Travel) New
28 views09:22:51 Tripadvisor`s most popular world destination for 2022 is ... (CNN.com Travel) New

18 january 2022

28 views14:42:38 The best ever A380 airline stunts (CNN.com Travel) New
36 views06:15:41 The countries welcoming US tourists now -- and some resources for your visit (CNN.com Travel) New
34 views05:03:47 7 stunning new Maldives resorts to visit in 2022 (CNN.com Travel) New

17 january 2022

24 views12:11:29 The world`s largest cave castle (CNN.com Travel) New
33 views02:55:25 US National Parks to waive entrance fees for MLK Day (CNN.com Travel) New

14 january 2022

21 views12:38:49 Column: I just spent 45 minutes on hold, and here`s what I thought of the mus... (LA Times Travel) New

13 january 2022

33 views13:05:00 France ends UK travel ban (CNN.com Travel) New
42 views13:04:59 Why airplanes might soon have just one pilot (CNN.com Travel) New

12 january 2022

41 views03:44:28 How easy is it to buy and restore an aging countryside home in Japan? (CNN.com Travel) New

11 january 2022

23 views13:55:13 The world`s most powerful passports for 2022 (CNN.com Travel) New
23 views13:07:54 The residential cruise ship offering a `more affordable` life at sea (CNN.com Travel) New

10 january 2022

35 views04:20:25 Horned helmets predate Vikings by 3,000 years, originating in the Bronze Age,... (CNN.com Travel) New

7 january 2022

28 views20:32:57 A glimpse into Disneyland`s future? Disney may one day project 3-D images for... (LA Times Travel) New
22 views14:33:25 Disney gets patent to project 3-D images for individual guests for interactiv... (LA Times Travel) New
86 views14:19:18 Exploring Samuel Beckett`s Paris (Washington Post Travel) New
26 views12:09:26 What it`s like on the world`s shortest flight (CNN.com Travel) New
18 views11:27:02 `Unwelcome just about everywhere`: Europe tightens the screws on the unvaccin... (LA Times Travel) New

6 january 2022

36 views12:56:18 How flying will change in 2022 (CNN.com Travel) New
33 views01:48:20 Landmark arch at San Luis Obispo County beach crumbles in December storms (LA Times Travel) New

5 january 2022

38 views15:35:14 Thousands held on cruise ship amid Hong Kong Covid scare (CNN.com Travel) New
35 views15:00:32 Incredible photo of a shark shows mysterious bite mark on its side (CNN.com Travel) New
25 views11:23:57 The world`s safest airline for 2022 revealed (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views04:34:51 Soy sauce: A beginner`s guide to one of the world`s favorite ingredients (CNN.com Travel) New

4 january 2022

37 views15:30:21 Covid outbreak hits Mediterranean cruise ship MSC Grandiosa (CNN.com Travel) New
24 views12:05:52 China`s longest underwater highway tunnel opens (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views06:01:38 Leo Carrillo State Park will be closed through January after flood damage (LA Times Travel) New

3 january 2022

29 views13:33:14 The best new hotels to book in 2022 (CNN.com Travel) New

31 december 2021

23 views14:40:58 Virgin Voyages gets its sea legs (Washington Post Travel) New
34 views02:58:48 Cruises should be avoided regardless of vaccination status, CDC says (CNN.com Travel) New
86 views02:58:47 Woman isolates in plane bathroom after testing positive for Covid-19 (CNN.com Travel) New
25 views02:58:47 Big Ben rings on New Year`s Eve after four years of silence (CNN.com Travel) New

30 december 2021

23 views16:15:16 Musfur sinkhole: The chasm in Qatar`s desert (CNN.com Travel) New
30 views16:15:16 All aboard: Inside the upcoming Orient Express La Dolce Vita train (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views14:20:27 Record number of guns found in U.S. airports in 2021, despite travel slump (LA Times Travel) New
26 views14:20:27 Airlines have a recipe to reach zero emissions by 2050. The key ingredient: c... (LA Times Travel) New

29 december 2021

50 views15:53:53 Vipava Valley: Slovenia`s beautiful hidden treasure (CNN.com Travel) New
33 views15:53:53 The flood barriers that might save Venice (CNN.com Travel) New
33 views04:01:07 State department says some US citizens can return to country with expired pas... (CNN.com Travel) New

28 december 2021

30 views17:14:47 Planning a trip with your dog? Here are 10 ways to make it stress-free for bo... (LA Times Travel) New
32 views09:29:11 Times Square New Year`s Eve ball gets new look (CNN.com Travel) New
48 views09:29:11 This woman wants all children to scuba dive (CNN.com Travel) New
29 views09:29:11 Japan`s best islands to visit, from Okinawa to cat sanctuary Aoshima (CNN.com Travel) New
49 views09:29:11 What should I do if my flight has been canceled or delayed? (CNN.com Travel) New

27 december 2021

35 views21:38:08 Flight cancellations continue at LAX as more bad weather rolls in, Omicron su... (LA Times Travel) New
36 views02:17:40 Cruises are once again facing disruption because of Covid-19 (CNN.com Travel) New

24 december 2021

51 views14:21:41 Watts Towers at 100: Junk turned into art still casts a spell (LA Times Travel) New
58 views11:56:55 The couple who met on a train on Christmas Day (CNN.com Travel) New

