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PlayStation 3

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17 november 2019

11 views15:50:32 Survival Horror Thrived on the Wii (N4G PS3) New
14 views06:23:36 Switch is currently selling as well as PS2 and PS4, but behind Wii (N4G PS3) New
11 views03:47:36 10 Console Games Where It`s Almost Impossible To Get Every Trophy/Achievement (N4G PS3) New
24 views03:47:36 10 Outdated Video Game Design Tropes That Must Die (N4G PS3) New

16 november 2019

18 views20:41:08 An action-packed PS1 showdown - Mega Man X4 vs. Mega Man X5 (N4G PS3) New
6 views19:05:27 Looking back to 2014 and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (N4G PS3) New
15 views09:45:40 10 Hardest Final Fantasy Trophies & Achievements To Get, Ranked (N4G PS3) New
19 views09:45:39 Why Metal Gear Solid Deserves a Remake (N4G PS3) New

15 november 2019

17 views21:41:59 Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement overhaul mod resumes development (N4G PS3) New
14 views21:41:59 The 10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made (N4G PS3) New
14 views13:15:38 How Konami went from game developer darling to esports hosts and casino softw... (N4G PS3) New
11 views13:15:37 PlayStation Plus is down to the best price we`ve seen in ages (N4G PS3) New
14 views13:15:35 Mighty No 9 Delisted From Japanese PlayStation Store Tomorrow (N4G PS3) New
13 views10:40:10 How Capcoms Monster Hunter went from niche franchise to global sensation (N4G PS3) New
12 views10:40:10 10 Best Square Enix Games (According To Metacritic) (N4G PS3) New
15 views10:40:10 Every Playstation Controller, Ranked From Worst To Best (N4G PS3) New
13 views10:40:10 It`s Time For Another Killzone Game (N4G PS3) New
18 views10:40:10 CyberConnect2 Confirms Strelka Stories Development Is Suspended; Might Be Reb... (N4G PS3) New

14 november 2019

7 views18:48:28 Metal Slug: The Ultimate History Is A Very Impressive Book (N4G PS3) New
13 views12:00:07 Modders Tease Their Own Version Of Undead Nightmare 2 (N4G PS3) New
17 views12:00:07 Feel the Force: 5 Star Wars Games That Need Remastering (N4G PS3) New
18 views06:36:16 What Happened To PS3 Exclusive Agent? (N4G PS3) New
12 views04:56:01 Will Hideo Kojima Ever Stop Making Metal Gear Solid? (N4G PS3) New
14 views04:56:01 American Idols Daughtry joins the Rocksmith ranks (N4G PS3) New

13 november 2019

12 views13:55:15 Modern Warfare is Great But it still Falls Short of Modern Warfare 2 (N4G PS3) New
14 views13:55:15 Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume II: Fallen Kingdoms now available (N4G PS3) New
25 views13:55:15 The Best Moustaches In Gaming (N4G PS3) New
8 views03:30:21 Our Favorite Call of Duty Games (N4G PS3) New

12 november 2019

14 views20:49:54 The Greatest Games of All-Time (N4G PS3) New

11 november 2019

11 views14:17:06 Death Stranding Hype Summed Up In One Hilarious Video (N4G PS3) New
12 views14:17:06 Top Ten Most Metal Games (N4G PS3) New
13 views12:08:05 Details revealed for the Bioshock Big Daddy Handmade By Robots Vinyl Figure (N4G PS3) New
37 views00:30:07 Opinion: Tomb Raider is Better Than Uncharted (N4G PS3) New

10 november 2019

13 views16:20:44 10 Strongest Belmonts in Castlevania, Ranked (N4G PS3) New
15 views06:06:16 The Last of Us is a perfect game and doesn`t need a sequel (N4G PS3) New

9 november 2019

14 views16:05:02 Best Video Game Remakes of All Time, Ranked (N4G PS3) New
9 views12:56:36 Xbox One vs PlayStation 3 in the US VGChartz Gap Charts September 2019 (N4G PS3) New
9 views12:56:36 Amazon`s Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on videogame art books (N4G PS3) New
6 views12:56:36 RIP Singstar, One Of The Most Important Games In PlayStation History (N4G PS3) New
10 views12:56:36 Obsidian`s Long History of Making RPGs (N4G PS3) New
12 views12:56:36 Metal Gear Solid 4 is now fully playable, from start to finish, on the PC via... (N4G PS3) New
11 views12:56:36 Trails Series Sells Over 4.3 Million Units, Next Game Out in Japan by Septemb... (N4G PS3) New

7 november 2019

7 views23:40:14 Xenoblade is Better Than Final Fantasy (N4G PS3) New
13 views18:15:04 Best Video Game Endings (N4G PS3) New
12 views18:15:04 Top 5 RPGs Of All Time (N4G PS3) New
6 views11:06:51 Rewind Review: Shovel Knight - TryRolling (N4G PS3) New

