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25 june 2017

5 views06:44:29 Phil Spencer Comments On Titanfall 2 Rendering At Almost 6K On Xbox One X (N4G Xbox) New

24 june 2017

8 views20:06:18 Arbiter And Spartan Are Clashing Once Again With The Halo Wars 2 Icons Of War... (N4G Xbox) New

23 june 2017

6 views22:10:55 Is Having Every Console A Good Thing? (N4G Xbox) New
9 views18:38:32 Inspiration And Innovation: Why We Need To Stop Saying X Copied Y In Gaming (N4G Xbox) New
8 views15:36:32 The Tomb Raider Suite (35 hours to go) (N4G Xbox) New
7 views13:32:18 The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review | 10lb Gamer (N4G Xbox) New
5 views01:31:46 10 Original Xbox Games We Want to See on Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

22 june 2017

11 views12:14:27 Best Game Locations: Half-Life 2`s City 17 (N4G Xbox) New
4 views03:07:48 Id Buy It- Radical Branching Horror Story (N4G Xbox) New

21 june 2017

8 views21:51:44 35 Original Xbox Games We Hope Return for Backwards Compatibility (N4G Xbox) New
12 views17:59:55 Microsoft classifies the checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution scalin... (N4G Xbox) New
4 views04:29:12 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks About Microsoft`s Mixed-Reality Future (N4G Xbox) New

20 june 2017

5 views19:59:27 Could The Exo Stranger Be Back In Destiny 2? (N4G Xbox) New
5 views14:54:23 Austin Game Anthology: Titanfall (Bluepoint Games) (N4G Xbox) New
7 views14:43:58 Legendary shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is now free through EA Access (N4G Xbox) New
6 views11:06:48 E3 Bethesda 2017 Wrap Up - Skyrim on Switch, Wolfenstein II, Fallout & Doom V... (N4G Xbox) New
10 views00:34:11 Xbox`s Phil Spencer: From Savior To Villain (N4G Xbox) New

19 june 2017

10 views15:11:59 10 Original Xbox Games That Should be Xbox Backwards Compatible (N4G Xbox) New

18 june 2017

13 views14:46:54 The Internet: Judge and Jury of Entertainment - Geek Reply (N4G Xbox) New
11 views14:46:54 Star Wars Battlefront II Will Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever (N4G Xbox) New
9 views05:46:49 Most impressive titles from E3 were not from XboxAgain (N4G Xbox) New
5 views03:34:33 Day 1 DLC : Not As Bad As You May Think (N4G Xbox) New

17 june 2017

7 views19:32:23 Is it possible to build a PC under $500 with the same specs as an Xbox One X? (N4G Xbox) New
10 views16:00:37 E3 Microsoft 2017 Wrap Up Xbox One X Reveal & 42 Games!! (N4G Xbox) New
10 views15:50:11 Only a fraction of Original Xbox Games will make it to Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New
13 views15:25:19 Microsoft Was E3 2017`s Biggest Loser (N4G Xbox) New
11 views14:28:28 Retro Review: The Punisher (N4G Xbox) New
13 views03:51:27 Xbox boss says backwards compatibility can help with the uncertain future for... (N4G Xbox) New

16 june 2017

4 views22:51:04 Microsofts Xbox Media Briefing was the Highest Watched Moment of E3 2017 on T... (N4G Xbox) New
9 views13:24:07 Which conference won E3 2017? (N4G Xbox) New
14 views12:12:40 Xbox update will let male avatars wear dresses as clothes go gender-neutral (N4G Xbox) New
12 views12:12:40 Xbox One Won`t Get as Many Original Xbox Games as 360 Ones (N4G Xbox) New
9 views11:40:00 Is Gwent a copy of another game under a different name? (N4G Xbox) New

15 june 2017

10 views22:28:17 Xbox One X Is A Game Changer For All Xbox Gamers (N4G Xbox) New
13 views22:28:17 Xbox Game Pass Will Have At Least Five New Games a Month; New Games Arrive on... (N4G Xbox) New
11 views21:07:12 Sony`s excuse for blocking PlayStation and Xbox cross-platform play is hostil... (N4G Xbox) New
10 views12:31:57 7 Xbox Exclusives that PS4 Players Need (N4G Xbox) New
10 views02:49:28 Devolver Digital Trolled E3, And It Was Exactly What We Needed (N4G Xbox) New
10 views02:49:27 New Destiny 2 Exotic Unveiled At E3 Coliseum (N4G Xbox) New
12 views02:11:03 The Games of E3 2017`s Press Conferences Recap and Review (N4G Xbox) New

14 june 2017

8 views22:03:55 Minecraft on Switch use Xbox Live when cross-play update drops - Nintendo Eve... (N4G Xbox) New
9 views17:25:28 E3 EA Play 2017 Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1, FIFA 18, NFL Madden:... (N4G Xbox) New
11 views13:26:19 E3 2017: Fuzion Frenzy Officially announced for Xbox One backwards compatibility (N4G Xbox) New
23 views07:00:03 15 Original Xbox Games We`re Dying to See on Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

13 june 2017

6 views23:04:01 Phil Spencer wants original Xbox emulation and Game Pass on PCs (N4G Xbox) New
5 views22:04:18 5 of the best announcements to come out of Microsofts E3 2017 briefing (N4G Xbox) New
12 views20:19:54 Rocket League on Xbox and PC will soon get cross-play with Nintendo Switch (N4G Xbox) New
6 views16:49:13 Seagate to Offer Mammoth Storage For Xbox Users (N4G Xbox) New
10 views15:41:09 Star Wars Games: What Happened? (N4G Xbox) New
4 views15:41:08 E3 2017 Impressions: Bethesdaland (N4G Xbox) New
14 views15:41:08 Study Shows Video Games Is The Most Popular Form of Entertainment (N4G Xbox) New
6 views15:41:08 Xbox E3 Riddled with Disappointment and Missed Opportunities (N4G Xbox) New
5 views10:20:10 Gamers Love Nostalgia, So Someone Is Bringing Back the Original Xbox`s Gigant... (N4G Xbox) New
10 views03:07:52 Four Generations of Xbox Can Be System-Linked Later This Year (N4G Xbox) New

