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22 may 2022

35 views23:24:18 White House coronavirus advisor supports continued use of masks indoors (Fox News Health) New
9 views16:47:54 Army nears 100% vaccination, claims only 1% refusal among troops (Fox News Health) New
22 views14:33:09 `They`re not trying to die`: How drug checking aims to protect users in a mes... (LA Times Science) New

21 may 2022

35 views21:21:45 African scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, US (Fox News Health) New
31 views21:21:45 British health report to recommend raising smoking age to 21 (Fox News Health) New
22 views18:43:46 Another bummer coronavirus summer for California? Cases keep rising along wit... (LA Times Health) New
25 views14:34:32 Why swimming pools are getting a break despite unprecedented water restrictions (LA Times Environment) New

20 may 2022

34 views21:54:29 What is Monkeypox, the Virus Infecting People in the U.S. and Europe? (Scientific American Biology) New
31 views18:52:21 California lawmakers kill plans to ban to close offshore O.C. oil rigs (LA Times Environment) New
27 views16:57:03 Monkeypox: Why L.A. is watching out for this rare but potentially serious ill... (LA Times Health) New
32 views13:56:06 This one hidden Google shortcut will save you time every single day (FOX News SciTech) New
69 views12:55:22 Physicists Find a Shortcut to Seeing an Elusive Quantum Glow (Scientific American News) New
35 views04:25:10 L.A. County coronavirus cases rise to new risk level, sparking concern (LA Times Health) New
42 views02:01:07 California lawmakers kill plans to ban oil drilling in state-controlled waters (LA Times Environment) New
35 views01:50:44 L.A. coronavirus hospitalizations rise markedly, outbreaks increase, sparking... (LA Times Health) New
72 views00:36:08 L.A. coronavirus hospitalizations rise, outbreaks increase (LA Times Health) New

19 may 2022

29 views23:58:39 Monkeypox: CDC investigating first US case of the year as growing clusters em... (Fox News Health) New
22 views23:00:19 To pre-rinse or not to pre-rinse? How to use your dishwasher during the drought (LA Times Environment) New
23 views21:48:58 Massachusetts confirms first monkeypox case in United States this year (Fox News Health) New
22 views21:48:58 Monkeypox virus: What to know (Fox News Health) New
70 views19:32:02 New coronavirus mystery: Some are getting COVID-19 again even after taking Pa... (LA Times Health) New
51 views17:55:30 New COVID-19 mystery: Some are getting coronavirus again even after taking Pa... (LA Times Health) New
23 views17:28:55 Dolphins Rub against Mucus-Oozing Corals to Soothe Skin (Scientific American Biology) New
21 views17:10:20 Dolphins Rub against Mucus-Oozing Corals to Soothe Skin (Scientific American News) New
37 views16:06:18 Tuberculosis Is the Oldest Pandemic, and Poverty Makes It Continue (Scientific American Biology) New
37 views15:24:24 Wildlife officials truck Chinook salmon to cooler waters in emergency move to... (LA Times Environment) New
22 views15:15:02 The Weight of Stigma: Heavier Patients Confront the Burden of Bias (Scientific American News) New
15 views15:01:08 Q&A: Talking God, science and religion with theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek (LA Times Science) New
26 views14:33:08 Amid severe drought, former Interior secretary calls for revamping Colorado R... (LA Times Environment) New
21 views14:12:23 Will NASA Save Europe`s Beleaguered Mars Rover? (Scientific American News) New
20 views13:24:34 What Does `Protection` against COVID Really Mean? (Scientific American News) New
31 views00:29:51 Massachusetts confirms first case of monkeypox in the United States this year (Fox News Health) New

18 may 2022

35 views22:10:38 Netflix host Emily Calandrelli demands clearer TSA breastfeeding policies aft... (Fox News Health) New
34 views22:10:38 UK confirms more cases of monkeypox (Fox News Health) New
23 views22:10:38 Baby formula shortage: why many mothers can`t breastfeed (Fox News Health) New
37 views21:30:34 Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
16 views21:12:49 Jimmy Kimmel `is such a positive person` that he tested positive for COVID-19... (LA Times Health) New
37 views18:13:13 L.A. faring much better than New York as new coronavirus wave hits. Can it last? (LA Times Health) New
67 views15:38:52 The Scientists Fighting for Parasite Conservation (Scientific American Biology) New
27 views14:57:24 L.A. hikers love Temescal Canyon. A developer just got fined $6 million for b... (LA Times Environment) New
36 views14:34:55 L.A. is doing much better than New York with new coronavirus wave. Can it last? (LA Times Health) New
23 views14:22:13 What Genetics Can--and Cannot--Reveal about an Individual`s COVID Risk (Scientific American Biology) New
48 views14:05:23 What Genetics Can--and Cannot--Reveal about an Individual`s COVID Risk (Scientific American News) New
25 views13:18:28 We Shouldn`t Try to Make Conscious Software--Until We Should (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
18 views06:13:16 Winter`s second wind: Mammoth Mountain resort extends ski season into June (LA Times Environment) New
31 views04:47:06 L.A. doctor accused of issuing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, injecting pat... (LA Times Health) New

17 may 2022

12 views21:52:26 More free COVID rapid tests are available. Here`s how to get yours (LA Times Science) New
14 views21:13:35 More free COVID rapid tests are available. Here`s how to get yours (LA Times Health) New
27 views15:41:17 Mammals` Perseverance, Fast Radio Bursts and Health Justice (Scientific American Biology) New
32 views15:41:17 How Mammals Conquered the World after the Asteroid Apocalypse (Scientific American Biology) New
40 views14:31:02 Scientists find new and mysterious DDT chemicals accumulating in California c... (LA Times Environment) New
30 views04:17:56 California properties at risk of wildfire expected to see sixfold increase in... (LA Times Environment) New
36 views03:41:34 L.A. coronavirus hospitalizations start rising again; officials urge mask-wea... (LA Times Health) New

