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PlayStation Portable

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18 april 2020

128 views16:24:02 Paul Haddad, voice actor for Leon S.Kennedy on the original Resident Evil 2 i... (N4G PSP) New

30 march 2020

42 views13:35:03 Who gets to write video game history? (N4G PSP) New

27 march 2020

30 views22:05:09 Doom Is Basically the Video Game Version of Alien (N4G PSP) New

23 march 2020

45 views22:15:02 Resident Evil 3 demo analysis: the game`s brilliant but something`s up with X... (N4G PSP) New
31 views01:53:51 The Scariest Monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise (N4G PSP) New

20 march 2020

35 views22:45:05 Ranking The Silent Hill Games (From Worst to Best) (N4G PSP) New

19 march 2020

13 views23:45:04 PSN Deals: March Mega Sale Discounts Over 360 PS4, PSVR, PS3, PS Vita Games (... (N4G PSP) New
43 views23:45:04 Do Video Games Have to Be Fun? (N4G PSP) New

17 march 2020

52 views06:35:05 What Does Metroidvania Mean? (N4G PSP) New

16 march 2020

47 views20:05:42 Final Fantasy IX Should Be Remade Next (N4G PSP) New
54 views11:25:13 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Vinyl Set gets U.S. release date (N4G PSP) New

14 march 2020

69 views11:30:02 Final Fantasy IX 9 Reasons You Should Appreciate it More (N4G PSP) New
55 views02:44:14 Gaming Conferences` Greatest Moments (N4G PSP) New
56 views02:44:13 The best Castlevania games of all time, ranked from best to worst (N4G PSP) New

13 march 2020

69 views10:48:06 Please Konami, Stop Trolling Us And Release Castlevania: SotN On Switch Already (N4G PSP) New

12 march 2020

71 views21:31:34 Ranking the Ten Best `Chrono Trigger` Bosses (N4G PSP) New
36 views17:48:57 Ranking the Characters of Chrono Trigger 25 Years Later (N4G PSP) New
53 views02:20:23 Chrono Trigger: The Great RPG Progenitor (N4G PSP) New

8 march 2020

60 views11:42:42 Little Lips - Episode 311 Gaming Podcast (N4G PSP) New

5 march 2020

55 views19:50:17 Kitase-san would like to remake Final Fantasy V next (N4G PSP) New
40 views16:10:03 10 Video Game Stories That Clearly Ended (And Then Got A Sequel) (N4G PSP) New
41 views01:30:14 Resident Evil: 10 Reasons It`s The Best Horror Franchise Of All Time (N4G PSP) New

4 march 2020

54 views11:06:02 Hideo Kojimas Strange, Unforgettable Video-Game Worlds (N4G PSP) New

3 march 2020

73 views05:10:24 Top 5 Retro Games to Get Your Kids into Gaming (N4G PSP) New

29 february 2020

59 views23:06:38 What Made Resident Evil 3: Nemesis a Great Game? (N4G PSP) New
54 views23:06:37 10 Best Games That Have Ever Been Free On PlayStation Plus (According To Meta... (N4G PSP) New
66 views10:00:08 10 Video Games You Didn`t Realise Secretly Bombed (N4G PSP) New

27 february 2020

71 views11:07:51 `Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep` Making a Prequel (N4G PSP) New

26 february 2020

53 views08:22:54 All-Star Franchises, Underrated Entries - Part Fourteen (N4G PSP) New
42 views08:22:54 Dengeki PlayStation to cease regular publication with March 28-due issue (N4G PSP) New

25 february 2020

41 views22:50:04 Final Fantasy VII`s Lasting Impact, 23 Years and Counting (N4G PSP) New

24 february 2020

84 views06:01:18 Five classic games that need to come back (N4G PSP) New

21 february 2020

46 views17:41:09 Save up to 70% with PlayStation Stores Big in Japan Sale (N4G PSP) New
58 views00:00:17 Why Did Kratos Need a Stunt Double for God of War? (N4G PSP) New

19 february 2020

34 views08:34:18 What Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You (N4G PSP) New
32 views08:34:18 If Silent Hill ever comes back it has to leave the nurses and ditch its histo... (N4G PSP) New

18 february 2020

52 views11:10:10 Final Fantasy 7 Remake `Surpasses Even My Own Expectations,` Says Kitase (N4G PSP) New
51 views10:02:52 Original Resident Evil Trilogy On Sale at the PlayStation Store (N4G PSP) New

17 february 2020

46 views01:14:24 A Valentine`s Day Tribute to Resident Evil`s Jill Valentine (N4G PSP) New
38 views01:14:24 Mega Man: Every Protagonist In The Series, Ranked (N4G PSP) New

13 february 2020

50 views02:16:48 A Remake of MediEvil 2 Could be on its Way (N4G PSP) New

12 february 2020

69 views02:42:30 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded The Best RPG No One Likes (N4G PSP) New

9 february 2020

45 views12:30:28 The Sound of Silence: The Use of Silence In Games | Culture of Gaming (N4G PSP) New

7 february 2020

54 views16:37:53 Patapon 2 and The Wonderful 101 are proof that gaming`s eclectic past should ... (N4G PSP) New
38 views07:20:04 Why Its Difficult To Make A Faithful Screen Adaptation of Resident Evil (N4G PSP) New

