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16 december 2018

7 views06:09:18 Beat the `crunch`: new union for video games workers launches (N4G Xbox) New

15 december 2018

6 views01:01:52 Game Pass: Make me a believer (N4G Xbox) New

14 december 2018

5 views15:55:02 Is it Time for a New Legacy of Kain? (N4G Xbox) New

13 december 2018

0 views14:27:21 Art director shares concept art from a cancelled 2013 Silent Hill project (N4G Xbox) New
7 views11:46:17 Why We Game (N4G Xbox) New
7 views11:40:02 Hitman 2 review - Demon Gaming (N4G Xbox) New
2 views10:30:31 Top 5 Split Screen Multiplayer Games (N4G Xbox) New

11 december 2018

8 views13:16:05 Why We Need More PlayStation Games Like Metal Gear Solid 2 (N4G Xbox) New

10 december 2018

8 views12:15:58 Star Wars: Battlefront Community Calendar: December 2018 (N4G Xbox) New

8 december 2018

9 views16:11:24 The Watchmaker Turns Back Time to Classic 32-Bit Platforming - IndieWatch (N4G Xbox) New

4 december 2018

6 views14:25:04 Why Star Wars Battlefront Could Have Been Successful in E-sports (N4G Xbox) New

2 december 2018

11 views16:36:49 5 Games That Desperately Need to Step Up Their DLC Game (N4G Xbox) New
14 views16:36:49 Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for December 2018 any good? (N4G Xbox) New
17 views06:06:58 Best Xbox One Games 2018: Holiday Gift Guide (N4G Xbox) New

30 november 2018

19 views06:55:40 Xbox Game Pass adding: The Gardens Between, Mutant Year Zero, and Strange Bri... (N4G Xbox) New

27 november 2018

11 views21:40:53 10 Video Game Sequels Nobody Asked For (N4G Xbox) New
5 views20:21:38 How Ultima 4 and Wasteland Ushered in a New Era of Maturity for RPGs (N4G Xbox) New
12 views19:07:55 Red Dead Online Beta: Launch Dates and New Details Announced (N4G Xbox) New

26 november 2018

8 views19:37:49 Red Dead Online Beta: Launch Dates and New Details Announced - IGN (N4G Xbox) New
12 views18:38:12 ARGcast #138: Video Game Marketing in History with Mike Futter (N4G Xbox) New

23 november 2018

18 views22:45:25 Gaming History: Bill Merrill and His Journey Through the Games Industry (N4G Xbox) New
13 views20:41:47 Half-life and Ocarina of Time, 20 Years Later (N4G Xbox) New
11 views16:40:19 Best Gaming Deals on Black Friday 2018 - Complete Overview (N4G Xbox) New

22 november 2018

5 views16:50:44 Top 25 First-Person Shooters of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

21 november 2018

13 views16:11:15 The creator of Conker`s Bad Fur Day Chris Seavor: `I`d rather have bad review... (N4G Xbox) New

20 november 2018

8 views22:27:38 Shelley Blond (Lara Croft, Tomb Raider) Interview - Alternative Magazine Online (N4G Xbox) New
7 views11:05:09 PS5 Price, Specs and PSVR2 Leaked, Anthem Delayed - The Primal Podcast #15 (N4G Xbox) New
14 views04:33:53 Forza Horizon 4 Update (November 20th) Patch Notes (N4G Xbox) New

19 november 2018

15 views02:03:41 Do Graphics Make the Game? (N4G Xbox) New

17 november 2018

15 views13:18:05 Video Game Music Spotlight #1: The Old West (N4G Xbox) New

16 november 2018

14 views19:55:18 `Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time`: 15 Years Later (N4G Xbox) New
12 views19:55:18 Xbox Will Be at E3 2019 (N4G Xbox) New

