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6 march 2022

147 views16:50:18 Republicans troubled by ongoing talks to revive Iran nuclear deal: `Russia sh... (WorldNews Iran) New
1195 views16:50:18 Iran, IAEA agree timeline to remove obstacle to reviving nuclear deal (WorldNews Iran) New
1091 views16:50:18 Iran, UN watchdog agree approach to resolve nuclear issues (WorldNews Iran) New
158 views16:50:18 International Women`s Day Conference With the Participation of 170 Political ... (WorldNews Iran) New
153 views16:50:18 `Don`t Have Crystal Ball` To Predict Iran Nuclear Deal Talks: UN Watchdog (WorldNews Iran) New
1083 views16:50:18 Iran to answer nuclear questions (WorldNews Iran) New
1052 views16:50:18 Iran paves way for sanctions relief, seals atomic-probe pact (WorldNews Iran) New
1083 views16:50:18 Iran presses IAEA for independent, impartial approach (WorldNews Iran) New
177 views16:50:18 Iran`s “Protection Bill” To Enhance Internet Clampdown (WorldNews Iran) New
1126 views16:50:18 Iran, IAEA agree to settle nuclear issues in boost for Vienna talks (WorldNews Iran) New
1076 views16:50:18 Iran, IAEA Agree on Probe Deadline for Uranium Particles Found at Undeclared ... (WorldNews Iran) New
1299 views16:50:17 Doctors Without Borders workers kidnapped in Yemen (WorldNews Iran) New
1044 views16:50:17 Iran to Answer UN Nuclear Questions as Deal Talks Near End (WorldNews Iran) New
1018 views16:50:17 Iran: Will answer nuclear queries (WorldNews Iran) New
149 views16:50:17 Iran welcomes Saudi crown prince`s remarks on ties (WorldNews Iran) New
1119 views16:50:17 Hyrcanian Forests cultural, natural heritage (WorldNews Iran) New
1029 views16:50:17 Iran has used advanced air defense batteries against Israel in Syria (WorldNews Iran) New
102 views16:50:17 Bennett`s Mission to Moscow Could Help Ukraine. But Can He Stop a New Iran Deal? (WorldNews Iran) New
1130 views16:50:17 Iran nuclear deal threatened by Russian demands over Ukraine sanctions (WorldNews Iran) New
1211 views16:50:17 Iran News in Brief – March 6, 2022 (WorldNews Iran) New
1047 views16:50:17 Sanctions May Sound “Nonviolent,” But They Quietly Hurt the Most Vulnerable (WorldNews Iran) New

30 december 2021

1083 views18:05:45 An important note to Payvand.com visitors and contributors (Payvand Iran News) New

27 december 2021

1092 views15:51:09 Christian Prisoners In Iran Get Rare 10-Day Holiday Leave (Payvand Iran News) New

17 december 2021

1050 views19:01:24 From Tehran to Montreal: Composer Sheida Gharachedaghi turned 80 (Payvand Iran News) New

15 december 2021

167 views17:52:44 Bradwell`s antiwar play `;There Is No Return`; on stage at Tehran theater (Payvand Iran News) New
1116 views17:52:44 Maryam Esfandi awarded first Grand Prize of Iran Contemporary Painting (Payvand Iran News) New

3 december 2021

169 views22:20:10 Iranian Docs Honored at IDFA: Jafar Najafi`s `;Make Up Artist`; wins the FIPR... (Payvand Iran News) New

9 november 2021

181 views17:36:58 `;Mother of Iran`s environment`; Mahlaqa Mallah dies at 104 (Payvand Iran News) New

4 november 2021

1327 views17:13:11 Human Search For Resources: Special exhibit featuring Iranian, German studies... (Payvand Iran News) New
1206 views17:13:10 Iranian woman Soraya Motaharnia nominated for Global Teacher Prize 2021 (Payvand Iran News) New

2 november 2021

1070 views16:03:06 Persian Leopard Project Wins The Platinum Impact Award From The International... (Payvand Iran News) New

29 october 2021

1066 views18:25:46 Iranian Parliament May Decide Soon On Allowing Women Into Soccer Stadiums (Payvand Iran News) New
1104 views18:25:46 Arlington Film Festival to Host Iranian Program (Payvand Iran News) New
173 views18:25:46 Prominent Iranian painter `;Iran Darroudi`; passes away aged 85 (Payvand Iran News) New

