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Washington DC

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4 april 2022

215 views15:37:35 Bruce Johnson, WUSA anchor and street-savvy reporter, dies at 71 (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 april 2022

187 views19:19:37 D.C. mayor proposes more local funding to support troubled crime lab (Washington Post D.C.) New
187 views18:44:38 Bowser proposes more local funding to support troubled crime lab (Washington Post D.C.) New
198 views12:20:12 Watergate co-op on the market for $2.4 million (Washington Post D.C.) New
202 views01:10:40 Bowser announces $10 million effort to support D.C.`s Black homeowners (Washington Post D.C.) New

31 march 2022

190 views15:35:13 Bowser plans $10 million effort to support D.C.`s Black homeowners (Washington Post D.C.) New

30 march 2022

210 views14:14:29 Hill East is a fairly new name for an old neighborhood (Washington Post D.C.) New
203 views00:56:24 Firefighters battling separate large blazes in D.C., Prince George`s (Washington Post D.C.) New
202 views00:04:54 Firefighters battling separate large blazes in D.C. and Prince George`s (Washington Post D.C.) New

29 march 2022

209 views15:10:09 Spiva challenges McDuffie`s eligibility in D.C. attorney general race (Washington Post D.C.) New
181 views01:13:51 A first look at the ballot for D.C.`s June primary elections (Washington Post D.C.) New

28 march 2022

196 views23:59:59 D.C. signals commitment to new jail amid ongoing trouble at aging facility (Washington Post D.C.) New

27 march 2022

195 views21:03:11 Man`s body found in water near Key Bridge in Georgetown (Washington Post D.C.) New
223 views12:38:30 The exclusive D.C. social club of Ketanji Brown Jackson, explained (Washington Post D.C.) New

26 march 2022

211 views00:35:00 Judge throws out Maryland congressional map over ‘extreme` gerrymandering (Washington Post D.C.) New

25 march 2022

191 views15:20:47 Slaveowners` names adorn D.C. buildings. The grand effort to change that is d... (Washington Post D.C.) New
198 views10:44:39 Early 20th-century house with modern updates lists for $2.5 million (Washington Post D.C.) New

24 march 2022

194 views18:38:55 D.C. jail to end shackling of transgender detainees, settles lawsuit (Washington Post D.C.) New

23 march 2022

180 views14:33:09 For Trayon White Sr., D.C. mayoral campaign is a test of grass-roots outreach (Washington Post D.C.) New

22 march 2022

205 views17:02:43 Pro-business newcomer seeks to challenge Elissa Silverman on D.C. Council (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 march 2022

193 views23:22:35 Only the president can pardon D.C.`s convicted offenders, but a city panel wi... (Washington Post D.C.) New

16 march 2022

173 views17:17:12 Bowser proposes increase in police funding, more traffic cameras in D.C. budget (Washington Post D.C.) New
166 views01:20:19 Commanders` efforts to build new stadium hitting roadblocks over financing, s... (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 march 2022

174 views22:44:30 Dumbarton United Methodist Church celebrates 250th anniversary (Washington Post D.C.) New

12 march 2022

194 views02:24:50 D.C. youth detention employee charged with sexually abusing 17-year-old girl ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 march 2022

196 views22:00:30 Campaign finance filings show Bowser outraising Robert White in D.C. mayoral ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
181 views11:57:18 Georgetown house with an exaggerated history seeks a buyer (Washington Post D.C.) New

9 march 2022

185 views23:44:36 Prosecutors say a Va. woman killed her mother and sister. The defense says it... (Washington Post D.C.) New
170 views21:36:37 Congress keeps ban on legal D.C. marijuana sales in budget, despite Democrati... (Washington Post D.C.) New
190 views14:12:45 Friendship Heights is home to artists and more (Washington Post D.C.) New

7 march 2022

191 views13:11:05 In D.C.`s poorest wards, Bowser touts advances as she courts a wary electorate (Washington Post D.C.) New

5 march 2022

132 views12:14:59 With Cheh dropping out, D.C. Council`s Ward 3′s election is suddenly compet... (Washington Post D.C.) New