15 november 2018

10 views19:37:54 Xbox Is Building The Foundation For A Bright Future (N4G Xbox) New
15 views15:36:23 November 2018 Xbox Update Brings Keyboard and Mouse Support & More (N4G Xbox) New

14 november 2018

15 views02:48:49 The Best Hitman Games, All 7 Ranked from Worst to Best (N4G Xbox) New

13 november 2018

12 views03:20:48 SpecialEffect are asking gamers to join Xboxs #GiveWithXbox campaign (N4G Xbox) New

12 november 2018

21 views05:04:24 Reggies Love Affair With the Halo Franchise (N4G Xbox) New

11 november 2018

10 views21:51:38 Xbox X018 Left Me With More Questions Than Answers - The Koalition (N4G Xbox) New

9 november 2018

7 views17:30:00 Here Are the Best-Selling Games of Each of the Last 23 Years (N4G Xbox) New
14 views16:33:23 Study: Tetris is a great distraction for easing an anxious mind (N4G Xbox) New

8 november 2018

17 views20:15:37 Virtual Nostalgia : Ninja Gaiden (N4G Xbox) New

7 november 2018

15 views05:30:16 A Wishlist For A Possible TimeSplitters Reboot (N4G Xbox) New

6 november 2018

12 views20:34:18 Knights of the Temple II (PS2) Review (N4G Xbox) New
19 views04:13:57 The Abyss Update Adds New Depth to the No Man`s Sky Universe - CDKeys Blog (N4G Xbox) New

4 november 2018

25 views03:47:34 Whats your most anticipated new game release for November 2018? (N4G Xbox) New
23 views03:47:34 Has Gaming Peaked? (N4G Xbox) New

3 november 2018

18 views22:15:43 Disturbing stories behind the monsters in Silent Hill (N4G Xbox) New
16 views22:15:43 Why Did Silent Hill 2 Work So Well? (N4G Xbox) New
22 views22:15:42 Red Dead Redemption 2 Isn`t Boring, You Are (N4G Xbox) New
14 views11:47:05 Ranking The Halo Series (N4G Xbox) New
14 views11:47:05 Super Mario Flashback Lets You Play Through Reimagined Classic Levels (N4G Xbox) New

2 november 2018

16 views14:48:30 Five of the Best Games you can Play on Windows XP (N4G Xbox) New

1 november 2018

18 views08:10:02 Metal Gear Games Ranked - The Best and Worst of Snake (N4G Xbox) New
28 views01:10:12 Microsoft has a hit on its hands with Xbox Game Pass, and analysts are starti... (N4G Xbox) New

31 october 2018

23 views02:53:22 How Horror Video Games Went from Spooky to Terrifying in 40 Years (N4G Xbox) New

29 october 2018

22 views22:12:57 This video shows all the alpha and beta versions of Halo; from strategy to fi... (N4G Xbox) New
18 views16:59:15 The Best Horror Games of All Time (N4G Xbox) New

28 october 2018

18 views23:14:40 The 10 best horror games to play this Halloween (N4G Xbox) New
19 views12:13:17 6 Prequel Games That Didn`t Disappoint (N4G Xbox) New
20 views10:20:39 Top 10 Western Games (N4G Xbox) New

27 october 2018

17 views11:54:48 The Perfect 20 Games for the Xbox Classic Edition (N4G Xbox) New
25 views06:23:39 Toronto Defiant Joins Overwatch League, Roster Reveal Likely At EGLX (N4G Xbox) New
20 views06:23:39 Barbarian (PS2) Review (N4G Xbox) New
21 views06:23:39 5 Games You Should Play This Halloween (N4G Xbox) New

26 october 2018

17 views16:22:21 10 Overpowered Weapons and Items That Completely Broke Video Games (N4G Xbox) New

25 october 2018

30 views05:25:02 Culture of Gaming`s Top 50 RPGs of All Time (N4G Xbox) New
19 views02:40:09 Microsoft Financial Year 2019 First Quarter Results Published, Gaming Revenue... (N4G Xbox) New

