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Xbox 360

RSS FeedsXbox 360 MyHeadlinez - News from the category "Xbox 360" (3 feeds)


31 march 2020

38 views20:05:05 Marie Rose: The making of Dead or Alive`s doll-faced superstar (N4G Xbox 360) New
44 views20:05:05 Looking Back to 2005 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Third Times the Charm (N4G Xbox 360) New
31 views14:12:21 Microsoft adjusts Xbox Live functionality due to pandemic (N4G Xbox 360) New

30 march 2020

43 views23:37:50 Sam Fisher Deserves Better (N4G Xbox 360) New
39 views23:37:50 Nier Orchestral Arrangement Album - Addendum CD Set gets U.S. release date (N4G Xbox 360) New
53 views16:30:06 Who gets to write video game history? (N4G Xbox 360) New
31 views02:08:20 Halo 5 gets a new REQ Pack, that will contribute to COVID-19 Relief (N4G Xbox 360) New

28 march 2020

63 views17:40:15 Great Moments in Gaming: Silent Hill 2 and the Stairs of Fire (N4G Xbox 360) New
29 views01:14:29 101 Video Games To Play Before You Die (N4G Xbox 360) New
24 views01:14:29 15 Best Games For Kids (With No Fortnite In Sight) (N4G Xbox 360) New
31 views01:14:29 Doom Is Basically the Video Game Version of Alien (N4G Xbox 360) New
24 views01:14:29 Here are two more leaked in-game screenshots from Star Wars 1313 (N4G Xbox 360) New

26 march 2020

40 views22:09:46 BioShock 2`s director reveals what could have been a different BioShock (N4G Xbox 360) New
30 views15:30:02 Half-Life 2 Teaches You Everything You Need to Know with 4 Iconic Words (N4G Xbox 360) New

25 march 2020

33 views23:20:14 13 Strong Reasons Why `Witcher 3` Is Better Than `Skyrim` (N4G Xbox 360) New
28 views23:20:13 Free Educational Content in Minecraft Marketplace (N4G Xbox 360) New
36 views16:25:32 Ranking the Final Fantasy Protagonists (N4G Xbox 360) New
54 views00:09:54 Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts 24th-30th March 2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New

24 march 2020

46 views19:40:15 Dragon Age: The First Five Graphic Novels collection gets release date (N4G Xbox 360) New
53 views19:40:14 Fuse Is the Best Co-op Game Played Single-Player Ever (N4G Xbox 360) New

23 march 2020

34 views20:25:17 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Taken Off Stores, Online Shut Down (N4G Xbox 360) New
44 views16:34:20 Skating Games - Are They Dead? (N4G Xbox 360) New
59 views00:18:14 The Scariest Monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise (N4G Xbox 360) New
54 views00:18:14 Ori & the Blind Forest Original Soundtrack Vinyl Set gets release date (N4G Xbox 360) New

22 march 2020

37 views16:37:53 PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Does the most powerful console always win? (N4G Xbox 360) New
71 views01:17:47 Black Ops` Sgt. Frank Woods Actor Puts the Kibosh on Anything Related to Trey... (N4G Xbox 360) New

21 march 2020

32 views03:20:04 GTA Online: Diamonds are back for the Casino Heist (N4G Xbox 360) New

20 march 2020

47 views21:31:32 GameStop is on Some Bullshit After Declaring Itself An `Essential Business.` ... (N4G Xbox 360) New
35 views21:31:31 Call of Duty: Black Ops Sgt. Frank Woods Voice Actor Teasing Something for Sa... (N4G Xbox 360) New
33 views17:05:04 Exclusive Hands-On: Seven Haunted Seas - A Cancelled Pirate Game (N4G Xbox 360) New
25 views17:05:04 Ranking The Silent Hill Games (From Worst to Best) (N4G Xbox 360) New
18 views16:10:11 This Week At Bungie 3/19/2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New
40 views03:05:13 Top 10 Maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (N4G Xbox 360) New

