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Washington DC

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16 september 2021

15 views17:38:34 Fire on roof of new Metro building near L`Enfant Plaza sends smoke over downt... (Washington Post D.C.) New
30 views16:08:44 Woman from Maryland found fatally shot in Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views15:49:45 Woman from Maryland fatally shot in Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views14:19:08 What homes you can buy for $400,000 (Washington Post D.C.) New
24 views00:51:51 Not only lives are lost to gun violence. So, too, are ‘teenage dreams.` (Washington Post D.C.) New

15 september 2021

24 views23:19:01 Not only lives are lost to gun violence. So, too, are ‘teenage dreams`. (Washington Post D.C.) New
20 views14:24:43 Northwest D.C.`s Burleith is a green oasis, but close to the city`s hustle an... (Washington Post D.C.) New
21 views13:32:35 Children`s National staff to provide pediatric care at new D.C. hospital (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views00:22:18 D.C. Lottery names new director amid criticism of sports betting program (Washington Post D.C.) New
25 views00:04:29 D.C. prepares for far-right protesters during day of festivals, gatherings (Washington Post D.C.) New
23 views00:04:29 Judge orders man detained after police say he had machete, bayonet outside DN... (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 september 2021

20 views22:03:54 D.C. preps for far-right crowd: ‘If you see someone with a firearm, immedia... (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 september 2021

28 views18:18:43 Man arrested with bayonet and machete near DNC headquarters in D.C., police say (Washington Post D.C.) New

12 september 2021

45 views01:01:24 Park Police reopen area around Tidal Basin after finding replica guns in truck (Washington Post D.C.) New
45 views00:28:51 D.C. woman charged with killing her boyfriend (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 september 2021

48 views23:20:54 Park Police close area around Tidal Basin to search vehicle with weapons foun... (Washington Post D.C.) New
37 views19:26:36 D.C. woman charged in 2020 homicide (Washington Post D.C.) New
38 views19:14:08 Police identify man found fatally shot inside car in Northwest D.C. (Washington Post D.C.) New
37 views19:14:08 Quiet remembrance at the Pentagon 20 years after its west side fell (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views18:51:34 Police ID man found fatally shot inside car in NW Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
0 views17:26:38 For the nation, 9/11 brought devastation. For the D.C. area, it was the start... (Washington Post D.C.) New

10 september 2021

26 views18:46:26 D.C. police release body-camera video of officer fatally shooting man holding... (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views17:19:15 D.C. charters begin to mandate vaccine as condition of employment, going beyo... (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views11:47:55 Former home of Icelandic ambassador is on the market for $6 million (Washington Post D.C.) New

9 september 2021

13 views23:02:01 Bowser, Hogan and Northam discuss continued partnership in region`s economic ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
30 views22:31:03 D.C. officer Michael Fanone returns to work eight months after fighting pro-T... (Washington Post D.C.) New
19 views21:12:44 D.C. auditor offers ideas for improving the city`s sports betting app (Washington Post D.C.) New
22 views14:13:49 Man killed in one of two shootings, hours apart, on same D.C. block (Washington Post D.C.) New
20 views00:55:49 Mother`s frantic search for daughter ends in tragedy at D.C. shooting scene (Washington Post D.C.) New

8 september 2021

33 views23:00:01 Historic rains turned the archives of American Heritage into a sodden mess (Washington Post D.C.) New

7 september 2021

18 views19:08:29 History`s most boneheaded predictions were compiled in this government report (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views14:05:02 Condos with urban appeal in an up-and-coming part of D.C. (Washington Post D.C.) New

6 september 2021

57 views23:36:39 Homeless encampments are becoming part of the American landscape (Washington Post D.C.) New
41 views19:16:02 Police say one dead in pair of shootings, hours apart, on same D.C. block (Washington Post D.C.) New
38 views17:11:18 What dreams may come: For these readers, dreams gained a foothold in reality (Washington Post D.C.) New
45 views00:21:01 With first week of school done, parents and lawmakers continue to press D.C. ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

5 september 2021

41 views22:50:51 For Labor Day: Recollecting some of the labors of 19th-century Washingtonians (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views18:30:00 Police identify three people killed in Northwest D.C. shooting (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views12:48:23 D.C.`s push to control its own National Guard takes big step forward (Washington Post D.C.) New

4 september 2021

43 views18:17:27 After a university falls in Afghanistan, a D.C. organization scrambles to kee... (Washington Post D.C.) New

3 september 2021

22 views14:08:47 Georgetown penthouse — a ‘house in the sky` — is on the market for $12 ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
40 views13:18:34 D.C. police shoot, wound man who they say fled homicide scene (Washington Post D.C.) New
20 views00:00:54 Despite judge`s ruling, Bowser will extend MedStar`s Medicaid contract (Washington Post D.C.) New

2 september 2021

28 views22:40:52 Maserati driver sought in road rage shooting in D.C. arrested in Costa Rica, ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
24 views16:10:06 Man fatally shot in Southeast Washington, D.C. police say (Washington Post D.C.) New
34 views01:34:31 Police identify man fatally shot by officer at apartment building in Northwes... (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 september 2021

16 views14:18:09 In D.C.`s Trinidad, a sense of community has endured through bad times and good (Washington Post D.C.) New

31 august 2021

28 views20:46:33 Man is fatally shot in D.C. by armed men in reflective vests, police say (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views18:30:21 Board of Education president plans run for D.C. Council (Washington Post D.C.) New
42 views01:26:53 This scheme told people pit bull puppies were for sale, but after payment the... (Washington Post D.C.) New

30 august 2021

18 views18:43:02 D.C.`s sports betting app keeps underperforming, with lots of finger-pointing... (Washington Post D.C.) New

