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17 may 2022

26 views09:30:33 Elon Musk slams Biden: `The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter` (FOX News Business) New
25 views05:07:48 Walmart stores expected to post high shopper traffic amid deepening inflation... (FOX News Business) New
29 views01:44:42 Bezos vs. Biden: Amazon founder says White House using `misdirection` to `mud... (FOX News Business) New

16 may 2022

22 views22:16:17 NC farmers feel impact of inflation ahead of the state`s primaries: `Not sust... (FOX News Business) New
2 views21:51:29 Goldman strategists warn S&P could drop another 11% if recession hits (FOX News Business) New
31 views19:34:10 Verizon is hiking its wireless prices from June (iMore iPhone) New
30 views17:34:29 States explore tax cuts to offset soaring inflation, but it could make the pr... (FOX News Business) New
68 views08:32:51 Democratic inflation fix bill is flawed (FOX News Business) New
24 views05:04:47 Ex-Goldman CEO says recession possibility is `very high risk factor` (FOX News Business) New

15 may 2022

21 views21:21:31 Jeff Bezos rips Biden`s `misdirection` on inflation, says Manchin `saved` Dem... (FOX News Business) New
38 views18:22:15 How long can retailers keep raising prices before consumers finally stop shop... (CNN.com US) New

14 may 2022

42 views17:21:41 Inflation impact: How the military may have to adjust spending to handle risi... (FOX News Business) New
39 views08:14:59 Bezos calls on Disinformation Board to fact-check Biden`s own inflation tweet (FOX News Business) New
26 views03:43:46 Hard to get `inflation down` without causing a recession, Harvard economist w... (FOX News Business) New
26 views01:18:21 Abortion, inflation and crime: How Newsom would spend record-setting Californ... (LA Times Religion) New

13 may 2022

27 views21:17:10 Inflation moderates in some hot spots, but barrels ahead in the mid-Atlantic (FOX News Business) New
47 views19:49:33 Red-hot inflation is probably costing you an extra $311 per month (FOX News Business) New
92 views19:49:33 Budget watchdog rips Biden admin for taking credit for deficit reduction: Not... (FOX News Business) New
49 views19:48:27 California surplus expected to hit unprecedented $97 billion under Newsom`s b... (LA Times Religion) New
37 views19:24:11 California Gov. Newsom proposes $400 inflation relief checks for eligible reg... (FOX News Business) New
39 views19:24:11 Has the CPI inflation rate peaked for 2022? (FOX News Business) New
32 views17:12:45 Consumer confidence sinks to 11-year low in May as inflation rages (FOX News Business) New
26 views16:49:02 House of Representatives to give staff free Peloton memberships, costing taxp... (FOX News Business) New
43 views16:17:51 The Fed raising interest rates will ‘create a recession,` Dick Bove warns (FOX News Business) New
4 views14:18:59 Inflation has eroded 40% of Social Security`s purchasing power since 2000 (FOX News Business) New
34 views13:07:51 Powell: Failing on inflation means deeper downturn (FOX News Business) New
35 views13:07:51 Stock futures gain, Musk says Twitter deal on hold (FOX News Business) New
36 views10:58:10 Stock futures gain, shrugging off recent inflation reports (FOX News Business) New
38 views06:58:20 Inflation triggers California minimum wage increase in 2023 (FOX News Business) New
12 views01:58:55 California`s minimum wage will rise to $15.50, triggered by soaring inflation (LA Times Business) New
25 views00:43:09 California`s minimum wage will rise to $15.50, triggered by soaring inflation (LA Times Religion) New

12 may 2022

25 views23:44:45 Senate confirms Jerome Powell for second term as Federal Reserve fights infla... (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
29 views23:40:16 Kudlow: We are in the midst of an emergency inflation crisis (FOX News Business) New
29 views23:27:02 Dow sheds 100 points as stocks hit by inflation fears (FOX News Business) New
3 views22:13:19 S&P 500 could tumble another 28% before bear market ends in October: BofA (FOX News Business) New
30 views20:48:22 Senate confirms Jerome Powell for a second Federal Reserve chair term (FOX News Business) New
26 views20:00:41 Dr. Oz torches Biden`s policies: Inflation`s ‘number one driver` is energy ... (FOX News Business) New
44 views18:20:04 Biden blame game continues as inflation soars (FOX News Business) New
17 views18:20:04 NYC restaurant `getting killed` by inflation, crime spikes (FOX News Business) New
5 views18:20:04 Inflation gave most Americans a 2.6% wage cut in April (FOX News Business) New
31 views16:42:59 Fed created `monstrous bubble,` Market expert says (FOX News Business) New
41 views16:14:38 Nasdaq leads selloff as stocks hit fresh lows (FOX News Business) New
8 views14:37:55 Wholesale inflation climbs 11% in April, remaining near 40-year high (FOX News Business) New
38 views13:17:47 High inflation could be `painstakingly slow` to come down (FOX News Business) New
35 views02:38:06 Inflation front and center as President Joe Biden tours a Kankakee farm and s... (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New
28 views00:48:16 US inflation slowed last month for the first time since August  (CNN.com US) New
34 views00:33:05 Kudlow: Biden won`t stop spending (FOX News Business) New

