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17 may 2022

30 views10:53:23 Elon Musk sets condition for Twitter purchase to go forward (FOX News Business) New
26 views09:30:33 Elon Musk slams Biden: `The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter` (FOX News Business) New
21 views00:53:29 At 74, Maye Musk — yes, Elon`s mom — becomes oldest Sports Illustrated sw... (LA Times Tennis) New
21 views00:51:38 At 74, Maye Musk — yes, Elon`s mom — becomes oldest Sports Illustrated sw... (LA Times Golf) New
41 views00:23:30 At 74, Maye Musk — yes, Elon`s mom — becomes oldest Sports Illustrated sw... (LA Times Auto Racing) New
23 views00:20:47 At 74, Maye Musk — yes, Elon`s mom — becomes oldest Sports Illustrated sw... (LA Times NBA) New
27 views00:08:52 At 74, Maye Musk — yes, Elon`s mom — becomes oldest Sports Illustrated sw... (LA Times MLB) New

16 may 2022

21 views21:51:29 Elon Musk sends poop emoji to Twitter CEO in response to thread on spam, fake... (FOX News Business) New
36 views20:22:20 Twitter CEO says it suspends over half a million spam accounts each day (iMore iPhone) New
32 views19:36:15 Elon Musk being targeted by the liberal mob will end the same way it did with... (FOX News Business) New
40 views16:28:26 Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk`s mother Maye Musk cover Sports Illustrated Swimsui... (FOX News Entertainment) New
31 views07:58:33 Top Twitter executives leave amid Elon Musk acquisition and `new direction` (Android Central) New

15 may 2022

49 views23:14:01 Pushing Twitter on its bot claims, Elon Musk says he`s been accused of violat... (Android Police) New
30 views14:50:14 Elon Musk says Twitter `manipulating` users, issues a how-to on fixing your feed (FOX News Business) New
45 views05:56:48 Musk says Twitter has accused him of violating NDA after he tweeted their bot... (FOX News Business) New

13 may 2022

36 views22:47:17 Twitter CEO expects Elon Musk acquisition to close, addresses spending cuts (FOX News Business) New
10 views21:41:31 Spam bots put Elon Musk`s Twitter acquisition on hold (Android Central) New
18 views21:16:22 If Elon Musk`s Twitter plan goes poof, it wouldn`t be the first time (LA Times Technology) New
16 views21:04:30 If Elon Musk`s Twitter plan goes poof, it wouldn`t be the first time (LA Times Business) New
47 views20:24:48 Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold over claims of bot account concerns (Android Police) New
26 views16:49:02 Elon Musk says Twitter deal is `on hold` (FOX News Business) New
27 views16:49:02 Elon Musk pausing Twitter deal because of spam accounts not a ‘legitimate e... (FOX News Business) New
23 views16:49:02 Elon Musk putting Twitter deal on hold `extremely smart`: Rumble CEO (FOX News Business) New
39 views16:17:51 Stocks, oil rise, Twitter tumbles on Musk mandate (FOX News Business) New
30 views16:17:51 Elon Musk turning Twitter deal into `circus show` with hold: Wedbush (FOX News Business) New
33 views15:56:23 Elon Musk says deal to buy Twitter is on hold (Fox News National) New
29 views14:14:55 Elon Musk says Twitter deal ‘temporarily on hold` pending details on spam a... (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
27 views13:57:26 Elon Musk: Twitter deal is on hold (TechRadar Phone and Communications) New
20 views13:07:51 Elon Musk says deal for Twitter is `on hold` (FOX News Business) New
35 views13:07:51 Stock futures gain, Musk says Twitter deal on hold (FOX News Business) New
41 views12:48:53 Elon Musk: Twitter deal is on hold (TechRadar) New
31 views12:41:11 Elon Musk says Twitter deal is on hold after revelations over a spam bot report (TechRadar) New
22 views12:32:27 Elon Musk says Twitter deal `on hold`, share price plunges (iMore iPhone) New
24 views02:01:16 Elon Musk says he`d prefer a `less divisive candidate` in 2024, but says `Tru... (FOX News Business) New
27 views02:01:16 Elon Musk criticizes pitch by `disinformation czar` to allow verified Twitter... (FOX News Business) New