29 august 2021

32 views15:47:22 A D.C. teen was killed outside of school. The city is working to prevent viol... (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views14:13:31 After a student was killed outside of school, D.C. prepares to ensure safe co... (Washington Post D.C.) New

28 august 2021

26 views22:04:12 They found dream homes through D.C.`s first-time homeowners program. Now they... (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views01:19:47 Barbara Kannapell, champion of deaf people and ASL, dies at 83 (Washington Post D.C.) New
44 views01:19:47 D.C. plans to rebid its troubled Medicaid contracts, as risk of patients losi... (Washington Post D.C.) New
24 views00:01:33 D.C. eliminated the admissions test during the pandemic at its most selective... (Washington Post D.C.) New

27 august 2021

26 views22:43:16 In change, D.C. to now opt all public school students into asymptomatic testi... (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views22:13:46 D.C. eliminated the admission`s test during the pandemic at its most selectiv... (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views11:56:00 Georgetown rowhouse, fit for the Kissingers, lists for $5.5 million (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views02:47:18 George S. Vest, long-serving Foreign Service officer and Cold War diplomat, d... (Washington Post D.C.) New

26 august 2021

26 views15:26:02 D.C. elections board chair D. Michael Bennett will step down in September (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:03:15 Man who claimed to have bomb outside Capitol diagnosed with bipolar disorder (Washington Post D.C.) New

25 august 2021

33 views22:17:47 D.C. police officer fatally shoots armed man in Northeast Washington, officia... (Washington Post D.C.) New
33 views20:18:06 21-year-old man found fatally shot inside residence in Northeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
27 views13:48:36 D.C. police officer fatally shoots man with gun in Northeast Washington, offi... (Washington Post D.C.) New
25 views01:32:59 Most of D.C. Council calls on mayor to mandate coronavirus vaccines — witho... (Washington Post D.C.) New

23 august 2021

26 views21:42:43 Man fatally shot in Shaw neighborhood of Northwest Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views19:53:01 A new collection of photographs helps put go-go music in the picture (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views19:02:00 Internal probe clears Capitol Police officer in shooting of Ashli Babbitt (Washington Post D.C.) New

22 august 2021

30 views21:57:36 Ever gotten angry at your partner in a dream and woken up mad? You`re not alone. (Washington Post D.C.) New

21 august 2021

32 views04:55:57 Michael Morgan, conductor and passionate advocate for classical music, dies a... (Washington Post D.C.) New

20 august 2021

25 views18:21:49 After a violent weekend, D.C. leaders call for a time ‘where we all expect ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
30 views11:47:18 This 1880s D.C. rowhouse went from private home to social club to frat house ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

19 august 2021

28 views21:32:04 A decade after a 5.8-magnitude earthquake, Washington National Cathedral is h... (Washington Post D.C.) New
28 views20:48:21 Man shot, critically wounded in Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
38 views18:54:14 D.C. teen, 15, fatally stabbed during high school dismissal as father waits t... (Washington Post D.C.) New
26 views01:49:47 At funeral for 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney, a call for an end to the ‘bloody ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
32 views00:55:23 As delta variant spurs anxiety, D.C. mayor isn`t backing down from requiring ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 august 2021

44 views21:59:09 Two men found fatally shot inside vehicles in Northwest, Southeast Washington (Washington Post D.C.) New
43 views21:04:50 Eloise Greenfield, author whose picture books uplifted Black children, dies a... (Washington Post D.C.) New

17 august 2021

31 views23:41:27 D.C.`s enhanced federal unemployment benefits will expire in early September (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views20:51:37 Savvy politicians give some of the best advice (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views17:22:33 Anacostia triple shooting that left one dead was possibly justified, police say (Washington Post D.C.) New
36 views14:31:21 40-condo D.C. building makes a statement (Washington Post D.C.) New
43 views01:23:37 District says it will release police body-camera video of man being punched b... (Washington Post D.C.) New
42 views00:26:44 Two men fatally shot hours and blocks apart in Anacostia; mother mourns third... (Washington Post D.C.) New

16 august 2021

22 views19:51:26 The most useful tip for riding a horse? Stay on top. (That doesn`t work for b... (Washington Post D.C.) New
29 views18:55:04 Staffer from major law firm sentenced to prison for spending $425,000 on desi... (Washington Post D.C.) New

15 august 2021

32 views22:04:52 Here`s some advice from readers that`s useful — and maybe a bit obvious (Washington Post D.C.) New
35 views14:09:20 With coronavirus cases rising, D.C. schools prepare to outline safety protoco... (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 august 2021

44 views22:23:52 Baseball played astride donkeys once entertained crowds around the D.C. area (Washington Post D.C.) New
37 views16:11:43 Kids normally fear the first day of school. This year, the delta variant has ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
43 views05:50:58 Man slain, two wounded, in shootings in Southeast, Northwest (Washington Post D.C.) New
45 views03:46:58 Family of D.C. officer who died by suicide after Capitol riot files lawsuit a... (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 august 2021

39 views22:04:23 Man accused of firing shots in D.C. arrested after hiding at Joint Base Anaco... (Washington Post D.C.) New
41 views21:16:10 D.C. police officer charged by FBI with bank and wire fraud (Washington Post D.C.) New
40 views19:59:01 Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in D.C. on lockdown to search for potential arme... (Washington Post D.C.) New
31 views18:32:01 D.C. teacher evaluation system has academic benefits, but is racially biased,... (Washington Post D.C.) New
30 views16:07:37 Three men injured, one critically, in shootings in Northwest, Southeast (Washington Post D.C.) New
16:07:37 More ...

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