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20 may 2019

1 views14:40:19 Quentin Tarantino Writes Open Letter Asking Cannes Not to Reveal `Once Upon a... (indieWIRE) New
1 views14:40:18 `Game of Thrones´ Series Finale Leaves Plastic Water Bottle In Major Tyrion S... (indieWIRE) New
4 views14:28:41 Barry and Honey Sherman´s neighbours cite mysterious 911 call, visitor on day... (The Star Movies) New
5 views07:07:50 Bruce Arthur: Leonard´s will to win puts Raptors back in the game against Bucks (The Star Movies) New
8 views06:57:58 `Barry´ Review: Season 2 Finale Turns Out the Light in a Twisted Ending (indieWIRE) New
10 views06:30:10 `Game of Thrones´ Review: A Fitting and Unlikely Finale Makes for a Season-Re... (indieWIRE) New
7 views06:25:13 Bruce Arthur: It´s not over time for Raptors after Game 3 gut-check win (The Star Movies) New
9 views05:14:37 Powell rises to the occasion in Raptors-Bucks Game 3 thriller (The Star Movies) New
6 views04:30:02 `Diego Maradona´ Review: A Gripping Saga of Soccer Legend´s Fall From Grace -... (indieWIRE) New
5 views04:30:01 `Killing Eve´ Breaks Bad Beautifully, Succeeding Where `Game of Thrones´ Fails (indieWIRE) New
4 views04:30:01 `Westworld´ Season 3 First Trailer: Aaron Paul Takes Control in Radically New... (indieWIRE) New
10 views04:22:13 LIVE: Raptors head to overtime in crucial Game 3 matchup against Bucks (The Star Movies) New
6 views03:01:14 `The Phantom Menace` turns 20: Why I love the ‘Star Wars’ prequel... (USA Today Movies) New
7 views01:49:36 LIVE: Raptors start strong in crucial Game 3 matchup against Bucks (The Star Movies) New
9 views01:37:31 Revisit the `Star Wars` prequel trilogy as `Phantom Menace` turns 20 (USA Today Movies) New
0 views00:30:15 `Guardians` director James Gunn calls `Brightburn` a `great help to me` after... (USA Today Movies) New
10 views00:24:37 How `Game of Thrones´ Ruined `John Wick: Chapter 3´ for a Conscientious Viewer (indieWIRE) New

