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Los Angeles Lakers

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13 august 2023

173 views05:29:12 Pau Gasol honors Kobe Bryant during HOF speech: `I wouldn`t be here without you` (LA Times Lakers) New

11 august 2023

2666 views14:38:38 Behind the scenes: The trade that made Pau Gasol a Lakers legend and Hall of ... (LA Times Lakers) New
137 views14:38:38 Pau Gasol`s exclusive interview with the L.A. Times before Hall of Fame induc... (LA Times Lakers) New

6 august 2023

1023 views09:53:00 Plaschke: Lakers hand the franchise to Anthony Davis, and the future feels fr... (LA Times Lakers) New

1 august 2023

108 views13:51:03 Shaquille O`Neal lists his own top 10 greatest NBA players (LA Times Lakers) New

31 july 2023

1051 views22:02:21 Bronny James eats out and plays the piano. Good signs after cardiac arrest (LA Times Lakers) New

28 july 2023

93 views21:43:09 Lakers to retire LeBron James` jersey. But which one, No. 23 or No. 6, or may... (LA Times Lakers) New

27 july 2023

107 views22:58:18 Bronny James is released from the hospital, LeBron says `everyone doing great` (LA Times Lakers) New
109 views19:14:27 LeBron James says `everyone doing great` after Bronny`s cardiac arrest (LA Times Lakers) New

25 july 2023

1072 views18:04:04 Bronny James suffers cardiac arrest at USC workout and is in stable condition (LA Times Lakers) New
98 views01:19:08 Magic Johnson on Commanders ownership, Lakers` title chances and Victor Wemba... (LA Times Lakers) New
103 views01:19:08 Dodgers to honor Kobe Bryant. Here`s how to get his jersey with No. 8 and No.... (LA Times Lakers) New

18 july 2023

985 views01:54:34 Will Lakers give LeBron James the Kobe treatment and retire both numbers when... (LA Times Lakers) New

17 july 2023

1025 views14:34:50 Maxwell Lewis living an NBA dream that shocks one Lakers-loving fan — his dad (LA Times Lakers) New

15 july 2023

103 views00:01:09 Two months later, Darvin Ham still finds Steve Kerr`s flopping comments `lame... (LA Times Lakers) New

13 july 2023

1067 views05:10:46 Lakers star LeBron James will return for 21st NBA season (LA Times Lakers) New

10 july 2023

62 views23:58:43 Coach LeBron James? Lakers star seemed to enjoy coaching son Bryce`s basketba... (LA Times Lakers) New
74 views16:03:43 Scouts and executives rate Lakers` offseason from `very good` to `great` (LA Times Lakers) New

9 july 2023

98 views02:59:29 Commentary: NBA`s in-season tournament will only matter if teams make it an e... (LA Times Lakers) New

8 july 2023

965 views09:34:18 Victor Wembanyama has winning NBA debut in summer league (LA Times Lakers) New

3 july 2023

1088 views14:13:48 Plaschke: Rob Pelinka and the Lakers win free agency and the summer (LA Times Lakers) New

2 july 2023

109 views03:40:15 Lakers nearly finished building around core with Austin Reaves, D`Angelo Russ... (LA Times Lakers) New

1 july 2023

105 views21:45:42 Lakers to re-sign Austin Reaves and D`Angelo Russell, land Jaxson Hayes (LA Times Lakers) New
99 views20:50:03 Lakers to re-sign D`Angelo Russell, agree on two-year deal for Jaxson Hayes (LA Times Lakers) New
1017 views17:47:34 Lakers agree to two-year deal with center Jaxson Hayes (LA Times Lakers) New
1143 views03:45:34 Lakers land four on first day of free agency, including Rui Hachimura (LA Times Lakers) New
1058 views02:44:41 Lakers agree to deal with Gabe Vincent, plan to sign Taurean Prince (LA Times Lakers) New
1068 views01:49:39 Lakers agree to sign veteran forward Taurean Prince (LA Times Lakers) New

30 june 2023

986 views22:28:00 Lakers set Summer League roster (LA Times Lakers) New
99 views06:20:50 Lakers` free agency: Here`s the latest about how their plans are shaping up (LA Times Lakers) New
1100 views00:24:25 Lakers waive Mo Bamba, likely to decline club option for Malik Beasley (LA Times Lakers) New

29 june 2023

1084 views02:13:17 Woman claimed Kobe Bryant promised her stake in investment. Now she owes Vane... (LA Times Lakers) New

