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13 may 2021

24 views01:43:42 Rockets fall and a Tel Aviv family hurries to a bomb shelter (LA Times Africa) New

12 may 2021

27 views23:24:02 CDC panel recommends Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children as young as 12 (LA Times Africa) New
20 views14:39:19 Podcast: A look at El Salvador`s meme-loving, press-hating autocratic preside... (LA Times Africa) New
35 views13:24:02 Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in ... (CNN.com Africa) New
34 views12:30:26 Slain Colombian activist becomes icon of resistance as protests, deaths mount (LA Times Africa) New
32 views04:42:31 Biden struggles to respond to Jerusalem clashes after Trump refused to critic... (LA Times Africa) New
42 views04:42:31 In slide toward all-out combat, Israel and Gaza militants trade blows, bombar... (LA Times Africa) New
53 views02:16:24 Photos: Israel vows more strikes as violence escalates and deaths rise (LA Times Africa) New

11 may 2021

33 views14:17:48 Column: The agony and ecstasy of Kevin McCarthy (LA Times Africa) New
34 views12:52:21 Genevieve Nnaji joins cast of Clubhouse musical on Afrobeat star Fela Kuti (CNN.com Africa) New
26 views05:09:53 COVID-19 vaccine is now authorized for kids as young as 12. Here`s why that m... (LA Times Africa) New
15 views01:06:42 COVID-19 vaccine is now available to kids as young as 12. Here`s why that mat... (LA Times Africa) New

10 may 2021

52 views21:33:27 Confidence grows that COVID-19 vaccines hold their own against variants (LA Times Africa) New
25 views13:44:46 Tanzanian president ditches late predecessor`s rejection of masks (CNN.com Africa) New
65 views12:18:34 Op-Ed: President Biden, take the next step at Grand Staircase-Escalante (LA Times Africa) New
30 views11:22:20 `They`re taking over`: Right-wing extremism flourishes in North Texas suburbs (LA Times Africa) New
35 views10:33:25 Germany has agreed to return Nigeria`s looted treasure. Will other countries ... (Washington Post Africa) New
25 views09:23:15 Her 12-year-old son took the Metro to buy her a Mother`s Day present. He neve... (LA Times Africa) New
25 views05:52:01 Her 12-year-old son took Metro to buy her a Mother`s Day present. He never re... (LA Times Africa) New
21 views01:11:09 Her 12-year-old son took Metro to buy her a Mother`s Day present. He never re... (LA Times Africa) New

9 may 2021

48 views13:15:41 Column: Liz Cheney and Donald Trump are locked in mortal combat. So far, Trum... (LA Times Africa) New
44 views12:10:35 With an eye on India, Africa ramps up monitoring of coronavirus variants (Washington Post Africa) New
30 views11:30:56 In the shadow of Mt. Everest, a business boom goes bust, spoiled by COVID-19 (LA Times Africa) New
19 views07:58:41 China says most of its Long March 5B rocket burned up during its reentry to E... (LA Times Africa) New
48 views02:58:28 Bomb kills at least 30 people, including teenage girls, near school in Afghan... (LA Times Africa) New
63 views01:52:20 Bomb kills more than 30 people, including young students, near school in Afgh... (LA Times Africa) New
76 views01:31:05 Bomb kills more than 30 people, including young students, near school in Afgh... (LA Times Africa) New

8 may 2021

61 views19:45:26 Bomb kills more than 30 people, including young students, near school in Afgh... (LA Times Africa) New

7 may 2021

25 views21:04:55 No refuge for India`s rich and middle class from second COVID-19 wave (LA Times Africa) New
23 views12:49:04 Column: Will Biden`s `build back better` take care of the baby bust too? (LA Times Africa) New
29 views11:38:04 Separated at the U.S.-Canada border: For a father and son, 90 miles is a dist... (LA Times Africa) New
28 views10:59:35 His language is dying. This Senegalese singer is fighting to save it with music. (Washington Post Africa) New
58 views04:50:49 Biden wants to sell Louisiana a new bridge — and much more (LA Times Africa) New
30 views00:43:10 `Justice in Italy has worked`: Many in Rome applaud Californians` life senten... (LA Times Africa) New

