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16 july 2020

5 views15:04:19 How Many Aliens Are in the Milky Way? Astronomers Turn to Statistics for Answers (Scientific American Math) New

7 july 2020

31 views13:43:11 The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Social Science Modeling (Scientific American Math) New

26 june 2020

23 views18:29:46 Multistate Disagreement over the Length of the Foot to End (Scientific American Math) New

21 june 2020

38 views15:40:03 How Small Is Small? (Scientific American Math) New

18 june 2020

29 views20:04:10 Coronavirus Antibody Tests Have a Mathematical Pitfall (Scientific American Math) New

23 may 2020

32 views18:23:26 Diana Davis`s Beautiful Pentagons (Scientific American Math) New

19 may 2020

21 views14:32:30 Pi in the Sky: General Relativity Passes the Ratio`s Test (Scientific American Math) New
40 views12:55:13 Geometry Points to Coronavirus Drug Target Candidates (Scientific American Math) New

17 may 2020

54 views15:40:51 The Monster That Expands Our Mathematical Imaginations (Scientific American Math) New

16 may 2020

54 views18:34:57 Discovering Joyful Math Away from the Classroom (Scientific American Math) New

3 may 2020

56 views15:48:05 Prime Factorization as Verse (Scientific American Math) New

26 april 2020

116 views17:57:08 The Theorem That Applies to Everything from Search Algorithms to Epidemiology (Scientific American Math) New

18 april 2020

46 views00:34:23 Not Just Fun and Games (Scientific American Math) New

16 april 2020

44 views15:12:08 Better predictions of the working life of industrial components (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 april 2020

40 views20:20:05 Mochizuki`s inter-universal Teichmüller proof has been published (Update) (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
43 views15:01:56 Mochizuki`s inter-universal Teichmüller proof has been published (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 april 2020

36 views22:49:58 Mathematical Proof That Rocked Number Theory Will Be Published (Scientific American Math) New

2 april 2020

52 views18:39:32 Representation of driving behavior as a statistical model (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
48 views18:39:32 Decrypting cryptocurrencies (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

27 march 2020

45 views13:15:12 Math professor and students take `random walk` together (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

26 march 2020

52 views21:40:13 Mathematical epidemiology: How to model a pandemic (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
63 views07:35:29 How to break new records in the 200 metres? (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

25 march 2020

45 views04:29:44 Exponential Infection Increases Are Deadly Serious (Scientific American Math) New

18 march 2020

60 views17:31:32 Mathematicians develop new theory to explain real-world randomness (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

14 march 2020

85 views15:46:40 The Very Special Triangles (Scientific American Math) New

12 march 2020

76 views15:46:44 New record set for cryptographic challenge (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 march 2020

56 views23:00:08 An Inclusive Vision of Math (Scientific American Math) New

5 march 2020

41 views01:35:04 March Madness bracket analysis shows picking final four first leads to better... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

2 march 2020

49 views23:10:29 Study sheds light on how people make Super Tuesday or other tough choices (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
66 views18:35:04 Researchers find string theory link in a class of complex numbers (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
67 views18:35:04 Speak math, not code (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

27 february 2020

48 views18:25:03 Mixing math and ecology to explain why Marvel movies are so popular (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
54 views18:25:03 Algorithm inspired by slime mold foraging (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

25 february 2020

48 views00:23:46 Katherine Johnson of `Hidden Figures` Fame Dies at 101 (Scientific American Math) New

23 february 2020

61 views19:40:18 Computation in Service of Poetry (Scientific American Math) New

20 february 2020

50 views18:24:00 Mathematicians propose new way of using neural networks to work with noisy, h... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

13 february 2020

60 views18:31:38 Researcher finds a mathematical pattern in human conflict using data science (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

12 february 2020

49 views23:54:35 New method for calculating optimal trajectories for flight to the moon (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 february 2020

60 views21:08:35 Statistical method allows the detection of higher order dependencies (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
53 views07:20:03 Drones can determine the shape of a room by listening (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

4 february 2020

47 views17:22:10 Mathematician develops method to explore the structure of molecules (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
52 views15:50:15 Creativity important to lift math education (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

1 february 2020

55 views21:25:08 Forget Meters and Feet (Scientific American Math) New

31 january 2020

59 views16:52:09 How hard is it to scramble Rubik`s Cube? (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

30 january 2020

54 views20:14:33 Mathematicians create a method for studying the properties of porous materials (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

29 january 2020

53 views23:50:11 Mathematical study of waves helps predict the spread of viruses in tissue (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

27 january 2020

75 views21:42:55 An Introduction to the Collected Works of Frederick D. Funkle (Scientific American Math) New
69 views18:01:49 Mathematician discovers conditions for stabilization of higher-order differen... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
67 views15:47:31 Video: Copying vs. transforming information (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

24 january 2020

67 views14:11:30 Mathematician proposes a new criterion for solving the Boussinesq equations (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
70 views14:11:30 Chaos theory may explain instability in U.S. economy (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

22 january 2020

61 views20:03:22 Brewing a better espresso, with a shot of math (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
54 views15:25:03 Mathematician simplifies methods for solving equations of magnetic hydrodynamics (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
55 views15:25:03 General relativity used to find optimal airplane boarding speed (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

20 january 2020

62 views14:44:56 Wisdom of the crowd? Building better forecasts from suboptimal predictors (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

15 january 2020

55 views15:26:16 From election upsets to climate chaos, rolling the dice helps us appreciate t... (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

11 january 2020

73 views21:05:05 Once More, With Turning (Scientific American Math) New

9 january 2020

63 views20:08:44 Mathematicians put famous Battle of Britain `what if` scenarios to the test (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New
54 views16:52:02 Model shows Welsh language in no danger of extinction but te reo Ma (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

8 january 2020

57 views19:40:03 New mathematical model shows how diversity speeds consensus (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

7 january 2020

58 views10:20:14 Traffic Cameras Show Why the Yankees Should Suffer Fewer Injuries in 2020 (Scientific American Math) New

6 january 2020

57 views15:35:39 Hermit crabs` lesson on wealth inequality (PHYSorg.com Mathematics) New

3 january 2020

54 views20:51:23 Color-Changing Fibers Unravel a Knotty Mystery (Scientific American Math) New

29 december 2019

69 views20:56:58 The Math Reading Challenge 2020 (Scientific American Math) New

16 december 2019

77 views03:25:03 The Bayes Appreciation Society (Scientific American Math) New
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