12 may 2022

28 views22:13:19 Twitter to pause most hiring, executives fired ahead of Elon Musk`s arrival (FOX News Business) New
30 views21:29:38 Twitter fires two execs, freezes hiring amid Elon Musk buyout uncertainty (iMore iPhone) New
22 views20:00:41 Twitter to pause most hiring, executives flee ahead of Elon Musk`s arrival (FOX News Business) New
34 views16:14:38 Elon Musk hit with SEC investigation over tardy Twitter stake disclosure: report (FOX News Business) New

11 may 2022

38 views14:59:03 Elon Musk should move Twitter to Texas (FOX News Business) New
22 views02:20:52 Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter`s ban of former President Trump (LA Times Technology) New

10 may 2022

24 views22:43:22 Elon Musk wants Donald Trump back on Twitter (Android Central) New
39 views21:33:43 Musk, Bezos, Gates lose billions in net worth in tech downturn (FOX News Business) New
38 views21:33:43 Elon Musk would reverse Trump Twitter ban, calling it morally wrong (FOX News Business) New
26 views21:33:43 Elon Musk taking `much harder road` by purchasing Twitter: Myspace founder (FOX News Business) New
30 views20:56:56 Elon Musk says he`ll let Donald Trump back on Twitter if his buyout happens (iMore iPhone) New
31 views20:56:08 Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter`s ban of Donald Trump (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
33 views19:34:19 Tesla recalls 130K vehicles due to overheating touchscreens (FOX News Business) New
30 views11:00:22 Elon Musk says Twitter obviously has a `strong` left-wing bias (FOX News Business) New

9 may 2022

45 views17:47:54 Musk sets internet on fire with cryptic tweet about dying (Fox News National) New
23 views17:17:53 No, Elon Musk isn`t asking you to invest in Twitter - it`s a scam (TechRadar) New
30 views13:32:12 You can now add CarPlay to your Tesla if you`re up to the task (iMore iPhone) New
27 views06:44:45 Elon Musk sets internet on fire with cryptic tweet about dying `under mysteri... (Fox News National) New

8 may 2022

34 views22:01:21 iMore Show 793: Looking Ahead to iOS 16 (iMore iPhone) New
31 views02:26:28 Musk aims to quintuple Twitter`s revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028, New York T... (FOX News Business) New

6 may 2022

40 views21:16:33 Elon Musk denies Truth Social CEO claim that Trump told him to buy Twitter (FOX News Business) New
85 views14:33:30 Can coal investing be environmentally friendly? A contrarian take on ESG (LA Times Business) New

5 may 2022

26 views22:01:30 FTC to review Musk`s $44B Twitter buy under anti-trust: report (FOX News Business) New
28 views18:51:53 Elon Musk expected to become Twitter`s temporary CEO once $44B acquisition cl... (FOX News Business) New
26 views18:32:43 Co-founder Jack Dorsey could be back at Twitter after Elon Musk`s buyout (iMore iPhone) New
29 views16:12:44 Elon Musk secures $7.1B in new funding for Twitter acquisition (FOX News Business) New
41 views02:51:14 Elon Musk challenges billionaires, pols funding groups attacking his Twitter buy (FOX News Business) New

4 may 2022

28 views19:38:02 Groups backed by teachers unions, George Soros pressure advertisers to boycot... (FOX News Business) New
27 views19:15:24 Jim Jordan questions FTC chief over ex-employer`s call for agency to block Mu... (FOX News Business) New
33 views19:15:24 Trump`s Truth Social supports Elon Musk taking on ‘tech tyrants`: CEO Devin... (FOX News Business) New
35 views17:24:31 Elon Musk invited to testify before UK Parliament on Twitter acquisition (FOX News Business) New
67 views11:01:26 Elon Musk plans to take Twitter public a few years after buyout (FOX News Business) New
0 views02:54:50 Elon Musk says Twitter `may see slight cost for commercial/government users` (FOX News Business) New

