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28 july 2021

29 views20:42:24 Final Fantasy I, II, and III launch on Android a day early as pixel-art remas... (Android Police) New

27 july 2021

27 views22:42:33 The best JRPGs from Xbox Game Pass directly from the cloud (iMore iPhone) New

26 july 2021

32 views14:04:02 Best Xbox RPGs July 2021 (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views11:05:50 Finally, The Wheel of Time has a launch window – and it`s soon (TechRadar) New

23 july 2021

36 views23:04:02 The music for the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies? It comes from video games. (Washington Post Technology) New

22 july 2021

22 views15:58:42 Square Enix issues another update on the state of Final Fantasy XIV (Windows Phone Central) New

20 july 2021

25 views19:10:07 Why World of Warcraft players are leaving for Final Fantasy 14 (Windows Phone Central) New
16 views18:50:16 Square Enix`s Naoki Yoshida shares an update on FFXIV`s server issues (Windows Phone Central) New

19 july 2021

19 views17:52:46 Hands-on with Amazon`s MMORPG `New World` and its PVP-laden shores (Windows Phone Central) New
22 views17:19:08 Hands-on with Amazon`s MMORPG `New World` its PVP-laden shores (Windows Phone Central) New

18 july 2021

29 views14:36:36 The Witcher: Monster Slayer is Pokemon Go meets Elder Scrolls: Blades – and... (TechRadar Phone and Communications) New
33 views14:11:31 The Witcher: Monster Slayer is Pokemon Go meets Elder Scrolls: Blades – and... (TechRadar) New

16 july 2021

36 views20:13:17 New to Final Fantasy 14? Here is every race available in the game (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views15:27:40 Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector PC review: A gloriously fun crusade (Windows Phone Central) New
44 views00:25:59 Learn how to unlock every jobs in Final Fantasy XIV (Windows Phone Central) New

15 july 2021

35 views19:18:28 A Township Tale review: LARPing in a Minecraft-like multiplayer RPG (Android Central) New

14 july 2021

22 views23:12:48 The fourth expansion for FFXIV is on the horizon. Here`s what we know. (Windows Phone Central) New

13 july 2021

16 views15:41:00 Preview: King`s Bounty 2 is a detailed RPG with an interesting mix of play (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views11:36:56 Netflix canceled another TV show last week – but you might not have noticed (TechRadar) New

12 july 2021

24 views20:13:24 Final Fantasy XIV is so popular now that it completely sold out of digital co... (TechRadar) New
19 views11:51:03 Final Fantasy XIV `sold out` as popularity surge causes server congestion (Windows Phone Central) New

9 july 2021

29 views22:43:13 ‘The Witcher` Season 2 Trailer: Netflix`s Fantasy Sets December Return with... (indieWIRE) New
22 views16:31:55 Final Fantasy XIV is about to eat World of Warcraft`s lunch (Windows Phone Central) New

2 july 2021

16 views12:42:44 How ‘The Bold Type` went from an irresistible feminist fantasy to an out-of... (Washington Post TV) New

1 july 2021

26 views15:43:16 The first three Final Fantasy remasters are coming to Android this month (Android Police) New

28 june 2021

30 views17:29:09 ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade` sets a new standard for console gener... (Washington Post Technology) New

26 june 2021

32 views19:13:19 Every PS5 video game delay in 2021 — and their upcoming release dates (Android Central) New

23 june 2021

24 views21:08:15 Watch Justin Sylvester Hilariously Live Out His Fast & Furious Fantasy in a P... (E! Online Movie News) New

19 june 2021

28 views16:09:09 5 Elden Ring gameplay features we`d love to see (TechRadar) New

18 june 2021

25 views20:40:40 His punishment for finishing last in fantasy football: 15 hours and 3,700 cal... (Washington Post Style) New
28 views20:27:27 His punishment for finishing last in fantasy football: 15 hours and 3,700 cal... (Washington Post National) New

17 june 2021

33 views22:39:55 Tales of Arise hands-on: A spectacular JRPG coming to Xbox and PC (Windows Phone Central) New

16 june 2021

26 views18:47:22 Luca on Disney Plus is the nostalgic Pixar fantasy movie to get you ready for... (TechRadar) New