6 may 2021

46 views20:41:17 Column: A congressional shutout in Texas disappoints Democrats. Should they w... (LA Times Africa) New
25 views20:13:41 U.S. sends warning to Russia, assuring Ukraine of support against Moscow`s ag... (LA Times Africa) New
37 views19:24:54 Go fish: Britain and France dispatch patrol boats as tensions mount over fish... (LA Times Africa) New
20 views19:24:54 Studies of hospital workers suggest COVID-19 vaccines really do prevent coron... (LA Times Africa) New
30 views17:51:35 Studies of hospital workers suggest COVID-19 vaccines prevent coronavirus inf... (LA Times Africa) New
28 views15:26:43 Is America the merciful nation immigrants want it to be? (LA Times Africa) New
28 views15:26:43 Texas Republicans` push to restrict voting is straining their close ties with... (LA Times Africa) New
79 views01:54:27 Biden administration supports waiving intellectual property rules on vaccines (LA Times Africa) New

5 may 2021

37 views22:11:29 Atlanta board revokes dismissal of officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks (LA Times Africa) New
27 views22:11:29 A primary care physician for every American, science panel urges (LA Times Africa) New
26 views19:24:30 Through a photographer`s lens : A visual essay (LA Times Africa) New
22 views13:31:06 Column: Every president faces a major crisis. What will Biden`s be? (LA Times Africa) New
7 views07:28:59 Record-low U.S. birth rate fell another 4% in 2020, CDC says (LA Times Africa) New

4 may 2021

34 views16:42:00 Dramatic photos of the Mexico City Metro overpass collapse and rescue efforts (LA Times Africa) New
24 views11:13:26 At least 23 dead, scores injured after Mexico City Metro overpass collapses o... (LA Times Africa) New
64 views03:26:06 Northern Ireland turns 100 amid renewed worries tied to Brexit (LA Times Africa) New

3 may 2021

37 views14:27:33 Scientists scramble to see why, in rare cases, even the vaccinated can get CO... (LA Times Africa) New

2 may 2021

20 views14:05:49 Column: Biden never declared war on meat, but Republicans didn`t let truth ru... (LA Times Africa) New
30 views12:49:30 In Knoxville, a Black high school contends with a massive rise in teen shootings (LA Times Africa) New

1 may 2021

26 views20:07:19 Biden vowed to end Trump`s `Remain in Mexico` policy, but families are still ... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views19:00:15 Ongoing family separation: Migrants kept in Mexico by Trump remain apart from... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views12:27:36 Op-Ed: Can Joe Biden flip American government from `them` to `us`? (LA Times Africa) New
84 views12:27:36 Ongoing family separation: Many migrants forced to stay in Mexico by Trump re... (LA Times Africa) New
109 views10:06:29 Nigerian teen gets 19 scholarship offers worth more than $5 million from the ... (CNN.com Africa) New
36 views03:18:31 Vaccine companies and the U.S. government snubbed WHO initiative to scale up ... (LA Times Africa) New
36 views01:09:10 COVID-19 surges in Oregon, sickening younger adults and forcing a return to r... (LA Times Africa) New

30 april 2021

41 views20:43:48 U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan, but Al Qaeda remains (LA Times Africa) New
23 views19:23:12 Judge gives Harvey Weinstein`s attorneys 30 days to challenge extradition to ... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views18:50:54 Harvey Weinstein extradition to L.A. on rape charges is challenged (LA Times Africa) New
116 views13:43:31 Germany to return looted Benin Bronzes to Nigeria (CNN.com Africa) New
34 views10:46:36 `Anybody anywhere can join`: How African book clubs are bringing together rea... (CNN.com Africa) New
34 views09:41:06 Photo essay: How India`s COVID-19 crisis leaves a trail of death and misery (LA Times Africa) New
57 views01:26:02 Where are Asian American communities growing the fastest? Not California (LA Times Africa) New

