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Nintendo Wii

RSS FeedsNintendo Wii MyHeadlinez - News from the category "Nintendo Wii" (3 feeds)


1 april 2020

40 views00:05:06 Smash Bros Memer`s Efforts Earn RUH Children`s Ward Nintendo Switch (N4G Wii) New

30 march 2020

58 views00:10:03 PS4 vs Wii in the US VGChartz Gap Charts February 2020 (N4G Wii) New
57 views00:10:03 Takashi Tokita hopes to release Square RPG Live A Live worldwide (N4G Wii) New

27 march 2020

36 views19:22:54 Doom Is Basically the Video Game Version of Alien (N4G Wii) New

26 march 2020

34 views08:35:03 Nintendo Switch Outsells Wii in Japan (N4G Wii) New

24 march 2020

44 views01:15:02 Resident Evil 3 demo analysis: the game`s brilliant but something`s up with X... (N4G Wii) New
48 views01:15:02 Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Has Grown to 243 Employees (N4G Wii) New

23 march 2020

57 views12:51:45 Skating Games - Are They Dead? (N4G Wii) New
53 views12:51:45 Now`s the time for a Skyward Sword HD remaster on Switch (N4G Wii) New

22 march 2020

40 views22:14:11 The Scariest Monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise (N4G Wii) New
43 views16:40:03 PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Does the most powerful console always win? (N4G Wii) New

20 march 2020

41 views21:34:24 GameStop is on Some Bullshit After Declaring Itself An `Essential Business.` ... (N4G Wii) New
48 views18:52:21 The History of Animal Crossing (N4G Wii) New
46 views18:52:21 Ranking The Silent Hill Games (From Worst to Best) (N4G Wii) New

17 march 2020

50 views07:10:46 Mario: How the Nintendo Mascot and His Games Ruin Friendships (N4G Wii) New
63 views03:09:22 What Does Metroidvania Mean? (N4G Wii) New

14 march 2020

39 views16:16:34 International Womens Day 2020 Amaterasu From Okami (N4G Wii) New
49 views03:55:50 Gaming Conferences` Greatest Moments (N4G Wii) New
45 views03:55:50 The best Castlevania games of all time, ranked from best to worst (N4G Wii) New

13 march 2020

29 views17:50:26 Bad Boss Battles in Gaming History - Part Ten (N4G Wii) New
58 views10:10:05 Mario Characters Who Struck Out On Their Own (N4G Wii) New
60 views05:56:51 What Makes Mario So Likable? (N4G Wii) New
52 views05:56:51 How The PlayStation 2 Got Me Moving Before Nintendo Ever Did (N4G Wii) New

12 march 2020

76 views22:55:16 Video Game Music Spotlight #13: Winter and Cold (N4G Wii) New
47 views22:25:04 Ranking the Characters of Chrono Trigger 25 Years Later (N4G Wii) New
48 views22:25:04 Ranking the Ten Best `Chrono Trigger` Bosses (N4G Wii) New
47 views04:40:25 Celebrate Your MAR10 Day by Playing One of These 9 Best Mario Spinoffs (N4G Wii) New
34 views00:17:46 Chrono Trigger: The Great RPG Progenitor (N4G Wii) New

11 march 2020

43 views19:43:01 Top Ten Mario Games of the Past Ten Years (N4G Wii) New
50 views18:40:18 The 10 Best Mario Cameos in Other Games (N4G Wii) New
54 views18:40:18 4 Mario Franchises That Need a Comeback on Switch (N4G Wii) New
47 views14:06:33 7 Unforgettable Mario Moments to Celebrate MAR10 Day (N4G Wii) New

10 march 2020

50 views23:49:19 Ganondorf is the Best Video Game Villain (N4G Wii) New

9 march 2020

57 views03:20:04 Switch vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts February 2020 (N4G Wii) New

