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18 april 2020

55 views04:15:09 We´ll Need A New Model For The Arts. The Question Is What (ArtsJournal) New
45 views04:15:09 Art? Or `A Pre-Raphaelite Wet T-Shirt Competition´? ArtActivistBarbie Hits Th... (ArtsJournal) New
59 views04:15:08 Deborah Borda: How The NY Phil Is Thinking About Rethinking Its Future (ArtsJournal) New
57 views04:15:08 Why Would An Oxford Professor Steal Ancient Papyrus? (ArtsJournal) New
46 views04:15:08 Indie Musicians Take To Social Media To Replace Live Gig Income (ArtsJournal) New
39 views04:15:07 There´s Boredom And Then There´s Boredom As A Punishment (ArtsJournal) New
43 views04:15:07 Cinemark Aims To Reopen Movie Theatres In July (ArtsJournal) New
38 views04:15:07 Speculation: Independent UK Museums Likely Won´t Survive Virus (ArtsJournal) New

17 april 2020

33 views20:25:14 There´s A Whole New World Of Coronavirus Slang Out There (ArtsJournal) New
56 views20:25:14 Are Non-Profits Too Averse To Political Advocacy? (ArtsJournal) New
34 views20:25:14 What´s All This Fuss We Hear About Marina Abramovi´c Being A Satanist? (ArtsJournal) New
32 views20:25:14 In For The Long Haul: Post-Virus World Will Be Very Different For The Arts (ArtsJournal) New
39 views20:25:13 New York´s Public Theater Cancels Shakespeare In The Park, Faces $10-20 Milli... (ArtsJournal) New
45 views20:25:13 Connecting Online: Our Culture Is Moving Online - But Seniors Struggle (ArtsJournal) New
34 views20:25:13 A New York Times And Guardian Critic Tries Out `Remote Immersive Theater´ At ... (ArtsJournal) New
47 views16:46:33 Netflix Is Now Worth More Than ExxonMobil (ArtsJournal) New
45 views16:46:33 It Takes A Lot Of Work To Cancel A Big Arts Festival (ArtsJournal) New
47 views16:46:33 Envisioning A New, Post-Pandemic Dance World (ArtsJournal) New
36 views16:46:33 `Reflective Nostalgia´: Alex Ross On Grieving For His Mother With Brahms (ArtsJournal) New
42 views14:45:26 Actor Brian Dennehy, 81 (ArtsJournal) New
50 views14:45:26 How A Public Radio Station Raised $1 Million In 13 Hours With A Pandemic Pled... (ArtsJournal) New
43 views02:52:26 Armageddon For Print Media? (ArtsJournal) New
32 views02:52:26 Dance Is The Most Physical Of Arts. Here´s How It Changes Your Relationship W... (ArtsJournal) New
39 views02:52:26 Hollywood Writes Off Making Money In 2020 (ArtsJournal) New
42 views02:52:26 Can The US Postal Service Be Saved? (ArtsJournal) New

