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25 may 2023

66 views14:24:13 Hillary Clinton backs Eleni Kounalakis for California governor (LA Times Religion) New

13 january 2023

69 views22:30:42 Belarusian investigators use photo of politician shaking hands with Hillary C... (Fox News World) New

5 january 2023

62 views19:24:36 Hillary Clinton joins Columbia University as professor, presidential fellow (Fox News National) New

18 december 2022

66 views03:26:45 Nevada mayor sues private investigator after finding GPS tracking device on v... (FOX News Politics) New

9 december 2022

48 views21:03:52 Ex-Twitter counsel James Baker`s wife registered voters for Hillary Clinton i... (FOX News Politics) New

8 december 2022

44 views17:35:12 `Just incredibly good news`: Reactions to Brittney Griner`s release from Russ... (LA Times Tennis) New
46 views17:34:04 `Just incredibly good news`: Reactions to Brittney Griner`s release from Russ... (LA Times MLB) New
45 views17:31:29 `Just incredibly good news`: Reactions to Brittney Griner`s release from Russ... (LA Times Golf) New

4 december 2022

63 views04:26:13 Catholic bishop blasts `evil woman` Hillary Clinton for comparing pro-lifers ... (FOX News Politics) New

3 december 2022

90 views05:47:42 Hillary Clinton sends message on midterms elections, abortion rights; `We`re ... (FOX News Politics) New

2 december 2022

69 views21:51:10 Hillary Clinton says overturning Roe v. Wade puts US in company of Afghanista... (FOX News Politics) New
52 views20:06:00 Hillary Clinton says overturning Roe v Wade puts US in company of Afghanistan... (FOX News Politics) New

19 november 2022

46 views15:03:57 Column: Kenneth Mejia rode the wave of the new left and swamped L.A.`s polit... (LA Times Religion) New

17 november 2022

48 views09:55:44 Clinton-linked dark money group targeted Twitter advertisers amid Elon Musk`s... (FOX News Business) New

30 october 2022

57 views21:52:05 Pro-life woman ‘outraged` her face used to promote ‘demonic activity` in ... (Fox News National) New

17 october 2022

62 views15:01:48 Former Clinton staffer Huma Abedin not ruling out run for public office: `Nev... (FOX News Politics) New

24 september 2022

63 views14:03:42 Hillary Clinton compares Trump`s Ohio event to a Nazi rally (FOX News Politics) New
75 views06:27:40 Hillary Clinton calls Trump`s handling of documents `deeply disturbing,` says... (FOX News Politics) New

14 september 2022

48 views01:37:37 Apple hosts the worldwide premiere of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton`s docuserie... (iMore iPhone) New

13 september 2022

81 views23:23:02 Documentarian Laura Poitras Slams Hillary Clinton Docs: It’s ‘Ala... (indieWIRE) New
40 views20:16:19 Hillary Clinton’s ‘Gutsy’ Shows the Limits of Politicians M... (indieWIRE) New

12 september 2022

38 views16:00:25 Hillary Clinton compares Nancy Pelosi to Queen Elizabeth II, calls her `gutsi... (FOX News Politics) New
0 views02:18:56 Hillary Clinton says 9/11 a reminder US must ‘deal with extremism of any kind` (FOX News Politics) New

10 september 2022

47 views19:22:31 Former Hillary Clinton advisers, supporters agree that she should not run for... (FOX News Politics) New
72 views05:32:15 Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit against Clinton, DNC, officials involved in Rus... (FOX News Politics) New
61 views01:49:34 Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at TIFF: ‘Being a Woman Is Political’ (indieWIRE) New

9 september 2022

52 views15:55:22 Hillary and Chelsea Clinton know what it takes to be `Gutsy` (CNN.com Entertainment) New
51 views14:24:45 How to watch Hillary and Chelsea Clinton`s Gutsy on Apple TV+ (iMore iPhone) New

7 september 2022

55 views16:33:42 Hillary Clinton claims she had `zero` classified emails on server as she atta... (FOX News Politics) New
44 views16:33:42 Hillary Clinton`s nonprofit funneled $75,000 to far-left defund the police group (FOX News Politics) New

6 september 2022

51 views02:36:51 Hillary Clinton reveals reason for staple pantsuit was `suggestive` photos fr... (FOX News Politics) New