28 june 2023

96 views04:06:56 Lakers draft picks Jalen Hood-Schifino, Maxwell Lewis channel `Mamba Mentality` (LA Times Lakers) New
87 views04:06:56 The Lakers and Rob Pelinka`s free-agency plans center on continuity (LA Times Lakers) New

26 june 2023

93 views19:42:50 LeBron James` company to host film festival in L.A. focused on empowering ath... (LA Times Lakers) New

24 june 2023

1117 views02:45:25 Las Vegas Summer League schedules set for Lakers and Clippers (LA Times Lakers) New

23 june 2023

115 views07:42:29 UCLA`s Jaime Jaquez Jr. drafted No. 18 by Miami Heat in `surreal` moment (LA Times Lakers) New
1217 views07:42:29 Lakers bring youth by selecting Jalen Hood-Schifino, Maxwell Lewis in NBA draft (LA Times Lakers) New

22 june 2023

1018 views03:34:22 NBA 2023 draft: 7-4 Victor Wembanyama spurs visions of superstardom (LA Times Lakers) New

21 june 2023

101 views21:04:13 Lakers` LeBron James earns ESPYs nomination for breaking NBA scoring record (LA Times Lakers) New
97 views17:04:52 Lakers` LeBron James earns his 16th ESPYs nomination (LA Times Lakers) New
100 views11:29:35 Plaschke: The Lakers` first-round pick? Trade it, sign Chris Paul, win now (LA Times Lakers) New
113 views04:30:54 Column: The Lakers` first-round pick? Trade it, sign Chris Paul, win now (LA Times Lakers) New
103 views02:52:54 There`s talent to be had for the Lakers at No. 17 in the NBA draft (LA Times Lakers) New

20 june 2023

110 views14:02:39 NBA mock draft: Hornets and Blazers have big decisions, here`s what might happen (LA Times Lakers) New
115 views02:32:10 NBA roundtable: How Chris Paul might figure into Lakers` and Clippers` plans (LA Times Lakers) New

19 june 2023

1124 views22:48:38 NBA roundtable: How Chris Paul might figure into Lakers and Clippers plans (LA Times Lakers) New

13 june 2023

1031 views23:57:40 Superman vs. Joker: Who was more dominant in NBA title runs, Shaq or Jokic? (LA Times Lakers) New
87 views14:01:48 NBA mock draft: Here`s what will happen after Victor Wembanyama goes No. 1 (LA Times Lakers) New

6 june 2023

105 views03:03:55 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says LeBron James `doesn`t have to prove anything` (LA Times Lakers) New

5 june 2023

106 views03:14:11 Lakers` Austin Reaves to play for Team USA in FIBA World Cup (LA Times Lakers) New

2 june 2023

102 views00:13:45 From franchises to Frosted Flakes, Shaquille O`Neal has changed what it means... (LA Times Lakers) New

24 may 2023

1032 views03:57:05 Lakers plan to keep young core together, hopefully with LeBron James (LA Times Lakers) New
105 views03:21:30 Hernández: Here`s the reason LeBron James won`t retire, he`ll return to the ... (LA Times Lakers) New

23 may 2023

1124 views22:07:01 GM says LeBron James has earned a right to decide if he has more to give Lakers (LA Times Lakers) New
112 views16:03:49 Elliott: LeBron James` retirement hint could be ploy for Lakers control (LA Times Lakers) New
91 views14:27:52 Elliott: LeBron James` hint could be ploy for Lakers control (LA Times Lakers) New
1037 views09:29:16 LeBron James retiring? Lakers star might be considering it after season-endin... (LA Times Lakers) New
110 views08:28:43 LeBron James` 40-point game can`t prevent Lakers from getting swept by Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
1074 views08:28:43 Plaschke: No shame in this sweep. Lakers battle to final seconds of inspirati... (LA Times Lakers) New
1109 views08:28:43 Nikola Jokic is again too big of a hurdle for Lakers to clear in Game 4 (LA Times Lakers) New
96 views07:18:34 Photos: Lakers` season ends in Game 4 loss to Denver Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
99 views07:18:34 LeBron James` 40-point game can`t prevent Lakers from getting swept (LA Times Lakers) New

22 may 2023

86 views15:22:37 Lakers` focus narrows to one game, one win at a time over Nuggets before Game 4 (LA Times Lakers) New

