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13 december 2019

15 views23:20:14 $103 Million Settlement Approved Over Florida Int`l University Bridge Collapse (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views23:20:14 Supreme Court Sets Trump Tax Return Cases for March Argument Session (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views23:20:14 Former Morrison & Foerster Chair Marshall Small Dies at 92 (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views21:11:17 Motion Practice? Judge Has Clerk Test Behind-the-Back Phone Call Claim (Law.com Newswire) New
8 views19:32:13 OK, Boomer. Here`s What You Need To Know About Legal Tech Trends (Law.com Newswire) New
33 views14:10:05 New Chamber Leader for Tort Reform, Hurry Up, Grade My Finals, Not Heeding th... (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views14:10:05 Defending Elon Musk, Suicide Prevention, Rick Gates` Sentence: What You Said (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views01:02:17 `Indecorous,` Yes, but Judge`s Dogfighting Remarks Don`t Require Recusal, Cou... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views01:02:16 Harold Kim Named President of US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views01:02:16 Higher Law: Two Cannabis Practices Join Forces | Cannabis Stock Promoter Sett... (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views01:02:15 Ex-LeClairRyan Client Lodges $28M Malpractice Claim in Firm`s Bankruptcy (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views01:02:15 Why Does It Take So Damn Long to Grade Law School Finals? (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views01:02:14 Boies Schiller Names 2 New Leaders Amid Transition at the Top (Law.com Newswire) New

12 december 2019

14 views21:35:05 `You Are Acting Inappropriately`: 2nd Circuit Scolds Lawyer Before Kicking Hi... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views21:35:05 10th Circuit`s Limitations Ruling Feeds Circuit Split Over ADA (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:35:05 Why Companies Still Consider Tech From China, Russia Despite US Warnings (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views21:35:04 At 107, Paul Weiss Partner Mordie Rochlin Says Hard Work Makes for a Long Life (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views21:35:04 Tesla`s 3rd General Counsel in a Year Leaves for Artificial Intelligence Company (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views21:35:04 Forget the `Trump Bump.` Law School Enrollment Dipped a Bit in 2019 (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views15:15:06 Resources Are a Lawyer`s Best Friend, Another Trump Judge, Telemedicine`s Wil... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views05:15:11 Inside Track: Uber`s New Stand Against Sexual Assault. Plus, Ericsson Forced ... (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views05:15:10 Jones Day Sues Pharma Client for $5 Million in Unpaid Bills (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views00:15:34 Critical Mass: Mass Torts Descend on Capitol Hill. Lawyers Fired Up Over $13.... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:33 Sixth Circuit Allows Consent Decree To Be Assigned (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views00:15:33 To Fatten That Book of Business, Tap Into Your Imperfections (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views00:15:33 Call an (Online) Regulatory Expert: Telemedicine Faces Complicated Data Compl... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views00:15:32 Miami TV`s Michele Gillen Settles Gender, Age Bias Lawsuit Against CBS (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views00:15:32 White & Case Deployed 400-Lawyer Army for Saudi Aramco IPO (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:32 Author of `Big Law Killed My Husband` Calls for `Individual` Improvement (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:31 Lawyer Faces Disbarment After Failed SCOTUS Bid in `Hollywood South` Case (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:31 DOJ`s Watchdog on Barr: `He`s Free to Have His Opinion. We Have Our Finding` (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:30 Law Student Finds Unique Way to Tackle Debt: Throwing Footballs (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views00:15:30 Lawyer Well-Being at Work: It`s a Two-Way Street (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:30 Seattle Lawyer Sentenced to 18 Months for Stealing From Incapacitated Client (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views00:15:29 US Copyright Chief to Lead Motion Picture Association Legal Team (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views00:15:29 Top Lesson for General Counsel From Cambridge Analytica Data Case: Tell the T... (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views00:15:29 Senate Confirms Trump`s 10th Ninth Circuit Appointee, Lawrence VanDyke (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views00:15:28 `Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury`: How to Handle Your First Trial Like a Vet (Law.com Newswire) New

11 december 2019

13 views13:25:12 Richest Law Firms` Edge Fades as Industry Insiders Predict Strong 2020 (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views13:25:12 Strong Financial Finish for Firms, Bigger Big Four, Fix for What Ails Ericsso... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views11:55:44 KPMG Law Expands to China With Shanghai Corporate Team (Law.com Newswire) New
37 views07:26:23 Trump Picks Jessie Liu, DC`s US Attorney, for Treasury Sanctions Post | Self-... (Law.com Newswire) New
36 views07:26:23 Skilled in the Art: Supreme Court Can CVSG but It Can`t Hide From Section 101... (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views01:35:27 The Top 10 Emerging Legal Tech Hot Spots: The Surprises and Debatable Omissions (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views01:35:27 After Posting `OK To Be White` Fliers, Law Student Kicked Out of School (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views01:35:27 General Counsel for Swiss Pharma Giant Roche Is Stepping Down (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views01:35:27 `What Kind of a Statute Is That?` DOJ Faces Skeptical Supreme Court in $12B O... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views01:35:27 SoCal Prosecutor Patrick Bumatay Confirmed to Ninth Circuit Seat (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views01:35:27 Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, Taunted by Trump, Accuses DOJ of Violating Her Priva... (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views01:35:26 Drunk Partners, Pat Cipollone and Vanna White (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views01:35:26 In Suit Against Kilpatrick Townsend Partner Pair, Mystery Recruiter ID`d as J... (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views01:35:26 Hueston Hennigan Sues to Revive Hotline for Detained Immigrants Featured on `... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views01:35:26 Prosecutor Hoping for 2020 Trial in Mayer Brown Partner`s Killing (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views01:35:26 Ericsson Is Counting on Laurie Waddy to Fix Compliance Woes (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views01:35:26 Avenatti Seeks to Exclude Evidence of Personal Finances From Nike Extortion T... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views01:35:25 LA Associate, Linklaters Crypto Expert Move Forward With `Mommy Track` Suit A... (Law.com Newswire) New

