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23 february 2018

2 views09:36:54 5 Vaporware Games Wed Like to Finally See Released in 2018 (N4G Xbox) New

22 february 2018

3 views16:53:28 2017`s Best DLC (N4G Xbox) New
3 views01:03:09 Here Are All The Free Games With Gold Coming To Xbox In March (2018) (N4G Xbox) New
2 views00:05:11 The Beautiful Mortality of Online Video Games (N4G Xbox) New
2 views00:05:11 FeeSoeed review - Life is Xbox (N4G Xbox) New

20 february 2018

2 views16:18:06 From Game to Film: Mortal Kombat - Culture of Gaming (N4G Xbox) New

17 february 2018

4 views19:50:13 Press X To Podcast Ep.6 - Will The Nintendo Switch Online Service Be Worth Th... (N4G Xbox) New
9 views13:59:44 Ancestors Legacy Preview | GameGrin (N4G Xbox) New

16 february 2018

13 views12:14:38 Microsoft Desperately Needs More Than Just Sea of Thieves (N4G Xbox) New
9 views02:19:47 How Bias Effects Game of the Year Winners (N4G Xbox) New

12 february 2018

9 views12:20:07 Virtual Nostalgia : Grand Theft Auto 3 (N4G Xbox) New

9 february 2018

4 views19:10:59 The Best Video Game Music of All Time (N4G Xbox) New
2 views00:59:37 Xbox One DUKE Wired Controller Now Available For Pre-Order (N4G Xbox) New

8 february 2018

12 views04:19:31 New Sea Of Thieves Controller Has New Pirate Accessories (N4G Xbox) New

7 february 2018

8 views22:29:11 Japanese Support Was Never Bad On Xbox, But It Can Get Better (N4G Xbox) New

6 february 2018

12 views20:54:39 Top 10 Best RPGs of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

5 february 2018

9 views15:25:56 The Scientifically Proven Best Video Games of All Time: 2018s Version 2.0 Update (N4G Xbox) New
22 views13:09:54 Its Time to Bring Back Perfect Dark (N4G Xbox) New

4 february 2018

17 views21:49:55 GameEnthus Podcast ep334: Ship Projectiles or Fenwick the Forgotten (N4G Xbox) New

3 february 2018

10 views15:39:40 Will Soul Calibur VI Crash n` Burn? (N4G Xbox) New

2 february 2018

5 views11:00:25 Xbox Making a Large Acquisition Could be Exactly What`s Needed (N4G Xbox) New

1 february 2018

10 views13:47:09 Top 10 Horror Games of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

31 january 2018

12 views07:18:12 5 Original Xbox Games We Want to Play on Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

30 january 2018

16 views13:34:44 Microsoft acquires PlayFab, a complete backend platform provider for cloud-co... (N4G Xbox) New
17 views04:39:19 Ep. 121 We Unhappy Dukes | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast (N4G Xbox) New

28 january 2018

11 views14:19:46 Horror Games Spotlight: Fatal Frame (N4G Xbox) New

27 january 2018

13 views15:47:27 Xbox Games with Gold for February 2018 (N4G Xbox) New
8 views12:31:08 Why Rockstar Need To Make Manhunt 3 (And What We`d Want From It) (N4G Xbox) New
13 views11:00:24 Marvel Vs. Capcoms 20th Anniversary: Looking Back On A Legacy (N4G Xbox) New
14 views00:57:26 The Insider - Xbox - The 2018 Preview (N4G Xbox) New

25 january 2018

11 views21:59:45 Ubisoft reveal standalone South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox One and PS4 (N4G Xbox) New

24 january 2018

13 views14:20:40 We Need More Splinter Cell (N4G Xbox) New
11 views11:29:37 Dark Souls 2 Enemy Randomizer mod is a game changer (N4G Xbox) New

23 january 2018

11 views12:50:19 The Complete Lore of Assassin Creed - PakGN (N4G Xbox) New
12 views12:50:18 8 Incredible Gaming PC Builds That Prove That PC Is Number 1 (N4G Xbox) New
21 views05:23:56 Xbox Moving Forward by Going Backward (N4G Xbox) New

22 january 2018

10 views07:31:15 10 Games That Need To Be Remastered/Remade In 2018 (N4G Xbox) New
9 views05:30:23 Metal Gear Solid 2: A Postmodern Masterpiece (N4G Xbox) New

21 january 2018

14 views14:00:27 11 Video Games Where You Play As A Child (N4G Xbox) New

20 january 2018

16 views17:06:09 Felicia McEntire`s Top 9 Games of 2017 (N4G Xbox) New
12 views17:06:09 Why Star Wars Games Matter (And How They Were Ruined) (N4G Xbox) New
14 views01:13:51 Retro Review - Xyanide (N4G Xbox) New

19 january 2018

7 views17:37:19 The Perfect Level: How Halo`s Second Level Evolved the FPS Genre (N4G Xbox) New
9 views05:27:54 16 Video Games Where You Can Be Good Or Bad (N4G Xbox) New

17 january 2018

14 views23:29:52 The most overpowered guns in multiplayer history (N4G Xbox) New
10 views16:42:14 Original Xbox Game Black joins EA Access (N4G Xbox) New
9 views05:51:49 Take-Two renews Manhunt IP (N4G Xbox) New

16 january 2018

10 views20:29:03 Xbox Game Pass Is The Best Subscription Service You`re Missing Out On (N4G Xbox) New
7 views15:41:44 Top 10 Most Annoying Video Game Enemies of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

15 january 2018

13 views10:15:54 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review - Neocrisis (N4G Xbox) New

