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22 july 2019

44 views07:36:43 What to Watch on TV tonight: `Worst Bakers in America´ is back for Season 2. (Washington Post TV) New
5 views07:12:41 Big Little Lies Season 2 Finale Finally Tells Some Truths (E! Online TV News) New
10 views07:00:10 Fear the Walking Dead Isn`t Making a Lot of Sense Right Now (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views07:00:10 The Loudest Voice Episode 4 Recap: Roger Ailes Kidnaps His Mistress (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views06:36:25 `Big Little Lies` Season 2 finale recap: An insufferable end the miniseries d... (USA Today Television) New
9 views02:38:27 Canadian actor Simu Liu on his groundbreaking role as Marvel superhero Shang-Chi (The Star Television) New
9 views02:38:27 Non-profit tech company designs app to help Toronto´s homeless (The Star Television) New
14 views00:50:19 TV Scoop Awards 2019: Vote In the Acting Categories Now (E! Online TV News) New
13 views00:50:18 Riverdale`s Luke Perry Tribute and Season 4 Premiere Episode to Star Shannen ... (E! Online TV News) New

21 july 2019

9 views23:56:27 Gone Baby Gone! Supernatural Stars Give an Impala Away to Fan at San Diego Co... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
6 views23:56:26 Riverdale Casts Shannen Doherty for Special Tribute to Luke Perry (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views23:47:49 `Supernatural` stars tear up at their final Comic-Con: `It`s been quite a ride` (USA Today Television) New
10 views23:47:48 Comic-Con: Shannen Doherty will appear on `Riverdale` tribute to the late Luk... (USA Today Television) New
4 views21:17:18 Nicole Kidman Weighs in on Possible Big Little Lies Season 3 Renewal (E! Online TV News) New
8 views21:15:03 Patrick Stewart`s `Star Trek: Picard` boldly melds past and present in Comic-... (USA Today Television) New
7 views20:30:10 Kaley Cuoco`s Harley Quinn Has a Dirty Mouth in Awesome First Trailer (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views20:30:09 Did You Spot All the Veronica Mars Cameos in Season 4? (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views20:30:09 Every Marvel Movie Expected to Come Out After 2021, Including Blade (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views20:30:09 Who Is Shang-Chi? Meet the MCU`s First Asian Superhero (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views20:30:08 Watch the Veronica Mars Cast Struggle to Remember Who Said These Quotes (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views20:30:08 Wax Nostalgic with These Cobra Kai Cast Portraits from San Diego Comic-Con (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views20:30:08 Big Brother Producer Addresses Bullying Accusations (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views12:30:15 A Look Back at The Walking Dead`s First Ever Comic-Con (E! Online TV News) New
8 views07:30:12 Kaley Cuoco`s Harley Quinn Has Dirty Mouth in Awesome First Trailer (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
9 views04:35:15 2019-2020 TV Scorecard: Which Shows Are Canceled? Which Are Renewed? (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views04:35:15 Marvel Reveals the Cast of Eternals Movie at Comic-Con (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views04:35:14 The Flash Season 6 Casts Heroes` Sendhil Ramamurthy as Villain, Bloodwork (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
9 views04:35:14 Thor: Love and Thunder Confirmed with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views04:35:14 Mahershala Ali Will Play Blade for Marvel (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views04:35:14 Everything We Learned About Marvel`s Disney+ Shows at Comic-Con (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
11 views04:35:13 Here`s Every Marvel Movie and Disney+ Series Coming Out Until 2022 (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views04:26:14 Pot being sold on sidewalk outside shuttered illegal dispensary (The Star Television) New
18 views03:01:39 Comic-Con: `Star Trek` boldly melds past and present with Patrick Stewart`s `... (USA Today Television) New
18 views03:01:39 See `The New World` of HBO`s `Westworld` Season 3 in Comic-Con trailer debut (USA Today Television) New
15 views02:10:17 Westworld Season 3 Details Revealed for the First Time (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
13 views02:10:17 The Orville Is Moving to Hulu for Season 3 (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
13 views02:10:17 Snowpiecer Comic-Con Trailer Gives Us a First Look at the Long-Delayed TBS Show (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
12 views02:10:17 Stephen Amell Gave a Very Special Fan the Best Gift at Arrow`s Final Comic-Co... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views00:37:14 Comic-Con 2019: `Westworld` stars explain how they keep track of the series` ... (LA Times Television) New

