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12 august 2023

88 views16:17:11 Column: Madness and migraines? Side effects of trying to negotiate the Medic... (LA Times Health) New

11 august 2023

607 views13:06:30 Opinion: How pickleball taught me to stop saying sorry and learn to have fun (LA Times Health) New

10 august 2023

447 views13:35:52 Athlete, honor student, murderer? How did a UC Davis student spiral into an a... (LA Times Health) New
76 views13:35:52 A sound bath in one of L.A.`s oldest churches will take you to a higher plane (LA Times Health) New
76 views13:35:52 Opinion: I treat schizophrenia. It`s getting hard to distinguish its delusion... (LA Times Health) New

8 august 2023

78 views14:02:55 `She was gasping for air.` Abortion fight shifts to women who suffered under ... (LA Times Health) New
498 views14:02:55 Was racism a factor in death at Centinela Hospital? California is ill-equippe... (LA Times Health) New

6 august 2023

110 views23:46:31 Bella Hadid opens up about chronic illness, saying it was `almost 15 years of... (LA Times Health) New
619 views12:37:07 How mobile teams on Skid Row use oxygen to prevent overdoses and save lives (LA Times Health) New
649 views09:53:53 California has billions to spend on mental health. Where should the money go? (LA Times Health) New

31 july 2023

712 views13:53:44 L.A. County gave up on a mental health program — and is handing back millio... (LA Times Health) New

30 july 2023

483 views13:15:51 Healing a shattered community: Monterey Park shooting survivors return to dance (LA Times Health) New

27 july 2023

324 views14:44:45 A fire changed his life forever. 10 years later, the man with a new face talk... (LA Times Health) New
66 views14:44:45 California`s free prison phone calls bolstering inmates` family ties, rehabil... (LA Times Health) New
272 views14:44:45 Column: Millions of Americans are about to lose their healthcare coverage. Ma... (LA Times Health) New
64 views13:51:04 Editorial: Get the `forever chemicals` out of our drinking water (LA Times Health) New
62 views00:49:56 Tori Kelly`s husband says she is `smiling and feeling stronger` after blood-c... (LA Times Health) New

26 july 2023

71 views15:19:44 These Southern California counties have some of the highest cases of Alzheime... (LA Times Health) New
312 views02:24:00 Q&A: Why would a young, healthy athlete go into cardiac arrest? (LA Times Health) New

20 july 2023

250 views19:55:02 Nonprofit that leads organ recovery in SoCal could be jeopardized by poor ran... (LA Times Health) New
264 views19:55:02 Meditating on my death made me feel thrilled to be alive (LA Times Health) New

19 july 2023

338 views22:36:09 Did you get COVID but never feel sick? New study hints at why (LA Times Health) New
75 views13:10:38 Opinion: The FDA approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill. Here... (LA Times Health) New

14 july 2023

67 views18:33:23 Robert De Niro`s partner Tiffany Chen diagnosed with Bell`s palsy after givin... (LA Times Health) New

13 july 2023

58 views19:53:35 Failures at L.A. hospital led to patient`s death after C-section, state finds (LA Times Health) New

11 july 2023

241 views12:20:07 Opinion: Why kids with summer birthdays face surprising health risks (LA Times Health) New

10 july 2023

228 views15:24:34 Commentary: Pharmacies selling fentanyl-laced pills are deadly tourist traps ... (LA Times Health) New

8 july 2023

258 views14:48:31 Homes for residents with mental illnesses are closing. Can state aid save them? (LA Times Health) New
84 views06:13:59 Santa Monica`s Headspace Health laid off dozens of therapists. Their patients... (LA Times Health) New
85 views02:08:23 Santa Monica`s Headspace Health laid off scores of therapists. Their patients... (LA Times Health) New

6 july 2023

311 views01:07:44 How this L.A. collage club is using DIY art for collective self-care (LA Times Health) New

1 july 2023

62 views14:30:59 Tens of thousands of L.A. County residents could soon lose Medi-Cal coverage.... (LA Times Health) New

30 june 2023

269 views18:51:48 Are you 29 years old? Tell us about your anxieties, fears and wishes for turn... (LA Times Health) New

