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7 december 2019

16 views12:45:30 Looking back to 2004 and the dark philosophical nature of Star Wars: Knights ... (N4G Xbox) New
26 views11:06:43 The Official Xbox Onesie is back, and this time it`s available in the UK (N4G Xbox) New
15 views08:26:28 5 Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Games in 2020 (N4G Xbox) New

6 december 2019

16 views17:27:46 7 Classic Game Remakes We Want to See in 2020 (N4G Xbox) New
15 views14:55:09 Republic Commando Was a Genuine Star Wars War Story (N4G Xbox) New

5 december 2019

27 views15:25:11 Which Video Game Worlds Feel Like Home? (N4G Xbox) New
19 views15:25:11 3 Underrated Fighting Games for PS2 That You Must Play Today (N4G Xbox) New

4 december 2019

20 views22:19:21 The Players Club Podcast Ep 1: Crying Devils, Aging Rain, and The Game Awards... (N4G Xbox) New
18 views19:50:05 Future Punk - Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death 4K Gameplay Looks Great - RTX 2080 Ti (N4G Xbox) New
18 views19:50:05 `Xbox VR` Is The Last Thing Xbox Should Focus On (N4G Xbox) New

2 december 2019

15 views16:07:23 Looking Back to 2004 and the Dark Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (N4G Xbox) New

30 november 2019

28 views10:19:53 Reasons to get an Xbox One before Project Scarlett Releases (N4G Xbox) New
19 views07:20:06 The Best Upcoming Games Of 2020 (Most Anticipated List) (N4G Xbox) New

29 november 2019

17 views19:00:28 Best Need for Speed Games, All 22 Ranked (N4G Xbox) New
14 views09:45:39 Rockstar: 5 Games That Define The Developer (N4G Xbox) New

27 november 2019

8 views16:03:10 Incredible Black Friday Deals on PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Games (N4G Xbox) New
12 views10:55:07 Armed and Dangerous - Xbox Review (N4G Xbox) New

26 november 2019

22 views12:40:27 Top 10 Movie-Licensed Games (That Dont Suck) (N4G Xbox) New

22 november 2019

27 views06:53:38 What is a Gamer? (N4G Xbox) New

21 november 2019

17 views15:50:06 Conflict: Desert Storm - Xbox Review (N4G Xbox) New

19 november 2019

12 views22:40:40 Looking back to 2004 and the groundbreaking Half-Life 2: `Follow Freeman` (N4G Xbox) New

18 november 2019

16 views20:46:23 TU6: The Division 2`s Perfect Talent Tables (N4G Xbox) New
8 views14:47:14 15 Years Later, November 2004 Might Still Be One Of The Best Months In Video ... (N4G Xbox) New

17 november 2019

19 views01:54:24 XO19 Review & Thoughts (N4G Xbox) New
16 views01:54:24 A Quick Personal History of 18 years of Xbox (N4G Xbox) New
15 views01:54:24 Looking Back to 2004 and Sexy Models in Need for Speed: Underground 2 (N4G Xbox) New

16 november 2019

26 views14:26:33 Q&A: Xbox`s Aaron Greenberg Says He Isn`t Really Worried About PS5 (N4G Xbox) New

15 november 2019

16 views23:45:13 The 10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made (N4G Xbox) New
25 views21:16:16 Original Xbox Turns 18, Here are the Top 10 Best-Selling Games on the Platform (N4G Xbox) New
16 views03:41:25 Xbox is shifting focus away from studio acquisitions (N4G Xbox) New

14 november 2019

9 views18:40:41 Metal Slug: The Ultimate History Is A Very Impressive Book (N4G Xbox) New
8 views11:28:41 Retro Respawn - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (N4G Xbox) New

13 november 2019

42 views14:45:27 The Best Moustaches In Gaming (N4G Xbox) New

12 november 2019

16 views05:20:04 The State Of Xbox Heading Into 2020 (N4G Xbox) New

11 november 2019

10 views18:31:59 Looking back to 2004 and Halo 2: The Difficult Second Album (N4G Xbox) New

10 november 2019

18 views18:31:16 The Real Reason PS5 Has the Edge Over Nintendo and Xbox (N4G Xbox) New
18 views16:55:04 10 Strongest Belmonts in Castlevania, Ranked (N4G Xbox) New
51 views13:19:22 The Best Halo Game Turns 15 Today (N4G Xbox) New

9 november 2019

26 views17:27:14 Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan disagrees with blitzchung suspension (N4G Xbox) New
15 views12:36:34 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review - NXL GAMING (N4G Xbox) New
17 views12:36:34 Obsidian`s Long History of Making RPGs (N4G Xbox) New

7 november 2019

20 views19:46:34 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (Xbox) Review (N4G Xbox) New

6 november 2019

18 views04:26:19 Is Microsoft bringing the band back together for a new Banjo-Kazooie game? (N4G Xbox) New
18 views04:26:18 Looking Back to 2004 and the Underwater Adventures of The Spongebob Squarepan... (N4G Xbox) New
17 views04:26:18 The History of Horror Video Games Part 2 (N4G Xbox) New
21 views04:26:18 Is The Metal Gear Solid Series Done For Good? (N4G Xbox) New

5 november 2019

20 views08:56:27 Castlevania`s Vlad Tepes Is One of the Most Fascinating Takes on Dracula Around (N4G Xbox) New

4 november 2019

17 views18:40:05 Overwatch 2: Who Is Hero 32? (N4G Xbox) New
17 views17:07:34 Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Breaking of the Black Armory Leaves Players Angry (N4G Xbox) New