19 march 2020

50 views23:30:03 Looking Back to 2015 and the Cops `n` Robbers of Battlefield Hardline (N4G Xbox 360) New
39 views21:20:09 20 Years Later and `Perfect Dark` is Still Better than `Goldeneye 007` (N4G Xbox 360) New
51 views06:04:38 Head back to the 70s with the latest Mix Song Pack for Rocksmith (N4G Xbox 360) New

18 march 2020

38 views15:22:59 Cyberpunk Backlog: Binary Domain - A Masterpiece by SEGA (N4G Xbox 360) New
36 views10:47:16 Five Games Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts (N4G Xbox 360) New

17 march 2020

54 views20:24:40 Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts 17th-23rd March 2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New
61 views02:31:23 What Does Metroidvania Mean? (N4G Xbox 360) New

16 march 2020

48 views23:35:02 GTA 5`s swappable triad is still the smartest idea Rockstar has contributed t... (N4G Xbox 360) New
34 views18:39:45 What subjects the new BioShock game should tackle next, according to philosop... (N4G Xbox 360) New

15 march 2020

38 views22:46:47 Resurrection of the Night: Alucard`s Elegy Vinyl Set gets release date (N4G Xbox 360) New
50 views06:10:08 7 Games Where Being Bad Feels So Good (N4G Xbox 360) New

14 march 2020

30 views18:00:05 International Womens Day 2020 Leliana From The Dragon Age Series (N4G Xbox 360) New
35 views18:00:05 Every Doom Game Ever (N4G Xbox 360) New
34 views18:00:05 How Having too Many Games can be a Problem (N4G Xbox 360) New
69 views02:20:04 Square Enix to Celebrate NieR`s 10th Anniversary with Epic 10 Hour Livestream (N4G Xbox 360) New
61 views02:20:04 How Are Game Programming Students Preparing For Crunch? (N4G Xbox 360) New
61 views02:20:04 Gaming Conferences` Greatest Moments (N4G Xbox 360) New
54 views02:20:04 The best Castlevania games of all time, ranked from best to worst (N4G Xbox 360) New

13 march 2020

48 views16:17:04 Rumor- Crash Bandicoot 4 Remaster & Crash PvP in Development, Sledgehammer Ma... (N4G Xbox 360) New
61 views10:08:47 Please Konami, Stop Trolling Us And Release Castlevania: SotN On Switch Already (N4G Xbox 360) New

12 march 2020

63 views20:23:40 Top 15 Most Iconic Video Game Weapons, Ranked (N4G Xbox 360) New
53 views17:26:21 Sonic The Hedgehog 2020: why Sega shouldnt remake Sonic Adventure (N4G Xbox 360) New
51 views17:26:21 One of HyperX`s best-selling gaming headsets is down to just $26 right now (N4G Xbox 360) New

11 march 2020

32 views21:22:19 10 Fighting Games That Deserve To Be Resurrected Next-Gen (N4G Xbox 360) New
40 views12:43:20 Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts 10th-16th March 2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New
43 views12:43:20 Life is Beautiful as Sixx:A.M. bring hard rock to Rocksmith (N4G Xbox 360) New
50 views07:40:08 Everyone Forgets That Final Fantasy XIII Had a Really Good Battle System (N4G Xbox 360) New

10 march 2020

42 views02:25:18 What Makes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so Popular (N4G Xbox 360) New
52 views00:37:05 Modern Warfare 2: Remaster comes out this year? (N4G Xbox 360) New

9 march 2020

31 views19:41:57 Looking Back to 2010 and the Focus-fuelled Final Fantasy XIII (N4G Xbox 360) New
37 views19:41:57 Looking back to 2010 and the awesome party-starter Lips: Party Classics (N4G Xbox 360) New
43 views03:03:42 DBPG: Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Review (Sega Genesis) (N4G Xbox 360) New