16 april 2020

31 views22:13:09 I Donated My Paintings To A Prison. Did I Accomplish Anything? (ArtsJournal) New
42 views22:13:09 What Does It Actually Cost To Produce A Dance Performance? (ArtsJournal) New
33 views22:13:09 How Vermont´s National Guard Army Band Did The Impossible And Built A Hospita... (ArtsJournal) New
45 views22:13:09 Jazz Saxophonist Lee Konitz Dead At 92 (ArtsJournal) New
40 views22:13:09 What Are The Thieves Who Stole That Van Gogh Going To Do With It? (ArtsJournal) New
34 views22:13:09 Theatre World Snapshot: TCG Issues Report On Virus Impact (ArtsJournal) New
50 views22:13:09 The Sacred, 370-Year-Old Kabuki In This Japanese Village May Fade Away For La... (ArtsJournal) New
34 views22:13:09 The Old LACMA Buildings Are Being Torn Down. But We Still Don´t Have Gallery ... (ArtsJournal) New
47 views22:13:09 So It Starts: Publications Covering Entertainment Start Laying Off Staff (ArtsJournal) New
49 views17:27:51 Vancouver Symphony Rescinds Layoffs (ArtsJournal) New
37 views17:27:51 Some Live Theaters Want To Reopen On May 6? Actors´ Equity Is Not Having It (ArtsJournal) New
31 views17:27:51 Margaret Atwood Has Created A Puppet Version Of Poe´s `The Masque Of The Red ... (ArtsJournal) New
40 views17:27:51 Not Only Is Albinoni´s Adagio A Movie Cliché, It´s A Total Forgery (ArtsJournal) New
45 views17:27:50 Post An Image You Own On Instagram And You Lose Exclusive Rights To It, Says ... (ArtsJournal) New
52 views17:27:50 Hollywood Begins Puzzling Out How To Restart Movie Shooting When The COVID Lo... (ArtsJournal) New
59 views17:27:50 America´s First MA Program In Community Dance (ArtsJournal) New
39 views03:45:06 The Natural World Is Changing Around Us As We Lock Down. It´s Pretty Great (ArtsJournal) New
55 views03:45:06 Oxford English Dictionary Updates With COVID Words (ArtsJournal) New
45 views03:45:05 Good News? Will COVID Kill Influencer Culture? (ArtsJournal) New

15 april 2020

36 views23:00:05 Court Rules That Video Game `Call Of Duty´ Is A Work Of Art (ArtsJournal) New
50 views23:00:05 Where You Want To Be During The Virus Crisis: Berlin (ArtsJournal) New
62 views23:00:05 What The Art Of The AIDS Era Has To Say To Us Now (ArtsJournal) New
58 views23:00:04 In Lockdown, Pollution Plummets, The Sky Returns And Indians Contemplate A Di... (ArtsJournal) New
46 views20:35:06 Watching Mark Morris Create And Rehearse A Piece For Zoom (ArtsJournal) New
51 views20:35:06 Our Interest In Dystopian Stories Is Soaring. Does It Affect Our Real-World V... (ArtsJournal) New
56 views19:45:06 Artists Have To Turn On Peak Performance On Demand. So Do Athletes. Enter Spo... (ArtsJournal) New
45 views19:45:06 Germany Will Provide Money And Craftspeople To Rebuild Notre-Dame´s Upper Win... (ArtsJournal) New
70 views19:45:06 What Hope Is There For Rebuilding Notre-Dame Amid The COVID Economic Disaster... (ArtsJournal) New
49 views19:45:06 What Does `Liberal` Mean? (ArtsJournal) New
44 views19:45:06 Who Are American Theatre´s Hardworking Heroes During The Corona-Crisis? Finan... (ArtsJournal) New
42 views19:45:06 Survey Says: People Will Be Reluctant To Return To Theatres (ArtsJournal) New
57 views17:20:12 Wynn Handman, Revered Director And Acting Teacher, Dead Of COVID At 97 (ArtsJournal) New
43 views16:56:43 Some Cities With Closed Libraries Are Making Librarians Come To The Buildings... (ArtsJournal) New
44 views16:56:43 How´s The Bolshoi Handling The Epidemic And Shutdown? Nervously (ArtsJournal) New
67 views15:55:05 Susan Jaffe Appointed Artistic Director Of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (ArtsJournal) New
30 views15:15:04 Cannes Finally Admits Film Festival Can´t Happen `In Its Original Form´ (ArtsJournal) New
36 views15:15:04 Condé Nast Starts Its Pay Cuts At The Top (ArtsJournal) New
49 views15:15:03 Instead Of Canceling Rest Of Its Season, Minnesota Orchestra Rearranges It (ArtsJournal) New
37 views00:01:19 Teaching Choreography Lessons Over Zoom (It Can Be Done) (ArtsJournal) New
44 views00:01:19 How Small Non-Profit Arts Organizations Are Slipping Through Cracks (ArtsJournal) New
37 views00:01:19 Here´s To The Workers Disinfecting The World´s Great Historic Sites (ArtsJournal) New
40 views00:01:19 How To Reopen Museums - Quickly And Safely (ArtsJournal) New
50 views00:01:19 After Two Weeks, Photographer Peter Beard Still Missing (ArtsJournal) New
44 views00:01:18 The Arts Helped Build The Berkshires´ New Economy. Now It´s Gone (ArtsJournal) New
37 views00:01:18 How Andrea Bocelli´s Easter Concert In The Empty Milan Cathedral Became A Wor... (ArtsJournal) New
45 views00:01:18 If Travel Is Shut Down Do You Need Travel Books? Lonely Planet Shuts Down (ArtsJournal) New
47 views00:01:18 Will We Lose A Whole Generation Of Artists? (ArtsJournal) New
42 views00:01:18 Italian Cultural Leaders Petition For A National `Save Culture` Fund (ArtsJournal) New
39 views00:01:18 The Metropolitan Museum Turned 150 Monday - Its Doors Closed And Debts Mounting (ArtsJournal) New
48 views00:01:18 Professional Wrestling Has Been Declared An Essential Business By Florida´s G... (ArtsJournal) New
39 views00:01:18 The Complicated Legacy Of PT Barnum And What It Says About America (ArtsJournal) New

