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Washington Nationals

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4 april 2020

30 views00:55:47 Mike Rizzo celebrated Nats´ home opener by putting the World Series trophy in... (Washington Post Nationals) New

3 april 2020

17 views11:07:26 On a day when hope should spring eternal, Nats´ home opener arrived as a remi... (Washington Post Nationals) New
20 views06:38:21 Outside Nationals Park, I saw what you would expect. It still felt deflating. (Washington Post Nationals) New

2 april 2020

31 views13:07:38 A long way from their banner day, Nats fans can find solace in October memories (Washington Post Nationals) New

1 april 2020

35 views21:05:25 Nats fan organizes `Take Me Out to the Ballgame´ balcony singalong for postpo... (Washington Post Nationals) New

30 march 2020

33 views23:20:28 Nationals´ spring training facility is now a coronavirus testing site (Washington Post Nationals) New
172 views22:15:12 Nationals spring training facility is now a coronavirus testing site (Washington Post Nationals) New

27 march 2020

24 views01:42:25 Nationals fans make the most of an Opening Day without baseball (Washington Post Nationals) New

23 march 2020

40 views12:35:10 Like all MLB players, the Nationals´ Ryan Zimmerman is a creature without his... (Washington Post Nationals) New

22 march 2020

48 views14:40:07 Daniel Hudson, a year after being cut, reflects on a slightly more uplifting ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
56 views10:22:35 How the final out of the World Series felt for Nationals fans around the world (Washington Post Nationals) New

20 march 2020

30 views21:21:34 No Nationals players have shown symptoms or been tested for coronavirus (Washington Post Nationals) New
27 views00:28:41 MLB announces short-term financial plan for minor league players as outbreak ... (Washington Post Nationals) New

17 march 2020

33 views12:30:11 As MLB scrambles to adjust to coronavirus, minor league players face fear and... (Washington Post Nationals) New

14 march 2020

223 views20:02:47 Nationals release veteran reliever Hunter Strickland (Washington Post Nationals) New
27 views00:00:31 MLB players encouraged to head home from spring training after Opening Day delay (Washington Post Nationals) New

13 march 2020

23 views21:37:21 The Nationals are creatures of habit. With spring training shut down, they ha... (Washington Post Nationals) New
20 views13:06:48 On a surreal day in Florida, the Nationals took the field as MLB planned arou... (Washington Post Nationals) New

12 march 2020

36 views06:54:13 Baseball must act: Cancel spring training games or play without fans (Washington Post Nationals) New
37 views06:54:13 Nationals reliever Will Harris is confident he´ll be ready for Opening Day (Washington Post Nationals) New

11 march 2020

19 views17:40:49 Nationals postpone homecoming gala amid coronavirus outbreak (Washington Post Nationals) New
30 views15:00:11 Ryan Zimmerman on golfing with Trump: `You can stand for whatever you want to... (Washington Post Nationals) New
43 views09:55:23 Max Scherzer defies age the way he battles hitters: Relentlessly (Washington Post Nationals) New

10 march 2020

17 views23:55:14 Who cares about Mike Rizzo´s contract? For some Nationals employees, it means... (Washington Post Nationals) New
22 views23:55:14 Tickets already scarce for the Nationals´ home opener and World Series banner... (Washington Post Nationals) New
18 views23:55:14 Max Scherzer has an `ailment´ on his right side. He doesn´t have long-term co... (Washington Post Nationals) New
40 views13:41:37 Who cares about Mike Rizzo´s contract ? For some Nationals employees, it mean... (Washington Post Nationals) New

9 march 2020

48 views16:34:09 Nationals will soon have a bunch of decisions to make: Fresno or Harrisburg? (Washington Post Nationals) New
44 views16:34:09 For Nationals bullpen preparation, a year makes a huge difference (Washington Post Nationals) New

8 march 2020

26 views17:52:47 Nationals make first round of spring training roster cuts (Washington Post Nationals) New
52 views05:15:38 Juan Soto´s contract was renewed for $629,400. How can the Nationals do that? (Washington Post Nationals) New

7 march 2020

36 views22:25:04 Nationals install new autograph policy in response to coronavirus (Washington Post Nationals) New
53 views16:40:16 The Nationals once desperately needed an emergency catcher. They don´t have o... (Washington Post Nationals) New