21 may 2023

1081 views18:00:56 Elliott: Nuggets again show the Lakers they know the business of winning (LA Times Lakers) New
1110 views13:48:21 Hernández: Lakers appear beyond saving, even by LeBron James (LA Times Lakers) New
1010 views09:13:50 Lakers on edge of precipice after Game 3 loss to Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
1069 views09:13:50 Some Lakers role players struggle to get on a roll in Game 3 loss to Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
95 views09:13:50 Photos: Celebrities attend Lakers` Game 3 of Western Conference finals (LA Times Lakers) New
99 views09:13:50 Photos: Lakers can`t keep pace with Denver Nuggets in Game 3 loss (LA Times Lakers) New

20 may 2023

96 views00:08:07 `Freeze`: Why the Lakers` signature three-point celebration isn`t what you think (LA Times Lakers) New

19 may 2023

108 views16:24:04 Plaschke: Who else is sick of Anthony Davis` disappearing act? (LA Times Lakers) New
1010 views13:06:14 Plaschke: Who else is sick of seeing Anthony Davis disappear in crunch time? (LA Times Lakers) New
998 views08:49:39 Lakers facing a new playoff challenge as series shifts home (LA Times Lakers) New
1128 views07:15:57 Mistakes from LeBron James and Anthony Davis doom Lakers in Game 2 loss (LA Times Lakers) New

18 may 2023

107 views06:34:02 Anthony Davis ready to earn `the big bucks` and be a Game 2 star for Lakers (LA Times Lakers) New
1067 views04:44:42 Lakers lineup changes for Game 2? Darvin Ham is keeping it a surprise (LA Times Lakers) New

17 may 2023

1076 views14:34:31 Nuggets know their defense must be better to keep ahead of the Lakers (LA Times Lakers) New
87 views13:41:13 Plaschke: LeBron James fumbles away Lakers` fierce comeback in Game 1 loss to... (LA Times Lakers) New
104 views08:18:04 Lakers might have figured out a formula to defend Denver`s Nikola Jokic (LA Times Lakers) New
978 views07:46:24 Photos: Lakers fall to Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets in Game 1 (LA Times Lakers) New
1009 views07:46:24 One critical early-game mistake doomed Lakers in Game 1 loss to Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New

16 may 2023

82 views14:00:02 Lakers vs. Nuggets: Why it`s more than Anthony Davis vs. Nikola Jokic (LA Times Lakers) New
93 views13:12:37 Lakers` priority: Slow down Nikola Jokic to win Game 1 and grab control of se... (LA Times Lakers) New
1032 views12:38:45 Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets: How to watch, start times and odds (LA Times Lakers) New
106 views03:35:46 Lakers know what they`re facing in Nuggets guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (LA Times Lakers) New

15 may 2023

1104 views14:44:22 Lakers vs. Nuggets: What scouts expect in Western Conference finals (LA Times Lakers) New
1007 views14:44:22 NBA draft lottery: How to watch, start time and winning team odds (LA Times Lakers) New
89 views14:44:22 `Super cool`: Lakers` Austin Reaves puts on a show for visiting brother Spencer (LA Times Lakers) New

13 may 2023

1073 views17:39:16 First look: Lakers discuss challenge ahead with Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
1080 views14:47:55 Elliott: Anthony Davis claps back at critics and helps the Lakers knock out t... (LA Times Lakers) New
1004 views14:24:16 Plaschke: Clincher clinches it: These Lakers can win an NBA championship (LA Times Lakers) New
970 views09:12:38 Photos: Lakers defeat Warriors, set up showdown with the Nuggets (LA Times Lakers) New
1150 views08:04:00 LeBron James and Lakers find their next level in series-clinching triumph (LA Times Lakers) New

12 may 2023

99 views02:54:17 Lakers coach Darvin Ham says Anthony Davis is `feeling great` and probable fo... (LA Times Lakers) New

11 may 2023

93 views23:13:04 Can Anthony Davis play in Game 6 after head injury? Here`s how NBA`s concussi... (LA Times Lakers) New
95 views20:12:21 Why are guys on TV laughing about Anthony Davis` head injury? (LA Times Lakers) New
81 views15:04:22 Plaschke: Anthony Davis head injury could lead to Lakers` knockout (LA Times Lakers) New
71 views14:20:51 Lakers turn focus toward Game 6: `We have another opportunity` (LA Times Lakers) New
1015 views10:08:27 Amid talk of Lakers flopping, Anthony Davis sustains a head injury (LA Times Lakers) New
10:08:27 More ...

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