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30 april 2017

1 views00:34:25 Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite: What We Liked, Disliked and Want (N4G Xbox) New

29 april 2017

6 views14:52:23 The Heroes Of The Storm Exclusive Overwatch Skins Will Eventually Join Loot B... (N4G Xbox) New
3 views11:37:59 Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Nuketown (7/17) (N4G Xbox) New

28 april 2017

2 views21:00:15 So Dumb It`s Great - How Red Faction 2 Became Therapeutic (N4G Xbox) New
0 views07:10:45 Overwatch: Mei`s Concept Started Out as a Bounty Hunter (N4G Xbox) New

27 april 2017

2 views09:54:58 Little Nightmares (PS4) Review | VGChartz (N4G Xbox) New
1 views09:06:37 Games created with RPG Maker are already playable on Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New

26 april 2017

4 views18:01:27 Press Start: Video games` most satisfying weapons (N4G Xbox) New
7 views17:15:25 FIFA 17 Ultimate Team of the Week - April 26th (N4G Xbox) New
5 views14:48:13 Eye tracking tech offers a closer look at Overwatch `s UI in action (N4G Xbox) New
7 views03:58:05 Here`s How Much Players Will Spend To Get All Items In Overwatch (N4G Xbox) New
6 views03:16:42 Horror Games Are Back (N4G Xbox) New

25 april 2017

1 views16:43:11 The FIFA Game that EA will (probably) never make (N4G Xbox) New
7 views14:44:10 GameEnthus Podcast ep307: Tentacle Quest or Keanu Range (N4G Xbox) New
3 views14:44:10 Microsoft will change the avatar`s appearence and will adapt it for project s... (N4G Xbox) New

24 april 2017

8 views12:57:26 Only 9% of players play with women`s teams at FIFA (N4G Xbox) New
12 views04:43:55 Xbox - Fading Empire or Returning Dynasty? (N4G Xbox) New

23 april 2017

9 views19:47:24 Has the Most Powerful Console of a Generation Ever Actually Won? (N4G Xbox) New
3 views11:31:34 Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Black Ops II & Green Run (6/17) (N4G Xbox) New
10 views11:31:34 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Devs Address Fears of `Tacked-On` Campaign (N4G Xbox) New

22 april 2017

7 views23:31:56 Timesplitters: Future Perfect - They Don`t Make Them Like This Anymore (N4G Xbox) New

21 april 2017

5 views19:27:09 Why Is Microsoft Wasting Halo? (N4G Xbox) New
3 views15:06:40 Overwatch Assault Tiebreaker System to be Changed in Upcoming Patch (N4G Xbox) New
0 views15:06:40 All Xbox FanFest tickets Voided for today (N4G Xbox) New
8 views10:47:19 15-Year-Old Behind the Scenes Motion Capture Footage of Team Silent`s Silent ... (N4G Xbox) New

20 april 2017

9 views19:31:07 Little Nightmares Runs at 1620P@60FPS on PS4 Pro, 1080P@30 on PS4 (N4G Xbox) New
5 views15:15:38 Xbox Custom Gamerpictures Guide (N4G Xbox) New
5 views11:04:56 Microsofts Project Scorpio sets a new standard for console gaming hardware (N4G Xbox) New

19 april 2017

4 views19:54:23 Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction - The Original Military Sandbox (N4G Xbox) New
8 views12:31:09 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Overwatch (N4G Xbox) New
7 views12:14:59 Ninja Gaiden The Definitive soundtrack is now available on vinyl and cd (N4G Xbox) New
6 views11:52:12 The 7 Weirdest In-Game Advertisements (N4G Xbox) New
3 views03:04:06 Jeff Kaplan Discusses Overwatch on the Switch (N4G Xbox) New

18 april 2017

9 views22:26:28 Voodoo Vince could get sequel if remaster gets good response (N4G Xbox) New
7 views20:49:31 On TV, almost no one ever knows how to play video games (N4G Xbox) New
5 views18:21:27 Overwatch PC Patch Fixes Uprising Enemy Spawn Glitch (N4G Xbox) New
7 views16:46:50 PressureCast: How The Xbox Scorpio is Already Winning (Episode One-Hundred-Se... (N4G Xbox) New
9 views16:11:07 Star Wars Battlefront II - More important details surface (N4G Xbox) New
2 views11:54:46 Voodoo Vince Remastered Review - IGN (N4G Xbox) New
9 views08:33:37 Revisiting Voodoo Vince (N4G Xbox) New

17 april 2017

11 views06:20:36 Special: Top Ten: Easter Eggs (N4G Xbox) New
4 views05:59:08 This Silent Hill Cosplay is Sexy, Unsettling and Atmospheric (N4G Xbox) New
10 views05:59:08 Battlefront 2 may have microtransactions (N4G Xbox) New
9 views05:59:08 Step Aside Easter Bunny, It`s the Top 10 Rabbits in Video Games (N4G Xbox) New

16 april 2017

8 views09:58:24 Top 10 Easter Eggs in Gaming (N4G Xbox) New
7 views06:00:23 Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator is now available for Xbox One (N4G Xbox) New
8 views03:30:03 Why Titanfall 2 Fails To Match Its Predecessor (N4G Xbox) New
7 views00:04:19 Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 12: After Dark - Charged Shot (N4G Xbox) New

15 april 2017

5 views23:28:01 Ep 74: Interview With ID@Xbox Regional Lead Agostino Simonetta (N4G Xbox) New
8 views17:14:08 5 Ways Phil Spencer Can Sell Xbox Project Scorpio to Us At E3 (N4G Xbox) New
9 views03:28:17 Could Ties To Xbox One Prevent Us Seeing Scorpios True Power? (N4G Xbox) New

