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4 december 2021

32 views00:51:10 Alec Baldwin didn`t do himself any favors with sit-down, experts say: ‘Text... (FOX News Entertainment) New

3 december 2021

15 views23:02:17 John Schneider says he`s `disgusted` by Alec Baldwin`s ‘refusal to show any... (FOX News Entertainment) New
3 views22:09:59 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Middle East) New
4 views22:06:12 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times National) New
6 views22:02:39 `Rust` cinematographer Halyna Hutchins honored at star-studded event: `She is... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views22:02:39 Emotional Alec Baldwin recalls ‘Rust` shooting: `If I felt that I was respo... (FOX News Entertainment) New
5 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin`s interview following ‘Rust` shooting ‘was a mistake,` legal... (FOX News Entertainment) New
3 views21:57:49 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Africa) New
3 views21:57:19 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Movies) New
3 views21:55:11 Alec Baldwin does not believe sabotage led to `Rust` shooting (LA Times Television) New

30 november 2021

17 views15:41:56 Caught between two lives in `C`mon C`mon` (LA Times Movies) New

26 november 2021

48 views22:00:39 Alec Baldwin`s wife Hilaria opens up about `challenging year,` wasn`t sure sh... (FOX News Entertainment) New

23 november 2021

25 views21:00:41 Hilaria Baldwin`s Instagram posts raise eyebrows as investigation into `Rust`... (FOX News Entertainment) New

20 november 2021

22 views01:20:57 Halyna Hutchins` gravestone: `Her light shapes our lives` (LA Times Movies) New

18 november 2021

19 views19:46:15 `Rust` script supervisor who called 911 after deadly shooting is suing Alec B... (CNN.com Entertainment) New

11 november 2021

25 views21:22:12 `Rust` movie crew member sues Alec Baldwin and others involved with productio... (CNN.com Entertainment) New

7 november 2021

17 views14:30:32 After `Rust` shooting, attention turns to Georgia producers (LA Times Movies) New

5 november 2021

20 views00:06:15 `Rust` armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed: 5 things to know (FOX News Entertainment) New

4 november 2021

17 views20:44:48 Angelina Jolie comments on Alec Baldwin shooting incident: `There are certain... (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views02:15:14 ‘Rust` armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed says she`s `not ready` to speak but pr... (FOX News Entertainment) New

3 november 2021

23 views22:22:08 Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` costume designer Terese Davis says Halyna Hutchins was ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views19:14:03 Alec Baldwin shooting: Timeline of fatal `Rust` movie accident (FOX News Entertainment) New
22 views18:34:54 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting warrants suggest violations of industry firearms... (FOX News Entertainment) New
29 views17:41:54 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: Real bullet on movie set ‘completely mental... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views13:42:32 `Rust` first camera assistant claims Alec Baldwin shooting a result of lack o... (FOX News Entertainment) New

2 november 2021

21 views22:43:13 Crisis manager advises the Baldwins to stop posting on social media: `Better ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
25 views03:14:51 `Rust` assistant director Dave Halls breaks silence following fatal on-set sh... (FOX News Entertainment) New

1 november 2021

40 views23:24:28 Experts say Alec Baldwin`s roadside presser shows `how upset he is`: `It`s re... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views21:47:50 Lawyer for `Rust` assistant director refuses to answer if he handed gun to Al... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views16:43:29 `Rust` prop person shot herself in the foot in accidental discharge prior to ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
30 views11:56:47 ‘Rust` film set shooting ‘puzzling,` not ‘surprising,` says former Holl... (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views03:28:10 Alec Baldwin and family post Halloween costume pictures after deadly `Rust` s... (FOX News Entertainment) New

31 october 2021

28 views22:37:42 Alec Baldwin returns to Twitter with political jab after `Rust` shooting inci... (FOX News Entertainment) New
32 views19:51:35 Alec Baldwin speaks out about Halyna Hutchins and guns on sets (CNN.com US) New
35 views00:39:14 `Rust` director Joel Souza seen with arm sling as he continues to recover fro... (FOX News Entertainment) New

