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23 july 2021

24 views23:17:12 Valve is targeting 30 FPS for the Steam Deck (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views23:17:12 Try out the official Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 video game for free (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views22:23:46 Oculus is killing off its proprietary PC VR APIs in favor of OpenXR (Windows Phone Central) New
25 views19:46:16 5 fascinating podcasts just for kids (Washington Post Style) New
13 views18:14:53 Prodeus is an old-school shooter you can`t afford to miss on Game Pass (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views17:43:32 Totally Rated: The Steam Deck empties our wallets (TechRadar) New
16 views16:15:01 Don`t miss these amazing Skyrim Special Edition PC mods (Windows Phone Central) New
17 views13:34:07 Valve claims the Steam Deck can handle any game you throw at it, including AAAs (TechRadar) New
27 views12:18:46 Waiting a year for your Steam Deck? Not anymore, thankfully (TechRadar) New

22 july 2021

35 views19:42:39 Akamai outages takes down Steam, LastPass, PlayStation Network, and more (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views19:12:08 Steam, PSN, Fortnite, online banking and other services are down right now (TechRadar) New
21 views19:00:11 Internet sites coming back online following massive DNS outage (Android Police) New
22 views18:56:17 Steam, LastPass, PlayStation Network, and more knocked out by Akamai outage (Windows Phone Central) New
25 views18:32:55 DNS outage takes down large chunk of the internet — Steam, HBO Max, and mor... (Android Police) New

21 july 2021

18 views20:58:09 Steam Deck gets a spec update and it`s good news for gamers (TechRadar) New
26 views18:10:22 Unofficial Windows 11 patch for Steam makes it look gorgeous (Windows Phone Central) New
33 views11:43:51 Steam Big Picture will look like Steam Deck...eventually (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views11:27:26 Valve updates the RAM specs on Steam Deck and it`s good news (Windows Phone Central) New

20 july 2021

22 views22:20:00 Steam Deck doesn`t have Ubisoft`s support yet – and it doesn`t matter (TechRadar) New
37 views21:27:14 Getting a Steam Deck? Pair it with some of these awesome accessories. (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views20:03:31 Jiggle Physics 089: Steam Deck; Winning on Easy Mode is Still Winning (Android Central) New
28 views18:08:45 Why Steam Deck will be better than Steam Machines (Windows Phone Central) New

19 july 2021

25 views22:58:43 Valve further explains the Steam Deck UI and operating system (Windows Phone Central) New
20 views21:33:54 On this week`s podcast ... Windows 11, Cloud PC, Microsoft Teams, and more (Windows Phone Central) New
17 views18:22:51 Many Windows Central readers aren`t sold on Valve`s Steam Deck (Windows Phone Central) New
18 views11:44:07 Steam Deck shouldn`t suffer from Nintendo Switch`s biggest problem, says Valve (TechRadar) New

18 july 2021

23 views18:03:53 Handhelds are hot again. Here`s how Xbox and PlayStation could capitalize. (Windows Phone Central) New
26 views17:08:13 Steam Deck SSD upgrade may be possible – but it isn`t recommended (TechRadar) New

17 july 2021

38 views19:08:43 Nintendo needs a better virtual console now that the Steam Deck is here (TechRadar) New
29 views17:43:38 Don`t get too excited – the Steam Deck could easily join Valve`s hardware g... (TechRadar) New
39 views17:33:48 Punjab CM Amarinder Singh relents, Navjot Sidhu may be made Congress chief: S... (Zee News) New
43 views15:08:42 Will you pre-order a Steam Deck? (Windows Phone Central) New
33 views14:11:38 Steam Deck pre-orders flood in and 512GB model now isn`t shipping for a year (TechRadar) New

16 july 2021

32 views23:40:44 With Steam Deck on the horizon, the PS5 needs upgradable storage (Android Central) New
23 views23:30:32 Is Valve`s Steam Deck doomed to fail? (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views23:00:54 There are three Steam Decks available. Here`s how to pick the right one. (Windows Phone Central) New
29 views22:20:53 Steam Deck is already the target of scalpers, hitting $2000 USD and up (Windows Phone Central) New
20 views21:43:55 California`s jobs recovery is starting to lose steam. Here are the numbers (LA Times Religion) New
23 views20:54:57 California`s jobs recovery is starting to lose steam. Here are the numbers (LA Times Business) New
32 views20:39:33 Steam Deck reservations are being plagued with bugs and scalpers (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views20:26:25 California`s jobs recovery is starting to losing steam. Here are the numbers. (LA Times Religion) New
22 views20:21:51 California`s jobs recovery is starting to losing steam. Here are the numbers. (LA Times Business) New
42 views19:29:38 Which is better? The new Switch OLED or the Steam Deck? (iMore iPhone) New
22 views19:27:04 Don`t buy the base model Steam Deck (TechRadar) New
26 views18:44:59 Valve`s Steam Deck faces an uphill battle against cloud gaming (Android Central) New
14 views18:12:01 What`s the difference between the Steam Deck and Steam Link? (Windows Phone Central) New
21 views18:10:49 Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED: two different approaches to handheld gaming (TechRadar) New
26 views17:02:22 Playing non-Steam games could be a $139 add-on for Steam Deck (TechRadar) New
24 views17:02:22 Valve aims to kill off scalping with Steam Deck pre-orders (TechRadar) New
24 views16:14:25 Steam Deck isn`t just bad news for the Nintendo Switch – Windows 11 better ... (TechRadar) New
24 views16:14:25 Steam Deck: everything we know about Valve`s handheld PC (TechRadar) New
30 views16:14:25 Steam Deck needs AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution for us to ditch our gaming l... (TechRadar) New
27 views13:54:50 Valve`s Steam Deck is a full-on handheld gaming PC, ready to take on the Nint... (Android Police) New
23 views12:26:26 AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution could be the Steam Deck`s secret weapon (TechRadar) New
27 views12:03:59 Yes, you can install Windows on a Steam Deck if you really want to (Windows Phone Central) New
40 views10:11:26 Steam Deck India availability and price: Maybe in the future, but nothing now (TechRadar) New
0 views01:32:52 Large steam and gas plumes spotted from Whakaari/White Island (New Zealand Herald) New
23 views01:02:33 Here`s how you can reserve a Steam Deck, Valve`s new handheld PC (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views01:02:33 Here are all the Steam Deck specs (Windows Phone Central) New