28 june 2023

70 views16:31:23 `I have over 30 threats to rape, kill, or assault me`: Being a doctor on soci... (LA Times Health) New

27 june 2023

349 views00:13:04 Compressing your eating day is as effective as counting calories, study finds (LA Times Health) New

26 june 2023

78 views23:44:39 Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, diagnosed with breast cancer: `Go get screened` (LA Times Health) New

25 june 2023

267 views01:13:42 San Jos&eaigu; doctor convicted of 12 counts of illegally prescribing and dis... (LA Times Health) New

24 june 2023

338 views19:52:56 San Jose doctor convicted of 12 counts of illegally prescribing and distribut... (LA Times Health) New

18 june 2023

72 views20:14:51 Quincy Jones released from hospital in `great spirits` after health scare (LA Times Health) New
398 views17:48:37 Actively Black: Lanny Smith talks about the power of mental heath awareness ... (LA Times Health) New
328 views08:20:07 Mental healing in Black L.A. starts with professional help that looks like us (LA Times Health) New
87 views08:20:07 Breaking the Silence: A Black L.A. mother`s journey with grief after losing a... (LA Times Health) New
406 views08:20:07 How a George Floyd protest birthed the radical wellness community of WalkGood LA (LA Times Health) New
360 views08:20:07 Actively Black: Lanny Smith talks about the power of mental heath awareness ... (LA Times Health) New

16 june 2023

74 views14:43:52 Killing of Crenshaw High athlete marks the latest trauma for L.A.`s Black youth (LA Times Health) New

15 june 2023

334 views15:04:05 State investigators found lapses that could threaten patients at Inglewood ho... (LA Times Health) New

14 june 2023

68 views01:42:50 Blackpink`s Jennie `doing my best to recover` after abruptly exiting stage in... (LA Times Health) New

13 june 2023

72 views15:10:07 It`s summer and pool season. Here`s how to keep your kids safe (LA Times Health) New
69 views13:38:15 Inside Gwyneth Paltrow`s $1,600 hormone summit there`s plenty of Goop, but al... (LA Times Health) New

7 june 2023

57 views01:05:25 `Let`s stand firm`: Supervisors move to boost LGBTQ+ rights, gender-affirming... (LA Times Health) New
57 views01:05:25 `Orgasmic meditation` group manipulated members with forced labor, sex abuse,... (LA Times Health) New

6 june 2023

319 views14:24:30 This rural California county lost its only hospital, leaving residents with d... (LA Times Health) New
315 views13:37:16 Opinion: Can a four-day workweek really work? Many companies have already lea... (LA Times Health) New
374 views13:08:08 Editorial: Forcing treatment on mentally ill homeless people is a bad idea (LA Times Health) New

4 june 2023

337 views13:15:00 Opinion: My son the vandal — and the untreated, unaddressed epidemic of men... (LA Times Health) New

3 june 2023

85 views02:03:26 Danny Bonaduce will have brain surgery for a neurological disorder: ` I can`t... (LA Times Health) New

2 june 2023

66 views22:20:27 Danny Bonaduce will have brain surgery for a neurological disorder: `I can`t ... (LA Times Health) New
299 views17:10:17 Struggling to calm your mind? Buddhist monks in Hacienda Heights offer medita... (LA Times Health) New

1 june 2023

84 views22:27:35 Tallulah Willis knew `something was wrong` before Bruce Willis` dementia diag... (LA Times Health) New
83 views12:43:59 `Queer ecology` gifted him new perspective. Take his hikes to find it too (LA Times Health) New

31 may 2023

303 views15:53:04 Democratic lawmakers press Newsom to spend millions from health insurance fines (LA Times Health) New
78 views06:09:08 Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman is `back in action` after mental health break (LA Times Health) New

30 may 2023

76 views22:47:37 Arnold Schwarzenegger says Bruce Willis `never really` retired: Action stars ... (LA Times Health) New
230 views19:27:01 Al Roker is back on `Today` and `feeling good enough` after knee surgery (LA Times Health) New
68 views15:40:07 `Just do kegels` is tired. What`s next for this hot women`s health market? (LA Times Health) New
382 views01:46:28 Rapper Lil Durk lost numerous friends and loved ones to violence. To cope, he... (LA Times Health) New