30 october 2021

31 views23:57:23 Alec Baldwin Calls Halyna Hutchins His `Friend` in First On-Camera Comments A... (E! Online Movie News) New

29 october 2021

23 views19:28:00 `Devastated` Rust Armorer Slams `Unsafe` Production In First Statement Since ... (E! Online Movie News) New
18 views18:36:26 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting: 4th person handled gun before fatal incident, s... (FOX News Entertainment) New
16 views14:37:44 Photos: A week of shock, investigations and memorials after shooting on the s... (LA Times Religion) New
24 views13:51:44 ‘Rust` armorer breaks silence on Alec Baldwin shooting incident, blames pro... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views03:06:25 `Rust` movie shooting: Deputies confiscate more weapons, ammunition from set (FOX News Entertainment) New
20 views02:06:18 Alec Baldwin spotted shopping in Vermont following deadly `Rust` set shooting (FOX News Entertainment) New
20 views00:15:07 Alec Baldwin spotted shopping in Vermont following deadly `Rush` set shooting (FOX News Entertainment) New

28 october 2021

19 views19:20:19 Alec Baldwin was one of four people to handle gun on `Rust` movie set on day ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views00:56:01 Alec Baldwin`s daughter Ireland continues support for `Rust` star: `I know my... (FOX News Entertainment) New

27 october 2021

20 views18:44:23 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting: Too early to comment on charges, investigators say (FOX News Entertainment) New
22 views18:36:12 Sheriff: Lead bullet fatally struck `Rust` cinematographer; 500 rounds of amm... (LA Times Religion) New
26 views13:55:22 Alec Baldwin shooting victim Halyna Hutchins would be `angry` about her death... (FOX News Entertainment) New
23 views06:14:47 Alec Baldwin `Rust` movie shooting: Authorities recovered revolvers and ammo ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
49 views06:14:47 `Rust` shooting left film locals `rolling their eyes` at alleged lack of safe... (FOX News Entertainment) New
22 views05:39:46 `Rust` gaffer, who held Halyna Hutchins in his ‘arms while she was dying,` ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
33 views03:44:03 Alec Baldwin leaning on wife Hilaria, kids after on-set shooting: report (FOX News Entertainment) New

26 october 2021

21 views20:31:09 ‘Rust` film armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed faces eviction from Arizona landl... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views18:33:48 Photos: Inside the `Rust` movie set church where Halyna Hutchins was shot (FOX News Entertainment) New
14 views14:51:14 Stars in disbelief over Alec Baldwin fatal prop gun shooting: `Mismanaged set` (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views04:12:52 `Rust` movie head electrician says he was `holding` Halyna Hutchins in his `a... (FOX News Entertainment) New
38 views02:42:57 Alec Baldwin receives support from Hollywood after on-set shooting: ‘Our he... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views02:23:36 Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` movie shooting: A look at the on-set tragedy (FOX News Entertainment) New

25 october 2021

18 views23:37:54 Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` shooting accident: A lookback at Hollywood`s biggest on... (FOX News Entertainment) New
18 views21:16:09 `Rust` star Jensen Ackles calls Halyna Hutchins` death a `tragedy of epic pro... (LA Times Movies) New
24 views20:23:02 Halyna Hutchins remembered at LA memorial after Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
46 views20:23:01 `Rust` movie production to shut down until Alec Baldwin shooting investigatio... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views18:41:07 `Rust` movie armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed says best part about job is showin... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views17:54:04 Rust Search Warrant Details What Happened After Alec Baldwin`s Prop Gun Went Off (E! Online Movie News) New
30 views15:52:17 Alec Baldwin was very careful with prop guns prior to `Rust` accident accordi... (FOX News Entertainment) New
40 views06:13:28 `Rust` producers wrap set for shooting investigation, calling it a `pause` (LA Times Movies) New
25 views05:46:53 `Rust` producers shut down production during investigation (LA Times Movies) New
27 views01:48:17 This `Rust` scene led to the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (LA Times Movies) New
34 views01:08:27 Alec Baldwin was given prop gun by crew member who had a previous safety comp... (FOX News Entertainment) New
37 views00:59:02 Alec Baldwin was given prop gun by crew member who had a previous safety comp... (FOX News Entertainment) New