24 october 2018

18 views03:29:46 Bethesda Thanks Fans Ahead of Fallout 76 B.E.T.A (N4G Xbox) New

23 october 2018

17 views08:08:16 Black Ops 4`s Blackout Is Battle Royale for People That Hate Fortnite (N4G Xbox) New

21 october 2018

21 views18:02:07 Is this the Rarest Halo Collectible? (N4G Xbox) New
21 views14:16:27 Top 10 Game Sequels That Are Better Than the Original (N4G Xbox) New

20 october 2018

19 views03:58:57 Horror Game Icon 2018 | The Thing (N4G Xbox) New

19 october 2018

15 views06:10:00 Best SoulCalibur Games, All 9 Ranked From Worst to Best (N4G Xbox) New

18 october 2018

12 views19:52:56 How the Red Dead franchise began (N4G Xbox) New

16 october 2018

16 views22:38:16 Retro Review: The Warriors (N4G Xbox) New
18 views02:59:44 Top 10 Original Xbox Games We Want To See Backwards Compatible On Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

14 october 2018

22 views15:29:19 Reggies Love Affair with The Elder Scrolls Franchise (N4G Xbox) New

13 october 2018

21 views23:31:05 Bungie changes plans, will bundle Destiny 2 DLC`s I & II with Forsaken from n... (N4G Xbox) New

12 october 2018

21 views08:23:39 The Insider #80 Obsidian To Join Xbox (N4G Xbox) New
20 views08:23:39 Top 5 Rockstar Games, So Far (N4G Xbox) New
17 views08:23:38 13 Spooky Video Games to Play on Halloween (N4G Xbox) New

10 october 2018

26 views14:44:51 Assassin`s Creed History From The Beginning to Odyssey (N4G Xbox) New

5 october 2018

17 views22:05:10 The Scariest Video Game Enemies Ever (N4G Xbox) New
17 views21:42:06 RAWG built the largest video game database, and you can edit it! (N4G Xbox) New
24 views01:40:02 Does Xbox Have A Fighting Chance Come Next Generation? (N4G Xbox) New

4 october 2018

27 views03:15:11 Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance (PS2) Review (N4G Xbox) New

2 october 2018

26 views04:57:28 All Fortnite Season 6 items: Skin, Spray, Emote and others (N4G Xbox) New
25 views01:49:04 Its far from Doom and Gloom at Xbox (N4G Xbox) New

30 september 2018

31 views20:45:20 Before Red Dead Redemption there was Red Dead Revolver - how Rockstar saved a... (N4G Xbox) New
28 views12:50:10 Wanted Remakes Breathing New Life into Fading Classics (N4G Xbox) New
22 views07:44:07 Backlog Burner Episode 11: Beyond Good And Evil (N4G Xbox) New
35 views06:58:41 Fortnite Version 1.81 Update Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

29 september 2018

24 views13:30:07 Bless Us With Blood: Bloodborne and the Horror of Childbirth (N4G Xbox) New
24 views08:37:00 5 Best Comic Book-Inspired Video Games (N4G Xbox) New
28 views08:06:38 8 Game Over Scenes That Will Give You Nightmares (N4G Xbox) New

28 september 2018

21 views21:37:43 Should Microsoft make an `Xbox Classic?` Here are some pros and cons. (N4G Xbox) New
22 views19:18:22 GameEnthus Podcast ep355: Conscious Circuits or Poor Decisions Squared (N4G Xbox) New
26 views05:46:03 10 Influential Video Games That Changed the Industry Forever and One More Bec... (N4G Xbox) New
22 views04:10:26 Your Complete Pre-Order Guide for Forza Horizon 4 (N4G Xbox) New

27 september 2018

16 views10:42:54 Netflix`s Avatar: The Last Airbender Reboot Should Have Been a Game First (N4G Xbox) New
10:42:54 More ...

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