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4 december 2021

23 views03:44:10 What we know about the four teen victims in the Michigan Oxford High School s... (Washington Post National) New
35 views03:39:38 District attorney reacts to Alec Baldwin after he claims it`s ‘unlikely` he... (FOX News Entertainment) New
35 views01:24:31 Alec Baldwin`s wife Hilaria pledges to `take care of` actor, jabs critics: `I... (FOX News Entertainment) New
32 views00:51:10 Alec Baldwin didn`t do himself any favors with sit-down, experts say: ‘Text... (FOX News Entertainment) New

3 december 2021

39 views23:43:49 Celebrities rally around Alec Baldwin while the public criticizes him followi... (FOX News Entertainment) New
15 views23:02:17 John Schneider says he`s `disgusted` by Alec Baldwin`s ‘refusal to show any... (FOX News Entertainment) New
3 views22:09:59 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Middle East) New
4 views22:06:12 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times National) New
24 views22:02:39 Emotional Alec Baldwin recalls ‘Rust` shooting: `If I felt that I was respo... (FOX News Entertainment) New
6 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin slammed for tell-all interview about `Rust` shooting: `A clout c... (FOX News Entertainment) New
3 views22:02:39 John Schneider rails against Alec Baldwin for claiming he `didn`t pull the tr... (FOX News Entertainment) New
8 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin praises wife Hilaria after tell-all interview: `Family is all I ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
5 views22:02:39 `Rust` shooting victim Halyna Hutchins` husband will make legal decisions `wh... (FOX News Entertainment) New
5 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting interview: Five most shocking revelations (FOX News Entertainment) New
5 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin`s interview following ‘Rust` shooting ‘was a mistake,` legal... (FOX News Entertainment) New
8 views22:02:39 Alec Baldwin hits back at George Clooney`s response to `Rust` shooting: `Good... (FOX News Entertainment) New
4 views21:58:43 Alec Baldwin doesn`t feel guilt over ‘Rust` shooting: ‘If I felt I was re... (Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins Blog) New
3 views21:57:49 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Africa) New
3 views21:57:19 Did Alec Baldwin pull the trigger? `Rust` camera assistant says: `Guns don`t... (LA Times Movies) New
3 views21:55:11 Alec Baldwin does not believe sabotage led to `Rust` shooting (LA Times Television) New

28 november 2021

67 views02:29:58 `Rust` shooting: Alec Baldwin lawyers up after being hit with lawsuits (FOX News Entertainment) New

27 november 2021

24 views22:16:31 Sens. Johnson, Baldwin condemn outside groups for trying to `exploit` Waukesh... (FOX News Politics) New

26 november 2021

48 views22:00:39 Alec Baldwin`s wife Hilaria opens up about `challenging year,` wasn`t sure sh... (FOX News Entertainment) New

24 november 2021

28 views14:05:44 Dolph Lundgren expresses shock over Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` shooting: `It`s crazy` (FOX News Entertainment) New

23 november 2021

25 views21:00:41 Hilaria Baldwin`s Instagram posts raise eyebrows as investigation into `Rust`... (FOX News Entertainment) New
22 views14:51:18 Alec Baldwin difficult on `30 Rock` set, threatened to assault director, book... (FOX News Entertainment) New

20 november 2021

29 views03:54:08 Halyna Hutchins` husband Matt shares her headstone (FOX News Entertainment) New

18 november 2021

19 views19:46:15 `Rust` script supervisor who called 911 after deadly shooting is suing Alec B... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
17 views00:16:00 Alec Baldwin talks politics on Twitter ahead of more `Rust` lawsuit news (FOX News Entertainment) New
23 views00:16:00 Alec Baldwin accused of playing `Russian roulette` on `Rust` set by Gloria Al... (FOX News Entertainment) New

16 november 2021

12 views19:48:19 Daniel Baldwin says brother Alec Baldwin is being scapegoated in `Rust` shooting (LA Times Movies) New

