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26 march 2019

9 views12:50:45 Beatles to Nirvana: Ranking every Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

20 march 2019

8 views23:44:46 Leadership Akron honors Akron Public Schools Superintendent David W. James (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

8 march 2019

8 views13:55:51 Akron Zoo partners with Canton City Schools for early childhood programming (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

5 march 2019

13 views22:15:02 Akron eases employment requirements for seasonal lifeguards; hiring event set... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

4 march 2019

17 views11:30:55 Money from Ohio`s gas tax pays for roads and bridges. What about mass transit? (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

3 march 2019

17 views15:24:38 Trump desecrated Otto Warmbier: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

1 march 2019

10 views19:19:41 Channel 5 to air domestic violence story tonight (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
14 views15:06:17 Trump-Kim, Jordan-Cohen wrestling matches: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

28 february 2019

15 views22:42:42 Precautionary advisory to boil water issued for portions of Fairlawn Heights (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views19:54:06 Akron Youth Orchestras to perform `side-by-side` concert (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views14:30:52 `Fixer` Cohen damages Donald Trump: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

27 february 2019

11 views13:50:56 Ohio needs Aisha`s Law`s 11 questions to protect others from domestic abusers... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views12:11:55 Trump-Kim Jong Un summit sequel: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

26 february 2019

8 views22:38:43 Strongsville teachers to receive 1.5 percent salary increases under one-year ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views22:09:32 Spending cuts would reach $9.5 million if voters don`t approve May levy, Stro... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

25 february 2019

7 views23:40:10 Strongsville voters to decide in November whether to renew tax for Southwest ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views20:50:57 Strongsville voters in November may decide future of land behind former Metri... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views17:30:17 Amateur `ham` radio enthusiasts coming together March 3 at Spitzer Conference... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

24 february 2019

19 views12:43:21 Jussie Smollett drama deplorable: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

23 february 2019

22 views06:00:10 Reaching out with dance: Local troupes gather for performances, mingling (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views01:07:07 Changes coming in Highland Heights after Coleman`s resignation (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
17 views01:07:07 Two men beaten in Wedo Park; house burglarized on Zaremba Drive: Brook Park P... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views01:07:07 Green-owned Raintree Golf and Event Center names operations team, plans March... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

22 february 2019

5 views13:05:02 Trump mum on real `Enemy of the People`: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
7 views12:24:01 Geronimo still needs a forever home; `Say Yes` in Cleveland still needs mento... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
6 views12:24:01 Automated food-stamp benefits system in Ohio needs a rethink - and immediate ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

21 february 2019

17 views20:56:43 Driver needs no convincing he`s drunk; burglary reported in apartment buildin... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views12:31:33 Bernie Sanders joins 2020 race: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
11 views00:39:37 Polar Bear Jump, Harvest for Hunger fundraisers to benefit Akron-Canton Regio... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

20 february 2019

10 views13:49:25 Roger Stone`s contempt for justice: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views12:10:14 Kevin Kelley and the rest of Cleveland City Council need to grow a backbone i... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
17 views00:02:54 Strongsville schools place new 5.9-mill tax on May ballot, make $1.1 million ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

19 february 2019

16 views18:09:53 Broadview Heights residents will vote on proposed townhomes in May; mayor, co... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
11 views14:10:56 Trump manic over McCabe interview: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

18 february 2019

11 views23:19:14 Ohio 82 reconstruction in Brecksville finishes mostly on budget; digging near... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
16 views22:24:08 University of Akron engineering faculty receive more than $10.9 million in re... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

17 february 2019

14 views14:28:50 North Royalton family to appear on `Feud` (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
22 views14:28:50 Municipal court consolidation in Cuyahoga County needs to be part of the agen... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
19 views14:28:50 Humpty Trumpty declares fake emergency: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

16 february 2019

9 views02:12:14 Jazz drummer Jerome Jennings flies home to where it all started (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

15 february 2019

7 views18:01:50 Yellow vehicle driven over embankment from I-480; woman caught with methamphe... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
6 views14:35:14 Cuy. County Corruption deja vu: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views12:18:07 Six-month amnesty window for low-income Ohio drivers unfairly burdened by lic... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views12:18:07 Life of pioneering pilot Bessie Coleman to be celebrated today: Cheers & Jeers (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views01:48:43 Mason jar with marijuana found in car; rear license plate reported stolen: Be... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

14 february 2019

11 views22:01:24 J.M. Smucker Company to donate $500,000 to support Akron Children`s Hospital ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
11 views13:53:11 Trump tax plan isn`t all roses and refunds: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views02:02:15 University of Akron engineering students donate Valentine`s Day gifts to chil... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

