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14 april 2023

44 views14:25:36 Minneapolis reaches settlements in 2 suits alleging then-officer Derek Chauvi... (CNN.com US) New

10 august 2022

62 views03:22:30 Nearly $1.5 million settlement approved for correctional officers of color wh... (CNN.com US) New

2 august 2022

41 views21:47:04 Derek Chauvin and his beauty queen ex-wife`s Florida vacation home sold for $... (Fox News National) New

1 june 2022

40 views20:51:49 Two new federal lawsuits against Chauvin, Minneapolis allege ex-cop used `sig... (Fox News National) New

25 may 2022

40 views11:48:58 Minneapolis marks 2 years since George Floyd`s murder (Fox News National) New

27 april 2022

54 views12:04:37 Derek Chauvin appeals his murder conviction in the death of George Floyd (CNN.com US) New
47 views05:59:26 Derek Chauvin seeking new trial for George Floyd death (Fox News National) New

23 february 2022

71 views03:30:38 Former Minneapolis officers ‘chose to do nothing` as Chauvin knelt on Floyd... (Washington Post National) New

21 february 2022

46 views22:16:58 George Floyd trial: Former Minneapolis police officer says when he saw Floyd`... (Fox News National) New

17 february 2022

89 views03:14:49 Former Minneapolis officer who restrained George Floyd says he deferred to De... (Washington Post National) New

11 february 2022

89 views00:15:17 Minneapolis police officers at George Floyd arrest should have intervened, lo... (Fox News National) New

10 february 2022

41 views21:22:02 Amir Locke shooting warrants unsealed, Derek Chauvin trial judge signed off o... (Fox News National) New

24 january 2022

31 views21:35:13 George Floyd death: Former Minneapolis cops stood by as Chauvin `slowly kille... (Fox News National) New

28 december 2021

97 views15:32:05 The enduring moments of 2021, as told by Post reporters (Washington Post Style) New

27 december 2021

72 views17:26:46 2021 in review: The trials that captivated the country (Fox News National) New

23 december 2021

42 views12:33:22 Dems who called for defunding police amid George Floyd protests now pivoting (Fox News National) New

17 december 2021

88 views14:51:25 Derek Chauvin pleads guilty. What`s next? (Fox News National) New

15 december 2021

36 views19:46:47 Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to violating George Floyd`s civil rights (Washington Post National) New
37 views17:23:04 Derek Chauvin pleads guilty in George Floyd civil rights case, sentencing sti... (Fox News National) New

13 december 2021

41 views22:48:40 Derek Chauvin could plead guilty in George Floyd civil rights case (Fox News National) New
35 views22:31:22 Derek Chauvin signals he will plead guilty to violating George Floyd`s civil ... (Washington Post National) New

1 november 2021

65 views21:36:20 Race was not part of Chauvin jurors` decision, they say (Washington Post National) New
33 views17:19:03 Names of Derek Chauvin jurors to be made public Monday (Washington Post National) New

29 october 2021

61 views19:03:35 Derek Chauvin jurors speak out for the first time (CNN.com US) New

26 october 2021

30 views14:30:24 Judge in Derek Chauvin trial will identify jurors who convicted him of George... (Fox News National) New

18 october 2021

73 views19:22:32 Derek Chauvin hires new lawyer to appeal conviction in murder of George Floyd (Fox News National) New

8 october 2021

36 views01:09:42 Miami-Dade man pleads guilty to threatening Derek Chauvin`s lawyer in George ... (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New

7 october 2021

56 views12:05:02 Derek Chauvin denied request for public defender in appeals process by Minnes... (Fox News National) New

24 september 2021

24 views16:14:33 Derek Chauvin appeals murder conviction in death of George Floyd, will repres... (Fox News National) New

16 september 2021

35 views20:34:45 Derek Chauvin pleads not guilty to violating teen`s civil rights in case simi... (Washington Post National) New
58 views18:11:53 Chauvin pleads not guilty to alleged civil rights violation (Fox News National) New

9 september 2021

44 views22:03:19 Maryland AG names panel to decide next steps in review of ex-chief medical ex... (Washington Post Maryland) New