14 april 2017

8 views20:10:03 Revisiting Star Wars Battlefront 2 (N4G Xbox) New
7 views19:24:07 Overwatch Counters List: The Complete Guide | BSOD Gaming (N4G Xbox) New

13 april 2017

8 views10:42:29 Fable Creator on `Big Mistake` He Made With the Series (N4G Xbox) New
6 views00:48:41 With COD WW 2 rumoured this year, lets look at the series` best World War 2 m... (N4G Xbox) New

12 april 2017

3 views19:50:53 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 available as part ... (N4G Xbox) New
2 views19:23:49 FIFA 17 Ultimate Team of the Week - April 12th (N4G Xbox) New
3 views16:19:42 Why the Xbox One Scorpio matters (even for PC gamers) (N4G Xbox) New
2 views16:19:41 Xbox Marketplace Dumps Huge Homefront: The Revolution Sale (N4G Xbox) New
2 views16:19:40 10 Games Well Never Get The Chance To Play (N4G Xbox) New
3 views13:51:24 Episode 73 - Project Scorpio Is A BEAST (N4G Xbox) New
7 views01:44:47 Its time Microsoft announced the Xbox 4 (N4G Xbox) New

11 april 2017

11 views18:07:27 Best 4k Gaming TVs To Buy Right Now: Top HDR, UHD for Xbox One, Project Scorp... (N4G Xbox) New
7 views09:18:43 5 Huge Games That Started as Something Completely Different (N4G Xbox) New
3 views01:06:26 Will There Be Brand New Combat Abilities in Destiny 2? (N4G Xbox) New

10 april 2017

8 views16:03:59 Project Scorpio: Microsofts uninspired power play (N4G Xbox) New
4 views14:39:51 Never Played Shenmue II? Watch Us Play The First 20 Hours (N4G Xbox) New
7 views09:37:23 The Analog Circle Podcast: The Xbox Scorpio Round Table Discussion. (N4G Xbox) New

9 april 2017

8 views23:47:23 Nobody Asked for Project Scorpio (N4G Xbox) New
13 views23:28:27 How Microsofts History Will Lead the Scorpio to Failure (N4G Xbox) New
5 views20:55:31 How much are you willing to pay for the Project Scorpio? (N4G Xbox) New
5 views16:53:51 Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro - What Gamers Need to Know (N4G Xbox) New
10 views16:53:51 How cool was that Project Scorpio chip (SOC) Microsoft gave to Rich of Digita... (N4G Xbox) New
10 views14:43:04 Blizzard Comments on Overwatch on Nintendo Switch - My Potato Games (N4G Xbox) New
12 views07:34:54 Top 10 Lego Games (N4G Xbox) New
12 views07:34:54 Yooka-Laylee to support Xbox Play Anywhere soon (N4G Xbox) New
12 views02:15:17 Xbox Spring Sale Announced (N4G Xbox) New
7 views02:15:16 The Gamers Be Like Podcast Ep. 9 (Xbox Scorpio Be Like...) (N4G Xbox) New

8 april 2017

8 views22:10:05 Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 420x+ Headset Review TGA (N4G Xbox) New
8 views16:07:48 7 Games I Would Like a Scorpio Patch For (N4G Xbox) New
12 views10:51:22 Are Japanese games making a comeback? (N4G Xbox) New
8 views09:48:06 Okay Microsoft, We`ve Seen Shimmering 4K, Where`s VR? (N4G Xbox) New
12 views02:20:43 How Much Should Project Scorpio Cost? (N4G Xbox) New
9 views01:20:10 Xbox Scorpio`s IP list that`ll show off its power this year (N4G Xbox) New

7 april 2017

12 views19:41:21 Xbox Scorpio stands as Microsofts biggest challenge yet to win back gamers (N4G Xbox) New
8 views09:53:08 Games You Have to Experience Before Playing Yooka-Laylee (N4G Xbox) New
9 views09:35:04 The Sting of the Scorpio: Cautious Optimism (N4G Xbox) New
9 views09:09:25 Dont Underestimate the Scorpio (N4G Xbox) New
10 views08:47:16 5 Video Games That Allow You To Time Travel (N4G Xbox) New
11 views08:47:16 Blu-ray bitstream pass-through goes live for all Xbox One consoles (N4G Xbox) New
7 views08:26:25 Overwatch May Get Doomfist As Hero 25 - Abilities, Speculations, Lore (N4G Xbox) New
11 views05:17:28 What We Expect From The Project Scorpio Reveal (N4G Xbox) New
4 views00:16:48 Project Scorpio Doesn`t Really Blow Away The Competition... Yet (N4G Xbox) New

6 april 2017

9 views23:29:56 Call of Duty Possibly Coming to the Big Screen (N4G Xbox) New
6 views16:07:29 Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed (N4G Xbox) New
9 views09:17:02 Be Kind, Rewind: The Real Story Behind Blinx, Xboxs Mediocre Mascot (N4G Xbox) New
5 views04:29:44 Project Scorpio- Will It Deliver A Sting? (N4G Xbox) New
11 views04:29:44 Overwatch Teases Plot Update With King`s Row Uprising (N4G Xbox) New
10 views00:44:45 Phantom Dust for Xbox One gets its first screenshot, here`s a 4-year timeline... (N4G Xbox) New

5 april 2017

8 views19:40:38 FIFA 17 Ultimate Team of the Week - April 5th (N4G Xbox) New
19:40:38 More ...

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