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Windows Phone

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26 march 2023

29 views03:50:02 Diablo 4: World Tiers explained and how to change difficulty (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views01:33:58 Diablo 4 full interactive map: All dungeons, side quests, cellars, and more (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views01:33:58 Diablo 4: How to play with friends in multiplayer co-op (Windows Phone Central) New

25 march 2023

39 views23:38:00 Diablo 4: How to salvage gear and items (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views20:00:49 Diablo 4: Necromancer skill tree, all attacks and abilities (Windows Phone Central) New
38 views17:30:32 Microphones on gaming headsets suck and that needs to change (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views16:52:36 Razer Blade 18 review: Extreme portable gaming without compromising iconic ae... (Windows Phone Central) New
41 views16:52:36 Microsoft News Roundup: Google Bard vs. Bing Chat, Microsoft Loop, Windows 11... (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views05:04:42 Diablo 4 beta best builds: Necromancer, Druid, Sorcerer, and more (Windows Phone Central) New

24 march 2023

34 views22:20:52 Resident Evil 4 remake: List of Clockwork Castellans and where to find them (Windows Phone Central) New
44 views19:40:03 This Destiny 2 raid armor looked so lewd that Bungie had to patch it (Windows Phone Central) New
32 views16:54:09 Save $150 on Samsung`s curved 27` Odyssey 240Hz QHD monitor for ultra-immersi... (Windows Phone Central) New
50 views15:51:09 Best Intel LGA 1700 motherboards 2023 (Windows Phone Central) New
48 views15:51:09 Best motherboard for Intel Core i7-13700K 2023 (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views15:03:04 UK regulator narrows concerns on Microsoft`s Activision deal for Xbox (Windows Phone Central) New
43 views12:14:40 How to share files and printers without HomeGroup on Windows 10 (Windows Phone Central) New
49 views11:41:21 Flash Sale on Samsung SSDs, going fast. (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views11:41:21 Blizzard: Prepare for large Diablo 4 beta queues (Windows Phone Central) New
52 views06:50:36 Resident Evil 4 remake: All Requests and where to find them (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views06:50:36 Resident Evil 4 remake: How to deface Ramón`s portrait (Windows Phone Central) New
64 views06:50:36 Resident Evil 4 remake: How to maximize treasure and get the Astute Appraiser... (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views06:50:36 Resident Evil 4 remake: List of enemies and bosses (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views06:50:36 Resident Evil 4 remake: List of weapons and where to find them (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views01:50:15 Diablo 4 Ashava boss guide: Spawn times, location, and how to beat (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views01:28:45 During trade talks with Japan, a U.S. senator called out PlayStation`s `monop... (Windows Phone Central) New

23 march 2023

33 views23:32:54 OpenAI`s ChatGPT is `only possible` with Microsoft Azure, says Microsoft (Windows Phone Central) New
31 views21:36:41 Dell`s new UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor puts two 27-inch displays inside one ... (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views20:50:17 Windows 11`s search box can contrast with the Taskbar in latest Insider build (Windows Phone Central) New
51 views20:05:17 Microsoft starts testing next evolution of Windows 11 widgets (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views17:46:28 Dell`s new Precision workstations and 2-in-1 Latitude laptops are powerful an... (Windows Phone Central) New
66 views17:46:28 Best tips for Bing Chat on desktop and mobile (Windows Phone Central) New
33 views15:41:38 Lenovo`s new LOQ lineup delivers tech from Legion to more affordable gaming PCs (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views15:41:38 Best Procreate alternatives for Windows (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views15:41:38 How to manage email and account settings on Windows 10 (Windows Phone Central) New
12 views14:18:25 A purr-fect deal, 30% off the Razer Kraken Kitty RGB gaming headset (Windows Phone Central) New
43 views14:18:25 New Lenovo Legion lineup includes one of the first laptops with Wi-Fi 7 (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views00:10:59 Destiny 2 best builds 2023: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan in Lightfall (Windows Phone Central) New

22 march 2023

24 views20:59:28 Confirmed: Microsoft killed the PlayStation version of Redfall for Xbox exclu... (Windows Phone Central) New
41 views19:49:27 Windows 11 adds new USB4 Settings page for Insiders to help manage peripherals (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views19:27:52 Valve reveals Counter-Strike 2, launching later in Summer 2023 (Windows Phone Central) New
48 views19:27:52 Is Sony asking for PlayStation VR support as a concession in the Xbox-Activis... (Windows Phone Central) New
27 views19:27:52 Senua`s Saga: Hellblade 2 facial animation tech shown at State of Unreal 2023 (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views18:20:12 Microsoft Loop brings together all of Microsoft 365 into shared workspaces, a... (Windows Phone Central) New
46 views17:07:29 Xbox going green(er) with new sustainability toolkit for game devs (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views16:23:37 Redfall developer Arkane is working to remove the always online requirement (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views16:23:37 The Surface Pro 9 5G is not the Surface Pro X successor I was hoping for (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views15:32:26 Windows 11 Snipping Tool can leak vulnerable information you cropped out (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views15:00:05 Google Bard says it`s `already shut down` in obvious mistake, and now Bing Ch... (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views13:58:47 Google Bard says it`s `already shut down` in obvious mistake (Windows Phone Central) New