11 november 2021

25 views21:22:12 `Rust` movie crew member sues Alec Baldwin and others involved with productio... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
15 views13:53:46 Crew member sues Baldwin, other ‘Rust` producers, claiming negligence led t... (Washington Post National) New
18 views01:51:50 Alec Baldwin shooting lawsuit: `Rust` gaffer nearly hit by a bullet claims ne... (LA Times National) New
20 views01:34:25 Alec Baldwin shooting lawsuit: `Rust` gaffer nearly hit by a bullet claims ne... (LA Times Africa) New
11 views01:21:42 Alec Baldwin shooting lawsuit: `Rust` gaffer nearly hit by a bullet claims ne... (LA Times Middle East) New
26 views00:04:02 Alec Baldwin shooting lawsuit: `Rust` gaffer nearly hit by a bullet claims ne... (LA Times Movies) New

10 november 2021

32 views08:45:17 Baldwin Park warehouse fire prompts late-night closure on eastbound 10 Freeway (LA Times Religion) New

9 november 2021

16 views19:23:02 `Rust` shooting: Who could face criminal charges in death of Halyna Hutchins? (LA Times Religion) New

8 november 2021

25 views21:17:13 Alec Baldwin says productions should hire police officers to `monitor weapons... (CNN.com US) New
23 views20:08:40 `Rust` shooting: Alec Baldwin wants police officers on sets to monitor weapon... (LA Times Movies) New

7 november 2021

37 views14:43:45 SoCal public officials targeted in broadening federal investigation into pot ... (LA Times Religion) New

5 november 2021

20 views21:17:13 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: ‘Immature` gun handling alarmed cast and cr... (FOX News Entertainment) New

4 november 2021

17 views20:44:48 Angelina Jolie comments on Alec Baldwin shooting incident: `There are certain... (FOX News Entertainment) New
42 views20:44:47 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: Armorer`s lawyers dismiss claims of ‘inexpe... (FOX News Entertainment) New
23 views12:08:57 As Alec Baldwin defends ‘Rust` production, armorer from reported on-set str... (FOX News Entertainment) New

3 november 2021

23 views22:22:08 Alec Baldwin`s `Rust` costume designer Terese Davis says Halyna Hutchins was ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views19:14:03 Alec Baldwin shooting: Timeline of fatal `Rust` movie accident (FOX News Entertainment) New
22 views18:34:54 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting warrants suggest violations of industry firearms... (FOX News Entertainment) New
29 views17:41:54 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: Real bullet on movie set ‘completely mental... (FOX News Entertainment) New
33 views14:42:52 Alec Baldwin has not been asked by authorities to return to New Mexico, sourc... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
25 views14:42:02 `Rust` armorer`s attorneys speculate sabotage occurred on set in deadly Alec ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views13:42:32 `Rust` first camera assistant claims Alec Baldwin shooting a result of lack o... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views00:36:42 Alec Baldwin shares comment slamming `bulls---` claims of poor working condit... (FOX News Entertainment) New

2 november 2021

34 views16:36:38 Hailey Baldwin reveals how her mother persuaded her to work on marriage to Ju... (FOX News Entertainment) New
32 views15:36:57 Hilaria Baldwin reveals family cat is missing amid Alec Baldwin shooting drama (FOX News Entertainment) New
38 views15:17:21 Checking Alec Baldwin`s gun was not the assistant director`s responsibility, ... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
17 views15:06:56 What made `Rust` crew members walk off set the morning of Halyna Hutchins` de... (FOX News Entertainment) New
18 views13:23:03 `Rust` assistant director`s on-set actions criticized in wake of Alec Baldwin... (FOX News Entertainment) New
25 views03:14:51 `Rust` assistant director Dave Halls breaks silence following fatal on-set sh... (FOX News Entertainment) New

1 november 2021

40 views23:24:28 Experts say Alec Baldwin`s roadside presser shows `how upset he is`: `It`s re... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views21:47:50 Lawyer for `Rust` assistant director refuses to answer if he handed gun to Al... (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views18:14:50 Crew members present for Alec Baldwin accidental shooting incident reveal som... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views16:43:29 `Rust` prop person shot herself in the foot in accidental discharge prior to ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views16:43:29 Halyna Hutchins` death on ‘Rust` set was ‘completely preventable,` armore... (FOX News Entertainment) New
30 views11:56:47 ‘Rust` film set shooting ‘puzzling,` not ‘surprising,` says former Holl... (FOX News Entertainment) New
27 views03:28:10 Alec Baldwin and family post Halloween costume pictures after deadly `Rust` s... (FOX News Entertainment) New