4 march 2022

184 views20:55:13 An amateur pandemic graphmaker comes to the end of the lines (Washington Post D.C.) New
198 views01:13:49 For D.C.`s amateur pandemic graphmaker, it`s the end of the lines (Washington Post D.C.) New
198 views01:03:31 Former D.C. Housing Authority chair Neil Albert resigns from downtown busines... (Washington Post D.C.) New

3 march 2022

175 views16:17:14 D.C. jail leader offers few details of plan to improve troubled facility (Washington Post D.C.) New

2 march 2022

218 views19:03:22 D.C. will offer private-sector workers maximum paid-leave benefits, CFO says (Washington Post D.C.) New
169 views18:47:35 D.C. will offer private-sector workers maximum paid leave benefits, CFO says (Washington Post D.C.) New
182 views05:21:03 Felon voting rights, same-sex marriage measures die in Virginia House panel (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 march 2022

159 views23:18:36 D.C., Virginia awarded millions in federal grants to push equity in unemploym... (Washington Post D.C.) New
171 views20:30:43 D.C. Council approves measure targeting Bowser administration`s use of WhatsApp (Washington Post D.C.) New

28 february 2022

170 views20:14:10 Pelosi, D.C. leaders unveil a statue of L`Enfant in Capitol. D.C. sees it as ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
204 views14:24:05 As Bowser seeks a third term as D.C. mayor, her sharpest critic isn`t on the ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
174 views01:11:37 Nearly two years into the pandemic, the crowds are (almost) back to partying ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

24 february 2022

185 views23:08:09 D.C. jail guard accused of smuggling narcotics, knives into facility (Washington Post D.C.) New

23 february 2022

189 views19:25:30 Fees from Pepco put solar panels out of reach, D.C. residents say (Washington Post D.C.) New
214 views02:46:38 Sherry Jones, Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, dies at 73 (Washington Post D.C.) New

19 february 2022

170 views00:54:59 Here`s which coronavirus restrictions remain in D.C., Maryland and Virginia (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 february 2022

184 views20:52:08 New legislation could bring mobile voting to the District (Washington Post D.C.) New

17 february 2022

167 views22:50:02 Judge holds D.C. in contempt for failing to provide education to students wit... (Washington Post D.C.) New
175 views21:59:38 Judge holds D.C. in contempt for failing to provide education to older studen... (Washington Post D.C.) New
179 views20:18:49 Washington Post poll: D.C. Mayor Bowser`s approval rating drops amid rising c... (Washington Post D.C.) New
167 views14:11:52 In nod to mission, new D.C. hospital takes name from Frederick Douglass`s estate (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 february 2022

240 views22:51:38 Norton ‘extremely concerned` about possible Republican bill to repeal D.C.`... (Washington Post D.C.) New
209 views22:31:29 Norton ‘extremely concerned` about potential Republican bill to repeal D.C.... (Washington Post D.C.) New
179 views18:27:49 D.C. to drop coronavirus vaccination requirement to enter businesses (Washington Post D.C.) New
177 views17:59:28 D.C. to drop coronavirus vaccine requirement to enter businesses (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 february 2022

185 views18:50:49 Ward 3 council member Mary Cheh abruptly ends reelection bid (Washington Post D.C.) New

2 february 2022

166 views22:33:40 Senate moves to confirm new D.C. judges amid vacancy crisis (Washington Post D.C.) New
175 views14:17:04 Democratic challengers seek traction in race to unseat D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (Washington Post D.C.) New
222 views01:20:06 Some workers who faced unemployment fraud in D.C. are being sent tax forms fo... (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 february 2022

160 views22:21:39 D.C. government will send $10,000 checks to the city`s day-care workers (Washington Post D.C.) New

27 january 2022

149 views22:39:17 D.C., Montgomery County see covid cases drop — but not mask mandates (Washington Post D.C.) New
181 views22:33:57 D.C., Montgomery County extend mask mandates as covid cases wane (Washington Post D.C.) New
178 views19:20:42 Bowser aiming to take over Walmart lot, bring needed grocery store to Ward 7 (Washington Post D.C.) New
172 views16:04:23 District bill could expand college access for undocumented students (Washington Post D.C.) New
169 views00:36:44 Mayor Bowser extends D.C.`s indoor mask requirement until Feb. 28 (Washington Post D.C.) New

23 january 2022

185 views21:27:37 Federal prosecutors have been investigating D.C.`s pension board, responsible... (Washington Post D.C.) New