14 april 2020

37 views17:32:28 Even Burning Man Has Been Canceled (ArtsJournal) New
41 views17:32:28 Metropolitan Opera Plans A Gala For The Quarantine Age (ArtsJournal) New
38 views17:32:28 Indie Bookstores In Crisis Turn To GoFundMe, But Site Won´t Turn Over Contrib... (ArtsJournal) New
41 views17:32:28 Quibi Sees 1.7 Million Downloads In Its First Week (ArtsJournal) New
37 views17:32:28 Avignon Festival, One Of Europe´s Largest Theatre Events, Cancelled (ArtsJournal) New
34 views17:32:28 Disney-On-Broadway Coronavirus Benefit On Again After Musicians´ Union Relents (ArtsJournal) New
47 views17:32:28 Rio Lights Up Christ The Redeemer Statue To Honor Healthcare Workers Treating... (ArtsJournal) New
48 views17:32:28 How Fear Has Shaped (And Built) New York (ArtsJournal) New
55 views00:05:03 Is There Anything More Useless In A Time Of Crisis Than The Humanities? Maybe... (ArtsJournal) New
48 views00:05:02 Amazon Self-Publishing Promised To Democratize Publishing. Instead... (ArtsJournal) New
45 views00:05:02 Dance That Becomes Dis-Dance (ArtsJournal) New
41 views00:05:02 Broadway Musicians Petition Their Union To Allow Streaming Of Show For COVID ... (ArtsJournal) New
49 views00:05:02 Essential Tool To Survive The Pandemic? Imagination (ArtsJournal) New
37 views00:05:02 Peter Sellars On Art And Creativity After COVID (ArtsJournal) New
42 views00:05:02 Pandemic Could Be An Opportunity To Rethink How Cities Work (ArtsJournal) New

13 april 2020

41 views19:31:22 33 Years Ago, This Novel About A Pandemic In 2020 Got A Lot Right (ArtsJournal) New
41 views19:31:22 How Artists Bear Witness To Events Of Their Time (ArtsJournal) New
41 views19:31:22 How Museums In Europe Are Faring (ArtsJournal) New
35 views17:16:03 For Theatre History´s Sake, Record Your Plays And Musicals (ArtsJournal) New
42 views17:16:03 Baritone Ludovic Tezier Warns That The Virus `Will Have The Skin Of The Arts´... (ArtsJournal) New
43 views17:16:03 What Have We Learned About Wellbeing So Far In Our Isolation? (ArtsJournal) New
51 views17:16:03 Note To Fundraisers: Get The Unions On Board Before You Make A Plan Not To Pa... (ArtsJournal) New
40 views17:16:02 To Heck With Streaming Everything; It´s Time To Read Montaigne (ArtsJournal) New
44 views17:16:02 The View From Quarantine Easels (ArtsJournal) New
17:16:02 More ...

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