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RSS FeedsPlayStation 2 MyHeadlinez - News from the category "PlayStation 2" (3 feeds)


18 april 2020

54 views14:52:04 Kingdom Hearts: Heroes of Light Magnet Set gets release date (N4G PS2) New

31 march 2020

33 views20:27:20 Looking Back to 2005 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Third Times the Charm (N4G PS2) New

30 march 2020

44 views23:12:50 Who gets to write video game history? (N4G PS2) New
41 views23:12:50 PS2 Turns 20 - Our Favourite Games (N4G PS2) New
38 views23:12:49 Sam Fisher Deserves Better (N4G PS2) New
61 views06:25:02 The Kingdom Hearts inspired album The Keyblade War is now available in digita... (N4G PS2) New

29 march 2020

36 views01:23:59 Great Moments in Gaming: Silent Hill 2 and the Stairs of Fire (N4G PS2) New
42 views01:23:59 God of War creator David Jaffe says Kratos was `never a misogynist` (N4G PS2) New

28 march 2020

41 views01:00:19 PlayStation 2 Anniversary Month: CGMagazine`s Team Looks Back (N4G PS2) New

26 march 2020

44 views21:01:38 BioShock 2`s director reveals what could have been a different BioShock (N4G PS2) New
40 views21:01:37 Gods & Superheroes: The Story of Clover Studio (N4G PS2) New

25 march 2020

37 views16:35:24 Top 10 Best Natsume Games (N4G PS2) New
27 views16:35:24 Ranking the Final Fantasy Protagonists (N4G PS2) New

24 march 2020

41 views20:45:07 What Inspired: God of War Trilogy (N4G PS2) New

23 march 2020

45 views13:55:03 Skating Games - Are They Dead? (N4G PS2) New
52 views01:36:59 Ready to Rumble: A Conversation About the Legacy of PlayStations DualShock Co... (N4G PS2) New
46 views01:36:59 The Scariest Monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise (N4G PS2) New

22 march 2020

80 views12:30:14 PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Does the most powerful console always win? (N4G PS2) New
76 views12:30:14 Looking back to 2005 with Timesplitters: Future Perfect - Back to the Future (N4G PS2) New
61 views12:30:14 Imagining A Dino Crisis Remake: Not Just Resident Evil With Dinosaurs... (N4G PS2) New
71 views12:30:14 Top 7 Games (That Hit You Right in the Feels) (N4G PS2) New

20 march 2020

43 views16:56:32 Ranking The Silent Hill Games (From Worst to Best) (N4G PS2) New

17 march 2020

43 views05:54:32 What Does Metroidvania Mean? (N4G PS2) New

14 march 2020

24 views18:55:02 Looking Back to 2005 with Super Monkey Ball Deluxe - Roll With It (N4G PS2) New
70 views15:17:26 International Womens Day 2020 Amaterasu From Okami (N4G PS2) New
36 views03:52:24 How Are Game Programming Students Preparing For Crunch? (N4G PS2) New
34 views03:52:23 The best Castlevania games of all time, ranked from best to worst (N4G PS2) New

13 march 2020

34 views14:56:33 How The PlayStation 2 Got Me Moving Before Nintendo Ever Did (N4G PS2) New
39 views14:56:33 PlayStation 2 Twentieth Anniversary: Infiltrating ToysRUs (N4G PS2) New

12 march 2020

33 views17:45:03 The Unsung Revolution of Guilty Gear X (N4G PS2) New
51 views14:20:04 Dear Sony: Please Remake Rogue Galaxy Already (N4G PS2) New
41 views14:20:03 10 PlayStation Exclusives We Want To See On PC (N4G PS2) New

11 march 2020

31 views23:51:04 10 Fighting Games That Deserve To Be Resurrected Next-Gen (N4G PS2) New

8 march 2020

40 views17:47:57 Todd McFarlane talks Mortal Kombat 11, SoulCalibur II, & the right to expression (N4G PS2) New
33 views10:10:06 The PlayStation 2 Was A Great Console (But It Was A Better DVD Player) (N4G PS2) New
33 views10:10:06 Learning the lessons of the PlayStation 2 (N4G PS2) New
29 views10:10:06 The Game Deflators E69 | What is the Best Final Fantasy Game of All Time (N4G PS2) New
53 views05:50:23 The PS2 Was The Last True Wild West Of Console Gaming (N4G PS2) New
55 views05:50:23 The RetroBeat: My 5 favorite PlayStation 2 games (N4G PS2) New

7 march 2020

69 views11:25:03 The Other Promise: The Finality at the Heart of Kingdom Hearts II (N4G PS2) New

6 march 2020

91 views02:19:59 As PS2 Turns 20, These Classics Must Come to PS4 (N4G PS2) New
34 views01:10:03 The Case for the PlayStation 2 Being the Greatest Console Ever (N4G PS2) New
40 views00:35:04 PlayStation 2 is twenty years old and we have memories (N4G PS2) New
44 views00:35:04 Our Top Ten PS2 Hidden Gems (N4G PS2) New

5 march 2020

37 views17:44:20 10 Classic PS2 Games to Play For Its 20th Anniversary (N4G PS2) New
28 views17:44:20 5 Dead Video Game Franchises We Need on Next-Gen (N4G PS2) New
38 views17:44:20 The PlayStation 2 is 20 years old today and still, the best console ever made (N4G PS2) New
35 views17:44:20 The Best PS2 Games Of All Time (N4G PS2) New
39 views17:44:19 PlayStation 2: Looking Back at the Highest-Selling Console After 20 Years (N4G PS2) New
34 views11:02:42 Sony`s Iconic PlayStation 2 Anniversary Will Make You Feel Old (N4G PS2) New
36 views11:02:42 What Happened to Psi-Ops, The Franchise That Never Was (N4G PS2) New
71 views06:30:15 10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need a New Game (N4G PS2) New
102 views06:30:15 PlayStation 2s chaotic Japanese launch was 20 years ago today (N4G PS2) New