19 may 2019

3 views23:45:13 Ford government slashes funding to research institutes focused on artificial ... (The Star Movies) New
5 views23:43:30 New `Once Upon a Time in Hollywood´ Posters Show Off Leonardo DiCaprio´s Agin... (indieWIRE) New
5 views23:12:37 `John Wick 3´ Wins the Box Office, but Weekend Totals Dropped $60 Million fro... (indieWIRE) New
5 views23:12:37 New `Once Upon a Time in Hollywood´ Posters Show Off Leonardo DiCaprio´s Agin... (indieWIRE) New
7 views22:19:12 `John Wick 3´ Wins the Box Office, but Weekend Totals Dropped $60 Million fro... (indieWIRE) New
12 views21:28:20 How Leyna Bloom became the first transgender actress of color to star in a fi... (LA Times Movies) New
5 views21:24:45 `John Wick 3` takes out `Avengers: Endgame` with $57 million box-office debut (USA Today Movies) New
2 views21:10:32 Emilia Clarke Says Goodbye to `Game of Thrones´: `And Now Our Watch Has Ended´ (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:41:00 Asif Kapadia Says `Diego Maradona´ Is Bigger Than `Senna´ and `Amy´ Combined (indieWIRE) New
6 views20:41:00 `SNL´: Leslie `Dracarys´ Jones Goes Off on Alabama´s Anti-Abortion Law (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:40:59 `A Hidden Life´ Review: Terrence Malick´s Best Movie Since `The Tree of Life´... (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:40:59 `A Hidden Life´ First Reactions: A Return to Form for Terrence Malick (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:40:59 `Portrait of a Lady on Fire´ Review: Céline Sciamma Unveils a Painterly Maste... (indieWIRE) New
5 views20:40:59 `The Souvenir´ Is the Top Specialized Opener As Business Remains Soft (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:40:58 `SNL´: Pete Davidson and Paul Rudd Rap About `Grace and Frankie,´ Their Favor... (indieWIRE) New
3 views19:27:59 `John Wick 3´ dethrones `Avengers: Endgame´ at weekend box office (LA Times Movies) New
2 views19:27:59 Cannes: Terrence Malick´s `A Hidden Life´ is a return to form and a spiritual... (LA Times Movies) New
9 views18:58:22 `John Wick 3´ dethrones `Avengers: Endgame´ at the summer box office (LA Times Movies) New
10 views18:49:56 Richard Madden Thinks the `Game of Thrones´ Cast Deserves a Medal (indieWIRE) New
2 views18:34:05 Meet the dog thespians of `A Dog`s Journey,` a mutt method-acting masterclass (USA Today Movies) New
5 views18:05:37 Canadian among 5 killed in Honduras plane crash (The Star Movies) New
4 views18:05:37 Toronto preschool for kids with disabilities can´t accommodate staff who use ... (The Star Movies) New
5 views14:39:39 Gaspar Noe´s Psychedelic Mockumentary `Lux Æterna´ Might Give You Seizures - ... (indieWIRE) New
24 views14:05:41 `Saturday Night Live´ Review: Paul Rudd Closes Out Uneven Season With Unspeci... (indieWIRE) New
24 views14:05:40 `The Lighthouse´ Review: Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe Are Nautical Madme... (indieWIRE) New
8 views13:41:57 Looming election turns up the heat on refugees (The Star Movies) New
7 views13:41:57 Jennifer Wells: Beating China rivals will be a tall order for Tim Hortons (The Star Movies) New
1 views12:13:40 `The Lighthouse´: `The Witch´ Director Gives Robert Pattinson His Best Role Y... (indieWIRE) New
12 views11:50:02 `The Lighthouse´: Critics Say `The Witch´ Director´s Follow-Up Gives Robert P... (indieWIRE) New
2 views02:40:06 25 best revenge movies of all time (USA Today Movies) New
9 views02:40:05 How bad is Disney`s `Aladdin` blue Genie problem after the Will Smith reveal ... (USA Today Movies) New
3 views02:27:56 `The Whistlers´ Review: A Delightful Romanian Twist on `Ocean´s 11´ - Cannes (indieWIRE) New
3 views02:27:55 `Zombi Child´ Review: Bertrand Bonello Proves that the Past Is Undead - Cannes (indieWIRE) New
5 views01:30:24 Pedro Almodóvar´s deeply personal `Pain and Glory´ could bring his first Palm... (LA Times Movies) New

18 may 2019

7 views23:58:47 `The Best Years of a Life´ Review: A Corny Sequel to `A Man and a Woman´ - Ca... (indieWIRE) New
5 views23:04:21 Pedro Almodóvar´s `Pain and Glory´ hands the Cannes competition its first tri... (LA Times Movies) New
4 views21:07:05 Arnold Schwarzenegger Says There´s `Nothing to Worry About´ After Being Dropk... (indieWIRE) New
6 views20:56:37 Patio season is here and has jumped the curb on King Street (The Star Movies) New
10 views20:37:22 `Game of Thrones´: Elizabeth Olsen Had a `Terrible´ Daenerys Audition (indieWIRE) New
11 views20:37:22 `Triangle of Sadness´: Ruben Östlund Reveals Details of `The Square´ Follow-Up (indieWIRE) New
6 views19:37:08 `The Wild Goose Lake´ Review: Diao Yinan Delivers a Ravishing but Unfocused C... (indieWIRE) New
5 views19:37:08 `Mortal Kombat´: James Wan Producing New Adaptation of the Arcade Classic (indieWIRE) New
6 views19:10:57 Inter-library loans to be revived in north after outcry (The Star Movies) New
6 views19:10:57 Will Tim Hortons get lost in translation? (The Star Movies) New
5 views18:39:58 `Booksmart´: Watch the First 6 Minutes of Olivia Wilde´s Acclaimed Comedy (indieWIRE) New
5 views16:34:53 Five Things Tilda Swinton Loves About Cannes (indieWIRE) New
6 views16:12:00 How the `John Wick 3´ team and an NBA player pulled off that fight in a library (LA Times Movies) New
7 views15:25:56 Martin Scorsese-Produced Trans Drama `Port Authority´ Is Quietly Progressive ... (indieWIRE) New
7 views15:25:55 Nicolas Winding Refn on His Alejandro Jodorowsky-Endorsed Move to Streaming: ... (indieWIRE) New
7 views14:14:08 How Toronto police hope to avoid another summer of the gun in 2019 (The Star Movies) New
7 views10:23:50 Cannes 2019: Why Elton John Wasn´t the Only Big Story at the Start of the Fes... (indieWIRE) New
10 views04:34:51 Nicolas Winding Refn Brings Gun-Toting Rapists and an All-Night Car Chase to ... (indieWIRE) New
8 views04:30:11 Prince Edward County grapples with housing shortage amid Airbnb boom (The Star Movies) New
8 views03:07:53 `First Love´ Review: Takashi Miike Delivers a Violently Hilarious Yakuza Romp (indieWIRE) New
3 views03:05:03 Chris Rock will get `intense and twisted` rebooting `Saw` franchise with Jigs... (USA Today Movies) New
4 views02:59:04 LIVE: Raptors could go up a size in big Game 2 matchup against Bucks (The Star Movies) New
3 views02:59:03 Toronto District School Board releases list of cancelled high school classes (The Star Movies) New
8 views02:05:32 `First Love´ Review: Takashi Miike Delivers a Violently Hilarious Yakuza Romp... (indieWIRE) New
4 views00:05:20 Jeff Daniels On Updating Atticus Finch: `I Hit the Delete Button´ on Gregory ... (indieWIRE) New