25 october 2021

1037 views17:31:54 Parvin Bahmani, Qashqai vocalist known as mother of Iranian lullabies, dies a... (Payvand Iran News) New

20 october 2021

1228 views18:24:13 The Same Dogs Are Barking Again! (Payvand Iran News) New
186 views18:24:13 Iran women`s ice hockey team defeat Russia in Dubai tournament (Payvand Iran News) New

13 october 2021

1306 views17:02:40 University of Toronto and the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation Announce Innov... (Payvand Iran News) New

30 september 2021

178 views18:08:54 `;African Violet`; scores big win at Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco (Payvand Iran News) New

24 september 2021

1124 views16:06:29 Iran defeats Japan to win Asian Volleyball Championship (Payvand Iran News) New
1103 views16:06:29 Elnaz Rekabi: First Iranian woman to win a medal at IFSC World Championships (Payvand Iran News) New

16 september 2021

1202 views18:16:27 Iran Futsal Team Should Think Of Podium: Expert (Payvand Iran News) New
210 views18:16:27 THE FOLLY OF EMPIRES: In the Wake of Afghanistan`s Ruination (Payvand Iran News) New

2 september 2021

241 views18:15:29 Sixty Percent Of Buildings In Iran`s Capital `Don`t Comply` With Earthquake S... (Payvand Iran News) New

26 august 2021

239 views18:22:09 Raisi Tells First Cabinet Meeting That Iran Is `Seriously Lagging Behind` As ... (Payvand Iran News) New

23 august 2021

1239 views17:35:30 Iran Reports Increase In Child Marriages (Payvand Iran News) New
1069 views17:35:30 Summer Group Exhibition by Iranian-American Artists: Once Upon a Time (Payvand Iran News) New
1084 views17:35:30 Exhibition by Collective for Black Iranians -- Hasteem: We Are Here (Payvand Iran News) New

5 august 2021

1059 views19:06:04 Iranian Hospitals Overflow As Number Of Reported COVID-19 Cases Passes 4 Million (Payvand Iran News) New

22 july 2021

1127 views18:23:28 Iran Releases Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh For Five-Day Health Treatment Leave (Payvand Iran News) New
218 views18:23:28 Iran planning to build `Maryam Mirzakhani` supercomputer (Payvand Iran News) New

21 july 2021

1102 views18:10:22 Photos: Gavkhouni Wetland in Iran amid drought (Payvand Iran News) New

16 july 2021

233 views17:50:14 33 years after getting demolished by the US, Iran`s navy is flexing its new m... (Payvand Iran News) New

12 july 2021

0 views18:03:16 Water inflow into Iranian dams declines 47% yr/yr (Payvand Iran News) New

8 july 2021

1158 views17:23:27 Philanthropists donate $1.4b to construct schools nationwide in Iran (Payvand Iran News) New

5 july 2021

1175 views18:43:13 Iran reports 127 deaths, 13,836 new cases of Covid-19 as of July 1st (Payvand Iran News) New

1 july 2021

243 views19:25:14 Iran`s 2022 World Cup qualifiers fixtures revealed (Payvand Iran News) New

30 june 2021

1071 views18:30:24 Second Iranian coronavirus vaccine gets emergency use license (Payvand Iran News) New

29 june 2021

1072 views18:05:00 Iranian National Observatory inaugurated (Payvand Iran News) New
1117 views18:05:00 Photos: Iran conducts first remote surgery with domestic device (Payvand Iran News) New

15 june 2021

1142 views17:42:02 Iran Approves Emergency Use Of Domestic COVID Vaccine (Payvand Iran News) New

10 june 2021

1078 views18:12:46 Comedy drama recounts story of Persian mythical heroine Goshasb Banu (Payvand Iran News) New

8 june 2021

1093 views18:02:32 Momeni Foundation is accepting applications for the year 2021 Academic Schola... (Payvand Iran News) New

7 june 2021

216 views15:47:02 `;The Statue`; by Iranian director Mohsen Salehifard tops at VAFI and RAFI an... (Payvand Iran News) New

1 june 2021

1208 views17:11:00 Human testing of Spicogen COVID-19 vaccine to begin in Iran (Payvand Iran News) New

27 may 2021

230 views18:43:48 Iranian President Says Cryptocurrency Mining `Must Stop` Until September (Payvand Iran News) New
1228 views18:43:48 Attracting foreign students to Iran more than projected: Official (Payvand Iran News) New