24 october 2021

75 views23:34:11 Gun fired by Alec Baldwin in accidental death of Halyna Hutchins used for fun... (FOX News Entertainment) New
25 views21:20:31 Alec Baldwin has emotional meeting with Halyna Hutchins` husband, son followi... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views21:06:18 Alec Baldwin meets with Halyna Hutchins` husband, son in emotional meeting fo... (FOX News Entertainment) New
20 views20:21:02 Alec Baldwin `inconsolable` after deadly `Rust` movie set shooting, `cancelin... (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views17:19:05 Hundreds mourn cinematographer Halyna Hutchins as investigation into film set... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
30 views14:25:22 Experts predict the legal fallout from the Alec Baldwin prop gun shooting (LA Times Movies) New
18 views14:05:37 Halyna Hutchins` sister speaks out after deadly shooting on `Rust` movie set (FOX News Entertainment) New
23 views07:35:12 `Shaken all of us to the very core`: New Mexico film community mourns Halyna ... (LA Times Africa) New
21 views06:36:45 `Shaken all of us to the very core`: New Mexico film community mourns Halyna ... (LA Times National) New
16 views06:35:49 `Shaken all of us to the very core`: New Mexico film community mourns Halyna ... (LA Times Middle East) New
28 views03:20:37 Peer of `Rust` gun handler expresses shock: `I`m surprised any of this happen... (LA Times Movies) New
37 views02:03:23 Injured Rust Director Joel Souza Breaks Silence About Death of Halyna Hutchins (E! Online Movie News) New
35 views00:14:58 Vigils in Burbank and Albuquerque for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (LA Times Movies) New

23 october 2021

27 views23:55:01 Halyna Hutchins` husband honors his late wife after deadly shooting on `Rust`... (FOX News Entertainment) New
28 views22:45:49 `Rust` director Joel Souza injured in movie set shooting speaks out: `I am gu... (FOX News Entertainment) New
31 views21:51:48 Halyna Hutchins` Husband Shares Heartbreaking Tribute After Cinematographer`s... (E! Online Movie News) New
28 views21:27:47 After ‘Rust` shooting, a look at other notable set accidents (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views20:03:16 Armorer on Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` set once admitted to being `nervous` about a... (FOX News Entertainment) New
34 views16:51:20 Tributes paid to Halyna Hutchins (CNN.com Entertainment) New
29 views16:51:20 Crew member yelled `cold gun` as he handed Alec Baldwin prop weapon, court do... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
49 views15:33:52 `Rust` actor speaks out after fatal Alec Baldwin prop gun shooting: `A terrib... (FOX News Entertainment) New
40 views08:41:43 Same Alec Baldwin shot struck both Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza: reports (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views03:11:50 Film crew member handed Alec Baldwin loaded gun, told him it was safe, New Me... (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New
42 views03:01:30 Alec Baldwin has been outspoken against gun rights activists (FOX News Entertainment) New

22 october 2021

26 views23:52:39 Alec Baldwin`s fatal prop gun shooting: Experts weigh in on how accident happ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
46 views23:36:53 Alec Baldwin`s Co-Star Jensen Ackles Shared Insight into Film`s Gun Practices... (E! Online Movie News) New
13 views22:58:33 The ranch where the fatal `Rust` shooting happened has been a go-to location ... (LA Times Movies) New
13 views22:50:07 The ranch where the fatal `Rust` shooting happened has been a go-to location ... (LA Times Television) New
19 views22:21:23 Alec Baldwin `Rust` camera crew walked off the set in protest before the fata... (LA Times Movies) New
22 views21:52:22 Alec Baldwin`s daughter Ireland speaks out after dad accidentally shot and ki... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21:52:22 More ...

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