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20 october 2021

44 views23:10:51 Can you die in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? (iMore iPhone) New
23 views22:06:13 Sale titles for the Switch for Halloween and every day (iMore iPhone) New
20 views19:31:49 Nintendo Switch OLED is capable of HDR, but doesn`t support it (iMore iPhone) New
25 views19:24:23 Make your amiibo work for you in Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch (iMore iPhone) New
19 views16:08:24 Review: Twelve South HoverBar Duo is the iPad stand you`ve been looking for (iMore iPhone) New

19 october 2021

41 views22:17:27 Are these games in your 3DS collection? Here are some of the best. (iMore iPhone) New
14 views19:52:51 Sega Genesis controllers for Nintendo Switch are available for preorder (iMore iPhone) New
19 views14:16:04 Explaining ‘Vivid` mode on the Switch OLED and the best games for it (Washington Post Technology) New

18 october 2021

23 views23:33:50 You can`t use the Animal Crossing DLC offline via Nintendo Switch Online (iMore iPhone) New
18 views17:03:29 Still using BIOS? It`s time to switch to UEFI — here`s how on Windows 10. (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views17:03:29 Microsoft Outlook extension now available for Chrome (Windows Phone Central) New
17 views16:24:58 Greedent comes to Pok&eaigu;mon UNITE during the Halloween Festival event! (iMore iPhone) New
32 views06:25:24 Carolyn Hax: Spouse of a nocturnal husband struggles with leading parallel lives (Washington Post Style) New

17 october 2021

33 views23:00:33 Here are the N64 and Genesis games coming to Nintendo Switch Online (iMore iPhone) New
25 views17:06:50 Nintendo Switch Online N64 games: a brief introduction to every game (TechRadar) New
22 views15:06:45 Nintendo recap: Emulator ethicality, Pok&eaigu;mon BDSP Exp. Share, and more (iMore iPhone) New
39 views00:39:59 Grab an N64 controller while you can, they`re selling out fast (iMore iPhone) New

16 october 2021

35 views22:47:27 Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons support save transfers? (iMore iPhone) New
27 views18:15:15 Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack simply isn`t worth the price (iMore iPhone) New
42 views15:20:45 This is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update fans have been waiting for (iMore iPhone) New

15 october 2021

30 views22:37:30 The Nintendo Switch OLED model is out, here`s everything you should know (iMore iPhone) New
34 views19:48:17 Will there be cooking in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? (iMore iPhone) New
24 views19:36:43 You`ll lose access to the Animal Crossing DLC if your NSO sub expires (iMore iPhone) New
32 views19:28:07 Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a DLC package! Here`s what we know (iMore iPhone) New
23 views18:49:41 Tiny Wings+ has flapped its way into Apple Arcade — download now! (iMore iPhone) New
52 views16:45:14 Design vacation homes for residents with new Animal Crossing paid DLC (iMore iPhone) New

14 october 2021

31 views20:30:13 Majority of Americans now want a reduced government, in switch from last year... (FOX News Politics) New
26 views02:36:10 Anker launches stylish Soundcore Frames with `surround sound` for $200 (Android Central) New
36 views02:32:58 Charging puck for Apple Watch Series 7 is now made out of aluminum (iMore iPhone) New

13 october 2021

23 views22:48:29 Great deals on these Switch titles this week (iMore iPhone) New
37 views19:06:46 Review: Nintendo Switch OLED model`s screen is breathtaking (iMore iPhone) New
34 views18:53:47 Which color is best for the Switch OLED model? (iMore iPhone) New
7 views17:36:32 The Keychron K14 is a new 70% Bluetooth, hot-swappable mechanical keyboard (iMore iPhone) New
32 views16:35:01 These HomeKit devices are the best of the best (iMore iPhone) New

12 october 2021

30 views22:00:39 Can I get away with just playing Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3? (iMore iPhone) New
26 views21:33:37 Everything you need to know about multitasking on your iPad (iMore iPhone) New
27 views19:46:32 Kick up your feet with the AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Office Chair (iMore iPhone) New
20 views18:21:42 Apple making a Nintendo Switch competitor doesn`t make much sense (iMore iPhone) New
25 views17:32:08 Nintendo Switch Pro: everything we know about the long-rumored 4K Switch (TechRadar) New
25 views16:24:13 Review: Metroid Dread is a stellar continuation of Samus` journey (iMore iPhone) New
33 views11:11:23 Another report claims Apple is working on a Nintendo Switch rival (iMore iPhone) New

11 october 2021

24 views23:39:23 You`ve got to unlock Gooigi before you can play Luigi`s Mansion 3 in co-op (iMore iPhone) New
37 views20:50:56 Get your party on with the Jackbox Party Pack 6, available for free! (iMore iPhone) New
39 views19:36:32 Apple releases watchOS 8.0.1 with a focus on Apple Watch Series 3 (iMore iPhone) New
37 views19:07:17 Review: Super Mario Party returns to form, but still not what should it be (iMore iPhone) New
27 views16:50:02 N64 games on Nintendo Switch contain a great option for purists (TechRadar) New
29 views16:46:48 Don`t worry, Europeans — Nintendo 64 games will be 60 Hz on the Switch (iMore iPhone) New
25 views14:34:11 Does the Nintendo Switch OLED need a screen protector? (TechRadar) New
21 views14:03:43 Netgear Nighthawk LAX20 4G LTE Wi-Fi 6 router review (Android Central) New
22 views13:09:41 Rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake dev ideal choice to bring the game to Switch (TechRadar) New

