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31 may 2023

46 views06:21:28 What causes the May gray that stubbornly blocks the sun for days in Southern ... (LA Times Environment) New
21 views06:09:08 Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman is `back in action` after mental health break (LA Times Health) New

30 may 2023

23 views22:47:37 Arnold Schwarzenegger says Bruce Willis `never really` retired: Action stars ... (LA Times Health) New
24 views22:06:10 The Kavli Prize Presents: Understanding the Machinery of the Cell [Sponsored] (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
70 views19:27:01 Al Roker is back on `Today` and `feeling good enough` after knee surgery (LA Times Health) New
23 views15:40:07 `Just do kegels` is tired. What`s next for this hot women`s health market? (LA Times Health) New
19 views15:32:04 Judge orders halt to Ballona Wetlands restoration project (LA Times Environment) New
45 views01:46:28 Rapper Lil Durk lost numerous friends and loved ones to violence. To cope, he... (LA Times Health) New

29 may 2023

41 views12:15:15 Opinion: How to dig your way out of climate grief (LA Times Environment) New

28 may 2023

47 views14:39:00 Supreme Court scales back clean water protections. What does it mean for Cali... (LA Times Environment) New

27 may 2023

37 views15:01:23 Audit finds California water agency not adequately considering climate change... (LA Times Environment) New
28 views14:30:05 Dried-Up Lagoon Is `Time Analog` for Martian Life (Scientific American Biology) New

26 may 2023

44 views23:03:27 FBI investigating hazardous fallout from Bay Area refinery (LA Times Environment) New
41 views18:24:39 Thousands of New Creatures Discovered in Deep-Sea Mining Zone (Scientific American Biology) New
34 views16:36:32 Social Media Can Harm Kids. Could New Regulations Help? (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
60 views16:11:55 Social Media Can Harm Kids. Could New Regulations Help? (Scientific American News) New
41 views15:20:34 A Rare Form of Dementia Can Unleash Creativity (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
46 views13:47:45 The Pandemic Caused a Baby Boom in Red States and a Bust in Blue States (Scientific American News) New
41 views13:47:45 New York City Is Sinking under Its Own Weight (Scientific American News) New
23 views12:53:37 Opinion: We`ve seen the flooding in California. Will we move to higher ground? (LA Times Environment) New
34 views12:47:40 Here`s What Causes Motion Sickness (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
26 views01:43:43 California air regulators vote to ban toxic chrome plating by 2039 (LA Times Environment) New

25 may 2023

40 views19:51:32 Supreme Court limits EPA protection for wetlands, ruling for property rights ... (LA Times Environment) New
24 views19:51:32 Snowpack predicted to retreat in California`s mountains due to climate change (LA Times Environment) New
21 views19:51:32 California`s blistering heat sparked power shortages last summer. Here`s this... (LA Times Environment) New
37 views18:02:57 Supreme Court limits EPA protection for wetlands (LA Times Environment) New
36 views14:43:56 With forecasts for a sweltering summer, L.A. vows to improve response to extr... (LA Times Environment) New
20 views13:49:55 You Can Probably Beat ChatGPT at These Math Brainteasers. Here`s Why (Scientific American Math) New
46 views13:38:02 Opinion: El Niño is back. What does that mean for an already overheated Cali... (LA Times Environment) New
28 views13:38:02 She helped save one of the world`s rarest creatures from extinction — and h... (LA Times Environment) New
26 views13:32:36 A Meteorite Fell in Their Bedroom. Here`s What Happened Next (Scientific American News) New
25 views13:32:36 You Can Probably Beat ChatGPT at These Math Brainteasers. Here`s Why (Scientific American News) New