20 july 2019

8 views23:10:28 Star Trek Comic-Con Panels for Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks: Everything Tha... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views23:10:28 Here`s Your First Look at the Animated Star Trek: Lower Decks (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views23:10:28 Inside The Good Place`s Emotional Final Comic-Con Panel (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
9 views23:10:27 Star Trek: Picard Trailer Reveals Data, Seven of Nine Will Return (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views23:10:27 The Expanse Season 4 Trailer Reveals the Dangerous New World (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
9 views23:10:27 Westworld Season 3 Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views22:55:51 Third body found in northern B.C. not connected to double homicide, say RCMP (The Star Television) New
8 views22:55:51 Humidex expected to reach mid-40s as heatwave suffocates southern Ontario (The Star Television) New
10 views22:55:51 Justin Trudeau made reconciliation a top priority. Four years later, what´s c... (The Star Television) New
8 views22:55:51 Hundreds of kilometres of Toronto roads lack sidewalks, and lots of people li... (The Star Television) New
8 views21:40:11 TV Scoop Awards 2019: Vote for the Best Comedy and Drama (E! Online TV News) New
7 views21:28:14 HBO`s Epic Watchmen Comic-Con Trailer Reveals Dr. Manhattan For First Time (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views21:28:13 New Star Trek: Short Treks Will Feature Spock, Captain Pike, and a Picard Teaser (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views20:12:04 Game of Thrones` Isaac Hempstead Wright Dismisses Evil Bran Fan Theory (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views20:12:04 All the Best Callbacks in Veronica Mars Season 4 (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
8 views20:12:04 Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Discovery Comic-Con Panels Preview (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
7 views20:12:03 The Walking Dead`s Goodbye Messages to Danai Gurira Will Melt Your Heart (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views17:56:40 Maisie Williams Shuts Down Game of Thrones Fan Theory About the Night King`s ... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
10 views17:56:40 Isaac Hempstead Wright Isn`t Buying That Evil Bran Game of Thrones Fan Theory (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
11 views16:55:50 At Comic-Con, Her Universe`s Ashley Eckstein is the queen of geek couture (LA Times Television) New
27 views12:38:20 What Is the Greatest Superhero Costume on TV? (E! Online TV News) New
15 views09:56:29 Comic-Con: `The Witcher,` `Dark Crystal` vie to be Netflix`s `Game of Thrones` (USA Today Television) New
13 views09:56:29 `Game of Thrones` cast members talk divisive finale during Comic-Con victory lap (USA Today Television) New
12 views09:56:29 Comic-Con: Danai Gurira confirms `The Walking Dead` Season 10 will be her last (USA Today Television) New
7 views07:46:44 Comic-Con 2019: `Game of Thrones` cast defends the finale (LA Times Television) New
8 views07:42:18 Weekend TV listings: `Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted´ premieres on Nat Geo (Washington Post TV) New
21 views06:50:46 Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on Veronica Mars? (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
22 views06:50:45 The End of Veronica Mars Season 4 Undermined Veronica`s Trauma (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
6 views06:09:38 Game of Thrones Stars Didn`t Hold Back From Addressing Season 8 Hate at Comic... (E! Online TV News) New
13 views04:25:15 The 100`s Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor Have Blessed Us With These Dreamy Portr... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
14 views04:25:15 Love Island Recap: Sh-- Got Serious on Friday Night (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
13 views04:25:15 Game of Thrones Cast Addresses Final Season Backlash at Comic-Con Reunion (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
15 views04:25:14 See the First Fan Reactions to Netflix`s Dark Crystal Prequel at Comic-Con (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
14 views04:25:02 Check Out All Your Favorite TV Stars Taking Over Comic-Con 2019 (E! Online TV News) New
13 views03:25:03 What`s on TV This Week, July 21-27: `V.C. Andrews` Heaven,` `Rome in Love` an... (LA Times Television) New
5 views01:45:02 Surprise! Veronica Mars Season 4 Is Out a Week Early On Hulu (E! Online TV News) New
5 views01:45:02 The Walking Dead Comic-Con Panel Confirms Danai Gurira`s Exit and Premieres N... (E! Online TV News) New
9 views01:40:08 Comic-Con: New `Veronica Mars` season drops on Hulu a week early (thanks, Kri... (USA Today Television) New
13 views00:51:57 `Creepshow` trailer teases revival of Stephen King and George A. Romero`s ico... (LA Times Television) New
12 views00:51:57 `Bachelor` creator`s domestic scandal is very on-brand (LA Times Television) New
17 views00:51:57 `Veronica Mars`: At Comic-Con, Hulu announces revival is now streaming (LA Times Television) New
14 views00:51:57 Comic-Con: Another `Walking Dead` spinoff is confirmed; Danai Gurira says she... (LA Times Television) New
15 views00:51:56 `SpongeBob` actors get tearful remembering creator Stephen Hillenburg at Comi... (LA Times Television) New
13 views00:51:56 Comic-Con 2019: How `Superstore` created a legion of superfans (LA Times Television) New
24 views00:51:56 What`s on TV Saturday and weekend talk shows, `Restaurant: Impossible,` Apoll... (LA Times Television) New

19 july 2019

16 views23:39:30 What´s happening in Toronto this weekend: lots of food festivals, and Danny G... (The Star Television) New
24 views23:39:29 A Canadian couple went viral for killing a lion in South Africa, but trophy h... (The Star Television) New
26 views23:39:29 Police seeking witnesses to shooting death of innocent victim just `enjoying ... (The Star Television) New
16 views23:39:29 A healing Danforth looks back, one year after the unimaginable (The Star Television) New
15 views23:39:28 Entrance to illegal pot dispensary blocked again as cat-and-mouse battle cont... (The Star Television) New
14 views23:39:28 Ford´s chief of staff orchestrated pension board shakeup the day before he re... (The Star Television) New
7 views21:50:34 TV Scoop Awards 2019: Vote for Best Fandom and Cast on Social Media (E! Online TV News) New
5 views21:35:18 Mayans M.C. Season 2 Trailer: EZ Tells Angel the Truth About Their Mother (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
5 views21:35:18 Brandon Routh to Play Superman for First Time in 13 Years in Surprise Arrowve... (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
5 views21:35:18 The 100`s Bob Morley Breaks Down This Week`s Intense Bellarke Scene (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
1 views21:35:17 Everything We Know About The Walking Dead`s Rick Grimes Movies (TVGuide.com Breaking News) New
11 views21:08:10 The 100 Stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Are Keeping Real-Life Marriage and ... (E! Online TV News) New
11 views19:46:02 `Queer Eye` airs its biggest tear-jerker when Jonathan Van Ness goes back to ... (USA Today Television) New
10 views19:46:02 Hulu in August: What`s available to stream, from `A Simple Favor` to `Star Trek` (USA Today Television) New
8 views19:46:02 Ellie Kemper has `sad answer` about `Office` reboot, hopes for another possib... (USA Today Television) New
8 views19:46:01 `Stranger Things` breakout star Priah Ferguson on Season 3 and her `cool stunts` (USA Today Television) New
19:46:01 More ...

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