13 february 2019

24 views22:15:04 Akron Zoo offering free admission on Presidents Day (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views16:23:05 Browns could also sign Kaepernick: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views13:19:10 Scams abound; Right at Home rep informs Avon seniors (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
5 views13:19:09 Home builder proposes 20-lot subdivision off State Road in North Royalton (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views13:19:09 Brecksville mayor to receive 4.5 percent raise after November 2019 election (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
6 views13:19:09 Broadview Heights mayor, City Council may receive raises after November 2019 ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
7 views13:19:08 Shame on the bean-counters overseeing the Cuyahoga County Jail. The eight jai... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

10 february 2019

14 views21:29:01 Courage to Caregivers expands ways to help those caring for the mentally ill (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views18:22:13 Frank Robinson reports to that great baseball diamond in the sky: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
14 views12:29:51 Federal judges were right: Ohio gerrymandering lawsuit should go forward: edi... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

8 february 2019

21 views18:00:55 Intoxicated man curses, yells in Marc`s; police arrest Giant Eagle shoplifter... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views15:40:03 All 60 Grammy Album of the Year winners ranked from worst to best (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
11 views12:59:12 Quilt exhibit is up at Farmpark: Handmade works of art include one that took ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views12:59:11 Bipartisan deal to head off another shutdown would be strengthened by Rob Por... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
10 views12:59:11 The team trucks are in Arizona, Indians pitchers and catchers will not be far... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views12:59:10 Virginia Democrat naughty list grows: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
32 views01:45:07 Elderly man demands money in sandwich shop; teens start fires in OhioGuidesto... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

7 february 2019

19 views23:51:25 Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad to offer Valentine`s Day train rides in February (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views19:48:49 Local Spoon Blossoms creator has `Shark Tank` aspirations (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
14 views15:03:06 Grammy Awards: Ranking all 61 Song of the Year winners (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
14 views15:03:06 Ocasio-Cortez stare-down, Pelosi clap: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
18 views05:16:09 February events to mark Black History Month (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

6 february 2019

14 views23:46:28 Bridgestone to build Akron plant to make Firestone racing tires (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
14 views23:13:07 Akron Municipal Court experiencing temporary Internet outage (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views13:53:35 Trump State of the Union speech: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
11 views13:00:22 Grammy Awards: All 58 Best New Artist winners ranked (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views12:03:57 To underwrite urgent transportation projects, Ohio needs to raise its gas tax... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

5 february 2019

10 views21:34:38 Cortland Bank opens first Cuyahoga County branch in Strongsville (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
7 views17:56:00 Strongsville will pay North Royalton firm $1 million to install sanitary sewe... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
17 views15:28:10 Northam damaging damage control: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
7 views13:49:24 Grammy Awards: Ranking all 60 Record of the Year winners (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

4 february 2019

15 views22:56:50 Brecksville-Broadview Heights schools treasurer to receive 2 percent raises i... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
17 views21:31:48 Brecksville-Broadview Heights schools treasurer to receive 2-percent raises i... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views20:46:51 Hudson woman, without kidneys, perseveres as she hopes for donor (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

3 february 2019

14 views17:02:37 Comment here on cleveland.com court and crime stories for Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
15 views15:21:04 Super Asterisk Bowl: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
21 views12:11:19 Clawing back a $150,000 jobs grant is the right thing for Brooklyn to do. But... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

2 february 2019

23 views01:08:58 10 nonprofits to get free design services from Cuyahoga Falls agency (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

1 february 2019

9 views22:14:11 Male uses screwdriver to rob Subway; wanted man leads police on car chase: Br... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
8 views22:14:11 Akron Zoo`s new Laser Lights event starts Feb. 15 (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
13 views21:01:18 Sip some soup to help out Cleveland students: Area restaurants are simmering ... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views14:30:11 Kasich first class rudeness on display: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
16 views12:41:26 Cheers to all the folks who worked in the polar vortex`s bitter cold on behal... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views12:41:25 Ohio Parole Board needs to be fully staffed and it needs to hold its meetings... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
17 views02:00:31 Police find loaded revolver, marijuana cigar in car; man totes sword in backs... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

31 january 2019

14 views20:13:55 Downtown Akron Partnership video encourages residents to explore downtown off... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views14:34:39 Trump attacks U.S. Intel Chiefs: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
18 views03:02:39 City of Akron opens overnight warming center at Mason Park Community Center (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New

30 january 2019

14 views18:57:26 Starbucks` Schultz`s Presidential bid gets ground up: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
8 views15:47:56 Starbuck Schultz Presidential bid gets ground up: Darcy cartoon (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
12 views13:55:45 Say Yes a win for Cleveland schoolkids and for the city`s future although hur... (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
9 views00:18:43 Change orders increase cost of Strongsville locker-room project (Cleveland.com Plain Dealer) New
00:18:43 More ...

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