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6 october 2022

28 views21:45:13 Windows 11 preview build 25217 rolls out with support for third-party widgets (Windows Phone Central) New
19 views20:26:43 How to find computer model number on Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
11 views19:40:13 Microsoft is wrestling with yet another problem with latest Windows 11 update (TechRadar) New

5 october 2022

34 views18:02:26 Android 12L for Surface Duo to feature Windows 11-inspired UI design updates (Windows Phone Central) New
27 views18:02:26 How to use BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 10 (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views18:02:26 Microsoft increases availability of Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views13:44:31 How to use WSATools to install Android apps outside Amazon Appstore on Window... (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views12:53:56 First `Windows 11 version 22H2` feature drop heads to Insider Release Preview... (Windows Phone Central) New

4 october 2022

27 views21:30:12 The best cheap Windows laptop deals for students, work, and more in October 2022 (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views15:58:52 PC gamers are finally dropping the Windows 11 hate (TechRadar) New
7 views15:40:33 Windows 11 2022 Update slowing file transfers by up to 40% (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views14:48:53 AMD Ryzen 7000 gives Windows users the perfect reason to move to Linux (TechRadar) New
17 views13:40:11 How to enable phishing protection on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
20 views06:11:34 How to get started with Android apps on Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New

1 october 2022

30 views18:20:12 Microsoft News Roundup: Surface Studio 3, Laptop 5, Pro 9 leaks, Intel Arc an... (Windows Phone Central) New

30 september 2022

20 views23:48:45 Even the Windows logo isn`t safe from malware (TechRadar) New
32 views21:52:21 How to use the HDR Calibration app on Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
18 views14:21:06 Windows 11 update gives users more control over what`s using a file (TechRadar) New
31 views14:21:06 Windows 11 22H2 printer bug breaks key features for some users (TechRadar) New

29 september 2022

27 views21:27:01 A new dangerous malware is turning Windows and Linux devices into DDoS tools (TechRadar) New
27 views20:35:13 Best webcam for Windows PCs 2022 (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views20:35:13 Windows 11 adds another shortcut to the Task Manager with Insider Build 25211 (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views19:03:02 You`ll be able to turn Windows 11 into Windows XP using this app (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views16:19:02 Is Microsoft forcing Spotify onto Windows 11 users? (TechRadar) New
35 views13:07:58 How to access Google Drive on any device (Android Police) New

28 september 2022

27 views21:04:25 Say goodbye to Microsoft SwiftKey on iOS (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views13:51:50 Windows 11 version 22H2: Everything you need to know about Microsoft`s big 20... (Windows Phone Central) New
40 views07:46:46 Tenancy Tribunal: Rabbit ownership breeds issues for tenant and landlord alike (New Zealand Herald) New

27 september 2022

31 views20:43:47 How to check your computer uptime on Windows 10 (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views19:48:28 Finally, Intel is getting your Android and iOS phones to work with Windows li... (Windows Phone Central) New
33 views17:32:38 Windows 11 22H2 suffers nasty bug that crashes some PCs with Intel CPUs (TechRadar) New
28 views16:16:15 This Windows Phone emulator for Android wants to revive some of your favorite... (Android Police) New
23 views14:46:47 Here`s how the Windows 11 2022 Update protects your passwords and privacy fro... (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views11:48:15 Windows 11 Android app support rolls out to more countries — here`s how to ... (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views02:06:58 Windows Central Podcast #285: Just use your phone (Windows Phone Central) New

26 september 2022

24 views22:23:53 Windows 11 will now warn if you accidentally type out your password (TechRadar) New
32 views18:53:00 Windows 11 bug that caused havoc with Nvidia GPUs is fixed (TechRadar) New
30 views18:05:21 NVIDIA releases fix for stuttering issues and dropped frame rates caused by W... (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views16:39:55 Microsoft finally confirms the release date for Windows 10`s major 2022 update (TechRadar) New

24 september 2022

49 views20:37:21 Windows 11 2022 Update: The ultimate resource guide (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views15:30:58 Windows 11 2022 Update: Have you upgraded yet? (Windows Phone Central) New
47 views15:30:58 Microsoft News Roundup: Surface event, Windows 11 2022 Update, RTX 4000 GPUs,... (Windows Phone Central) New

23 september 2022

19 views16:36:38 Do Xbox owners actually use Xbox backward compatibility? 95% of Windows Centr... (Windows Phone Central) New
53 views16:36:38 Windows 11 Build 22621.607 rolls out to Release Preview Channel with load of ... (Windows Phone Central) New
18 views14:25:02 Windows 11 22H2 fail is tanking Nvidia GPU framerates – and gamers aren`t h... (TechRadar) New
30 views14:20:53 Windows 11 2022 Update causing games to stutter and frame rates to drop (Windows Phone Central) New
38 views00:57:31 How to use Focus on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New