24 may 2023

39 views21:37:14 The Universe Began with a Bang, Not a Bounce, New Studies Find (Scientific American News) New
24 views19:45:36 People, Not Google`s Algorithm, Create Their Own Partisan `Bubbles` Online (Scientific American News) New
31 views17:55:50 Despite deal, Colorado River`s long-term water crisis remains unsolved (LA Times Environment) New
47 views17:03:29 Why Has a Group of Orcas Suddenly Started Attacking Boats? (Scientific American News) New
41 views17:02:46 Why Has a Group of Orcas Suddenly Started Attacking Boats? (Scientific American Biology) New
39 views15:22:28 Colorado River deal offers reprieve, but long-term water crisis remains (LA Times Environment) New
37 views15:03:45 Column: This company made billions by surprise-billing helpless ER patients. ... (LA Times Science) New
42 views12:34:34 Astronomers Have Spotted a Once-in-a-Decade Supernova--and You Can, Too (Scientific American News) New
44 views07:56:59 Why haven`t all the jacarandas bloomed yet? When will purple reign again in L... (LA Times Environment) New

23 may 2023

37 views15:29:20 The Dunning-Kruger Effect Isn`t What You Think It Is (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
27 views15:11:54 Risk of `catastrophic flooding` has diminished in Tulare Lake Basin, official... (LA Times Environment) New
37 views15:11:54 California emerges as big winner in Colorado River water deal (LA Times Environment) New
20 views15:10:29 Column: These `experts` sold the U.S. on a disastrous COVID plan, and never p... (LA Times Science) New
29 views15:02:52 Column: These `experts` sold the U.S. on a disastrous COVID plan, and never p... (LA Times Health) New
23 views14:20:57 Gorillas` Resilience after Early-Life Trauma Holds Lessons for Humans (Scientific American Biology) New
25 views14:09:56 Gorillas` Resilience after Early-Life Trauma Holds Lessons for Humans (Scientific American News) New
41 views13:09:17 These Are the Most Bizarre Numbers in the Universe (Scientific American Math) New
39 views12:53:35 These Are the Most Bizarre Numbers in the Universe (Scientific American News) New
40 views12:32:18 Gravitational-Wave Search Resumes after Three Years and Lots of Headaches (Scientific American News) New
33 views05:17:45 A plant smaller than a penny is rediscovered on a Lompoc military base. Here`... (LA Times Environment) New
25 views01:39:48 A plant smaller than a penny is rediscovered on a Lopoc military base. Here`s... (LA Times Environment) New
249 views00:48:37 Is landmark deal over the Colorado River enough to stave off disaster? (LA Times Environment) New

22 may 2023

48 views23:37:26 Colorado River water deal: Is it enough to stave off disaster? (LA Times Environment) New
41 views18:14:02 Breakthrough Colorado River deal reached, bringing big water cuts for three y... (LA Times Environment) New
53 views17:48:01 Indigenous tribes warned of a buried kingdom in Owens Valley. Now, Caltrans b... (LA Times Environment) New
56 views16:41:25 How Fungal Meningitis Outbreaks Can Happen after Cosmetic Procedures and Othe... (Scientific American News) New
40 views14:18:38 Owens Valley tribes say Caltrans bulldozers are poised to destroy sacred buri... (LA Times Environment) New
30 views13:32:19 Quantum Theory`s `Measurement Problem` May Be a Poison Pill for Objective Rea... (Scientific American News) New
45 views02:03:40 Rain prompts flood advisories in San Gabriel Mountains, Ventura County (LA Times Environment) New

20 may 2023

51 views21:42:44 Homeless woman and three men shot in overnight attack in Westlake (LA Times Environment) New
60 views14:35:03 California to trigger rarely used relief valve on Kern River, diverting flows... (LA Times Environment) New
51 views01:30:22 Florida professor lives in an underwater hotel for a record 73 days. His goal... (LA Times Science) New