8 march 2020

55 views09:45:24 Should Animal Crossing Characters Be Allowed To Own Pets? (N4G Wii) New
52 views09:45:24 The Legend of Zelda is the Greatest Video Game Series of All Time (N4G Wii) New
49 views09:45:24 New screenshots released for the upcoming fan remake of GoldenEye 007, Golden... (N4G Wii) New

7 march 2020

67 views21:56:37 Best Castlevania Games on Nintendo Consoles (N4G Wii) New
58 views19:14:44 Top 10 Best 2D Mario Games (N4G Wii) New

6 march 2020

55 views16:42:41 Nintendo Switch Is Perfect For Pokemon Snap (N4G Wii) New
35 views05:20:11 Every Other Time Resident Evil 3 Was Remade (N4G Wii) New

5 march 2020

60 views06:11:13 10 Video Game Stories That Clearly Ended (And Then Got A Sequel) (N4G Wii) New
36 views01:33:11 10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need a New Game (N4G Wii) New

4 march 2020

53 views22:07:17 Resident Evil: 10 Reasons It`s The Best Horror Franchise Of All Time (N4G Wii) New
48 views05:06:49 Virtual Debate: Are Joypads and Arcade Joysticks the Wrong Way Around? (N4G Wii) New
42 views05:06:49 Top 10 Sequels (No One Asked For) (N4G Wii) New

1 march 2020

43 views22:50:14 8-Bit Chronicles: Ice Climber (N4G Wii) New
57 views10:00:20 How Nintendo Directs Have Changed Video Game Announcements (N4G Wii) New

29 february 2020

47 views19:45:07 10 Reasons Why Donkey Kong Country is Nintendo`s Most Underrated Franchise (N4G Wii) New
45 views19:45:07 GameStop 2.0 Is The Store I Wanted As A Teen, But Does That Help Now? (N4G Wii) New
45 views11:50:08 On #PokémonDay, we celebrate Pokémon`s connectivity. (N4G Wii) New
57 views11:10:03 10 Video Games You Didn`t Realise Secretly Bombed (N4G Wii) New
47 views07:47:13 Will Super Meat Boy Forever Come Out This Year? (N4G Wii) New

27 february 2020

52 views09:06:56 Missing Miis: Why has Nintendo let them slip away? (N4G Wii) New
46 views09:06:56 Super Captain Falcon 64 Mod Is Exactly What It Sounds Like (N4G Wii) New

26 february 2020

72 views05:46:29 Why Animal Crossing Succeeds Where So Many Casual Games Fail (N4G Wii) New

25 february 2020

70 views16:19:42 PS4 vs Wii in the US VGChartz Gap Charts January 2020 (N4G Wii) New

24 february 2020

50 views06:20:06 Five classic games that need to come back (N4G Wii) New
82 views00:09:06 Nintendo Switch Online: Reviewing Februarys NES and Super NES new games (N4G Wii) New

23 february 2020

57 views00:16:15 Switch vs Wii in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts January 2020 (N4G Wii) New

22 february 2020

50 views14:25:13 5 Drastic Changes GameStop Needs to Survive its Retail Nightmare (N4G Wii) New
80 views04:20:10 Prince of Persia: Its Long Past Time For a New Game (N4G Wii) New

21 february 2020

77 views23:55:06 GameEnthus Podcast ep402: Diety of Enclosure or Rap Godz (N4G Wii) New

20 february 2020

54 views17:50:03 The Truth About Working at GameStop: Workers Reveal Their Experiences (N4G Wii) New

19 february 2020

58 views21:05:21 Contra and Shantae Funko Pop figures get release date (N4G Wii) New
54 views11:51:38 5 Reasons Xenoblade Chronicles is Better than the Sequel (& 5 Why Xenoblade C... (N4G Wii) New
47 views07:13:27 Why is Nintendo Hesitant to Remember Super Mario Bros. 2? (N4G Wii) New
41 views07:13:27 What Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You (N4G Wii) New
40 views07:13:27 If Silent Hill ever comes back it has to leave the nurses and ditch its histo... (N4G Wii) New
59 views03:36:53 Top 3 Massively Underrated Sega Genesis Games (N4G Wii) New