3 may 2022

44 views23:14:29 Elon Musk calls out groups pressuring major brands to force Twitter to uphold... (FOX News Business) New
31 views19:34:33 Musk hopes to ‘build brand trust` through free speech, transparency which `... (FOX News Business) New
30 views18:23:59 Bill Gates: Wouldn`t `underestimate` Musk`s Twitter plan (FOX News Business) New
42 views04:00:22 Elon Musk hits Met Gala red carpet with mom Maye, shares Twitter vision (FOX News Business) New

2 may 2022

26 views22:53:23 FCC commish says agency cannot interfere in Musk`s Twitter buy: ‘contrary t... (FOX News Business) New
41 views18:07:52 Elon Musk offers stock picking advice for investors (FOX News Business) New

1 may 2022

52 views10:19:27 Twitter CEO faces employee anger over Musk attacks at company-wide meeting (FOX News Business) New
49 views00:19:24 Biden FCC nominee prompts new questions on rural internet access (FOX News Business) New

30 april 2022

132 views16:36:08 What is free speech? (Android Central) New
37 views15:16:30 Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Trial`s most shocking moments this week (FOX News Entertainment) New
53 views13:24:13 Texas lawmaker says state will `roll out the red carpet` if Elon Musk moves T... (FOX News Business) New
38 views09:20:45 Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen `cautiously optimistic` about Elon Musk... (FOX News Business) New

29 april 2022

39 views23:14:54 Elon Musk and Amber Heard: The bombshell revelations we learned this week (FOX News Entertainment) New
37 views23:13:16 These are all the legal sagas Elon Musk is involved in (this week) (LA Times Business) New
31 views19:33:12 Elon Musk calls for `less hate and more love,` jabs at far left, right (FOX News Business) New
17 views17:24:06 Varney: Big sister is watching you in Biden`s America (FOX News Business) New
48 views04:40:32 Elon Musk sells $4B in Tesla stock, announces no further sales planned (FOX News Business) New
37 views03:05:12 Senate Dems considering calling Elon Musk to testify on Twitter buy (FOX News Business) New
27 views02:08:49 Elon Musk not expected to testify in Johnny Depp`s defamation case against Am... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
52 views01:21:18 Column: Is Elon Musk already looking to bail out of his Twitter deal? (LA Times Business) New
30 views00:24:50 In The Loop: Depp defamation drama, ram raids and Elon Musk`s Twitter takeover (New Zealand Herald) New

28 april 2022

27 views23:55:32 Elon Musk tweets meme about America`s political polarization as the left goes... (FOX News Business) New
29 views20:51:42 Texas rancher offers Elon Musk free land for Twitter HQ, says Texas is the pl... (FOX News Business) New
32 views19:37:32 Amber Heard, Elon Musk: What to know about Tesla chief`s relationship with Jo... (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views19:11:41 Musks` past, present entanglements suggest he may not go through with Twitter... (FOX News Business) New
21 views16:52:19 Twitter`s scraps earnings forecast cites Elon Musk`s acquisition status (FOX News Business) New
36 views15:20:27 Twitter earnings show usage is up amid the ongoing Elon Musk takeover deal (Android Central) New
50 views14:14:15 Dem-run states used COVID-19 relief to push CRT in schools; Plan to block Mus... (Fox News National) New
57 views14:14:15 Elon Musk prevails in Delaware court case on SolarCity deal (Fox News National) New
32 views08:14:36 FCC commissioner shoots down `absurd` claim that the federal government can b... (FOX News Business) New
39 views05:29:55 Elon Musk teases buying more companies, including Coca-Cola... to add back th... (FOX News Business) New
32 views02:09:48 Elon Musk will not testify in Johnny Depp, Amber Heard defamation trial (FOX News Entertainment) New
02:09:48 More ...

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