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19 august 2023

967 views14:56:19 Will Scientists Ever Find a Theory of Everything? (Scientific American News) New
1090 views13:08:40 Brita water filter company accused of false advertising (LA Times Environment) New
1233 views11:19:37 They Tap Into the Magical, Hidden Pulse of the Planet, But What is the Nightt... (Scientific American Biology) New
138 views10:57:16 Math`s `Hairy Ball Theorem` Has Surprising Implications (Scientific American News) New
169 views10:57:16 Can Russia`s Luna-25 Moon Mission Transcend Earthly Politics? (Scientific American News) New
631 views10:57:16 Hurricane Hilary Brings Major Flood Risks to U.S. Southwest (Scientific American News) New
980 views10:42:11 Tropical storm warning issued as Hurricane Hilary races toward Southern Calif... (LA Times Environment) New
1026 views10:42:11 The real story behind that photo of a weirdly unscathed house in the rubble o... (LA Times Environment) New
147 views10:42:11 Hurricane Hilary is bearing down on Southern California. What`s your flood risk? (LA Times Environment) New
1194 views10:42:11 How climate scientists feel about seeing their dire predictions come true (LA Times Environment) New
967 views10:42:11 6 things to know about Hurricane Hilary as it churns toward Southern California (LA Times Environment) New
133 views10:42:11 These parts of California could get a year`s rain in a few days thanks to Hur... (LA Times Environment) New
996 views10:42:11 Opinion: What has kept storms like Hurricane Hilary away from California for ... (LA Times Environment) New
1059 views10:42:11 How to track Hurricane Hilary and get emergency alerts in Southern California (LA Times Environment) New
1121 views10:42:11 Hurricane Hilary? Tropical Storm Hilary? Decoding storm classifications (LA Times Environment) New
117 views10:40:15 Math`s `Hairy Ball Theorem` Has Surprising Implications (Scientific American Math) New
534 views10:37:32 How climate scientists feel about seeing their dire predictions come true (LA Times Science) New
1006 views10:30:22 The Youth Mental Health Crisis Worsens amid a Shortage of Professional Help P... (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New

14 august 2023

616 views13:59:18 How Advocates Pushed Big Pharma to Cut Tuberculosis Drug Prices (Scientific American News) New
592 views13:21:08 Why Are COVID Rates Increasing in the Summer? (Scientific American News) New

13 august 2023

116 views12:47:30 Fear of the `Big Melt` turns to big relief along California`s Eastern Sierra (LA Times Environment) New

12 august 2023

135 views23:15:48 Hawaii`s attorney general opens probe into wildfire response (LA Times Environment) New
120 views16:17:11 Column: Madness and migraines? Side effects of trying to negotiate the Medic... (LA Times Health) New
965 views15:00:15 Mourning the catastrophic loss of Hawaiian culture and history in Lahaina (LA Times Environment) New

11 august 2023

2496 views20:36:41 How Wildfires Kill People (Scientific American News) New
1081 views19:55:25 I love my grassy yard. Should that make me feel guilty? (LA Times Environment) New
1131 views18:24:55 I love my lawn. Can I keep it without feeling guilty? (LA Times Environment) New
1163 views15:23:59 How to adjust your travel plans for Hawaii during the wildfires (LA Times Environment) New
935 views15:23:59 Is there any such thing as a guilt-free lawn in L.A.? (LA Times Environment) New
646 views13:24:31 Is Climate Change Causing More Record-Breaking Hail? (Scientific American News) New
1039 views13:17:56 How a perfect storm of climate and weather led to catastrophic Maui fire (LA Times Environment) New
1246 views13:17:56 Column: With the destruction of Lahaina, the realities of climate and housing... (LA Times Environment) New
1081 views13:17:56 EPA to investigate California State Water Board for alleged civil rights viol... (LA Times Environment) New
1176 views13:17:56 Opinion: L.A. loves food trucks. With more heat waves, they can be dangerous ... (LA Times Environment) New
1228 views13:06:30 Opinion: How pickleball taught me to stop saying sorry and learn to have fun (LA Times Health) New

10 august 2023

629 views18:11:39 Muon Mystery Deepens with Latest Measurements (Scientific American News) New
122 views17:11:03 The Gambling Strategy That`s Guaranteed to Make Money and Why You Should Neve... (Scientific American Math) New
118 views13:46:50 The Mysterious Origins of `X` in Algebra (Scientific American Math) New
1010 views13:35:52 Athlete, honor student, murderer? How did a UC Davis student spiral into an a... (LA Times Health) New
111 views13:35:52 A sound bath in one of L.A.`s oldest churches will take you to a higher plane (LA Times Health) New
102 views13:35:52 Opinion: I treat schizophrenia. It`s getting hard to distinguish its delusion... (LA Times Health) New
643 views13:28:23 In a Stone Age Community, Women Moved while Men Stayed with Family (Scientific American News) New
959 views12:55:03 Boots. Bones. An ID with a familiar face. Hikers who found Julian Sands tell ... (LA Times Environment) New
112 views12:55:03 Battle rages over `sweetheart deal` between Trump administration and giant wa... (LA Times Environment) New

9 august 2023

656 views20:18:47 Strange Ecosystem Found Thriving below Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents (Scientific American News) New
116 views19:28:51 What Caused Maui`s Devastating Wildfires? (Scientific American News) New
109 views15:39:40 Ruins of Emperor Nero`s Theater Discovered near Vatican (Scientific American News) New
90 views13:27:46 COVID-19 is `heating up all around` this summer. Should we be wearing masks a... (LA Times Science) New