29 april 2021

42 views23:56:21 Column: Joe Biden, President Elbow Grease (LA Times Africa) New
14 views20:22:09 Biden hasn`t picked an ambassador to Israel. What does that say of U.S.-Israe... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views14:26:50 Column: `Pleasantly boring,` or how Joe Biden succeeds by not being Donald Trump (LA Times Africa) New
18 views12:32:42 Litman: The Chauvin prosecution isn`t a bellwether for the state of justice i... (LA Times Africa) New
48 views05:53:21 Photos: President Biden marks momentous 100 days with first ever socially dis... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views05:53:21 6 takeaways from President Biden`s address to Congress (LA Times Africa) New
22 views05:06:17 6 takeaways from President Biden`s speech to Congress (LA Times Africa) New
36 views04:55:55 President Biden marks momentous 100 days with first ever socially distanced a... (LA Times Africa) New
25 views04:55:55 5 takeaways from President Biden`s speech to Congress (LA Times Africa) New
22 views03:56:15 A president flanked by two California women of power speaks before a nearly e... (LA Times Africa) New

28 april 2021

36 views22:57:20 How a photo and a Long Beach book drive led to a false story and attacks on K... (LA Times Africa) New
19 views21:51:50 Funeral pyres burn. Gravediggers know no rest. India`s COVID-19 crisis is a `... (LA Times Africa) New
21 views21:51:50 Doctors prescribe more opioids to COVID-19 `long haulers,` raising addiction ... (LA Times Africa) New
34 views17:02:54 `A gold rush for human smugglers`: Biden`s Title 42 policy fuels migrant fami... (LA Times Africa) New
28 views15:23:28 Biden Title 42 policy fuels migrant family kidnappings at border, extortion i... (LA Times Africa) New
37 views13:33:14 McManus: Joe Biden has become the anti-Reagan, and his speech to Congress wil... (LA Times Africa) New
32 views13:33:14 New CDC mask guidance draws clear line between vaccinated and unvaccinated Am... (LA Times Africa) New
29 views11:56:36 Boko Haram fighters have hoisted flag and forcefully acquired wives in Nigeri... (CNN.com Africa) New
24 views11:24:34 Biden`s `Families Plan` would tax rich to help schools, child care, community... (LA Times Africa) New

27 april 2021

37 views10:52:32 The `anonymous` South African artist turning dreams into reality through phot... (CNN.com Africa) New

26 april 2021

23 views16:02:55 South Korea cheers `trailblazing` Yuh-Jung Youn, a pusher of boundaries (LA Times Africa) New
16 views15:27:01 Beijing responds to U.S. alliances with `wolf warrior` defiance. Will it back... (LA Times Africa) New
17 views15:27:01 South Korea cheers `trailblazing` Yuh-Jung Youn, a pusher of boundaries on an... (LA Times Africa) New
32 views13:37:29 Armed men stormed her school in a kidnapping raid. Then she found her family ... (CNN.com Africa) New
31 views12:47:32 Op-Ed: Kamala Harris` border mission should be a Mexico mission too (LA Times Africa) New

25 april 2021

30 views13:32:51 McManus: How do Biden`s first 100 days in office compare to Trump`s? (LA Times Africa) New
23 views13:00:08 In his first 100 days, `Uncle Joe` Biden combines progressive goals and a rea... (LA Times Africa) New
67 views02:44:25 Bodies pile up as vaccine campaigns sputter and COVID-19 variants spread (LA Times Africa) New

24 april 2021

45 views18:44:19 Armenians spent their lives demanding U.S. recognition of genocide. Victory i... (LA Times Africa) New
49 views18:44:19 Biden formally recognizes killing of more than 1 million Armenians as genocide (LA Times Africa) New
21 views18:44:19 How do you feel about Biden`s recognition of the Armenian genocide? (LA Times Africa) New
54 views14:40:37 Armenians spent their lives demanding U.S. recognition of genocide. Victory i... (LA Times Africa) New
51 views01:37:27 U.S. lifts pause on J&J vaccinations, clearing the way for shots to resume (LA Times Africa) New
01:37:27 More ...

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