22 september 2022

29 views23:50:21 How to disable Quick Settings and Notifications flyouts on Windows 11 2022 Up... (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views22:55:24 How to disable update notifications on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
27 views22:25:10 What`s new with the desktop interface on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
23 views19:50:13 What to expect from Microsoft`s fall 2022 Surface hardware event (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views19:50:01 Windows 11 now has much better protection against brute-force attacks (TechRadar) New
30 views16:06:58 What`s new with the touch experience on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views16:06:58 What`s new for accessibility on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views16:06:58 Stardeus for Windows PC looks like Rimworld on a spaceship, and I`m here for it (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views15:44:09 How to download and start using iTunes on Windows (iMore iPhone) New
33 views13:56:37 What`s new with Notifications on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
25 views06:25:23 Netgear can give your old PC Wi-Fi 6E speeds - but there`s a catch (TechRadar) New
38 views05:37:08 How to reclaim space after upgrading to Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views04:36:50 What`s new with Task Manager on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
27 views04:36:50 What`s new with the Taskbar on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
21 views03:58:29 What`s new with Snap assist on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
38 views02:52:07 How to get started with Microsoft Defender Antivirus on Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views02:52:07 What`s new with the Start menu on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views01:02:57 Ram raid: Security screening foils thieves at Paraparaumu Beach WineCraft store (New Zealand Herald) New

21 september 2022

39 views23:10:07 New Windows 11 Photos app in testing among Dev Channel Insiders (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views22:06:19 Windows 11 Builds 22621.601 and 22622.601 roll out to Beta Channel (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views10:16:39 How to uninstall Windows 11 apps (Android Police) New

20 september 2022

27 views22:52:57 What`s new with the Out-of-box Experience (OOBE) on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
25 views22:52:57 What`s new with the Settings app on Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views20:22:53 Windows 11 2022 update makes Android apps faster, with better touch controls ... (TechRadar) New
31 views20:22:53 Windows 11 2022 update brings graphics options for games and a new Controller... (TechRadar) New
32 views19:31:55 Microsoft confirms Windows 10 version 22H2 will launch in October (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views19:31:55 Microsoft Store integration with Amazon Prime Video now in testing among Wind... (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views19:31:55 New unified OneNote app on the way to Windows this month (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views19:31:55 Windows 11 2022 Update boosts PC gaming with new Controller bar, HDR Calibrat... (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views19:31:55 Windows 11 version 22H2 is now available as the `2022 Update` with new featur... (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views19:31:55 Android app support on Windows 11 reaches 20,000 apps, expanding to 31 market... (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views19:31:55 Microsoft confirms new update cadence for Windows 11 with frequent feature dr... (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views19:31:55 Microsoft unveils first feature drop coming to Windows 11 version 22H2 next m... (Windows Phone Central) New
19 views19:16:30 Windows 11 2022 update brings Microsoft`s grand security vision to fruition (TechRadar) New
22 views19:16:30 Tabs to File Explorer and more finally arrive in new Windows 11 2022 update (TechRadar) New
14 views19:16:30 Live blog: Windows 11`s first major update is here, but what`s in it you? (TechRadar) New
58 views04:55:03 Oregon man pleads guilty to breaking windows, destroying Planned Parenthood p... (Fox News National) New

19 september 2022

23 views22:56:17 How to use an Xbox controller with your PC (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views19:17:04 Why you should opt-out of the Insider Program after version 22H2 is finalized (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views19:04:28 Portland residents targeted by man lobbing objects at unsuspecting drivers sl... (Fox News National) New
44 views10:56:50 How to install Android APKS on Windows 11 (Android Police) New

18 september 2022

39 views12:25:01 How to set up Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 PC (Android Police) New
34 views00:28:39 Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G review: Fine-tuning a winning formula (Windows Phone Central) New

16 september 2022

26 views16:23:33 A huge number of Windows servers are lacking proper security protection (TechRadar) New
31 views14:42:04 Windows 11 Build 22000.1041 rolls out to Release Preview Channel Insiders, ad... (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views14:40:11 New Windows 10 update fail is confusing users with weird error messages (TechRadar) New

15 september 2022

27 views21:07:18 Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 improves startup times and security (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views16:20:12 Windows Central Podcast #283: Takeaways (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views15:13:23 Best Windows tablets 2022 (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views15:12:09 Windows 11: How to back up your PC quickly and easily (Android Police) New
30 views14:04:52 Full-screen widgets are coming to a future Windows 11 update (TechRadar) New
37 views13:54:26 Widows 11: How to back up your PC quickly and easily (Android Police) New

14 september 2022

33 views18:20:03 Windows Terminal Preview now supports customizable themes (Windows Phone Central) New
18:20:03 More ...

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