4 march 2020

54 views22:34:41 The best PS2 games - on PlayStation 2`s 20th anniversary (N4G PS2) New
47 views22:34:41 Resident Evil: 10 Reasons It`s The Best Horror Franchise Of All Time (N4G PS2) New
30 views15:28:02 PS5 and Xbox Series X lifecycles: How long will these new consoles last? (N4G PS2) New
33 views15:28:01 How PlayStation 2 changed the entertainment industry forever (N4G PS2) New
51 views01:33:43 Virtual Debate: Are Joypads and Arcade Joysticks the Wrong Way Around? (N4G PS2) New

3 march 2020

49 views21:41:01 Choose Your Party: Ranking the Characters of `Final Fantasy X` (N4G PS2) New

2 march 2020

45 views16:29:06 5 FPS Mechanics That Shook Up The Genre (N4G PS2) New
51 views00:50:36 How to truly master Tidus` journey - Top 10 Final Fantasy X Secrets (N4G PS2) New

1 march 2020

80 views01:20:05 Capcom Matt Walker Interview Goes Over Devil May Cry 3 and Card Fighters DS (N4G PS2) New

29 february 2020

38 views18:21:32 The Game Deflators E68 | Favorite Gaming Memories of All Time (N4G PS2) New
43 views18:21:32 What Made Resident Evil 3: Nemesis a Great Game? (N4G PS2) New
47 views02:05:02 Silent Hill 3 Is Still a Teenage Girl`s Worst Nightmare (N4G PS2) New

28 february 2020

30 views22:25:55 Shadow of the Colossus - How a Good Soundtrack Can Make a Game (N4G PS2) New
37 views22:25:55 War Stories: How Crash Bandicoot hacked the original PlayStation (N4G PS2) New

26 february 2020

28 views11:05:49 Dengeki PlayStation to cease regular publication with March 28-due issue (N4G PS2) New

25 february 2020

34 views21:03:36 Two Decades Later, There Simply Can`t Be Another Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (N4G PS2) New
32 views21:03:36 Final Fantasy VII`s Lasting Impact, 23 Years and Counting (N4G PS2) New
40 views14:29:45 GTA San Andreas - A Retrospective (N4G PS2) New
42 views00:58:10 7 Game Series That Need A Comeback (N4G PS2) New
39 views00:58:10 Five Sequels That Crashed The Hype Train (N4G PS2) New

22 february 2020

74 views10:51:37 Top 10 Remakes that Need Remakes (N4G PS2) New

21 february 2020

58 views23:33:51 The Game Deflators E67 | Dungeons and Dragons All Day Every Day (N4G PS2) New
36 views19:11:50 Lazy Writing Five Forgotten Gems (N4G PS2) New
37 views12:10:02 Ranking the Metal Gear Solid Games From The Original To The Phantom Pain (N4G PS2) New

19 february 2020

39 views21:30:57 What Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You (N4G PS2) New
43 views21:30:57 If Silent Hill ever comes back it has to leave the nurses and ditch its histo... (N4G PS2) New
42 views21:30:57 If Devil May Cry 3 Hadn`t Been a Huge Success, Its Development Team Would Hav... (N4G PS2) New

18 february 2020

34 views19:01:26 Final Fantasy 7 Remake `Surpasses Even My Own Expectations,` Says Kitase (N4G PS2) New
78 views01:30:11 Every Marvel vs. Capcom Character, Together At Last (N4G PS2) New

17 february 2020

41 views19:48:39 Combined PS4 and Xbox One Sales in the US are 6% Higher than the PS3 and Xbox... (N4G PS2) New

16 february 2020

80 views23:20:16 A Valentine`s Day Tribute to Resident Evil`s Jill Valentine (N4G PS2) New
73 views23:20:16 Mega Man: Every Protagonist In The Series, Ranked (N4G PS2) New
65 views00:45:18 What It Means to Be Able to Game Again After 7 Years (N4G PS2) New

14 february 2020

51 views14:55:35 Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Twelve (N4G PS2) New

12 february 2020

78 views21:55:02 Hideo Kojima`s Next Big Project Should Be A Mecha Game (N4G PS2) New
31 views12:15:02 Our Favorite Launch Titles for Every Top-Selling Console (N4G PS2) New
45 views12:15:02 10 Of Gaming`s Best Collectibles (N4G PS2) New

10 february 2020

51 views20:05:13 Reggie Had A PS2 and Xbox When He Applied at Nintendo, But No GameCube (N4G PS2) New

9 february 2020

40 views21:42:48 Happy Birthday, Aerith, Sorry About Dying! (N4G PS2) New
37 views21:42:48 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Retrospective - Bullet For My Valentine (N4G PS2) New
36 views13:15:09 The Sound of Silence: The Use of Silence In Games | Culture of Gaming (N4G PS2) New
36 views03:12:40 Save the world once again - Final Fantasy X Memories (N4G PS2) New

8 february 2020

39 views20:05:20 Our Top 5 Licensed Games of All Time (N4G PS2) New

7 february 2020

37 views11:22:51 Berwick Saga can be a brilliant strategy game (N4G PS2) New
33 views11:22:51 Top 3 Hidden Gems Hack and Slash for the PS2 (N4G PS2) New
32 views08:10:06 Why Its Difficult To Make A Faithful Screen Adaptation of Resident Evil (N4G PS2) New

6 february 2020

38 views21:38:28 The Most Improved Video Game Sequels - Part Two (N4G PS2) New
21:38:28 More ...

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