11 may 2022

3 views22:52:41 Nasdaq sinks 3% to November 2020 low, Dow down for fifth day (FOX News Business) New
32 views22:36:25 Shoppers say inflation is forcing them to change habits (FOX News Business) New
3 views22:36:25 Nasdaq sinks 3% to March 2020 low, Dow down for fifth day (FOX News Business) New
34 views21:28:19 Inflation eases for first time in months, but remains near 40-year high (FOX News Business) New
34 views21:28:19 April inflation breakdown: Where are prices rising the fastest? (FOX News Business) New
31 views21:28:18 Social Security recipients could see biggest cost-of-living increase in 40 years (FOX News Business) New
24 views20:54:38 Top Dems say they`ll `focus like a laser beam` on inflation, as numbers revea... (FOX News Business) New
24 views20:22:20 Inflation `really pressuring` US oil and gas industry: American Petroleum Ins... (FOX News Business) New
20 views18:35:42 Inflation showing `no signs` of slowing down: Former White House economist (FOX News Business) New
22 views17:46:02 Stocks seesaw as investors assess inflation (FOX News Business) New
14 views17:46:02 Varney: Biden`s `desperate` inflation speech was a set-up for November (FOX News Business) New
30 views17:46:02 Sen. Rick Scott points to latest inflation numbers in call for `incoherent an... (FOX News Business) New
13 views17:46:02 Biden says inflation is his `top economic priority` as prices surge to near 4... (FOX News Business) New
14 views17:46:02 Biden says inflation still `unacceptably high,` bringing it down his top econ... (FOX News Business) New
17 views17:46:02 Biden`s plan to tame inflation is to double down on big government (FOX News Business) New
7 views17:10:18 US inflation hit 8.3% in April but slows from 40-year high (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
76 views17:10:18 Chicago area casinos report $2.01 billion in 2021 revenue, as US casinos have... (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
32 views16:08:36 Stocks slip as inflation remains elevated, oil hits $102 (FOX News Business) New
29 views15:34:26 Stocks slip after inflation remains elevated (FOX News Business) New
22 views15:34:25 Rep. Carter calls inflation problem a result of Biden administration`s polici... (FOX News Business) New
8 views14:59:03 Inflation soars 8.3% in April, hovering near 40-year high (FOX News Business) New
30 views14:59:03 What can Biden actually do about inflation? (FOX News Business) New
6 views14:59:03 Inflation expected to drag on Democrats until midterms, experts say as it hit... (FOX News Business) New
39 views14:59:03 Rising interest rates, inflation force consumers to pull back in online shopping (FOX News Business) New
35 views11:02:33 Stock futures rise ahead of key inflation data (FOX News Business) New
37 views10:41:15 Stock futures cautious ahead of key inflation data (FOX News Business) New
72 views09:34:39 April inflation report wildcard (FOX News Business) New
28 views08:20:29 Residents from Biden`s home state sound off on gas prices as inflation rages on (FOX News Business) New

10 may 2022

39 views23:33:12 Kudlow: Biden continued to play the blame game over inflation (FOX News Business) New
16 views22:22:52 Nasdaq, S&P stage modest rebound with inflation data on tap Wednesday (FOX News Business) New
27 views21:33:43 An embattled Biden calls fighting inflation a `top priority` as consumer pric... (FOX News Business) New
23 views19:34:19 Renters `feeling the strain` of housing affordability as inflation surges: Pe... (FOX News Business) New
30 views19:34:19 Cleveland Fed president endorses more half-point rate hikes, bigger ones if i... (FOX News Business) New
39 views17:48:32 Sky-high inflation could lead to higher taxes for millions of Americans (FOX News Business) New
24 views17:48:32 Varney: Biden ‘desperate` for inflation solutions (FOX News Business) New
37 views15:57:18 Another Apple chip supplier price hike could be bad news for consumers (iMore iPhone) New
25 views15:26:40 Stock carnage, Fed`s Powell inflation apology points to policy defeat (FOX News Business) New
41 views15:26:40 PA Senate candidate slams White House, Fed for trying to fix what they`ve ‘... (FOX News Business) New
39 views13:33:48 US headed for inflation-driven recession: Fmr. Raymond James exec (FOX News Business) New
35 views12:39:54 Small business sentiment subsides as inflation worries mount, NFIB survey shows (FOX News Business) New
40 views11:00:22 Gas prices hit new all-time high as EU considers blocking Russian oil, Biden ... (FOX News Business) New
42 views03:27:55 Cedars-Sinai workers strike for first time in decades, seek higher wages amid... (LA Times Business) New

9 may 2022

25 views21:42:15 Morgan Stanley warns ingredients for a global recession are `on the table` (FOX News Business) New
37 views19:55:45 Former Fed officials warn recession may be necessary to tame inflation (FOX News Business) New
39 views17:20:09 Varney on stock market slide: Does anyone see a bottom? (FOX News Business) New
31 views17:20:09 Americans` inflation fears hovered near record highs in April, New York Fed s... (FOX News Business) New
43 views16:25:47 Consumers line up for cheap gas at Costco (FOX News Business) New
43 views15:05:57 Home affordability will continue to be a problem, market expert predicts (FOX News Business) New
75 views06:57:10 China remains an outlier in a world of surging inflation (FOX News Business) New
38 views04:38:53 Biden to give remarks on inflation Tuesday, contrast plan with Republicans (FOX News Business) New

8 may 2022

78 views20:39:11 Battered U.S. stocks may not be bargains as investors brace for inflation data (FOX News Business) New

7 may 2022

51 views20:26:25 Inflation soars in Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa as homebuyers arrive (FOX News Business) New

6 may 2022

21 views22:07:36 April jobs report likely reinforces Fed`s aggressive rate hike plan (FOX News Business) New
22:07:36 More ...

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