2 november 2019

17 views18:57:57 The Rise & (hopefully not) Fall of Bethesda (N4G Xbox) New
15 views03:40:41 Tomb Raider Hasn`t Aged Well, But Remains Hugely Influential on Games Today (N4G Xbox) New

1 november 2019

18 views04:55:45 Fatal Frame Needs To Be in VR (N4G Xbox) New

29 october 2019

20 views20:50:20 Top Horror Video Games to Play this Halloween (N4G Xbox) New
21 views20:50:19 Xbox and DPM Studio, the Camouflage Division of maharishi, Team Up on Exclusi... (N4G Xbox) New
12 views15:46:54 The Problem with WRPGs (N4G Xbox) New
15 views02:50:04 Silent Hill: Exploring The Symbolism Behind The Towns Lesser-Known Monsters (... (N4G Xbox) New

28 october 2019

23 views10:25:09 The Best Grand Theft Auto Turns 15 Today (N4G Xbox) New
17 views09:24:00 Breaking Down RollerCoaster Tycoon (N4G Xbox) New

27 october 2019

20 views11:06:27 Looking back to 2004 and the fighting prowess of Dead or Alive Ultimate (N4G Xbox) New

25 october 2019

14 views23:55:43 GameEnthus Podcast ep393: Whopper of a Whopper or Canvas Bags or NPCs not both - (N4G Xbox) New
20 views16:20:18 Xbox Voice Chat Filter and its Implementation (N4G Xbox) New

24 october 2019

22 views07:50:07 Retro Respawn - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike- Fight for the Future (N4G Xbox) New

23 october 2019

12 views18:26:37 Halloween Marathon 15 Must Play Games Of The Season (N4G Xbox) New
12 views18:26:37 Gaming has Changed (N4G Xbox) New
21 views06:06:36 Gamings Greatest Ghouls: The Best Ghosts And Ghostly Encounters (N4G Xbox) New

22 october 2019

15 views21:22:26 Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts: 22nd-28th October 2019 (N4G Xbox) New
17 views19:08:35 The 10 Best Video Game Consoles of All Time, Ranked (N4G Xbox) New
22 views12:55:53 Fortnite - Chapter 2 Patch Released (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:55:52 Xbox - Five Biggest Gaming Industry Successes Since 2001 (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:55:50 Whacked! (Xbox) Review (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:55:49 7 Games Like Killer Queen Black If You`re Looking for Something Similar (N4G Xbox) New
13 views12:55:48 Total War Franchise has Sold 27 Million; Other Sega IP Numbers Detailed in Ne... (N4G Xbox) New
17 views12:55:47 If Youve Ever Wanted A Fallout Game Set In Australia, Broken Roads May Have W... (N4G Xbox) New
14 views12:55:46 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the Last Bastion of Sandbox RPGs (N4G Xbox) New
13 views12:55:46 Burnout Needs to Bring Arcade Racers Back with a Bang (N4G Xbox) New
18 views12:55:45 Why Microsoft Should Reboot Fable (N4G Xbox) New
14 views12:55:44 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the Last Bastion of Sandbox RPGs - OnlySP (N4G Xbox) New

10 october 2019

35 views17:40:34 The struggles of Xbox breaking into Japan (N4G Xbox) New
23 views17:40:34 The Simpsons: Hit & Run Producer Could See It Being Remade or Remastered (N4G Xbox) New
15 views11:51:37 Protestors are trying to get Overwatch banned in China, using memes of popula... (N4G Xbox) New
19 views07:05:36 PlayStation reportedly hit with layoffs in Europe, Xbox offers positions (N4G Xbox) New

9 october 2019

15 views18:05:09 Why Japanese Gamers Don`t Buy Xbox (N4G Xbox) New
12 views18:05:09 Future Tactics: The Uprising (Xbox) Review (N4G Xbox) New

8 october 2019

20 views23:00:37 Xbox - Five Biggest Gaming Industry Mistakes (N4G Xbox) New

7 october 2019

24 views12:25:08 How Ghost Recon Breakpoint tries (and fails) to bring survival to the blockbu... (N4G Xbox) New

5 october 2019

34 views22:45:07 Why We Still Hate That One Halo Level (N4G Xbox) New
34 views13:57:43 The Best (and Worst) Crossovers in Video Games (N4G Xbox) New

4 october 2019

18 views18:13:29 50 Best Horror Games Of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

3 october 2019

13 views20:50:22 Bloodborne Getting Nendoroid Figure (N4G Xbox) New

2 october 2019

13 views19:07:20 GTA: Vice City - The Best Grand Theft Auto? (N4G Xbox) New

30 september 2019

18 views19:35:33 6 MORE Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time (N4G Xbox) New
23 views00:00:17 Looking Back to 2004 and Crash Twinsanity (N4G Xbox) New

28 september 2019

16 views19:41:17 Mildly Spooky Games You Should Play This Halloween (N4G Xbox) New
19 views15:16:28 7 Xbox Games That Need to Make a Comeback (N4G Xbox) New

27 september 2019

18 views19:23:10 Rockstar Submits New Grand Theft Auto III Rating to Australian Classification... (N4G Xbox) New
18 views12:40:02 Street Fighter II AI absolutely cheated to win (N4G Xbox) New
20 views12:40:02 Six Gaming Sequels We Desperately Need (N4G Xbox) New

26 september 2019

13 views19:57:35 The Bards Tale IV gets Xbox One X Enhanced next week, hits 4K resolution (N4G Xbox) New

25 september 2019

19 views22:50:25 Top 5 Best Changes To The Call Of Duty Formula In Modern Warfare Reboot (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:55:02 Blackstone: Magic And Steel (Xbox) Review (N4G Xbox) New
12:55:02 More ...

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