19 may 2023

33 views20:22:48 El Niño is likely returning, bringing danger for California and the world. `... (LA Times Environment) New
28 views18:59:02 El Niño is back, bringing disruption, danger for California, world. `We need... (LA Times Environment) New
22 views15:58:50 Wild horses spent the harsh winter at Mono Lake. Now they`re turning up dead (LA Times Environment) New
52 views15:19:32 Become a diamond or get launched into space — 7 alternatives to burial or c... (LA Times Environment) New
29 views13:59:12 Saturn`s Youthful Rings and Newfound Moons Put It in Stargazing Spotlight (Scientific American News) New

18 may 2023

45 views20:30:59 The First Kiss in Recorded History Dates Back Nearly 5,000 Years (Scientific American News) New
40 views18:51:19 JWST Will Hunt for Dead Solar Systems--and Much More--in Its Second Year of S... (Scientific American News) New
45 views15:39:29 Drinking water at 1 in 4 California child-care centers tests dangerously high... (LA Times Environment) New
38 views15:12:52 UC Berkeley spreads the gospel of data science with new college, free curriculum (LA Times Science) New
35 views14:07:37 Mapping Arctic Foxes` Spectacular Solo Journeys (Scientific American Biology) New
49 views13:14:41 Calmes: Why is the climate on the table in the debt ceiling fight? (LA Times Environment) New
43 views12:57:22 Strange Tremors Rattle Danish Island--But it Wasn`t an Earthquake (Scientific American News) New

17 may 2023

28 views23:57:04 Newsom touts $60-million plan for `fishway` along Yuba River; critics say it ... (LA Times Environment) New
36 views20:35:13 How One Man`s Rare Alzheimer`s Mutation Delayed the Onset of Disease (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
51 views20:09:33 What Created This Mini Book-Shaped Rock on Mars? (Scientific American News) New
29 views20:09:33 Stone Engravings of Mysterious Ancient Megastructures May Be World`s Oldest `... (Scientific American News) New
34 views17:42:45 The Closest Living Relative of the First Animal Has Finally Been Found (Scientific American Biology) New
53 views17:22:19 The Closest Living Relative of the First Animal Has Finally Been Found (Scientific American News) New
37 views15:29:56 CDC warns of an mpox rebound outbreak this summer (LA Times Science) New
45 views14:39:12 Chevron scrambles to batten down oil fields amid threat of Kern River flooding (LA Times Environment) New
39 views13:43:24 These Leaders are Standing up for Transgender Care (Scientific American News) New
43 views13:23:20 These Leaders are Standing up for Transgender Care (Scientific American Biology) New
31 views12:27:00 Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder Through The `Community` of Ella (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
62 views04:40:28 Benedict Canyon hotel project can proceed, for now, after City Council deadlocks (LA Times Environment) New

16 may 2023

38 views21:42:34 World`s Deadliest Mushroom May Now Have an Antidote (Scientific American Biology) New
28 views21:37:18 Megan Fox says she has body dysmorphia, points out her `tons of flaws` and ra... (LA Times Science) New
28 views14:19:40 A luxury resort in L.A.`s Benedict Canyon? Fierce debate heads to the City Co... (LA Times Environment) New
5 views14:19:40 Almost 40% of land burned by western wildfires can be traced to carbon emissions (LA Times Environment) New
45 views14:19:40 After landslide, an Orange County beach town finds itself between a bluff and... (LA Times Environment) New
42 views13:33:46 Science Shows Why Traditional Kimchi Making Works So Well (Scientific American News) New
47 views00:03:11 The DNA You Shed Could Identify You (Scientific American Biology) New

15 may 2023

30 views15:29:34 Scientists take flight to map California`s vast snowpack and measure flooding... (LA Times Environment) New
39 views15:23:34 How much COVID is in my community? It`s getting harder to tell (LA Times Health) New
35 views15:18:03 People in the U.S. Think They are Better Than They Actually Are. People in As... (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
45 views13:16:49 Lab-Grown Monkey Embryos Reveal in 3-D How Organs Begin (Scientific American Biology) New
30 views13:13:45 Betelguese`s Brightening Raises Hopes for a Supernova Spectacle (Scientific American News) New
13:13:45 More ...

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