10 october 2021

19 views23:24:22 Why the Fossil Gen 6 didn`t convince me to switch away from my Apple Watch (TechRadar) New
24 views23:11:39 Use this guide to defeat those tricky ghost bosses in Luigi`s Mansion 3 (iMore iPhone) New
42 views16:13:15 How the new Nintendo Switch OLED model compares to the Switch V2? (iMore iPhone) New
33 views15:32:45 North Carolina man wins the lottery with a ticket he forgot he even bought (CNN.com US) New
31 views14:15:40 Protect your new Nintendo Switch OLED with these cases (iMore iPhone) New
48 views14:15:40 Keep your new Switch OLED model`s screen scratch-free with these protectors (iMore iPhone) New

9 october 2021

61 views18:03:19 Nintendo recap: Sora in Smash, OLED models, and Metroid Dread, oh my! (iMore iPhone) New

8 october 2021

18 views23:17:00 Here`s how to use voice chat in Pok&eaigu;mon Unite on both Switch and iOS (iMore iPhone) New
32 views18:58:17 Get ready to do some crimes with these Grand Theft Auto games on Switch! (iMore iPhone) New
28 views18:01:22 Be the best Samus you can be with these Metroid Dread tips (iMore iPhone) New
16 views17:38:16 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is real, and it`s coming to Nintendo Switch (TechRadar) New
22 views13:46:38 This is why the Nintendo Switch OLED enhanced speakers sound so good (TechRadar) New

7 october 2021

26 views20:16:03 Here`s how to share Switch games between two consoles (iMore iPhone) New
27 views13:31:23 I can`t wrap my head around this baffling Nintendo Switch OLED flaw (TechRadar) New
36 views02:39:26 ProRes video for iPhone 13 Pro now available in third beta of iOS 15.1 (iMore iPhone) New

6 october 2021

28 views23:34:44 There`s a total of 86 fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (iMore iPhone) New
43 views22:04:59 Get a new game for your Switch on sale (iMore iPhone) New
15 views21:23:37 Once you see the Nintendo Switch OLED, it`s hard to go back (Washington Post Technology) New
21 views20:40:56 Here`s where to get your Nintendo Switch OLED model preorder today (iMore iPhone) New
16 views17:43:47 Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch: what`s different? (TechRadar) New
22 views17:14:41 Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch Lite: which Switch is right for you? (TechRadar) New
28 views16:01:20 Is the Switch OLED Model the Switch Pro? (iMore iPhone) New

5 october 2021

43 views22:03:28 Triangle Strategy for Nintendo Switch: Release date, gameplay and everything ... (iMore iPhone) New
32 views21:32:35 Here`s how Cloud Streaming works on Nintendo Switch (iMore iPhone) New
21 views18:54:14 Jiggle Physics 099: Game Dev Acquisitions; Pok&eaigu;mon Legends: Arceus (Android Central) New
34 views17:17:28 Steve and Alex are about to become amiibo figures for the Switch (Windows Phone Central) New
24 views15:03:52 Review: The Binbok Joy Pad Controller is one of the best ones out there (iMore iPhone) New
28 views14:05:39 This Nintendo Switch Online rumor could be a Rare opportunity for Switch owners (TechRadar) New
35 views09:03:53 EPOS announced its latest premium gaming headset (iMore iPhone) New

4 october 2021

35 views22:39:49 Game on with these great controllers for your Nintendo Switch (iMore iPhone) New
34 views21:29:19 How to install OxygenOS 12 (Android 12) on your OnePlus phone right now (Android Central) New
35 views18:23:04 Who is the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter? (iMore iPhone) New
23 views14:22:55 The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles, deals and sale prices in October 2021 (TechRadar) New
31 views13:53:27 HyperX announces Pulsefire Mat RGB mouse pad to light up your gaming desk (Windows Phone Central) New

2 october 2021

36 views17:14:06 Poll: Do you use smart home products around the house? (Android Central) New
33 views16:59:20 Nintendo denies giving out 4K kits, but is that true? (iMore iPhone) New
32 views16:24:00 Nintendo denies giving out 4K kits, but sources say it`s true (iMore iPhone) New

1 october 2021

24 views21:31:15 Aang and Korra join the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl roster — preorders open! (iMore iPhone) New
31 views21:03:13 How to enable (or disable) Game Mode in Windows 10 and 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views18:53:34 It`s a great time to be a Nintendo Switch owner (iMore iPhone) New
93 views17:42:16 [Updated: The deal has been temporarily extended] NBC Universal and YouTube T... (TalkAndroid.com) New
12 views15:14:15 Outfit your entire home with up to 30% off Sylvania smart bulbs (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views01:41:16 Better regulations need to be implemented on the Nintendo eShop (iMore iPhone) New
29 views01:41:16 Nintendo Switch emulator Expansion Pack: Prices, release date, and more (iMore iPhone) New
32 views01:41:16 Learn all about Kirby and the Forgotten Land (iMore iPhone) New
41 views00:07:29 Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC on January 12, 2022 (Windows Phone Central) New

30 september 2021

27 views23:13:53 The FCC calls for better protections against SIM swapping, port-out scams (Android Central) New
23 views19:54:20 Is protecting my device with T-Mobile phone insurance worth it? (Android Central) New
18 views18:37:59 Marvel`s Guardians of the Galaxy could be the hit that Avengers wasn`t (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views12:39:30 Fairphone 4 is here with big 5G upgrades and a 5-year warranty (Android Central) New
12:39:30 More ...

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