8 march 2020

44 views15:35:07 Nintendo Needs to Actually Use its Cloud Save Service (N4G Xbox 360) New
43 views15:35:07 Rockstar Needs To Grow Up About Sex (N4G Xbox 360) New
45 views15:35:07 Crushing on Jesse - Episode 312 Gaming Podcast (N4G Xbox 360) New
52 views02:40:05 Warface: The Best Guns To Spend Your Kredits On (N4G Xbox 360) New

7 march 2020

36 views09:31:58 What Grand Theft Auto Writer`s Leaving Means For GTA 6 (N4G Xbox 360) New
39 views09:31:57 PS4 and Xbox One vs PS3 and Xbox 360 - VGChartz Gap Charts February 2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New

6 march 2020

34 views17:15:27 15 Terrible Video Game Controllers of All Time (N4G Xbox 360) New
29 views14:55:05 100%ing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (N4G Xbox 360) New
40 views14:55:05 What Went Wrong With Resident Evil 6? (N4G Xbox 360) New
55 views07:19:17 Every Other Time Resident Evil 3 Was Remade (N4G Xbox 360) New
42 views01:22:29 I Miss the Karma System In Games (N4G Xbox 360) New

5 march 2020

52 views20:01:50 The Best Moments From the Assassin`s Creed Franchise (N4G Xbox 360) New
54 views20:01:50 Borderlands 3 Should Take Notes from Borderlands 2`s Best DLC (N4G Xbox 360) New
40 views20:01:50 What The New Ninja Gaiden Game Needs to Fix (N4G Xbox 360) New
43 views20:01:49 Kickstarter`s Gaming Successes Prove Big Gaming Doesn`t Know What Fans Want (N4G Xbox 360) New
69 views16:17:53 5 Dead Video Game Franchises We Need on Next-Gen (N4G Xbox 360) New
47 views16:17:53 10 Games With Great Plot Twists (N4G Xbox 360) New
38 views07:03:36 Square Enix Will Do Something on March 29 for the NieR 10th Anniversary (N4G Xbox 360) New
41 views07:03:36 10 Video Game Stories That Clearly Ended (And Then Got A Sequel) (N4G Xbox 360) New
32 views02:17:00 10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need a New Game (N4G Xbox 360) New

4 march 2020

31 views21:07:37 Resident Evil: 10 Reasons It`s The Best Horror Franchise Of All Time (N4G Xbox 360) New
50 views17:49:42 Top 8 Games Needing a Port: Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Odyssey, More (N4G Xbox 360) New
62 views12:35:10 Hideo Kojimas Strange, Unforgettable Video-Game Worlds (N4G Xbox 360) New
72 views12:35:10 PS5 and Xbox Series X lifecycles: How long will these new consoles last? (N4G Xbox 360) New
36 views03:05:12 Ducktales Remastered is Back on Digital Storefronts (N4G Xbox 360) New
41 views03:05:12 The Serious Sam Collection Comes To Google Stadia (N4G Xbox 360) New
32 views03:05:12 Virtual Debate: Are Joypads and Arcade Joysticks the Wrong Way Around? (N4G Xbox 360) New
31 views03:05:12 Top 10 Sequels (No One Asked For) (N4G Xbox 360) New

3 march 2020

39 views17:48:05 Looking back to 2010 and the Multiplayer Mayhem of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (N4G Xbox 360) New
58 views14:05:08 Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts 3rd-9th March 2020 (N4G Xbox 360) New
47 views14:05:08 Melissa Etheridge is the only one as she joins the Rocksmith library (N4G Xbox 360) New

2 march 2020

60 views19:45:38 What Video Games Teach Us (N4G Xbox 360) New
42 views11:51:01 5 FPS Mechanics That Shook Up The Genre (N4G Xbox 360) New
46 views11:51:01 Here are some of the best DLC`s out there. (N4G Xbox 360) New

1 march 2020

98 views13:21:29 Game Room - A Social Hub Worth Resurrecting (N4G Xbox 360) New
13:21:29 More ...

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