6 november 2019

18 views02:01:13 Is The Metal Gear Solid Series Done For Good? (N4G PS3) New

5 november 2019

29 views23:05:38 Sony Is Shutting Down SingStar And Driveclub Servers In 2020 (N4G PS3) New
19 views23:05:38 Take your Rocksmith playing to the next level with the Advanced Exercise Vol ... (N4G PS3) New
19 views23:05:38 Some Gaming Terms Need to Change (N4G PS3) New
19 views23:05:38 The History of Horror Video Games Part 2 (N4G PS3) New
11 views14:30:29 Bethesda Is Getting Beaten At Its Own Game (N4G PS3) New
11 views14:30:29 Castlevania`s Vlad Tepes Is One of the Most Fascinating Takes on Dracula Around (N4G PS3) New
17 views14:30:29 The Real Metal Gear Solid Edibles You Should Try on Your Death Stranding Binge (N4G PS3) New
16 views14:30:29 Bayonetta Celebrates its 10th Anniversary With Fabulous Merch, Contest, and C... (N4G PS3) New
18 views14:30:29 Looking Back To 2014 and The Dark Fantasy Of The Wolf Among Us (N4G PS3) New
14 views06:35:51 The making of MediEvil how a small team beat the odds to deliver PS1s answer... (N4G PS3) New

4 november 2019

21 views23:50:39 Persona 5: Goro Akechi (Phantom Thief Version) Nendoroid Action Figure gets U... (N4G PS3) New
16 views23:50:39 How Much Like Fallout: New Vegas Is The Outer Worlds, Really? (N4G PS3) New
17 views23:50:39 Overwatch 2: Who Is Hero 32? (N4G PS3) New
14 views11:22:55 5 Of Gamings Most Devilishly Difficult Puzzles (N4G PS3) New
9 views04:55:09 Looking Back to 2009 and Kinky Elves in Dragon Age: Origins (N4G PS3) New
21 views01:36:04 EDGE chooses the defining games of the 2010s (N4G PS3) New

3 november 2019

13 views17:31:22 Top 10 Scariest Baddies in Video Games (N4G PS3) New
6 views14:20:49 Looking back to 2009 and the action packed Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Ga... (N4G PS3) New
10 views05:40:04 PS4 vs PS3 in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts September 2019 (N4G PS3) New
7 views03:22:37 Looking back to 2009 and the beauty of Bayonetta (N4G PS3) New
5 views03:22:37 A beginner`s guide to Persona (N4G PS3) New
6 views01:55:23 Okami is the Perfect Balm for Our Troubled Climate (N4G PS3) New
8 views01:55:22 Top 7 Delayed Games (Totally Worth Waiting For) (N4G PS3) New

2 november 2019

9 views19:56:54 The Rise & (hopefully not) Fall of Bethesda (N4G PS3) New
12 views08:15:04 Borderlands Is One of the Most Influential Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
13 views08:15:04 Final Fantasy VII: 10 Abilities That Make The Game Way Too Easy (N4G PS3) New
11 views08:15:04 It`s A Good Day For Persona Art Lovers (N4G PS3) New
26 views02:10:28 Tomb Raider Hasn`t Aged Well, But Remains Hugely Influential on Games Today (N4G PS3) New

1 november 2019

14 views20:42:41 Release date and other details revealed for the Dragon Age: Blue Wraith comic... (N4G PS3) New
15 views12:05:44 The Last of Us Sales Make It the Best-Selling Horror Title in US History (N4G PS3) New
12 views00:45:08 10 Video Game Franchises We Cant Believe Havent Been Rebooted Yet (N4G PS3) New
12 views00:45:07 Breakable Weapons Could Have Made Dead Space 3 A Better Game (N4G PS3) New
15 views00:45:07 The Last of Us is Still the Perfect Halloween Horror Game (N4G PS3) New

31 october 2019

15 views19:35:52 Art Of Fighting (1992) Neo Geo Classic Review (N4G PS3) New
15 views19:35:52 November 2019 video game releases to look out for (N4G PS3) New
16 views19:35:52 Most Wholesome Game Releases in November (N4G PS3) New
17 views19:35:52 Top Ten RPGs Of A Generation (N4G PS3) New
11 views18:17:05 Celebrating a Decade of Bayonetta - Style and Substance at your Fingertips (N4G PS3) New
10 views18:17:05 Top five survival horror games to play this Halloween (N4G PS3) New
11 views18:17:05 Halloween Special: 5 Scariest Monsters in Video Games (N4G PS3) New
6 views13:05:15 Rocksmith ushers in The Zombies with the latest DLC pack (N4G PS3) New
20 views02:45:43 Sony`s Made Four of the Five Best-Selling Home Consoles of All Time, And That... (N4G PS3) New

30 october 2019

11 views22:55:22 5 Horror Games Thatd Be Great as Horror Movies (N4G PS3) New
24 views12:46:55 PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership Is Half Price for Non-Members in Certain... (N4G PS3) New
25 views09:25:22 Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Ensured there Would be New Ground to Break (N4G PS3) New
23 views02:56:33 The Games Weve Played the Most (N4G PS3) New
16 views02:15:09 Persona 5 Haru Okumura (Phantom Thief Version) Nendoroid gets U.S. release date (N4G PS3) New
15 views00:30:12 Looking back to 2014 and WWE 2K15 (N4G PS3) New

29 october 2019

12 views22:56:25 Top 8 Creepiest Resident Evil Monsters, Ranked (N4G PS3) New
14 views22:56:25 NCAA Football Franchise Rebirth Being Officially Explored (N4G PS3) New
9 views20:18:08 Silent Hill: The Past, Present & Future (N4G PS3) New
10 views20:18:08 Fallout: New Vegas vs. Outer Worlds: Which Is the Better Obsidian Game? (N4G PS3) New
17 views13:30:08 The Problem with WRPGs (N4G PS3) New
13:30:08 More ...

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