6 march 2020

30 views20:55:18 For the Nationals, a World Series title turned balls into keepsakes and dirt ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
40 views13:45:05 Luis Garcia knows he fits in the Nationals´ future. Let´s count the ways. (Washington Post Nationals) New
64 views00:15:21 The Nationals wage war on spring training monotony with hockey, cooking and p... (Washington Post Nationals) New
62 views00:15:21 Nationals pitcher Joe Ross is `set on being a starter.´ So far, he´s looked i... (Washington Post Nationals) New
51 views00:15:20 Stephen Strasburg´s change-up is MLB hitters´ ultimate guessing game (Washington Post Nationals) New

4 march 2020

25 views20:51:57 Victor Robles was picked apart at the plate last postseason. He´s countering ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
23 views20:51:57 Watch the Nationals read fans´ mean tweets from when they were 19-31 last season (Washington Post Nationals) New
27 views01:10:21 The key for Nationals reliever Wander Suero: Throw fewer strikes (Washington Post Nationals) New

3 march 2020

50 views13:00:15 The Nationals´ batting order used to generate itself. That won´t be the case ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
49 views01:35:18 Daniel Hudson, World Series closer, still can´t forget being cut last spring (Washington Post Nationals) New

2 march 2020

30 views14:30:06 Sean Doolittle is easing his way into spring training (Washington Post Nationals) New
40 views13:29:06 Nationals spring training notebook: Sean Doolittle is easing his way into spr... (Washington Post Nationals) New
61 views04:16:02 The Nationals´ clubhouse follows a single direction: The one Howie Kendrick p... (Washington Post Nationals) New
55 views04:16:02 How a pair of decisions sent two Nationals prospects on divergent paths towar... (Washington Post Nationals) New

1 march 2020

234 views08:23:57 Juan Soto´s power made him a household name. His plate discipline could make ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
108 views08:23:57 Starlin Castro welcomes loftier expectations, and the Nationals are counting ... (Washington Post Nationals) New

29 february 2020

29 views01:42:36 Stephen Strasburg´s first spring training start wasn´t good, but he got what ... (Washington Post Nationals) New

27 february 2020

71 views19:16:26 Mississippi man discovers signed photo of the 1934 Washington Senators in his... (Washington Post Nationals) New
21 views17:55:12 For Nationals´ depth relievers, spring auditions really matter (Washington Post Nationals) New
188 views14:20:01 What, exactly, are the Nationals´ depth relievers pitching for this spring? (Washington Post Nationals) New

26 february 2020

27 views20:33:13 Max Scherzer doesn´t like MLB´s rule changes, and he has suggestions on how t... (Washington Post Nationals) New
43 views05:30:04 How the Nationals´ Carter Kieboom learned to fail in public (Washington Post Nationals) New

25 february 2020

39 views01:47:10 Adam Eaton knows his defense `wasn´t good´ last season. He´s working on it. (Washington Post Nationals) New

24 february 2020

49 views13:25:25 Of the living arrangements at Nationals spring training, David Hernandez´s is... (Washington Post Nationals) New
30 views00:45:34 The two right knees that could decide how this Nationals bullpen fares (Washington Post Nationals) New

23 february 2020

38 views03:46:05 The Astros´ first spring training game had booing, more booing, a rainout and... (Washington Post Nationals) New

22 february 2020

40 views19:37:25 Dave Martinez expects Nationals to be `professional´ in spring opener against... (Washington Post Nationals) New

21 february 2020

31 views14:42:30 Nationals spring training notebook: Why batting Trea Turner third is an unlik... (Washington Post Nationals) New
44 views12:03:52 Can the Nationals repeat? Manager Dave Martinez would prefer to focus on `com... (Washington Post Nationals) New
51 views02:07:34 At Nationals spring training, three familiar pitchers are competing for two s... (Washington Post Nationals) New

20 february 2020

26 views12:12:35 Max Scherzer´s shoulder felt sore after facing batters, and he was very pleas... (Washington Post Nationals) New

19 february 2020

40 views22:22:01 Will Harris, who lost Game 7 of the World Series, is now in the middle of the... (Washington Post Nationals) New
29 views15:47:10 Mike Rizzo probably isn´t leaving the Nationals, but what are the Lerners wai... (Washington Post Nationals) New

