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20 february 2018

3 views06:23:21 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Donations sought for survivors, including `wel... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views02:50:10 Newcomer’s guide to spring in Phoenix (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
1 views00:36:21 Needle exchanges are on the rise across U.S. In Arizona, they`re illegal (for... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

19 february 2018

2 views18:56:23 Modern homes in Phoenix historic districts causing rift, and now, no one`s happy (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views17:34:28 10 incoming East Valley developments to watch (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views17:34:27 Scottsdale man fatally shot in his driveway after checking noise, police say (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views17:34:26 Her family saved for Disneyland. Then a Phoenix rental-car company ripped her... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views17:34:24 Lawmaker: Lack of regulation for Arizona tattoo industry is ‘shocking&r... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views05:13:11 Travel advisories issued as snowstorm approaches northern Arizona (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views05:13:10 Man killed after officer-involved shooting at Scottsdale Fashion Square, poli... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views05:13:10 `Our mission is to unite`: Phoenix Chinese Week festival celebrates history, ... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views02:38:21 Police: Third Arizona student arrested in 2 days after bringing gun to school (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views02:38:21 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: `We should not have been up there,` Las Vegas ... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

18 february 2018

4 views23:30:24 Officials: Man shot by Mesa police has died (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:30:22 Boy, 3, pulled `unresponsive` from Queen Creek-area pool (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:30:20 After massive Mexico earthquake, fatal helicopter crash, Phoenix residents fe... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views23:30:19 Crash in Phoenix leaves one person dead, police say (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views23:30:17 Scottsdale UFO conference: `We`re not alone in the universe` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:30:15 Ex-Scottsdale cheerleading coach pleads guilty to attempted molestation (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:30:13 Thousands of FEMA rescuers spent more time traveling, awaiting orders than on... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:30:12 Car hits 3 pedestrians in Phoenix (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views23:30:10 Phoenix ranks 9th most unaffordable city for renters, according to study (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views23:30:08 Severe winter storm, heavy snow headed to northern Arizona (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views03:08:49 Mesa to consider ASU development in downtown...again. This time with film, ga... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

17 february 2018

2 views20:27:18 Nubby the Chihuahua: Challenged, but spreading comfort at Mesa hospital (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views04:33:54 `Taken in the prime of life`: Community remembers Grand Canyon helicopter-cra... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views04:33:53 Driver faces manslaughter charge in Mesa crash that left 1 dead (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views04:33:52 Chandler principal: No school punishment for students over racist video on so... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views04:33:50 Phoenix police: Missing 2-year-old girl found safe in Las Vegas (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views04:33:49 Arizona woman who has never left the country wakes up with British accent (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views02:33:49 Chandler principal: No school punishment to students in racist video on socia... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

16 february 2018

4 views20:43:42 The story of a star Arizona chef, and the sexual assault allegations that fol... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views20:43:41 Why doesn`t Phoenix have a `stupid hiker` law? (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views04:54:56 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Flights resume after five days (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views04:54:55 Photo of human swastika composed of Phoenix high-school students circulates o... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views04:54:54 200 animals seized from pet boarding facility in Phoenix (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views04:54:53 Mesa police at shooting scene involving officer (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views04:54:52 Suspect in fatal stabbing of Glendale woman remains at large (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views04:54:50 Chaparral High student in custody after gun found in car on campus in Scottsdale (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views04:54:49 Police identify ASU student accused of stabbing man in hand (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views04:54:48 Abandoned puppies found in Phoenix alley need homes (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views04:54:46 Bland: Who knows what to do about mass shootings? People who have experienced it (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views04:54:45 Scottsdale schools` official cites `personal threats and attacks` in resignat... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

15 february 2018

3 views22:27:08 Phoenix man pleads guilty to murder in wife`s decapitation (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views22:27:07 Tablets, laptops and drones: Amazon gifts Arizona schools free technology (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views21:11:50 Fatal crash closes McKellips Road between Hayden and Loop 101 in Scottsdale (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
9 views21:11:49 Wet Phoenix-area weather through morning, likely to dry up by evening (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views04:09:36 Florida school shooting: Giffords slams politicians, says `we chose this fate` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views04:09:36 Do you know your Valentine? Here`s how to background check your date (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views00:51:38 Phoenix area hit with rain on Valentine`s Day (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views00:51:38 P.S., I`m innocent: GOP donor`s plea deal falls apart over secret scribble in... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views00:51:38 What FAA records, flight data tells us about the fatal Grand Canyon crash (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views00:51:38 No time for church, `Ashes to Go` helps believers observe Ash Wednesday (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