17 february 2020

71 views00:44:54 A Valentine`s Day Tribute to Resident Evil`s Jill Valentine (N4G Wii) New
65 views00:44:54 Mega Man: Every Protagonist In The Series, Ranked (N4G Wii) New

16 february 2020

115 views05:56:35 The Game Deflators E66 | The Best Kart Racers of the 90`s and 2000`s (N4G Wii) New

14 february 2020

37 views15:05:03 Activision Needs To Stop Releasing Call Of Duty Games Every Year (N4G Wii) New
48 views15:05:03 Super Mario Bros. 3, A Thirty Year Reunion (N4G Wii) New

13 february 2020

71 views20:20:58 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Still A Guilty Pleasure (N4G Wii) New
73 views13:30:31 Top Ten Movies Made Into Video Games (N4G Wii) New

12 february 2020

60 views17:23:42 10 Of Gaming`s Best Collectibles (N4G Wii) New

11 february 2020

41 views05:19:58 DBPG: Toejam & Earl Review (Sega Genesis) (N4G Wii) New
42 views05:19:58 5 Unsettling Boss Fights in Retro Games (That Made Me Question My Gaming Deci... (N4G Wii) New

10 february 2020

42 views19:42:21 Switch vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts January 2020 (N4G Wii) New

9 february 2020

52 views13:31:32 Google Wants To Know Which Pokémon Is Your Favorite (N4G Wii) New

8 february 2020

37 views20:50:23 Our Top 5 Licensed Games of All Time (N4G Wii) New
60 views00:55:10 Nintendo believes Switch lifecycle will last longer than past home consoles (N4G Wii) New

7 february 2020

33 views12:56:48 The 5 Best Mewtwo Moments in the Pokemon Franchise (N4G Wii) New
49 views12:56:48 With Wii Repairs Stopping, When Will Its Games Get Switch Ports? (N4G Wii) New
30 views06:00:05 Why Its Difficult To Make A Faithful Screen Adaptation of Resident Evil (N4G Wii) New

6 february 2020

35 views22:58:52 The Most Improved Video Game Sequels - Part Two (N4G Wii) New
41 views22:58:52 Nintendo Should Revive The Wii Sports Franchise On Switch (Due To The Success... (N4G Wii) New
43 views08:53:11 Ubisoft`s 10 Best Franchises, Ranked (According To Metacritic) (N4G Wii) New
37 views08:53:11 Every Chris Redfield Design in Resident Evil Over the Years (N4G Wii) New

4 february 2020

38 views20:13:55 Book Review: Metal Slug: The Ultimate History | Hey Poor Player (N4G Wii) New
36 views06:40:03 10 Things The Tales Series Does Better Than Other RPGs (N4G Wii) New

3 february 2020

33 views17:15:04 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Producer Ryota Niitsuma Is Leaving Capcom (N4G Wii) New

1 february 2020

37 views19:46:21 Pokémon: Pichu`s Original Design Was Weird (And Kind Of Cute) (N4G Wii) New
40 views19:46:21 Our Favorite Launch Titles for Every Top-Selling Console (N4G Wii) New

30 january 2020

36 views22:56:27 Real-Life Mario Kart Ordered to Pay Nintendo Over Ł350,000 Over Copyright Inf... (N4G Wii) New
39 views01:35:17 Top 5 Best Gaming Sidekicks (Who Have Your Back) (N4G Wii) New
35 views01:35:17 Gaming Consoles: The Top 10 Best-Selling of All Time (N4G Wii) New

29 january 2020

39 views19:52:16 DBPG: Kid Chameleon Review (Sega Genesis) (N4G Wii) New
19:52:16 More ...

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