18 february 2020

64 views23:12:13 Why World Series hero Juan Soto says he just wants to make the Nationals (Washington Post Nationals) New
25 views19:30:27 Inspired by Nats´ World Series run, couple names daughter with Down syndrome ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
49 views04:25:13 All of the Nationals have arrived at spring training, and so has the post-Wor... (Washington Post Nationals) New

17 february 2020

56 views15:15:02 Nationals spring training notebook: Thoughts on the three-batter minimum rule (Washington Post Nationals) New
84 views02:30:15 When the Nationals need relief from missing Anthony Rendon, they should look ... (Washington Post Nationals) New
48 views00:40:03 Dave Martinez has a new spring training catchphrase: Run prevention (Washington Post Nationals) New

15 february 2020

60 views23:50:02 Against the Astros and their reputation, suspicious Nationals felt they had t... (Washington Post Nationals) New
96 views19:41:29 Remember when the Nationals won the World Series? They sure do. (Washington Post Nationals) New
22 views01:01:51 Mike Rizzo wants to hear the Astros say that they cheated (Washington Post Nationals) New

14 february 2020

31 views18:35:18 Nationals spring training notebook: What about Anthony Rendon? (Washington Post Nationals) New

13 february 2020

49 views23:39:59 Nationals´ first day of spring training was all about the Astros and sign-ste... (Washington Post Nationals) New

12 february 2020

25 views22:54:12 As Nationals and Astros arrive to shared spring training facility, all is qui... (Washington Post Nationals) New
68 views00:12:43 The Nats are bringing back their navy blue alternates. Yes, they´ll eventuall... (Washington Post Nationals) New
67 views00:12:43 Nationals face short list of roster questions heading into spring training (Washington Post Nationals) New

10 february 2020

41 views23:00:10 Mike Rizzo and Dave Martinez both need contract extensions, but the situation... (Washington Post Nationals) New
33 views19:21:02 Nats´ 2020 promo schedule features World Series-themed giveaways, eight bobbl... (Washington Post Nationals) New

7 february 2020

38 views18:47:21 Natitude is officially back, though the Nats say it never left (Washington Post Nationals) New
42 views16:15:05 You know what the Nationals could really use? A designated hitter. (Washington Post Nationals) New

6 february 2020

26 views15:11:42 The Nationals have worked to strengthen their bullpen. Here´s what to expect. (Washington Post Nationals) New

2 february 2020

36 views00:20:21 Phil Rizzo, father of Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo, dies at 90 (Washington Post Nationals) New

28 january 2020

37 views23:37:10 Ryan Zimmerman´s past, present and future is with the Washington Nationals (Washington Post Nationals) New
30 views21:42:58 Aaron Barrett and the Nationals´ World Series celebration are in a Super Bowl... (Washington Post Nationals) New

27 january 2020

54 views19:21:22 George Washington in ski goggles, spraying champagne is new take on Nats´ Wor... (Washington Post Nationals) New

25 january 2020

45 views04:12:35 Ryan Zimmerman agrees to a one-year deal to remain with the Nationals (Washington Post Nationals) New

23 january 2020

31 views02:12:05 The `Soto Shuffle´ and a Nationals dance party make `MLB The Show 20´ (Washington Post Nationals) New

18 january 2020

27 views01:22:01 Dave Martinez on rookie Carter Kieboom as Nats´ third baseman: `He can do the... (Washington Post Nationals) New

16 january 2020

30 views00:00:49 Ryan Zimmerman took slap shots from Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom at Ca... (Washington Post Nationals) New

15 january 2020

34 views22:45:23 Daniel Hudson always wanted to return to the Nationals, but the chance to rep... (Washington Post Nationals) New
35 views22:45:23 Josh Donaldson lands with the Twins - and outside the NL East (Washington Post Nationals) New

13 january 2020

26 views23:06:28 Nationals minor leaguer killed in motorcycle accident in Dominican Republic (Washington Post Nationals) New
30 views18:01:37 After winning the World Series, the Nationals see everything differently (Washington Post Nationals) New

12 january 2020

30 views06:19:44 Carter Kieboom is the Nats´ top prospect and, perhaps, the answer for them at... (Washington Post Nationals) New

11 january 2020

33 views23:30:16 There`s still a place for Ryan Zimmerman on the Nats. Get the deal done. (Washington Post Nationals) New
26 views01:19:02 Nationals steer clear of arbitration, coming to terms with Trea Turner for $7... (Washington Post Nationals) New
01:19:02 More ...

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