19 january 2022

176 views23:34:27 D.C. reinstates covid leave for workers as council pushes for paid medical, p... (Washington Post D.C.) New
154 views21:11:33 D.C. Council hopes to boost paid leave for city employees under new proposal (Washington Post D.C.) New
194 views03:28:44 Harry Thomas Jr. drops out of Ward 5 council race, will run for shadow repres... (Washington Post D.C.) New
198 views01:58:39 D.C. measure would require schools to tell parents about covid cases within 2... (Washington Post D.C.) New
252 views00:54:50 D.C. schools must tell parents about covid cases in 24 hours under new rule (Washington Post D.C.) New

18 january 2022

182 views22:14:21 Missing jewels and art: A lawsuit against a retired professor is ruffling the... (Washington Post D.C.) New
175 views18:52:13 The public library is the latest place to pick up a coronavirus test. Librari... (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 january 2022

172 views00:30:18 GOP congressman compares D.C. vaccine mandate to Nazism, drawing condemnation (Washington Post D.C.) New

12 january 2022

196 views00:16:38 Bowser reinstates public health emergency to aid hospitals as coronavirus cas... (Washington Post D.C.) New

8 january 2022

194 views00:14:44 After D.C. botches snow and leaf removal, Bowser withdraws nomination for Dep... (Washington Post D.C.) New

5 january 2022

175 views23:13:57 Lawsuit alleges D.C. government denied or withheld unemployment benefits from... (Washington Post D.C.) New

4 january 2022

188 views22:52:37 D.C. students will get free pads and tampons in school bathrooms (Washington Post D.C.) New
205 views21:15:08 D.C. Council approves new Board of Elections chair, confirms two Housing Auth... (Washington Post D.C.) New
177 views19:16:44 Dennis Owens, Washington`s classical wake-up man for four decades, dies at 87 (Washington Post D.C.) New

1 january 2022

180 views16:28:51 D.C. courts ‘sound the alarm` on judicial vacancies as local officials dema... (Washington Post D.C.) New

31 december 2021

216 views12:36:26 New laws in Washington region will bring plastic bag tax, leaf blower ban and... (Washington Post D.C.) New

22 december 2021

201 views18:39:10 D.C. to require coronavirus vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms and other ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
191 views00:36:20 D.C.`s new ward boundaries head to mayor`s desk (Washington Post D.C.) New

16 december 2021

192 views22:33:10 In latest affordable housing push, Bowser focuses west of Rock Creek Park (Washington Post D.C.) New
188 views00:57:51 Bowser submits plan for breakup of D.C.`s beleaguered Department of Consumer ... (Washington Post D.C.) New

14 december 2021

189 views20:41:47 Leaf collection is behind schedule in D.C., leaving piles that can catch fire... (Washington Post D.C.) New
191 views18:05:13 D.C. attorney general sues Proud Boys, Oath Keepers over Jan. 6 attack (Washington Post D.C.) New
150 views14:27:30 How three D.C. buildings became one — with 16 condos (Washington Post D.C.) New

13 december 2021

189 views19:49:37 Plot twist: Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell meets one of her biggest fans (Washington Post D.C.) New
202 views00:28:01 I never believed in making my bed. It turns out, I was right all along. (Washington Post D.C.) New

11 december 2021

215 views22:02:36 Why do clocks have IIII for 4 o`clock rather than the Roman numeral IV? (Washington Post D.C.) New

10 december 2021

207 views23:09:51 D.C. will mail coronavirus tests to preschoolers instead of testing in school (Washington Post D.C.) New
199 views11:49:22 Sears kit house in Cleveland Park for sale for $1.5 million (Washington Post D.C.) New
197 views00:00:52 Candidate who advocated that D.C. become part of Maryland files for Ward 3 Co... (Washington Post D.C.) New
202 views00:00:52 Bowser bolsters efforts to stem gun violence (Washington Post D.C.) New

9 december 2021

199 views19:52:41 Candidate who advocated for D.C. to become part of Maryland files for Ward 3 ... (Washington Post D.C.) New
188 views19:34:59 Republican who advocated for D.C. to become part of Maryland files for Ward 3... (Washington Post D.C.) New
19:34:59 More ...

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