23 december 2021

37 views18:01:34 Postcards from Yosemite and beyond: Winter snowfall blankets the Sierra (LA Times Travel) New
27 views16:19:55 Postcard from Yosemite and beyond: Winter snowfall blankets the Sierra (LA Times Travel) New
25 views12:53:27 `The World Without Us`: The abandoned sites overrun by nature (CNN.com Travel) New
44 views08:54:49 Royal Caribbean cruise ship prevented from entering 2 island nations due to C... (CNN.com Travel) New
26 views08:54:49 Unruly airline passengers could lose TSA PreCheck credentials. `If you act ou... (CNN.com Travel) New

22 december 2021

34 views20:27:52 Photos: Travel and testing ramp up as Omicron surge hits California during th... (LA Times Travel) New
26 views11:21:03 Cities that are canceling their big New Year`s Eve events (CNN.com Travel) New
45 views09:26:22 The major US tourist cities that are turning to indoor vaccine or testing man... (CNN.com Travel) New
26 views09:26:22 Thailand`s quarantine-free travel pass suspended amid Omicron variant concerns (CNN.com Travel) New

21 december 2021

23 views08:53:37 Sweden`s famous `Yule Goat` set on fire ... again (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views08:42:57 See the world`s largest known manta ray population (CNN.com Travel) New
37 views08:42:57 Winter solstice 2021: Why it happens and how we celebrate the first day of wi... (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views08:42:57 The tourist attractions you can`t visit in 2022 (CNN.com Travel) New
30 views01:54:22 Flying over the holidays? Here are tips for reducing your Omicron risk (LA Times Travel) New

20 december 2021

20 views13:53:48 48 test positive for Covid on world`s biggest cruise ship (CNN.com Travel) New

17 december 2021

28 views16:16:02 Bosque Gigante reabrirĂ¡ meses despu&eaigu;s de que los incendios amenazaran ... (LA Times Travel) New
37 views14:42:42 Four ways to ski British Columbia`s legendary powder highway (Washington Post Travel) New
37 views08:20:50 Winter holiday travel will be back with a vengeance, travel groups predict (CNN.com Travel) New
36 views05:16:56 3.5 million travelers expected to pass through LAX this holiday season as Omi... (LA Times Travel) New

16 december 2021

46 views18:59:58 Ski resorts are ready for the season. Here`s what`s new and how to hit the sl... (LA Times Travel) New
18 views18:32:22 How to find the world`s roomiest airplane seats (CNN.com Travel) New
24 views18:32:22 France shuts out UK tourists over Omicron concerns (CNN.com Travel) New
29 views18:32:22 The last ever A380 is delivered to Emirates (CNN.com Travel) New
31 views04:57:47 Bali only received 45 international tourists in 2021 despite reopening (CNN.com Travel) New

15 december 2021

24 views12:09:20 Inside the brand new royal suite at Sweden`s ice hotel (CNN.com Travel) New
37 views12:09:20 The most unusual and eye-catching airplane seat designs (CNN.com Travel) New

14 december 2021

42 views05:49:07 Which Christmas markets are still going ahead? (CNN.com Travel) New
33 views05:49:07 Italy and 2 other nations now at `very high` travel risk for Covid-19, CDC warns (CNN.com Travel) New

13 december 2021

50 views12:04:44 Skyscraper superyacht with two infinity pools (CNN.com Travel) New
44 views04:07:23 Teen aviator Zara Rutherford lands historic flight in Seoul (CNN.com Travel) New
27 views04:07:23 World`s top tourist destination on `very high` travel risk list (CNN.com Travel) New

11 december 2021

39 views14:17:42 Uber and Lyft too expensive at LAX? You have options (LA Times Travel) New

10 december 2021

55 views20:42:01 Sierra road trip: These striking photos show Tahoe after fire and before snow (LA Times Travel) New
49 views19:35:10 Giant Forest to reopen months after fires threatened sequoias (LA Times Travel) New
19 views14:12:21 Finding sun and seclusion by beach-hopping on Puerto Rico`s west coast (Washington Post Travel) New
26 views11:30:34 Flying without wings: The world`s fastest trains (CNN.com Travel) New

9 december 2021

31 views12:17:07 Sweden reclaims place names from IKEA (CNN.com Travel) New

8 december 2021

36 views07:14:22 Climber can keep $84,000-worth of jewels he found on Mont Blanc (CNN.com Travel) New
38 views07:14:22 The best bars in the world for 2021 have been revealed (CNN.com Travel) New

7 december 2021

30 views13:37:43 The real life `Aristocats` of St. Petersburg`s Hermitage Museum (CNN.com Travel) New
26 views03:30:03 European travel powerhouse and 6 other places at `very high` risk for Covid-1... (CNN.com Travel) New

6 december 2021

52 views22:25:22 Visiting Disneyland over the holidays? Use the new Genie app (and follow thes... (LA Times Travel) New
282 views14:12:47 Europe`s tastiest cheeses (CNN.com Travel) New
43 views03:51:20 Unimaru: The art museum between North and South Korea where the curator wears... (CNN.com Travel) New
45 views03:51:20 7 popular Western desserts Japanese chefs have made their own (CNN.com Travel) New

3 december 2021

32 views22:14:15 Rick Steves looks to the future after an 18-month hiatus from European travel (Washington Post Travel) New
45 views22:14:15 Where Berlin`s infamous wall once stood, humans and nature now flourish (Washington Post Travel) New
21 views22:01:04 Tips on buying a cheap Italy house from those who`ve done it (CNN.com Travel) New
30 views22:01:04 The baby dragons of Slovenia (CNN.com Travel) New

1 december 2021

48 views01:04:29 Snow or not, Big Bear ski slopes opening this week (LA Times Travel) New

30 november 2021

38 views03:55:26 Southern African nations join European favorites on CDC`s list for `very high... (CNN.com Travel) New
03:55:26 More ...

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