25 may 2021

1078 views18:10:11 Iranian physician Seyed Nasser Emadi Cheshmi awarded Florence Nightingale med... (Payvand Iran News) New

21 may 2021

1076 views17:38:44 Iran starts pumping oil into strategic Goreh-Jask pipeline (Payvand Iran News) New

20 may 2021

195 views18:14:17 `;Asak`; named best short doc at Vienna Ethnocineca festival (Payvand Iran News) New

18 may 2021

1255 views18:37:38 Magnitude 5.5 quake hits northeast Iran injuring 25 (Payvand Iran News) New

13 may 2021

1059 views18:11:40 Berlin winner There Is No Evil tells four stories to condemn the death penalty (Payvand Iran News) New
1240 views18:11:40 Iranian vocalist Abdolvahab Shahidi dies at 99 (Payvand Iran News) New

11 may 2021

230 views18:03:19 Registration opens for hopefuls in Iran`s presidential vote (Payvand Iran News) New
219 views18:03:19 The Salesman: Arthur Miller`s American classic reframed in Iran (Payvand Iran News) New

7 may 2021

1110 views18:25:54 Photos: Dedicated Iranian teacher holds classes on prairies during pandemic (Payvand Iran News) New

5 may 2021

1204 views17:56:16 Persepolis restorers start work on Seljuk-era inscription (Payvand Iran News) New

4 may 2021

1110 views17:44:33 Swiss Government Says Diplomat In Iran Suffered Fatal Accident (Payvand Iran News) New

30 april 2021

1177 views18:08:55 Iran Reportedly Imposes Travel Bans On Several People Over Zarif Leak (Payvand Iran News) New
224 views18:08:55 International Judo Body Suspends Iran For Anti-Israeli `Scheme` (Payvand Iran News) New

29 april 2021

1105 views17:47:18 Iranian Court Begins Trial Of German-Iranian Rights Activist Nahid Taghavi (Payvand Iran News) New

27 april 2021

233 views18:01:21 Iran`s President Orders Probe Into Leaked Audio `Conspiracy` (Payvand Iran News) New
216 views18:01:21 Maryland Film Festival to feature `;The Badger`; by Iranian director Kazem Mo... (Payvand Iran News) New
1216 views18:01:21 AFC Champions League, Group E: Al Wahda stun Persepolis (Payvand Iran News) New
1120 views18:01:21 Iran Hits Record COVID-19 Deaths As Officials Warn Of Worse To Come (Payvand Iran News) New

26 april 2021

1145 views19:07:29 Iran-Cuba COVID-19 vaccine enters phase three clinical trials (Payvand Iran News) New

23 april 2021

183 views17:53:01 Iranian-made `;Sputnik V`; to be available by mid-June (Payvand Iran News) New

22 april 2021

1130 views18:33:00 Fourth national festival of Maryam Mirzakhani to be held in June 2021 (Payvand Iran News) New

20 april 2021

1159 views18:34:23 Iran jointly producing COVID-19 vaccines with three countries (Payvand Iran News) New
1267 views18:34:23 A great start to 2021 ACL for Iranian teams (Payvand Iran News) New

19 april 2021

228 views17:45:02 Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes Iran`s Bushehr province (Payvand Iran News) New

16 april 2021

97 views17:44:25 Iranian scientists produce 60% enriched uranium: Parliament Speaker (Payvand Iran News) New
1197 views17:44:25 Iran Signs Deal To Buy 60 Million Sputnik Vaccine Doses From Russia (Payvand Iran News) New

14 april 2021

1175 views18:21:55 Atlanta Film Festival picks five films from Iran (Payvand Iran News) New

13 april 2021

1176 views17:44:43 Child Adoption Up 10 Percent In Iran (Payvand Iran News) New

12 april 2021

283 views17:31:24 Nuclear chief says the world and IAEA must address `nuclear terrorism` agains... (Payvand Iran News) New

9 april 2021

1244 views18:59:19 Iran releases South Korean tanker seized in January (Payvand Iran News) New

8 april 2021

232 views17:45:21 IMF sees Iran`s GDP growth at 2.5 percent in 2021 (Payvand Iran News) New

7 april 2021

1302 views18:24:59 Iran Posts Second Consecutive Daily Record For New COVID-19 Cases Amid Holida... (Payvand Iran News) New

6 april 2021

1056 views17:20:54 Iran Charges 10 Officials Over 2020 Downing Of Ukrainian Airliner Near Tehran (Payvand Iran News) New
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