1 september 2022

57 views03:44:17 Former `SNL` star Rob Schneider says show was `over` after this Hillary Clint... (LA Times Television) New
47 views03:32:06 Hillary Clinton makes rare red carpet appearance for `White Noise` premiere a... (FOX News Entertainment) New
43 views01:35:23 Rob Schneider says `SNL` was `over` after Kate McKinnon`s performance of `Hal... (FOX News Entertainment) New

31 august 2022

53 views02:06:57 Hillary Clinton spotted on coffee outing in the Hamptons with Bill nowhere in... (Fox News National) New
55 views00:19:10 Rob Schneider: Kate McKinnon’s ‘Hallelujah’ Cover as Hillar... (indieWIRE) New

24 august 2022

44 views03:51:12 Hillary, Chelsea Clinton talk taking `a leap of faith` in new `Gutsy` televis... (FOX News Entertainment) New
66 views01:58:13 The Clintons Sit Down with Kim Kardashian and Megan Thee Stallion in ‘G... (indieWIRE) New
60 views00:37:31 Apple debuts official trailer for Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton series ... (iMore iPhone) New

19 august 2022

47 views23:48:43 Bill Clinton turns 76: Former president, Hillary spotted in the Hamptons (FOX News Politics) New

12 august 2022

52 views04:16:33 National Archives official who notified DOJ in Trump probe declined to do the... (FOX News Politics) New

10 august 2022

45 views23:21:45 Judge who signed Mar-a-Lago warrant took himself off Trump`s lawsuit against ... (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New

4 august 2022

44 views21:44:55 Lady A postpones tour as member Charles Kelley starts `journey to sobriety` (CNN.com Entertainment) New

28 july 2022

65 views19:23:54 Hillary Clinton endorses Karen Bass in Los Angeles mayoral race (LA Times Religion) New
53 views02:51:32 Stacey Abrams meme draws comparisons on social media to infamous Hillary Clin... (FOX News Politics) New

19 july 2022

38 views05:32:31 Hillary Clinton PAC pours thousands into vulnerable Dem races (FOX News Politics) New

29 june 2022

60 views00:04:17 Hillary Clinton endorses Jared Moskowitz in Democratic congressional primary (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New

1 june 2022

64 views19:07:28 Analysis: After Sussmann trial defeat, what`s next for the Durham probe? (CNN.com US) New

23 may 2022

50 views19:04:07 Varney: Hillary Clinton `personally approved` the Russia hoax (FOX News Business) New

20 may 2022

72 views22:29:15 Elon Musks asks Twitter execs about resurfaced Hillary Clinton tweet (FOX News Business) New

21 april 2022

47 views02:46:07 Hillary Clinton`s 2016 campaign tries to keep its legal secrets away from spe... (CNN.com US) New

2 april 2022

55 views00:49:45 Guests on Sunday talk shows: Hillary Clinton on NBC`s `Meet the Press` (LA Times Television) New

30 march 2022

74 views20:43:17 DNC, Clinton campaign agree to pay FEC fines over Fusion GPS payments for Tru... (FOX News Politics) New

25 march 2022

54 views18:30:36 Trump sues Hillary Clinton, DNC and others (CNN.com US) New
59 views01:32:11 Trump sues Hillary Clinton, DNC, officials involved in Russia probe (FOX News Politics) New
58 views00:24:21 Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton over Russia ‘hoax` in their battle for th... (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New

24 march 2022

59 views21:49:31 Trump sues Hillary Clinton, others over 2016 election he won (Washington Post Politics) New
52 views20:32:15 Trump sues Hillary Clinton over Russia ‘hoax` (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New

23 march 2022

50 views02:35:48 Hillary Clinton trolled on Twitter after requesting movie suggestions followi... (FOX News Politics) New
56 views00:01:05 Hillary Clinton tests positive for COVID-19 (FOX News Politics) New

15 march 2022

51 views18:05:45 Russia announces sanctions against Biden and top US officials (FOX News Politics) New

20 february 2022

46 views19:51:06 Former Hillary Clinton spokesman slams reporting on Durham motion: ‘Bull—... (FOX News Politics) New

18 february 2022

62 views09:46:44 How the right embraced the false claim that Hillary Clinton ‘spied` on Pres... (Washington Post Politics) New