14 february 2018

9 views17:34:08 Pension trick may save Phoenix $10 million (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
7 views17:34:07 Surprise man spends thousands in probate court costs as he tries to help wife... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views17:34:07 Arizona couple fall in love again after husband loses memory (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
10 views17:34:07 Jodi Arias prosecutor manipulated women to get juror info, complaint alleges (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views08:22:46 2 Arizona men arrested in connection with unrelated 1980s homicides (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views08:22:46 Postal Service to make special holiday pickups in Phoenix-area cities (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views08:22:46 After backlash, Arizona prison raises minimum number of free pads for incarce... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
10 views01:25:25 Court: Get here on time or risk losing your child (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

13 february 2018

2 views23:22:01 Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing at convenience store in north Phoenix (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:22:00 Inmate`s death in Florence prison called a suicide (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views23:21:59 Student stabbed in hand with kitchen knife at Arizona State University`s Manz... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views23:21:58 Scottsdale residents rally for school board to fire superintendent (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views19:23:46 3-year-old dies in Phoenix car accident that injured 4 other people (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views19:23:46 Arizona Appeals Court reverses $375K award in Surprise harassment case (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views19:23:45 Phoenix school district weighs teacher pay cuts to solve $2M budget deficit (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views19:23:44 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Brothers killed were `like twins` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views19:23:44 Arizonans may pay higher court fees with new bill to fund pensions for judges... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views00:32:50 A rainy Valentine`s Day? It could happen as clouds bring rain to Phoenix area (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views00:32:49 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Aircraft will be taken to Phoenix for examination (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views00:32:48 Controversial Phoenix ID cards for immigrants dies before it ever began (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views00:32:47 Judge gives Tempe `squatter` 30 days to vacate land he claims is his (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views00:32:46 Arizona revokes charter for shuttered Goodyear school (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views00:32:45 Teen wounded in shooting near Ombudsman Charter School in Glendale (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
2 views00:32:44 Phoenix weather: 10 driest winters in recorded history (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

12 february 2018

7 views19:47:57 A tougher tack on parents with drug issues cuts against Arizona`s family-firs... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
7 views03:23:55 Phoenix could see `significant chance` of rain between Monday and Friday (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views03:23:54 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Rescuers endured `extreme and hostile conditions` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views03:23:54 `A life that mattered`: Arizona civil-rights leader Bill Straus dies at 69 (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
6 views03:23:54 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Experts say crowded airspace is `a recipe for ... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

11 february 2018

4 views23:12:02 Posh dog house competition saves thousands of Arizona animals (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:12:01 How tax-reform changes will affect homeowners and those considering buying (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:12:00 Phoenix firefighter suspected of stealing money at 8 fire stations (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:12:00 Rescue continues after 3 dead, 4 injured in Papillon Airways helicopter crash... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views23:11:59 Appeals Court gives Hopi Tribe another chance in fight against treated wastew... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views23:11:58 Grand Canyon helicopter crash: `We`re in the recovery and investigation mode` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views23:11:58 Arturo Durazo Moreno: The story of `El Negro`s` secret, corrupt life dug up b... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

10 february 2018

12 views22:50:30 Email shows Denise Birdwell, Scottsdale schools leaders were told of ex-CFO`s... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
11 views03:11:39 `A way of making your heart soar`: Family, friends remember slain Tempe fire ... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
10 views03:11:38 Millionaire jumps into race to challenge Michele Reagan for Arizona secretary... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views00:08:41 How to write a love letter for Valentine`s Day (or any other day) and why it`... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New

9 february 2018

4 views21:18:34 How Arizona lawmakers may limit Tempe voters` choice on `dark money` (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
5 views19:00:14 4 home developments headed to Glendale as northwest Valley grows (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
4 views17:52:35 Leprosy still exists in Arizona, but the state`s only clinic is closing amid ... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
3 views16:48:15 Phoenix leprosy patients fear for their future with regional clinics set to c... (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views07:42:41 Flagstaff student faces charges after school threat seen on Snapchat (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views07:42:41 Arizona inmate walks away from work crew in Phoenix (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
8 views07:42:41 Mesa indecent-exposure suspect was under surveillance during 1 incident (AZCentral.com Arizona) New
07:42:41 More ...

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