12 june 2017

9 views16:53:03 Bethesda launch Paid Mods version 2.0 with Creation Club Will it work second... (N4G Xbox) New
13 views14:44:41 GameEnthus Podcast ep314: X.B.O.Xcronym or Exclusively Semantic (N4G Xbox) New
12 views01:46:09 What About The Xbox One X VR?? (N4G Xbox) New

11 june 2017

9 views23:20:02 7 Big Decisions from Telltale Games That Didn`t Mean Anything in the End (N4G Xbox) New
14 views21:25:21 Correction: Undercounted usage data in our Xbox Unleashed analysis (N4G Xbox) New

10 june 2017

5 views18:34:22 Retro games that would be great to see on the Xbox Game Pass (N4G Xbox) New
7 views17:13:53 Why People Hate Escort Missions (N4G Xbox) New
8 views03:03:47 The 8 Best Booties of Gaming: 2017 Edition (N4G Xbox) New
8 views02:09:35 Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 Predictions - My Xbox And Me Episode 82 (N4G Xbox) New
9 views00:02:52 4 Microsoft E3 Announcements That Could Give Them The Upper Hand (N4G Xbox) New

9 june 2017

12 views23:20:44 7 Abandoned Xbox Series We Probably Won`t Get Back (N4G Xbox) New
6 views23:20:44 The Top 15 Moments That Defined E3 (N4G Xbox) New
5 views17:20:53 Playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Again After 14 Years (N4G Xbox) New

8 june 2017

12 views10:28:01 Last Thoughts On The Xbox Scorpio It`s All About Price (N4G Xbox) New
9 views04:37:45 Sony Talks Retro Games (N4G Xbox) New

7 june 2017

7 views19:35:12 Why E3 2017 is the perfect time for Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell (N4G Xbox) New
3 views15:37:27 E3 2017 Predictions and Hopes for this year (N4G Xbox) New
5 views14:44:33 Overwatch: PTR patch has first in-game reference to Tracer`s girlfriend, Emily (N4G Xbox) New
7 views13:35:58 A new Splinter Cell could be in development (N4G Xbox) New
11 views11:38:18 Top 7 Games To Scare You Senseless (N4G Xbox) New
8 views08:17:09 Rumours of a Playstation 5 Are Rife but Are Consoles a Dying Breed? (N4G Xbox) New

6 june 2017

8 views13:29:22 Microsoft Trademarks a New Gaming Related Logo, Could it Be Scorpio? (N4G Xbox) New
7 views13:29:22 Elder Scrolls Online Project Scorpio Update to Copy PS4 Pro (N4G Xbox) New
8 views10:36:54 Injustice 2 June Update Makes Unique Fixes To Characters and Stages (N4G Xbox) New

5 june 2017

9 views18:09:38 Rumor: Project Scorpio price will not exceed $500 (N4G Xbox) New
6 views14:12:36 The Most Popular Overwatch Heroes of Season 5 (So Far) (N4G Xbox) New

4 june 2017

14 views23:10:22 Hironobu Sakaguchi teases us his brand new game, full reveal in June. (N4G Xbox) New

3 june 2017

15 views23:36:55 E3 2017 - These are the games we want to see but won`t (N4G Xbox) New
6 views17:24:31 7 Games That Would Make Great TV Series (N4G Xbox) New
14 views15:29:37 10 Predictions for Microsoft`s E3 Press Conference (N4G Xbox) New
11 views13:54:16 Top 25 Best Overwatch Skins Released to Date, Ranked (N4G Xbox) New
11 views13:54:16 5 Fun Overwatch Game Mode Ideas For Future Brawls (N4G Xbox) New
11 views11:05:32 Microsoft Hated The Name Halo And There Was Almost No Multiplayer (N4G Xbox) New
11 views10:04:35 Would you welcome an XB1/PS4 Handheld? (N4G Xbox) New
7 views09:26:38 Phantom Dust Remaster Developers Code Mystics Want to Know Which Xbox Game to... (N4G Xbox) New

2 june 2017

7 views22:17:33 More Original Xbox Games May Be On The Way (N4G Xbox) New
18 views07:35:22 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth - Cult Horror Classic (N4G Xbox) New
12 views00:26:16 Ranking 11 Videogames in the Halo Series (N4G Xbox) New

1 june 2017

10 views23:48:18 Phil Spencer on games @ E3 2017 (N4G Xbox) New
7 views16:48:55 Exclusive Interview with Battle Chaser`s Joe Madureira (N4G Xbox) New
11 views15:59:02 15 Times Call Of Duty Went Way Too Far (N4G Xbox) New
9 views01:52:46 New Overwatch Hero Teased in Horizon Lunar Colony Lore (N4G Xbox) New

31 may 2017

10 views20:09:48 The Complete, Untold History of Halo (N4G Xbox) New
8 views19:08:10 22 new Xbox One games have been added to purchase, pre-order or play for free... (N4G Xbox) New
4 views15:41:52 Project IGI: Were Going In is in development (N4G Xbox) New
11 views13:42:05 Revisiting Soulcalibur II (N4G Xbox) New
13:42:05 More ...

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