10 december 2019

14 views18:32:58 There`s Still Time: Take Law.com`s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views18:32:58 Philadelphia Court Tops `Judicial Hellholes` List After $8B Risperdal Verdict (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views18:32:58 Read the Doc: Democrats` Articles of Impeachment Say Trump `Betrayed the Nation` (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views18:32:58 Manhattan Judge Clears Exxon in NY AG`s Lawsuit Over Accounting for Climate C... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views18:32:58 Former Justice Dept. Leaders Slam Barr`s Commentary on Inspector General`s Re... (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views13:35:13 Deans Want Mental Health Question Nixed, Obamacare Arguments at SCOTUS, New P... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:48 Trump Battles Are Teed Up, Paul Weiss` Diversity, Ericsson`s $1B FCPA Blunder... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:46 Bank of America Senior In-House Lawyer Charged With Assault in Hong Kong (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views10:25:44 Amazon Confronts Trump`s `Relentless` Criticism in $10B Contract Suit Against... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views10:25:43 Pinsent Masons Launches Flexi-Lawyer Business In Germany (Law.com Newswire) New
13 views10:25:41 Fourth Circuit: Attorney-Client Privilege Is Worth Fighting For (Law.com Newswire) New
10 views10:25:39 Justices Won`t Review Challenge to Kentucky`s Abortion Ultrasound Law (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views10:25:37 `Serious Performance Failures,` But No Anti-Trump Bias: Read the DOJ Watchdog... (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:35 Barry Berke Urges Trump`s Impeachment, or `Imagination Is the Only Limit` on ... (Law.com Newswire) New
12 views10:25:33 InterDigital Names New Chief Legal Officer Days After Filing Huawei Lawsuit (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:30 Kozinski Makes Post-Retirement Debut at Ninth Circuit in `Shape of Water` Case (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:29 Weil Facing Sharp Fee Objections in Ditech Bankruptcy (Law.com Newswire) New
9 views10:25:26 Wilkinson Walsh Tops Big Law Associate Bonus Scale—Again (Law.com Newswire) New
14 views10:25:24 Supreme Court Justices See No Appeal for Preliminary AIA Review Decisions (Law.com Newswire) New
11 views10:25:22 Shearman Vet, Silicon Valley CEO Aim to Upend Legal Talent Market With New St... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views10:25:20 NY`s Law School Deans Ask Court Officials to Remove Mental Health Question fo... (Law.com Newswire) New

7 december 2019

22 views20:31:22 Bribery, Abuse of Power and Obstruction: Judiciary Committee Lawyers Lay Path... (Law.com Newswire) New
21 views02:15:27 Pharmacies in Opioid Case Want Judge to Ban Ex Parte Communications (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views00:55:19 Paul Weiss Elects New Partners—And They`re Not All White Men (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views00:55:19 Skilled in the Art: Federal Circuit Sidesteps Big FRAND Issues + Spinal Stimu... (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views00:55:19 All the President`s Judges: The Impact of Trump`s Record-Setting Appointments (Law.com Newswire) New
25 views00:55:19 It`s Emoluments Week in US Appeals Courts: Meet the Lawyers Arguing (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views00:55:19 Cipollone Demands House End Impeachment or Send It to the Senate `Fast` (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views00:55:19 Ericsson`s Simpson Thacher Team Resolves FCPA Claims for $1B (Law.com Newswire) New

6 december 2019

20 views20:55:06 Hundreds of Law Profs Declare Trump`s Conduct `Clearly Impeachable` (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views20:55:06 Lawyer and His Co-Writer Capture Richard Jewell`s Drama (Law.com Newswire) New
19 views20:55:06 Overview of Limitations on Employee Compensation in Bankruptcy (Law.com Newswire) New
26 views20:55:06 Jones Day Wants Sanctions in Gender Bias Case, Says Lawyers Bungled `Cravath ... (Law.com Newswire) New
20 views18:46:12 Equifax Class Counsel Defend $77.5M Fee Request, Calling Settlement `Unpreced... (Law.com Newswire) New
15 views18:46:12 11 Texas Judges Were Sanctioned. What Happened Next is a Mystery (Law.com Newswire) New
27 views16:38:40 Alex Kozinski Is Back in Court, F-Bombs Aplenty, FTC Warns Law Firms About Ad... (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views02:36:43 ABA Looks to Clean Up Process Surrounding Lateral Moves (Law.com Newswire) New
23 views02:36:43 Higher Law: New FDA Warning Letters | Big Law CBD Lobbying Disclosures | Regu... (Law.com Newswire) New
17 views02:36:43 Who Is Jeffrey Mueller? Gunmaker Adds Litigator for Sandy Hook Court Fight (Law.com Newswire) New
22 views02:36:43 A Fine Line Between `Educating` and `Scaring` the Public: FTC Eyeing `Alarmin... (Law.com Newswire) New
16 views02:36:42 Alex Kozinski Set to Return to 9th Circuit as Oral Advocate (Law.com Newswire) New
18 views02:36:42 `I`m Going to Sue the Hell Out of Them`: Houston Law Firm Tackles Walmart (Law.com Newswire) New
24 views02:36:42 Expletive-Laden `Negotiating Tactic` Could End in Sanctions for SoCal Lawyer (Law.com Newswire) New

5 december 2019

20 views21:05:09 US Justice Dept. Asks Appeals Court to Scrap Dentons` $7M Fee Award (Law.com Newswire) New
21:05:09 More ...

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