16 may 2022

54 views23:21:05 Mysterious child hepatitis outbreak: UK study may identify a prime suspect (Fox News Health) New
30 views18:07:56 Photos of the `blood moon` lunar eclipse from SoCal and around the world (LA Times Science) New
24 views17:21:55 U.S. reaches 1 million COVID deaths — and the virus isn`t done with us (LA Times Health) New
29 views16:56:07 U.S. reaches 1 million COVID deaths — and the virus isn`t done with us (LA Times Science) New
41 views16:40:37 How the Brain Tells Apart Important and Unimportant Sensations (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New
29 views15:13:42 Science Still Doesn`t Understand How Our Sex Affects Our Health (Scientific American News) New
28 views15:05:43 With COVID cases rising, how close is California to new mask rules, restricti... (LA Times Health) New
32 views15:05:43 With old-school technology, can Novavax win over COVID vaccine skeptics? (LA Times Health) New
28 views14:23:20 With old-school technology, can Novavax win over COVID vaccine skeptics? (LA Times Science) New
22 views12:51:29 Living with Lead Creates Antibiotic-Resistant `Superbugs` (Scientific American News) New

15 may 2022

37 views14:31:27 Is your vacation rental in a risky wildfire zone? What you need to know (LA Times Environment) New
53 views14:18:22 The fight against COVID, a chaplain says, unfolded on `sacred ground` (LA Times Health) New

14 may 2022

33 views18:24:01 How does Disneyland rate a year after its COVID-era reopening? (LA Times Health) New
15 views01:38:44 17 states push EPA to revoke California`s ability to set its own vehicle emis... (LA Times Environment) New

13 may 2022

23 views21:43:04 Q&A: She discovered the black hole at the center of our galaxy. This week, sh... (LA Times Science) New
32 views19:01:11 Wealthy L.A. County communities seeing fastest rise in coronavirus cases (LA Times Health) New
56 views16:43:25 This group decided to clean up Lake Tahoe. They found more than 25,000 pounds... (LA Times Environment) New
23 views14:31:23 Podcast: Let`s blame someone for California`s drought (LA Times Environment) New
34 views14:31:23 Wind, embers and defensible space: The science of destruction in Laguna Niguel (LA Times Environment) New
39 views14:31:23 Column: Heed the warnings of this palm tree, a 200-year-old drought survivor (LA Times Environment) New
25 views14:14:12 Yes, Phones Can Reveal if Someone Gets an Abortion (Scientific American News) New
34 views12:49:58 How To Treat COVID At Home (Scientific American News) New
43 views09:08:12 Astronomers produce the first image of the black hole at the heart of our Mil... (LA Times Science) New
40 views05:00:47 California Coastal Commission rejects plan for Poseidon desalination plant (LA Times Environment) New
19 views01:33:21 Tech smarts: 5 silly ways you`re flushing money down the toilet (FOX News SciTech) New
11 views00:45:23 Astronomers capture first image of supermassive black hole at our galaxy`s ce... (LA Times Science) New

12 may 2022

43 views22:27:05 WHO reports COVID cases down everywhere but Africa, Americas (Fox News Health) New
41 views22:27:05 COVID-19 counterfeit diagnostic at-home tests threaten public health: FDA (Fox News Health) New
13 views15:35:02 The First Picture of the Black Hole at the Milky Way`s Heart Has Been Revealed (Scientific American News) New
36 views12:58:59 What the Science on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Kids Really Shows (Scientific American Biology) New
31 views12:54:51 What the Science on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Kids Really Shows (Scientific American News) New

11 may 2022

21 views22:00:27 `We`re driving straight up the cliff`: Theater is back, but recovery proves p... (LA Times Health) New
29 views21:51:34 What mysterious illness resulted in the death of 3 Americans at the Sandals r... (Fox News Health) New
21 views21:51:34 `Fountain of youth` to prevent some effects of aging may have surprising sour... (Fox News Health) New
27 views21:32:26 Vegas mob lore floats to the surface along with bodies at Lake Mead (LA Times Environment) New
34 views19:59:18 California again faces rising anxiety about coronavirus spread as summer appr... (LA Times Health) New
22 views17:49:28 L.A. is taking a different path on severe watering restrictions. Here`s how i... (LA Times Environment) New
75 views15:48:10 May gray and June gloom are threatened by climate change. Enjoy them while th... (LA Times Environment) New
43 views13:25:59 God, Dark Matter and Falling Cats: A Conversation with 2022 Templeton Prize W... (Scientific American News) New
39 views13:04:00 Is It COVID or Is It Allergies? (Scientific American News) New
48 views07:14:53 L.A. school board delays student COVID-19 vaccine mandate without any discussion (LA Times Health) New
22 views02:25:27 `Significant uptick` in California coronavirus outbreaks brings new warnings (LA Times Health) New
15 views00:20:38 California urban water use rose 19% in March despite worsening drought (LA Times Environment) New

10 may 2022

32 views22:52:12 James Cromwell sticks it to Starbucks by gluing his hand to shop counter in p... (LA Times Environment) New
44 views21:59:27 DWP customers in L.A. face two-day-a-week water restrictions, with eight-minu... (LA Times Environment) New
54 views20:17:45 Jimmy Kimmel mines his COVID-19 recovery for a Trump joke: `I drank so much b... (LA Times Health) New
55 views19:14:13 DWP customers in L.A. face two-day-a-week water restrictions, with eight minu... (LA Times Environment) New
19:14:13 More ...

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