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Washington DC

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23 november 2021

17 views19:59:36 ‘Teenarama` was a dance show for D.C.`s Black teens. Now it`s a musical. (Washington Post D.C.) New

22 november 2021

13 views20:24:34 At Miriam`s Kitchen, a healthy meal can be the first step toward a home (Washington Post D.C.) New

20 november 2021

27 views23:35:19 Go big: Creating the larger-than-life bust of JFK that graces the Kennedy Center (Washington Post D.C.) New

19 november 2021

14 views20:36:18 Bowser`s new chair of D.C. public housing board did not pay $15,000 in taxes,... (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views12:19:41 Queen Anne-style house in Cleveland Park lists for $5.7 million (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 november 2021

23 views22:36:50 D.C. debates whether to switch to a ranked-choice voting system (Washington Post D.C.) New

17 november 2021

57 views01:21:56 D.C. Council votes to clarify definition of ‘ghost guns` in response to law... (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views01:04:53 Police charge man with killing motorist in Northeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New

16 november 2021

35 views18:26:49 D.C. will no longer require masks in many public settings, Bowser announces (Washington Post D.C.) New
33 views00:31:08 Man fatally shot in possible road rage incident in D.C., police say (Washington Post D.C.) New

15 november 2021

32 views21:23:58 When a veteran struggled with homelessness, Friendship Place offered help (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 november 2021

25 views23:43:27 The Post`s annual Helping Hand campaign kicks off with three new charities (Washington Post D.C.) New
42 views00:53:44 D.C. church holds $20 gas giveaway, stirring traffic and ministry jam (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 november 2021

32 views00:06:19 Alabama man pleads guilty to bringing molotov cocktails, five loaded firearms... (Washington Post D.C.) New

12 november 2021

33 views20:58:14 Ala. man pleads guilty to bringing molotov cocktails, five loaded firearms to... (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 november 2021

27 views14:09:22 A major renovation yields a multigenerational home on Capitol Hill (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views00:51:19 Two more candidates join a crowded at-large D.C. Council race (Washington Post D.C.) New

10 november 2021

36 views23:50:22 He served in the Air Force, and now he sleeps on a D.C. park bench (Washington Post D.C.) New
37 views01:57:54 A D.C. elected official, who holds office while incarcerated, was almost move... (Washington Post D.C.) New

9 november 2021

23 views21:33:15 Teenager charged with fatally stabbing man in Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
23 views19:38:11 Man died of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound near Lincoln Memorial (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views14:29:43 A 30-condo vote of confidence in D.C. (Washington Post D.C.) New

7 november 2021

38 views04:32:47 As Bowser launches reelection bid, her high-profile appointee is under fire (Washington Post D.C.) New

5 november 2021

22 views22:44:08 U.S. attorney`s office issues criminal subpoenas to D.C. Housing Authority ab... (Washington Post D.C.) New
25 views11:23:12 Renovated Georgetown rowhouse on market for $4.6 million (Washington Post D.C.) New

4 november 2021

19 views23:02:13 Insurer will pay $95 million, ending years-long legal fight over nonprofit`s ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views11:16:05 Muriel Bowser will seek a third term as D.C. mayor (Washington Post D.C.) New
36 views02:57:09 D.C. jail ordered U.S. Marshals to leave after surprise inspections, judge says (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views01:13:26 D.C. jail barred U.S. Marshals from facility after surprise inspections, judg... (Washington Post D.C.) New

3 november 2021

29 views22:27:58 Five young people stopped eating to get grown-ups to start addressing the cli... (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views14:35:02 Authorities identify D.C. officers who shot and wounded people in separate in... (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views13:40:42 In Northwest Washington, a small community flourishes where grapes once did (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 november 2021

35 views22:43:35 Woman found dead in fire in Southeast Washington had been fatally shot, polic... (Washington Post D.C.) New
36 views15:26:57 Woman found dead in fire in Southeast Washington`s Anacostia neighborhood (Washington Post D.C.) New

30 october 2021

31 views23:10:56 D.C. police officer trapped in fleeing vehicle pleads with driver to stop (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:41:01 D.C. received at least 13,000 reports of fraudulent unemployment claims durin... (Washington Post D.C.) New

28 october 2021

16 views22:35:05 D.C.`s Black Lives Matter Plaza, created overnight, is now a permanent multim... (Washington Post D.C.) New
18 views21:11:10 D.C.`s highest court clears way for McMillan development to proceed (Washington Post D.C.) New
22 views20:33:03 Man fatally shot in Edgewood neighborhood of Northeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New

27 october 2021

25 views22:45:13 When is a gun not a gun? When it`s actually a beer tap. (Washington Post D.C.) New

26 october 2021

27 views22:07:56 More tasty tales from the front lines of airport security (Washington Post D.C.) New
45 views14:13:40 Indifference toward less affluent contributes to 2021 housing crisis (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views00:17:35 Prosecutors move forward on one of two murder charges filed by D.C. police ag... (Washington Post D.C.) New

25 october 2021

30 views18:25:03 A harmonica strikes a discordant note in the airport security line (Washington Post D.C.) New

24 october 2021

32 views23:59:29 D.C. man charged in two slayings — one from Saturday, another from 12 month... (Washington Post D.C.) New

23 october 2021

44 views21:34:27 Eyes on the skies: Army vet remembers life at a Nike missile site (Washington Post D.C.) New

22 october 2021

31 views15:12:17 Woman found fatally shot in Southeast Washington, D.C. police say (Washington Post D.C.) New

21 october 2021

40 views17:37:00 D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie running for attorney general (Washington Post D.C.) New
36 views17:12:19 D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie will run for attorney general (Washington Post D.C.) New
22 views00:47:50 After Metro fixes its trains, it will need to repair the public`s trust (Washington Post D.C.) New