23 may 2023

88 views15:02:52 Column: These `experts` sold the U.S. on a disastrous COVID plan, and never p... (LA Times Health) New

15 may 2023

72 views15:23:34 How much COVID is in my community? It`s getting harder to tell (LA Times Health) New
71 views13:10:21 Opinion: `Unprecedented by most measures`: Calculating the astonishing econom... (LA Times Health) New

12 may 2023

351 views19:30:51 Fentanyl overdoses contribute to surge in L.A. County homeless deaths (LA Times Health) New

11 may 2023

306 views18:14:40 What you need to know to stay safe from COVID after the public health emergen... (LA Times Health) New
371 views13:01:31 Editorial: The COVID-19 pandemic emergency is over, but virus is still here (LA Times Health) New

5 may 2023

280 views23:41:16 Cedars-Sinai laying off more than 100 employees (LA Times Health) New
278 views21:23:02 The CDC is changing the way it monitors COVID-19 in the U.S. (LA Times Health) New
73 views13:52:10 Free at-home COVID tests end May 11 for some. Here`s how to stock up (LA Times Health) New
286 views12:12:45 COVID deaths were cut nearly in half in 2022, but disease is still a top kill... (LA Times Health) New

28 april 2023

301 views17:36:22 Arcturus, a more infectious COVID subvariant, grows in L.A. County, seen in s... (LA Times Health) New
362 views15:52:35 As Arcturus grows, coronavirus in L.A. County sewage rises (LA Times Health) New
317 views13:53:43 Opinion: Will you need the latest COVID booster? It depends (LA Times Health) New

27 april 2023

260 views21:55:50 COVID detected in a California mule deer, first wildlife case in state (LA Times Health) New

20 april 2023

284 views23:36:07 New coronavirus subvariant Arcturus is now in L.A. Is there reason to worry? (LA Times Health) New
302 views15:28:36 CDC greenlights spring COVID booster for some. Do you need it? (LA Times Health) New

15 april 2023

71 views14:32:14 $62,000 and three years later: Long COVID continues to upend this California ... (LA Times Health) New

27 march 2023

82 views16:08:00 When it comes to preventing COVID-19 deaths, `how we feel about each other ma... (LA Times Health) New

24 march 2023

86 views14:32:51 COVID is still out there. Here`s what to do if you get it now (LA Times Health) New

21 march 2023

288 views21:47:39 Potentially deadly fungus spreading rapidly across California, CDC says (LA Times Health) New

20 march 2023

273 views14:02:06 How immune are we? Why answering this question is essential for post-pandemic... (LA Times Health) New

19 march 2023

336 views13:18:51 Maternal deaths surged during the pandemic. How California is fighting that t... (LA Times Health) New

15 march 2023

348 views00:51:02 Operators of upscale L.A. care facility charged in 14 COVID deaths (LA Times Health) New

14 march 2023

312 views23:13:50 Operators of upscale L.A. care facility charged in COVID deaths of 13 residents (LA Times Health) New
340 views21:35:02 Operators of upscale Westside care facility charged in COVID deaths of 13 res... (LA Times Health) New

10 march 2023

327 views20:56:27 Fatigue, cough and brain fog. For many in L.A. County, long COVID limited dai... (LA Times Health) New
82 views14:40:48 The coronavirus has infected New York City`s rats. Why that`s bad news for pe... (LA Times Health) New

8 march 2023

92 views23:04:44 Opinion: I called for more research on the COVID `lab leak theory.` Here`s wh... (LA Times Health) New

4 march 2023

393 views06:09:55 California to alter COVID rules in healthcare settings: Masks and vaccination... (LA Times Health) New

2 march 2023

93 views12:38:54 Opinion: California gave up on mandating COVID vaccines for schoolchildren. H... (LA Times Health) New

1 march 2023

356 views18:43:17 Abcarian: Mask mandates? COVID origins? Why are we still having these debates? (LA Times Health) New
106 views03:47:59 L.A. County`s COVID-19 emergency will end March 31 (LA Times Health) New
335 views01:14:57 L.A. County to end COVID-19 emergency March 31 (LA Times Health) New

28 february 2023

70 views20:57:44 California`s COVID emergency is ending. How will it change your life? (LA Times Health) New
20:57:44 More ...

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