17 august 2021

44 views14:51:36 Derek Chauvin prosecutors ask Minnesota judge not to release names of jurors ... (Fox News National) New

4 august 2021

55 views14:12:40 Ex-Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd death request separate... (Fox News National) New
36 views01:37:37 Former Minneapolis officers charged with violating George Floyd`s civil right... (CNN.com US) New

25 july 2021

9 views01:40:48 Derek Chauvin`s first prison mugshots released one month into 22 1/2 year sen... (Fox News National) New

12 july 2021

44 views15:48:18 ‘I couldn`t think about this case without thinking of my son` (Washington Post National) New

8 july 2021

49 views23:11:36 Prosecutors challenge Chauvin trial judge`s assertion that children who witne... (Washington Post National) New

29 june 2021

46 views15:13:56 Derek Chauvin closing in on plea deal on federal civil rights charges: report (Fox News National) New

28 june 2021

65 views18:23:17 SCOTUS vacates ruling that said officers used reasonable force in pinning pri... (FOX News Politics) New
61 views03:22:30 Minnesota lawmakers reach deal on policing measures (Fox News National) New

27 june 2021

53 views19:56:48 After Chauvin sentence, Minn. AG warns what steps should be taken to avoid ... (FOX News Politics) New

26 june 2021

54 views23:48:22 Experts: Impact of Chauvin case on policing yet to be seen (Fox News National) New
54 views16:54:30 Will Chauvin`s prison experience remain unusual? (Fox News National) New
46 views03:21:29 George Floyd`s 7-year-old daughter makes heartbreaking appearance in court: `... (Fox News National) New
52 views02:54:51 Column: Derek Chauvin`s sentence for murdering George Floyd and the right`s f... (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New
35 views01:53:35 Chauvin sentence leaves some disappointed: `We got justice but not enough jus... (Fox News National) New

25 june 2021

0 views22:59:32 Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd (Washington Post National) New
48 views20:53:56 Derek Chauvin sentencing: Ex-Minneapolis cop faces judgment in murder of Geor... (Fox News National) New
61 views14:41:06 Derek Chauvin to be sentenced Friday for the murder of George Floyd (Washington Post National) New
57 views13:51:10 Derek Chauvin could face decadeslong sentence in George Floyd murder (Fox News National) New

24 june 2021

49 views21:07:39 What to know as Chauvin sentence in Floyd death expected: explainer (Fox News National) New
51 views11:14:40 Derek Chauvin case: Community impact statements sought ahead of sentencing (Fox News National) New

17 june 2021

48 views08:30:07 Minnesota prosecutors ask court to reject Derek Chauvin defense team`s motion... (Fox News National) New

8 june 2021

47 views13:47:05 News about Racial Violence Harms Black People`s Mental Health (Scientific American News) New
120 views13:35:19 News about Racial Violence Harms Black People`s Mental Health (Scientific American Mind & Brain) New

3 june 2021

49 views14:26:20 Minneapolis` George Floyd Square: Crews dismantle barriers as city moves to r... (Fox News National) New
66 views04:34:52 Prosecutors request 30-year sentence for Derek Chauvin while defense argues f... (CNN.com US) New

2 june 2021

77 views22:53:19 Derek Chauvin defense team seeks time served and probation or lower sentence ... (Fox News National) New

1 june 2021

45 views21:44:19 George Floyd`s death: Derek Chauvin faces hearing on federal charges (Fox News National) New

26 may 2021

47 views02:12:56 Ilhan Omar says `true justice` for George Floyd requires ‘dismantling the s... (FOX News Politics) New
35 views02:03:04 As Chicagoans mark the anniversary of George Floyd`s murder, activists call f... (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New

25 may 2021

53 views19:54:44 Chicagoans mark anniversary of George Floyd`s murder (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New

22 may 2021

71 views03:17:50 Complete coverage: Death of George Floyd and trial of Derek Chauvin (LA Times National) New
65 views03:12:16 Complete coverage: Death of George Floyd and trial of Derek Chauvin (LA Times Africa) New
65 views02:54:23 Complete coverage: Death of George Floyd and trial of Derek Chauvin (LA Times Middle East) New

17 may 2021

67 views21:04:15 Trial of ex-police officer who fatally shot Black motorist Daunte Wright may ... (Washington Post National) New