14 january 2018

13 views18:10:47 Soulcalibur VI. How Mitsurugi changed over years - Model Comparison (N4G Xbox) New

13 january 2018

15 views05:32:23 Overwatch League launch day was a polished success (N4G Xbox) New
16 views00:57:47 The Only Thing Worse Than a Bad Game is a Neglected One (N4G Xbox) New

12 january 2018

13 views15:20:33 Why can nobody make a good Superman game? | FingerGuns (N4G Xbox) New

11 january 2018

13 views00:28:47 A beginners guide for PUBG on Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

10 january 2018

12 views18:21:47 Star Wars: Republic Commando could have saved us from Battlefront 2, but neve... (N4G Xbox) New
22 views10:18:16 Microsoft`s Xbox was the last great CES reveal (N4G Xbox) New

9 january 2018

16 views11:49:06 Character Select True Neutrality, Kreia (N4G Xbox) New

8 january 2018

15 views15:20:18 In Memoriam - The Thing (N4G Xbox) New
33 views02:31:49 Defunct - Xbox One Review - Any Button Gaming (N4G Xbox) New
27 views02:31:48 Hello Neighbor - Xbox One Review - Any Button Gaming (N4G Xbox) New

7 january 2018

12 views16:49:42 10 Games That Turn 10 in 2018, Do You Feel Old Yet? (N4G Xbox) New

3 january 2018

13 views19:35:10 Revisiting Fuzion Frenzy (N4G Xbox) New

2 january 2018

13 views22:18:46 You can now play as Pink Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (N4G Xbox) New

1 january 2018

19 views13:38:01 2017 Has Been Gamings Greatest Year (N4G Xbox) New

29 december 2017

20 views03:41:02 The Big Video Game Anniversaries of 2018 (N4G Xbox) New

28 december 2017

16 views09:39:09 The 25 Best Star Wars Games of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

26 december 2017

16 views18:49:52 Kaplan breaks silence in Overwatch Yule Log Stream - The new hero is... (N4G Xbox) New

24 december 2017

16 views05:18:20 5 Underrated Licensed Games (N4G Xbox) New
15 views00:09:04 Its Time for Knights of the Old Republic to Return (N4G Xbox) New

23 december 2017

18 views22:06:54 Franchises Microsoft Should Revive (N4G Xbox) New
15 views02:55:58 Bits & Pieces Podcast #9 That Bizarre Death Stranding Trailer and then Video... (N4G Xbox) New

22 december 2017

16 views03:50:17 EA Is Cracking Down On Battlefront II Forums, Devs Forbidden From Talking (N4G Xbox) New

21 december 2017

15 views17:27:27 Xbox and PlayerUnknown`s Battlegrounds Are Giving You a Chance to Win a Cool ... (N4G Xbox) New
17 views07:29:19 Is PUBG done yet? We asked a pro streamer (N4G Xbox) New

20 december 2017

18 views09:19:06 PUBG Xbox Patch Brings Big Improvements (N4G Xbox) New

19 december 2017

15 views12:13:58 How to survive, and thrive, in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PUBG. (N4G Xbox) New
20 views12:13:57 A Skyrim cookbook is in the works, and were already hungry for cheese wheels (N4G Xbox) New
22 views05:41:06 Top 5 Star Wars Video Games (N4G Xbox) New

15 december 2017

56 views21:52:26 Ranking The Halo Video Game Series (N4G Xbox) New

14 december 2017

21 views01:10:53 Was Star Wars: Battlefront Ever Really THAT Good? (N4G Xbox) New

13 december 2017

22 views23:34:17 A Personal Look At The Evolution Of Gaming (N4G Xbox) New
19 views15:28:48 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Notes - Patch 1.03 November 30 (N4G Xbox) New
18 views01:25:13 The 10 best Star Wars games of all time (N4G Xbox) New

12 december 2017

23 views05:34:23 Gaming Championship Interrupted By Bomb Threat (N4G Xbox) New

11 december 2017

19 views19:58:20 The 12 Most Anticipated Games For 2018 (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:34:22 Major Changes Coming To Overwatch eSports (N4G Xbox) New

9 december 2017

20 views14:28:57 Bethesdas support for the Nintendo Switch bodes well for the consoles future (N4G Xbox) New
18 views12:02:50 343 Industries Hires Halo Wars 2 Veteran As New Art Director (N4G Xbox) New
18 views12:02:50 25 Great Japanese Games That Never Made It to the U.S. (N4G Xbox) New
13 views12:02:50 The Playstation 1 emulator is again available in the Windows store (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:02:50 Epic Games Settles First Copyright Case Against Fortnite Cheater - TorrentFreak (N4G Xbox) New
17 views12:02:50 A Brief History of RPGs on Xbox - How Microsoft`s Console Brand Modernised RPGs (N4G Xbox) New
17 views12:02:49 How Does Xbox 360 Back-Compat Actually Work? (N4G Xbox) New
18 views12:02:49 Xbox One got 149 Backwards Compatible Video Games in 2017 (N4G Xbox) New
15 views12:02:49 Here we go the most badass Overwatch cosplay ever known to mankind (N4G Xbox) New
21 views12:02:49 Are Annual Game Releases Good For Gamers? (N4G Xbox) New
16 views12:02:48 Games Based on Comic Book Franchises That You Must Play (N4G Xbox) New

29 november 2017

17 views14:46:17 L.A. Noire (Switch) Review - Unique, Dark, Great - GameSoulz (N4G Xbox) New

28 november 2017

18 views22:34:40 Top 20 Xbox Games (10-1) (N4G Xbox) New
22:34:40 More ...

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