31 october 2021

28 views22:37:42 Alec Baldwin returns to Twitter with political jab after `Rust` shooting inci... (FOX News Entertainment) New
41 views20:15:02 Alec Baldwin shooting highlights lack of uniform safety regulations on sets a... (FOX News Entertainment) New
32 views19:51:35 Alec Baldwin speaks out about Halyna Hutchins and guns on sets (CNN.com US) New
29 views18:03:20 `Rust` actress Jayde Martinez shares statement on Alec Baldwin shooting incident (FOX News Entertainment) New
34 views15:18:47 The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza (LA Times Middle East) New
39 views14:44:25 The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza (LA Times Movies) New
26 views14:21:31 The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza (LA Times National) New
29 views14:17:57 The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza (LA Times Africa) New
38 views02:53:25 Hilaria Baldwin supports husband Alec after he speaks publicly on deadly `Rus... (FOX News Entertainment) New
35 views00:39:14 `Rust` director Joel Souza seen with arm sling as he continues to recover fro... (FOX News Entertainment) New

30 october 2021

31 views23:57:23 Alec Baldwin Calls Halyna Hutchins His `Friend` in First On-Camera Comments A... (E! Online Movie News) New
23 views23:23:14 Alec Baldwin says he`s `not allowed to make any comments` on `Rust` shooting ... (LA Times Movies) New
23 views23:13:21 Alec Baldwin Doubts ‘Rust` Will Re-Enter Production After Halyna Hutchins` ... (indieWIRE) New
37 views21:34:03 Alec Baldwin speaks out about Halyna Hutchins and guns on sets (CNN.com Entertainment) New
23 views21:13:32 Alec Baldwin speaks in public for first time amid ongoing `Rust` movie set sh... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views14:32:27 Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria dine in Vermont bar closed to public as `Rust` ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views06:48:15 `Rust` prop master Sarah Zachry ‘most likely to serve only as a witness` in... (FOX News Entertainment) New

29 october 2021

24 views21:58:36 Trying to keep up with the `Rust` shooting updates? Your key questions, answered (LA Times Movies) New
18 views21:49:59 Alec Baldwin shooting incident calls safety on low-budget, rushed movies like... (FOX News Entertainment) New
39 views20:45:01 `Rust` death: A Q&A about the shooting, the investigation and the people invo... (LA Times Movies) New
23 views19:28:00 `Devastated` Rust Armorer Slams `Unsafe` Production In First Statement Since ... (E! Online Movie News) New
18 views18:36:26 Alec Baldwin `Rust` shooting: 4th person handled gun before fatal incident, s... (FOX News Entertainment) New
26 views14:04:01 `Rust` armorer says she doesn`t know how live ammo got on set, according to a... (CNN.com Entertainment) New
24 views13:51:44 ‘Rust` armorer breaks silence on Alec Baldwin shooting incident, blames pro... (FOX News Entertainment) New
21 views03:06:25 `Rust` movie shooting: Deputies confiscate more weapons, ammunition from set (FOX News Entertainment) New
20 views02:06:18 Alec Baldwin spotted shopping in Vermont following deadly `Rust` set shooting (FOX News Entertainment) New
20 views00:15:07 Alec Baldwin spotted shopping in Vermont following deadly `Rush` set shooting (FOX News Entertainment) New

28 october 2021

20 views20:23:44 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: Hollywood weapons armorer explains firearm in... (FOX News Entertainment) New
24 views19:29:48 Alec Baldwin resurfaces in Vermont after `Rust` shooting, stuns local busines... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views19:20:19 Alec Baldwin retweets story focusing on new warrant released in fatal `Rust` ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views19:20:19 Alec Baldwin was one of four people to handle gun on `Rust` movie set on day ... (FOX News Entertainment) New
40 views19:20:19 Alec Baldwin ‘Rust` shooting: Police ‘not exactly sure` of actor`s ‘whe... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19 views19:20:19 Sheriff investigating Alec Baldwin shooting incident says armorer`s statement... (FOX News Entertainment) New
19:20:19 More ...

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