17 may 2019

5 views23:54:51 He was found not criminally responsible. But he ended up on Ontario´s sex-off... (The Star Movies) New
5 views23:30:28 TV Plays the Procrastination Game As End of Emmy Eligibility Looms (indieWIRE) New
6 views23:30:28 `A Night at Switch n´ Play´ Trailer: Drag Kings, Burlesque, and Glitter - Oh My! (indieWIRE) New
6 views22:47:23 `Rocketman` first reactions: Elton John musical called `triumph,` `fantastic`... (USA Today Movies) New
3 views22:40:05 `Black Monday´: For Don Cheadle, Unpredictability Is Key to Career Longevity (indieWIRE) New
2 views22:40:04 `Game of Thrones´: Relax, the Finale Is Going to Be Just Fine (indieWIRE) New
6 views22:36:16 He wasn´t found guilty. Because of that, he was on Ontario´s sex-offender reg... (The Star Movies) New
1 views22:18:25 Anjelica Huston´s magical movie life, from `Prizzi´s Honor´ to `John Wick´ (LA Times Movies) New
4 views21:34:32 From `Prizzi´s Honor´ to `John Wick´: Anjelica Huston´s magical movie life (LA Times Movies) New
2 views21:33:50 `Little Joe´ Review: A Horror Film that Dangerously Compares Antidepressants ... (indieWIRE) New
2 views21:33:50 `Pain and Glory´ Review: Pedro Almodóvar´s Best Movie in Years Is His Most Pe... (indieWIRE) New
0 views21:29:00 First Reactions To Aladdin Are Here, And People Are ‘Pleasantly Surpris... (MTV Movies Blog) New
2 views21:27:23 `Rocketman´ star Taron Egerton: Don´t compare us to `Bohemian Rhapsody´ (LA Times Movies) New
1 views21:27:23 Reviews for `Maria,´ `The Meanest Man in Texas´ and more (LA Times Movies) New
4 views21:09:54 `True Detective´: Creating the Three Faces of Mahershala Ali´s Troubled Wayne... (indieWIRE) New
1 views20:37:50 `Bond 25´ Has Age Issues, Only One of Which Is Daniel Craig (indieWIRE) New
5 views20:34:06 `His Dark Materials´ First Trailer: James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson Star in HBO Fan... (indieWIRE) New
5 views20:22:06 U.S. and Canada agree to eliminate steel and aluminum tariffs (The Star Movies) New
3 views20:00:50 `Steel Magnolias` is 30! Go inside Julia Roberts` lavish, pink-drenched movie... (USA Today Movies) New
2 views19:54:51 Hate `Game of Thrones´ All You Want, But Don´t Overlook Miguel Sapochnik´s Le... (indieWIRE) New
2 views19:54:51 `A Rainy Day in New York´ Trailer: Woody Allen Self-Releases Footage of Timot... (indieWIRE) New
2 views19:54:50 Amazon Studios Acquires Ladj Ly´s `Les Misérables´ - Cannes (indieWIRE) New
6 views19:12:02 Booksmart‘s Opening Minutes Will Transport You Right Back To High School (MTV Movies Blog) New
9 views19:03:15 Miles Teller: Nicolas Winding Refn `Lost His Mind´ Making TV Series `Too Old ... (indieWIRE) New
19:03:15 More ...

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