21 march 2023

23 views20:04:59 Don`t miss out on the best Steam Sale deals going on now for PC and Steam Deck (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views20:04:59 Last chance to buy these EA games before they`re gone forever (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views19:00:39 You can now test Google Bard, the latest competitor to Bing Chat powered by C... (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views19:00:39 Review: Alienware 720H Dual-Mode Wireless Gaming Headset would be perfect if ... (Windows Phone Central) New
41 views19:00:39 When is the next Steam Sale and what are the best deals? (Windows Phone Central) New
40 views18:14:05 ID@Xbox announces new program to bring even more great indies to Xbox (Windows Phone Central) New
35 views16:27:18 Redfall preorders: Bonuses, Bite Back Edition, and where to buy (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views15:34:38 Adobe Express for Enterprise announced to make content for businesses (Windows Phone Central) New
63 views15:34:37 Bing Chat AI can now generate images in addition to text, just by asking for it (Windows Phone Central) New
37 views15:34:37 I paid Razer $70 just to hold my gaming headset — And I`d do it again (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views15:34:37 Windows 11 March 2023 Patch Tuesday update may cut your SSD speed in half (Windows Phone Central) New
48 views14:19:23 How to get started with Bing Chat on mobile (Windows Phone Central) New
46 views13:30:49 Grab an RTX 3080 bargain with this discounted Alienware Aurora R14 desktop (Windows Phone Central) New
66 views01:35:16 Windows Central Podcast #304: Office AI Copilot and cheap Windows on ARM laptops (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views00:54:04 Minecraft is so big even its mods get more downloads than most AAA games (Windows Phone Central) New

20 march 2023

30 views22:44:18 Even in beta, it`s clear to me that Diablo 4 is game of the year material (Windows Phone Central) New
38 views19:35:32 Respawn Entertainment expands Apex Legends support with new Wisconsin studio (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views19:35:32 Revolutionize your digital art with Stability AI`s Photoshop plugin (Windows Phone Central) New
41 views19:35:32 Microsoft brings GPT-4 to healthcare professionals with DAX Express (Windows Phone Central) New
36 views18:39:20 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story trailer delivers more action and adventure (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views18:39:20 How to set a new default account in Outlook (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views18:39:20 Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro PC headset review: Being a gamer never looked so good (Windows Phone Central) New
30 views18:39:20 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bing Chat Edition — ambitious but brief (Windows Phone Central) New
33 views17:32:33 Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer talks `huge opportunity` for Xbox mobile st... (Windows Phone Central) New
41 views17:13:13 Windows 11 on Surface Duo project just got an update focused on the Surface S... (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views17:13:13 Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer talks `huge opportunity` for Xbox mobile store (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views15:30:34 Only 48 hours left to grab this amazing deal from NordVPN (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views15:30:34 Samsung S95B, one of the best TVs for Xbox and PS5, is near Black Friday pricing (Windows Phone Central) New
48 views13:06:16 Everything new for Bing: Faster responses, increased limits, and sharing chat... (Windows Phone Central) New
44 views13:06:15 New rumors suggest Shin Megumi Tensei games may be coming to Xbox Game Pass (Windows Phone Central) New

19 march 2023

55 views17:59:33 Bing Chat is what finally made me ditch Google search and not look back (Windows Phone Central) New
51 views16:45:01 Access Bing Chat quickly on your iPhone at any time with this simple trick (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views15:34:13 LucidSound LS100X Review: An average headset with an exceptional battery life (Windows Phone Central) New
44 views14:20:19 How to use System Restore on Windows 10 (Windows Phone Central) New
28 views04:38:09 Diablo 4 beta best builds: Sorcerer, Rogue, and Barbarian (Windows Phone Central) New

18 march 2023

41 views18:28:34 Microsoft News Roundup: Copilot in Microsoft 365, `Adults Only` Xbox controll... (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views17:52:32 Review: Corsair H150i Elite LCD XT is the ultimate AIO liquid cooler, but it`... (Windows Phone Central) New
66 views16:52:40 Buy this Xbox Series X, get all of Mexico for free (Windows Phone Central) New
53 views15:30:16 Microsoft Edge is getting yet another feature that nobody asked for (Windows Phone Central) New
45 views15:30:16 Manifesting a sequel to one of the best video game sequels (Windows Phone Central) New
46 views05:19:57 Destiny 2 players hold vigils to honor Lance Reddick, voice of Commander Zavala (Windows Phone Central) New
46 views00:16:23 Diablo 4 beta best classes: Tier list, for solo play, beginners, and more (Windows Phone Central) New

17 march 2023

34 views22:33:14 Watch Elden Ring`s Let Me Solo Her do an `All Malenia` run like the madman he is (Windows Phone Central) New
62 views19:46:31 Latest Intel Arc Game On driver has you ready to take on the Diablo 4 open beta (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views19:02:31 HECATE by Edifier G5000 review: A versatile sound system for your setup (Windows Phone Central) New
39 views19:02:31 Diablo 4 beta is plagued with error codes as the servers struggle to meet demand (Windows Phone Central) New
34 views19:02:31 Diablo 4 Open Beta: Known bugs, launch issues, and how to fix them (Windows Phone Central) New
40 views17:40:53 Review: Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 5i 27 is the ideal office and family desktop (Windows Phone Central) New
42 views17:40:53 Diablo 4: Will Open Beta progress carry over to the full game? (Windows Phone Central) New
51 views16:57:10 HP Dragonfly Pro review: AMD`s Ryzen 7 delivers solid battery in an all-aroun... (Windows Phone Central) New
49 views15:39:24 How to get started with Bing Chat on Windows 11 (Windows Phone Central) New
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