8 august 2023

106 views14:02:55 `She was gasping for air.` Abortion fight shifts to women who suffered under ... (LA Times Health) New
1093 views14:02:55 Was racism a factor in death at Centinela Hospital? California is ill-equippe... (LA Times Health) New
112 views13:49:59 Tech Companies` New Favorite Solution for the AI Content Crisis Isn`t Enough (Scientific American News) New
122 views12:19:33 `She was gasping for air.` Abortion fight shifts to women who suffered under ... (LA Times Science) New
732 views12:19:33 Commentary: Over-the-counter birth control is coming. But will it be affordable? (LA Times Science) New

7 august 2023

593 views22:29:08 Inglewood hospital fined $75,000 for failures that led to maternal death (LA Times Science) New
112 views22:18:03 More than Half of Earth`s Species Live Underground (Scientific American News) New
640 views19:37:55 First Pill for Postpartum Depression Approved (Scientific American News) New
1039 views19:20:10 First Pill for Postpartum Depression Approved (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
1062 views14:15:57 Are you ready for a blackout? How Californians can keep their lights on (LA Times Environment) New
103 views13:13:55 Red Meat Allergy Caused by Tick Bite Is Spreading--And Nearly Half of Doctors... (Scientific American News) New
1086 views12:26:21 Plastic-free Barbie was a hoax, but pollution from the iconic doll is real (LA Times Environment) New

6 august 2023

141 views23:46:31 Bella Hadid opens up about chronic illness, saying it was `almost 15 years of... (LA Times Health) New
987 views20:47:02 Remnants of tropical storm expected to bring cooler temperatures, showers and... (LA Times Environment) New
1247 views12:37:07 How mobile teams on Skid Row use oxygen to prevent overdoses and save lives (LA Times Health) New
1223 views09:53:53 California has billions to spend on mental health. Where should the money go? (LA Times Health) New
683 views09:29:02 Six Ways to Stay Safe Outdoors in Extreme Heat (Scientific American News) New
136 views09:26:20 `This is taking too long`: California community awaits cleanup of PFAS-contam... (LA Times Environment) New
1100 views09:26:20 Opinion: The terrible climate hypocrisy at the top of Southern California Edison (LA Times Environment) New

1 august 2023

645 views15:38:09 Global warming is making big(ger) waves off the California coast, scientists say (LA Times Science) New
674 views14:33:59 Your Genes May Influence What You Like to Eat (Scientific American News) New
108 views14:30:53 It`s not windy, but wildfires are still spreading in California (LA Times Environment) New
634 views13:29:58 Unregulated AI Will Worsen Inequality, Warns Nobel-Winning Economist Joseph S... (Scientific American News) New
630 views12:28:30 The unsung heroes underground: How fungi are reducing the carbon in our atmos... (LA Times Science) New
1045 views12:23:08 Trash heaps, wild parties and slaughtered animals: Blight invades a beloved L... (LA Times Environment) New
1095 views12:23:08 The unsung heroes underground: How fungi are reducing the carbon in our atmos... (LA Times Environment) New
112 views12:23:08 Florida`s coral is in hot water. Scientists are diving in to rescue the fragi... (LA Times Environment) New
1135 views12:23:08 Photos: Postcards from the Sierra, where they are still skiing and the water ... (LA Times Environment) New
114 views12:23:08 Opinion: Wind farms off California`s coast should be the future of the state`... (LA Times Environment) New
951 views00:24:38 Los Angeles DWP loosens watering rules to three days a week, citing wet winter (LA Times Environment) New

31 july 2023

1079 views21:34:46 31-day heat challenge: Phoenix sets record for consecutive days above 110 deg... (LA Times Environment) New
1255 views20:08:12 Does Barbie Affect Body Image? What the Science Shows (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
994 views17:32:17 These Salamanders Steal Genes And Can Have Up To Five Extra Sets of Chromosomes (Scientific American Biology) New
946 views16:22:25 Munching Bugs Gave the First Mammals an Edge (Scientific American Biology) New
1209 views16:04:21 See an Amazingly Detailed Map of the Fruit Fly Brain (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
1038 views16:04:21 Humans Can Spot Tiny Numerical Differences (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
1330 views16:04:21 Art May Be in the Body of the Beholder (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
110 views15:53:23 Discovery of Elusive `Einstein` Tile Raises More Questions Than It Answers (Scientific American Math) New
670 views15:24:05 Which Is More Dangerous: Outer Space or the Deep Sea? (Scientific American News) New
1351 views13:53:44 L.A. County gave up on a mental health program — and is handing back millio... (LA Times Health) New
136 views13:50:27 Mosquitoes Carry Nasty Diseases. Here`s How to Protect Yourself (Scientific American Biology) New
101 views13:44:22 Rippling Waves of Plasma May Cause Massive Stars to `Twinkle` (Scientific American News) New
111 views13:44:22 Mosquitoes Carry Nasty Diseases. Here`s How to Protect Yourself (Scientific American News) New
630 views13:03:50 Opinion: Long COVID is debilitating to me and 65 million other people. Where ... (LA Times Science) New

30 july 2023

1057 views13:15:51 Healing a shattered community: Monterey Park shooting survivors return to dance (LA Times Health) New
1128 views12:34:39 Colorado River losing vast amounts of water due to warming climate, study finds (LA Times Environment) New
1302 views12:34:39 Abcarian: Dying from the heat is not a political statement (LA Times Environment) New

29 july 2023

579 views14:47:12 Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head to the Side? (Scientific American News) New
1071 views14:12:41 Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head to the Side? (Scientific American Biology) New

28 july 2023

1208 views23:08:04 Southern California has baked for much of July, but the heat could finally ea... (LA Times Environment) New
588 views23:02:03 Are we in a summer surge? What to do if you get COVID now (LA Times Science) New
119 views21:36:06 Scientists Tickle Rats and Discover Brain`s `Play Spot` (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
21:36:06 More ...

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