20 october 2021

31 views23:09:51 Man charged with assaulting woman in George Washington University parking garage (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views22:33:32 More cases of mistaken identity in the airport security line (Washington Post D.C.) New
22 views14:40:24 Off-duty D.C. police officer shoots man to thwart armed carjacking in Georget... (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views13:06:59 Off-duty D.C. police officer shoots man to thwart armed carjacking in Georgetown (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views12:49:28 Off-duty D.C. police officer shoots person to thwart armed carjacking in Geor... (Washington Post D.C.) New
25 views12:15:26 Off-duty D.C. police officer fires gun to thwart armed carjacking in Georgetown (Washington Post D.C.) New
22 views01:17:54 D.C. police chief said officer fatally shot unarmed man during ‘intense phy... (Washington Post D.C.) New

19 october 2021

37 views22:56:54 Senate Democrats remove D.C. marijuana, abortion riders in spending plan, but... (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views22:34:00 Senate Dems remove D.C. marijuana, abortion riders in spending plan, but hurd... (Washington Post D.C.) New
46 views13:28:25 At City Homes in D.C., condo-living is a multilevel thing (Washington Post D.C.) New
49 views01:04:50 D.C. police fatally shoot person during domestic dispute call in Southeast Wa... (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views00:22:41 D.C. police shoot person during domestic dispute call in Southeast Washington... (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:22:41 Police charge man in fatal stabbing of woman in Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 october 2021

30 views21:25:14 In the 1950s, a top Post editor would travel to area high schools, quizzing s... (Washington Post D.C.) New

17 october 2021

31 views19:44:18 D.C. to hire more substitute teachers, contact tracers to help understaffed s... (Washington Post D.C.) New

16 october 2021

35 views23:26:07 An art project visualizes the toll of gun violence with 200,000 origami boxes (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views22:27:38 During the Cold War, D.C. was ringed by Nike missile sites. One had an accident. (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views18:28:54 D.C. police identify officer who shot and wounded man in Northeast (Washington Post D.C.) New

15 october 2021

25 views01:10:04 Police arrest two suspects in connection with triple fatal shooting in Northw... (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 october 2021

31 views12:26:37 D.C. approved a development at McMillan in 2014. Will it ever be built? (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views01:14:59 Council member Trayon White Sr. is planning to run for D.C. mayor (Washington Post D.C.) New
18 views00:13:06 An unhoused woman flipped off D.C.`s mayor. Then came more criticism of the c... (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 october 2021

33 views20:51:16 The old Walter Reed is gone. The new Walter Reed wants to hear its stories. (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views17:48:43 Man shot in D.C. by deputy marshal charged with assault, ordered detained (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views13:17:34 Council member Robert C. White Jr. will run for D.C. mayor (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:52:21 Police say a 76-year-old man was fatally beaten in Northwest Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New

12 october 2021

44 views22:22:49 A new film explores the life of Odessa Madre, the ‘queen` of D.C.`s underworld (Washington Post D.C.) New
38 views19:31:01 D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine will not seek elective office in 2022 (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views17:08:58 D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine will not seek elected office in 2022 (Washington Post D.C.) New
18 views14:45:54 Northwest D.C.`s Glover Park is ‘so close to everything, yet far enough away` (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 october 2021

38 views21:07:14 Two east-of-the-river candidates plan to run for at-large seat on D.C. Counci... (Washington Post D.C.) New
28 views19:40:08 Two east-of-the-river politicos plan to run for at-large seat on D.C. Council... (Washington Post D.C.) New

10 october 2021

37 views00:53:21 Woman fatally shot in D.C. had obtained protective order against suspect (Washington Post D.C.) New

9 october 2021

37 views18:09:04 While working to restore two historic Black cemeteries, she discovered a cons... (Washington Post D.C.) New

8 october 2021

35 views02:06:47 Man fatally shot during dispute at flag football game on Capitol Hill (Washington Post D.C.) New

7 october 2021

30 views03:14:07 With youth vaccine rates still low, D.C. awards first college scholarship as ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:46:41 D.C. awards its first $25,000 scholarship as part of incentive to get vaccinated (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views00:24:51 Children should be able to walk and bike to school safely. But, in D.C., four... (Washington Post D.C.) New
33 views00:24:51 Man shot, seriously wounded by police during standoff in Northeast Washington... (Washington Post D.C.) New

6 october 2021

36 views23:22:01 The Audubon Naturalist Society is flush with a new donation: Composting toilets (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views00:19:05 D.C. police shoot man following standoff in Northeast Washington, authorities... (Washington Post D.C.) New

5 october 2021

43 views00:14:44 Judge slightly eases bond terms for D.C. officer charged with murder in deadl... (Washington Post D.C.) New

4 october 2021

33 views23:48:00 How strict should requirements to participate in virtual learning be? D.C. Co... (Washington Post D.C.) New
37 views21:55:40 Bread for the City expands health-care options in Southeast with new medical ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

3 october 2021

29 views22:52:42 So you think you can sew: My experience with a needle is somewhat patchy. (Washington Post D.C.) New

2 october 2021

42 views02:55:56 District bill to increase access to virtual learning sets up a clash with the... (Washington Post D.C.) New
40 views02:11:27 D.C. Council wants to expand access to virtual learning, setting up clash wit... (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 october 2021

42 views01:06:41 George Washington University to provide health care for adults at new D.C. ho... (Washington Post D.C.) New

30 september 2021

33 views00:38:01 A child on a bike was struck in a D.C. crosswalk — again (Washington Post D.C.) New

29 september 2021

19 views18:25:40 ‘Pure, downright disrespect`: Funeral directors share thoughts on D.C. drivers (Washington Post D.C.) New
18:25:40 More ...

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