15 july 2021

36 views22:13:27 With the Steam Deck, Valve might beat Nintendo at its own game (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views21:27:45 Steam Deck: everything we know about Valve`s handheld (TechRadar) New
23 views21:23:09 Explaining SteamOS and Proton, the Steam Deck`s secret sauce (Windows Phone Central) New
24 views21:23:09 Here`s everything you need to know about the Steam Deck (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views21:09:32 New portable device from Steam will play your PC gaming library on a handheld (Washington Post Technology) New
36 views20:34:14 A Steam portable device promises your entire PC gaming library in a handheld (Washington Post Technology) New
32 views19:49:19 Steam Deck is real – portable PC to rival Nintendo Switch from Valve is on ... (TechRadar) New
20 views19:09:36 Steam Deck is Valve`s first handheld console and it`s releasing in December (Windows Phone Central) New

14 july 2021

22 views23:14:03 Queenstown`s Kingston Flyer back after eight years (New Zealand Herald) New
26 views14:56:45 Steam`s July update adds additional support for a bunch of controllers (Windows Phone Central) New

13 july 2021

25 views02:15:03 You can now preorder the Among Us Collector`s Editions from Amazon (Windows Phone Central) New

10 july 2021

40 views19:27:46 Harvard to study pyschedelics and the law as decriminalization gains steam (Fox News National) New

8 july 2021

33 views15:36:10 Surgeon Simulator 2 is crashing onto Xbox later this year (Windows Phone Central) New

7 july 2021

24 views11:46:12 Bad news for AMD as PC gamers switch back to Intel (TechRadar) New

5 july 2021

15 views09:42:23 Taiki the steam engine draws mass crowd in Waiuku (New Zealand Herald) New

1 july 2021

39 views22:06:29 GIVEAWAY: Score yourself a code for Frostpunk on Xbox or PC! (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views18:53:50 Grab a free $50 Steam gift card with this Razer Basilisk Ultimate deal (TechRadar) New

30 june 2021

34 views18:20:13 Review: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is still as scary as you remember (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views17:50:04 16 temporarily free and 31 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday (Android Police) New
43 views17:46:49 Stadia vs. Shadow: Which is better game streaming services? (Android Central) New
33 views16:14:26 Everything you need to know about Atomic Heart (Windows Phone Central) New

29 june 2021

19 views17:20:27 Death`s Door preview: This gothic Xbox exclusive deserves your attention (Windows Phone Central) New

27 june 2021

28 views18:07:40 From the Editor`s Desk: Full steam ahead for the iPhone 13! (iMore iPhone) New

26 june 2021

39 views01:18:17 Chrome OS has a nice new addition coming for console gamers (Android Police) New

25 june 2021

41 views22:55:56 Fret not, you can sideload Android APKs directly onto Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views16:46:55 Over 131 temporarily free and on-sale Android apps and games you can snag today (Android Police) New
37 views14:40:03 Microsoft wants to bring Steam to the new Windows 11 app store (Windows Phone Central) New

24 june 2021

22 views18:02:22 Team Fortress 2 may be 14 years old, but I`m still coming back for more (Windows Phone Central) New

23 june 2021

29 views22:52:39 List of all Halo: MCC `Season 7: Elite` Season Pass rewards and tiers (Windows Phone Central) New

21 june 2021

20 views16:52:58 After one of the best steam mops? Then grab this Shark steam cleaner de... (TechRadar) New

17 june 2021

27 views02:15:32 Calls to boycott Iran`s election grow as protesters call on Biden to halt ret... (Fox News World) New

16 june 2021

82 views22:40:38 Bipartisan infrastructure pitch gains steam on Capitol Hill as Biden weighs i... (Washington Post Business) New

15 june 2021

39 views21:46:47 Get some extra screen and be more productive with these Chromebook monitors (Android Central) New

14 june 2021

37 views15:02:28 Final Fantasy I through VI are getting remastered again, this time with 2D pi... (Android Police) New
47 views03:08:36 Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster lets you play the six original games on mobile (Android Central) New

12 june 2021

52 views21:28:36 Soup Pot shows off more tasty in-game footage during Day of the Devs (Windows Phone Central) New

8 june 2021

8 views13:20:17 AMD has claimed 30% of the gaming CPU market from Intel (TechRadar) New

5 june 2021

38 views02:13:01 No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle are coming to Steam (Windows Phone Central) New

1 june 2021

30 views20:34:37 You will soon be able to use NVIDIA`s DLSS on Linux systems (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views12:34:30 Nvidia and Steam are making Linux gaming great again (TechRadar) New

30 may 2021

35 views05:35:06 Colorado steel mill explosion leaves at least 7 injured (Fox News National) New
05:35:06 More ...

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