15 june 2021

37 views18:34:43 Kazuya from Tekken join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (iMore iPhone) New

14 june 2021

38 views15:02:28 Final Fantasy I through VI are getting remastered again, this time with 2D pi... (Android Police) New
48 views03:08:36 Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster lets you play the six original games on mobile (Android Central) New
43 views03:08:36 A PS5 demo for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is out now (Android Central) New

13 june 2021

42 views22:55:25 First Final Fantasy game to be re-imagined in brand new action title (TechRadar) New

12 june 2021

36 views17:10:18 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade was the perfect way to end my lockdown (TechRadar) New
36 views00:08:52 Nebraska man sentenced to death for strangling, dismembering Tinder date in e... (Fox News National) New

11 june 2021

31 views21:13:48 Elden Ring fans are going crazy for the `Pot Goblin` enemy (Windows Phone Central) New

10 june 2021

27 views21:07:55 Butt Stallion returns in Tiny Tina`s Wonderlands, coming early 2022 (Windows Phone Central) New

9 june 2021

35 views18:01:19 It took its time, but Albion Online is finally available on the Google Play S... (Android Police) New

8 june 2021

27 views17:21:33 ‘The fantasy of beauty has often been constructed around a celebration of w... (Chicago Tribune Business News) New
33 views16:39:25 Need some solitary time with some Solitaire? These Android games will do it (Android Central) New

7 june 2021

26 views23:52:04 NYC psychiatrist defends ‘out of context` fantasy about shooting white people (Fox News National) New
27 views17:13:49 Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy, and more release for PS4 and PS5 in June (Android Central) New
18 views14:53:16 Here`s How To See Your Favorite Movies Come to Life (E! Online Movie News) New

5 june 2021

35 views00:34:08 ‘Sweet Tooth` Review: Netflix`s Fantasy-Adventure Series Crafts a Spielberg... (indieWIRE) New

4 june 2021

36 views23:07:54 No taste for a pandemic-set fantasy? Netflix`s binge-worthy new show may chan... (LA Times Television) New
27 views22:01:29 `Jupiter`s Legacy` is over, and its cast members are not taking the cancellat... (LA Times Television) New

28 may 2021

31 views22:04:34 What`s new with Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the iPad? (iMore iPhone) New
32 views19:27:50 How Far Cry 6 embodies the guerrilla fantasy as the craziest entry yet (Windows Phone Central) New

27 may 2021

36 views22:11:30 Yakuza 0 and more come to Luna+ this June (Android Central) New

24 may 2021

37 views17:39:06 Review: Biomutant is a story of wasted potential (Android Central) New

20 may 2021

35 views19:11:05 Xbox is ready to start playing dirty (Windows Phone Central) New
25 views17:54:13 Remembering Kentaro Miura, legendary creator of ‘Berserk,` which inspired c... (Washington Post Technology) New

14 may 2021

27 views14:39:52 What comes next for foldables? Some next-gen folding ideas we`d love to see (Android Central) New

11 may 2021

24 views16:30:59 The Green Knight trailer offers the coolest take on Arthurian legend you`ve e... (TechRadar) New
29 views16:10:36 ‘The Green Knight` Trailer: Dev Patel Leads the Medieval Fantasy Epic You`v... (indieWIRE) New

7 may 2021

42 views15:43:44 Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier opens pre-registration for closed beta te... (Android Police) New

6 may 2021

29 views17:16:10 Review: David Oyelowo`s ambitious directing debut, `The Water Man,` runs luke... (LA Times Movies) New

5 may 2021

39 views19:32:25 Avowed on Xbox Series X trailer, release date, Game Pass and what we know (TechRadar) New

4 may 2021

37 views20:07:01 Hone your dungeon keeping with the best RPGs for Android! (Android Central) New
45 views14:28:40 Get your iPhone 12 fitted out for May the Fourth with these epic cases (iMore iPhone) New

3 may 2021

37 views18:23:22 Xbox Game Pass adds Red Dead Online, Final Fantasy X in its May offering (Windows Phone Central) New

2 may 2021

42 views23:02:08 ‘Pose` Review: Season 3 Indulges in an Opulent and Sentimental Fantasy Finale (indieWIRE) New

1 may 2021

30 views16:50:20 The Kentucky Derby of my childhood was a fantasy. Now it feels raw, and real. (Washington Post Sports) New