14 may 2021

40 views23:00:23 Illinois police officer`s commitment to community outshines national scrutiny... (Fox News National) New

13 may 2021

47 views21:38:10 California suspects arrested, released for pig`s blood smeared on Derek Chauv... (Fox News National) New
32 views19:23:24 Trial for 3 former officers charged in George Floyd`s murder delayed until March (Washington Post National) New
60 views02:28:03 Ruling allows for longer sentence for Chauvin (CNN.com US) New

12 may 2021

38 views21:43:14 Derek Chauvin qualifies for a longer sentence in George Floyd`s murder, judge... (Washington Post National) New
42 views21:31:52 George Floyd death: Chauvin could face tougher sentence as Minnesota judge fi... (Fox News National) New
31 views16:35:44 Judge`s ruling paves way for longer sentence for Derek Chauvin in George Floy... (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New

8 may 2021

74 views00:05:28 Independent panel to audit cases of former Md. chief medical examiner who tes... (Washington Post Maryland) New

7 may 2021

30 views16:33:54 4 ex-Minneapolis police officers, including Chauvin, federally indicted in Ge... (Fox News National) New

5 may 2021

36 views15:02:38 Derek Chauvin`s attorney files motion for new trial (CNN.com US) New
44 views03:05:59 Derek Chauvin`s attorney files motion for a new trial, alleging misconduct by... (Washington Post National) New
59 views00:22:28 Derek Chauvin files for new trial in death of George Floyd (Fox News National) New

4 may 2021

35 views15:33:20 Derek Chauvin juror`s `BLM` T-shirt sparks concerns about trial verdicts: report (Fox News National) New
77 views04:37:11 Photo of Chauvin juror wearing BLM T-shirt at march raises questions of impar... (Washington Post National) New

2 may 2021

61 views03:29:45 Minnesota AG Ellison argues convicted murderer Derek Chauvin acted with `part... (Fox News National) New

1 may 2021

45 views19:06:39 Chauvin`s ‘particular cruelty` to George Floyd should mean harsher sentence... (Washington Post National) New
45 views18:49:19 Derek Chauvin`s ‘particular cruelty` to George Floyd should mean harsher se... (Washington Post National) New
27 views15:33:34 A guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, fans return to Dodgers stadium, ... (LA Times Religion) New
40 views14:39:25 George Floyd death: Prosecutors seek higher sentence for Derek Chauvin (Fox News National) New
57 views06:01:48 Prosecution and defense teams in Derek Chauvin`s sentencing argue whether agg... (CNN.com US) New

30 april 2021

47 views19:04:39 Chauvin, ex-officers in George Floyd`s case could be federally indicted on ci... (Fox News National) New
41 views17:43:33 Trial of other cops charged in George Floyd`s death to be broadcast (Fox News National) New

29 april 2021

51 views22:09:37 UNC holds Black-only `healing session` after Chauvin verdict (Fox News National) New
38 views18:46:28 Derek Chauvin conviction: DOJ reportedly had `secret` plan to arrest ex-cop i... (Fox News National) New
21 views14:07:59 Litman: The Chauvin prosecution isn`t a bellwether for the state of justice i... (LA Times National) New
33 views12:32:42 Litman: The Chauvin prosecution isn`t a bellwether for the state of justice i... (LA Times Africa) New
46 views12:27:46 Litman: The Chauvin prosecution isn`t a bellwether for the state of justice i... (LA Times Middle East) New
49 views05:02:55 Derek Chauvin trial high school assignment sparks controversy (Fox News National) New

28 april 2021

48 views19:05:54 A juror in the Derek Chauvin trial says `the evidence was overwhelming` again... (CNN.com US) New
39 views17:16:42 Chauvin juror says guilty verdicts could have come quicker (Fox News National) New
56 views12:22:57 Column: The man who prosecuted Derek Chauvin felt ‘a little bad` for him. S... (Chicago Tribune Religion News) New
35 views00:27:44 Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin`s sentencing date pushed back... (Fox News National) New

26 april 2021

42 views22:51:16 Fake Chicago Police tweet that purports to state `We are all Derek Chauvin` n... (Fox News National) New
22:51:16 More ...

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