17 february 2022

43 views22:48:16 Hillary Clinton ignores question about why she called the Durham controversy ... (FOX News Politics) New
41 views22:23:38 Protesters chant `lock her up` outside NY Dem convention ahead of Hillary Cli... (FOX News Politics) New
40 views22:23:38 Hillary Clinton ignores question about why she called the Durham filing a `fa... (FOX News Politics) New
45 views21:56:24 Hillary Clinton brushes Durham controversy off as ‘conspiracy theory` in sp... (FOX News Politics) New
40 views21:40:31 Top House intel Republican slams Durham probe findings about Clinton campaign... (FOX News Politics) New
37 views21:30:20 Amid high-profile dispute with prosecutors, lawyer charged by Durham asks cou... (Washington Post Politics) New
29 views21:19:16 Top House intel Republican slams Durham probe findings: `Illegal and dangerous` (FOX News Politics) New
42 views20:37:05 Hillary Clinton speaks at NY Dem convention amid Durham probe controversy (FOX News Politics) New
65 views20:11:23 Top Clinton campaign officials silent on Durham findings (FOX News Politics) New
44 views17:54:34 Hawley: Biden administration officials implicated in Durham probe must recuse... (FOX News Politics) New

16 february 2022

35 views21:35:40 Hillary Clinton reacts to Durham filing, says Trump, Fox News `desperately sp... (FOX News Politics) New
40 views11:32:32 Fox News: Hillary dodges questions (Fox News National) New
49 views11:19:57 Fox News: Hillary noncommittal on spying claims (Fox News National) New

15 february 2022

54 views23:43:54 Hillary Clinton dodges questions about Durham probe developments (FOX News Politics) New
50 views23:33:07 Republicans `concerned` by Durham allegations, McCarthy pledges oversight wit... (FOX News Politics) New
56 views22:44:49 Sussmann attorneys` filing responding to Durham allegations: Read it here (FOX News Politics) New
32 views22:44:49 Senator calls for Hillary Clinton accountability: `They spied and they lied` (FOX News Politics) New

13 february 2022

52 views21:49:35 Hillary Clinton 2016 tweets pushed now-debunked claim of Trump use of `covert... (FOX News Politics) New
55 views21:21:56 Hillary Clinton 2016 tweets show campaign pushing now-debunked Trump-Russia c... (FOX News Politics) New
68 views20:48:46 Hillary Clinton 2016 tweets show campaign perpetuating now-debunked Trump-Rus... (FOX News Politics) New

11 february 2022

39 views17:54:39 The imperfect comparison between Hillary Clinton`s server and Donald Trump`s ... (Washington Post Politics) New
72 views11:31:31 Hillary`s comeback bid? (Fox News National) New
86 views01:25:00 Hillary Clinton to speak at New York Democratic convention: report (FOX News Politics) New

10 february 2022

42 views00:13:49 Analysis: Document shredding, Trump style (CNN.com US) New

21 january 2022

66 views15:53:18 Ex-Clinton adviser on potential Hillary Clinton run in 2024 (FOX News Business) New

15 january 2022

50 views02:28:54 Armed police attend scene of `serious injury` in Napier (New Zealand Herald) New

12 january 2022

84 views21:14:21 Hillary Clinton 2024? Biden-Cheney 2024? No. Here are the real sleeper Democr... (Washington Post Politics) New

10 january 2022

48 views21:31:20 Hillary Clinton calls for Senate to `adjust the rules` to pass election bills (FOX News Politics) New

30 december 2021

41 views07:04:54 Hillary Clinton voter gets 35-to-life for killing bandmate`s wife in argument... (Fox News National) New

26 december 2021

67 views18:41:55 Huma Abedin reveals child services got involved after `breaking point` in mar... (FOX News Politics) New

21 december 2021

54 views12:27:18 We took Bill and Hillary Clinton`s MasterClasses. Guess who seemed more prepa... (Washington Post Style) New

14 december 2021

36 views00:23:53 Everest hero Sir Edmund Hillary`s climbing bag surfaces again at auction in N... (New Zealand Herald) New

12 december 2021

76 views17:31:08 Hillary Clinton says Americans won`t `recognize our country` if Trump wins in... (FOX News Politics) New

8 december 2021

62 views23:11:48 For the first time, Hillary Clinton publicly delivers the victory speech she ... (Washington Post Politics) New

1 november 2021

33 views17:37:36 Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin `not saying no to anything` – inc... (FOX News Politics) New

27 october 2021

39 views20:57:42 The women of `Impeachment` explained: Hillary Clinton and Bill`s infidelity (LA Times Television) New

16 october 2021

54 views22:43:13 Hillary Clinton arrives at UC Irvine Medical Center as Bill Clinton recovers ... (FOX News Politics) New
22:43:13 More ...

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