30 april 2021

51 views12:22:25 IO Interactive may be working with Xbox on an exclusive fantasy RPG (Windows Phone Central) New
40 views01:23:17 ‘Yasuke` Review: Netflix Show Sidelines a Great Character in Favor of Fanta... (indieWIRE) New

29 april 2021

38 views23:25:04 ‘Sweet Tooth` Trailer: Netflix Debuts Epic Fantasy Series From DC`s Vertigo (indieWIRE) New

24 april 2021

27 views02:00:30 ‘Shadow and Bone` Review: An Impressive Fantasy Series Adaptation with More... (indieWIRE) New

23 april 2021

32 views20:49:12 Netflix`s new fantasy series spliced together beloved books. The makers expla... (LA Times Television) New
36 views20:34:10 `Mortal Kombat` star Lewis Tan talks movie`s insane stunts: `So many differen... (FOX News Entertainment) New

22 april 2021

31 views19:12:08 I`m learning how to make Xbox and PC games, and you can too (Windows Phone Central) New

21 april 2021

34 views09:23:42 Netflix`s Shadow and Bone is a faithful fantasy TV adaptation to rival The Wi... (TechRadar) New

17 april 2021

40 views15:28:09 Why Netflix fantasy show Shadow and Bone is more Doctor Strange than The Witcher (TechRadar) New

16 april 2021

29 views19:31:52 What`s on TV This Week: `Cruel Summer,` `Romeo and Juliet,` Earth Day docs an... (LA Times Television) New
28 views16:05:01 Square Enix says it`s not for sale, as multiple parties eye acquisition (Windows Phone Central) New

8 april 2021

41 views20:00:43 ‘The Nevers` Review: Joss Whedon`s HBO Fantasy Series Is Messy, Maddening ... (indieWIRE) New
36 views16:00:47 PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy 16 could come to Xbox Series X (TechRadar) New
35 views05:04:21 Timothy Simons goes from ‘Veep` to a new campaign: Golf-betting podcaster (Washington Post Sports) New

6 april 2021

41 views18:00:54 FFVIII Remastered makes its way to Android — is it worth it? (Android Central) New

5 april 2021

47 views15:09:19 Halo: Point of Light — Interview with author Kelly Gay (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views06:48:42 Review: `The Nevers` is HBO`s next great fantasy series (LA Times Television) New

2 april 2021

25 views19:35:52 Huge Apple Arcade update: here`s all 32 new and classic games added today (TechRadar) New
49 views14:20:00 Huge Apple Arcade update: classic games and all-new must-plays join the service (TechRadar) New
32 views14:20:00 Fantasian is the latest game from Final Fantasy`s creator – and you can pla... (TechRadar) New
41 views10:53:19 Fantasian, featuring real diorama backdrops, is on Apple Arcade now (iMore iPhone) New
65 views03:20:56 Best Fantasy Films Streaming on HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (indieWIRE) New

1 april 2021

41 views14:25:34 Final Fantasy 14: PS5 release date, classes, free trial and latest news (TechRadar) New

31 march 2021

55 views16:08:15 Genshin Impact is coming to PS5 soon with DualSense support (Android Central) New
111 views00:31:28 Dead `Game of Thrones` characters to be resurrected for Broadway production (LA Times Television) New

30 march 2021

33 views15:44:10 Shadow and Bone`s new trailer shows why it`ll be your next Netflix fantasy bi... (TechRadar) New
30 views14:24:24 Xbox teams up with Japan`s biggest VTubers to showcase Xbox Game Pass (Windows Phone Central) New

28 march 2021

0 views15:29:09 12 new (and 1 WTF) Android games from the last week: The best, worst, and eve... (Android Police) New

26 march 2021

34 views16:00:57 18 temporarily free and 40 on-sale apps and games for Friday (Android Police) New
62 views11:17:38 Xbox Game Pass might get 6 more Square Enix games soon (TechRadar) New
42 views01:35:27 Kena: Bridge of Spirits debuts thrilling combat against fantastical beasts (Android Central) New

25 march 2021

35 views20:49:52 Here`s everything we know about the upcoming Elden Ring (Windows Phone Central) New
20:49:52 More ...

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