6 february 2020

62 views03:32:03 Ubisoft`s 10 Best Franchises, Ranked (According To Metacritic) (N4G PSP) New

4 february 2020

44 views19:06:11 Book Review: Metal Slug: The Ultimate History | Hey Poor Player (N4G PSP) New
35 views07:51:18 10 Things The Tales Series Does Better Than Other RPGs (N4G PSP) New
46 views02:46:21 The Assassin`s Creed Watch Dogs Crossover: Should It Happen? (N4G PSP) New
36 views02:46:21 Our Favorite Launch Titles for Every Top-Selling Console (N4G PSP) New

31 january 2020

33 views21:56:42 The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki for PS4 launch April 23... (N4G PSP) New

30 january 2020

45 views01:00:06 Gaming Consoles: The Top 10 Best-Selling of All Time (N4G PSP) New

29 january 2020

45 views04:22:08 Remembering 2010: The Biggest Games Turning 10 This Year (N4G PSP) New

28 january 2020

42 views14:20:21 Is the 7th Generation of Consoles Retro Now? (N4G PSP) New

27 january 2020

32 views19:49:40 5 Reasons Why Metal Gear Solid Is The Definitive Stealth Game Series (& 5 Why... (N4G PSP) New
45 views19:49:40 PlayStation Plus: A Retrospective Look (N4G PSP) New

24 january 2020

41 views23:55:19 Project Xehanort Page Puzzles Fans (N4G PSP) New
38 views18:39:17 GameEnthus Presents Our Very Timely Games of the Year 2019 Podcast Show Thing - (N4G PSP) New
57 views14:15:59 Details revealed for Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter Vinyl Sou... (N4G PSP) New

18 january 2020

38 views21:35:07 GameEnthus Podcast ep398: Better Call Saw or BurgleKutt: WillowTV (N4G PSP) New

13 january 2020

27 views13:20:51 Fate/EXTRA`s Saber Returns from the PSP Era With Lovely Figure (N4G PSP) New

12 january 2020

56 views12:26:46 The 25 Best Gaming Handhelds, Ranked (N4G PSP) New

11 january 2020

54 views10:55:09 Crisis Core`s Genesis Deserves a Second Chance in the Final Fantasy VII Remake (N4G PSP) New

9 january 2020

42 views14:00:04 Why You Love RPGs (And Don`t Know It) (N4G PSP) New
45 views14:00:04 Chrono Trigger Remake: Its Time for This to Happen (N4G PSP) New

7 january 2020

49 views20:45:05 The `Teen Years: A Look Back at Kingdom Hearts over the Past 10 Years (N4G PSP) New
46 views07:52:30 The Rules of the Force Are Wildly Inconsistent in Star Wars Video Games (N4G PSP) New
47 views07:52:30 10 Video Game Spin-Offs That Were Better Than The Main Franchise (N4G PSP) New

6 january 2020

37 views20:45:36 Silent Hills Designer is a Core Member In New Project (N4G PSP) New
46 views03:20:02 Every Tyrant in Resident Evil (N4G PSP) New

3 january 2020

54 views22:53:00 What the Hell Happened to Ape Escape? (N4G PSP) New
47 views03:25:05 Actually, Legend Of Mana Is Good (N4G PSP) New

2 january 2020

45 views12:05:08 Your Favourite Gaming Moments of the Decade (N4G PSP) New

1 january 2020

73 views10:06:15 The Live Actress For Rebecca Chambers Didn`t Realise How Big The Franchise Ha... (N4G PSP) New

31 december 2019

44 views13:15:02 Celebrating The Simpsons 30th Anniversary: Here are the best Simpsons Games..... (N4G PSP) New

29 december 2019

56 views19:30:03 An epic battle of classic 2D action - Castlevania vs. Mega Man (N4G PSP) New
40 views09:15:03 PlayStation ends the decade in victory - and the PS5 feels like a sure thing (N4G PSP) New
48 views09:15:02 The Idolmaster New Console Game to Be Announced on January 20, 2020 (N4G PSP) New

27 december 2019

46 views23:15:26 15 Times Games Felt Like They Were Just Too Damn Long (N4G PSP) New

25 december 2019

62 views10:47:55 Spike Chunsoft Hiring for Adventure Game, Applicant Must Be a Fan of The Dang... (N4G PSP) New
61 views10:47:55 Netflix`s Witcher vs. The Games vs. The Books (N4G PSP) New

24 december 2019

35 views23:45:33 Every Main Final Fantasy Game Ranked On How Long They Take To Beat (N4G PSP) New
42 views13:24:14 Celebrating 34 Years of Bomberman (N4G PSP) New

23 december 2019

40 views09:50:39 The 11 biggest gaming innovations of the 2010s (N4G PSP) New
45 views09:50:39 Assassin`s Creed Day 2019: How The Franchise Has Evolved And Changed (N4G PSP) New

21 december 2019

52 views00:05:03 Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2020 (N4G PSP) New

19 december 2019

47 views14:55:49 Capcom Registers New Trademarks For Dino Crisis (N4G PSP) New
45 views14:55:49 Ten Games with Milestone Anniversaries in 2020 (N4G PSP) New
14:55:49 More ...

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