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PlayStation 3

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24 january 2020

12 views23:06:35 Project Xehanort Page Puzzles Fans (N4G PS3) New
14 views16:04:37 Details revealed for Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter Vinyl Sou... (N4G PS3) New
18 views13:10:10 Bayonetta is a Modern Classic (N4G PS3) New
11 views13:10:10 The Five Best Mascot Racers of the Past Decade (N4G PS3) New

23 january 2020

18 views13:28:07 Dead Space 2`s `Severed` DLC Is the `Sequel` You Probably Never Played (N4G PS3) New
13 views13:28:06 HAIM provide the latest Rocksmith Song Pack (N4G PS3) New
12 views13:28:06 10 Canceled Crash Bandicoot Games You Never Knew Existed (N4G PS3) New

22 january 2020

22 views22:26:21 Remember When A Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo First Baited Fans Into Wanting a ... (N4G PS3) New
14 views15:40:53 New Resident Evil Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Monster Designs (N4G PS3) New
19 views15:40:53 These are the 10 best PlayStation 3 games ever made (N4G PS3) New
10 views04:50:09 Top 5 Major Video Game Delays of 2020 So Far (N4G PS3) New

21 january 2020

10 views01:35:19 Dark Souls Streamer Runs All Boss, No Damage Speedrun (N4G PS3) New

20 january 2020

16 views19:36:06 Dark Souls Streamer Proves No Damage Run Is Possible in World Record (N4G PS3) New
17 views13:36:31 Make Me a Quake as Fast as You Can (N4G PS3) New

19 january 2020

19 views01:50:07 The Decade In Video Gaming How Did PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Performed? (N4G PS3) New

18 january 2020

23 views23:57:37 Good Games with Bad Cover Art (N4G PS3) New
18 views22:45:13 Which Game Has the Best Soundtrack? (N4G PS3) New
16 views22:45:13 GameEnthus Podcast ep398: Better Call Saw or BurgleKutt: WillowTV (N4G PS3) New

17 january 2020

10 views23:38:48 10 Classic Video Game Franchises That Crumbled in the 2010s (N4G PS3) New
13 views23:38:48 Are Wrestling Games Getting Worse? (N4G PS3) New
30 views12:34:23 Best Games of the Decade 2014 Edition (N4G PS3) New
12 views01:40:04 How Deus Ex: Human Revolution Perfectly Predicts The Future (N4G PS3) New

16 january 2020

10 views12:48:01 Where Are Our Lord of the Rings Games (Precious) (N4G PS3) New
10 views12:48:01 The amazing stories of a man you`ve never heard of (N4G PS3) New
10 views12:48:01 Reviewing the Classification of Games in Australia (N4G PS3) New
14 views08:20:07 `Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories` The Best (and Only) Card-Based Action RP... (N4G PS3) New
9 views08:20:06 Best Games of the Decade | Seven Days a Week (N4G PS3) New
13 views08:20:06 Class of 2015 Graydon`s Favorite Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New

15 january 2020

20 views23:25:03 We Need More inFAMOUS (N4G PS3) New
21 views14:20:27 Small Town tunes come to Rocksmith thanks to the John Mellencamp Song Pack (N4G PS3) New
20 views14:20:26 Praise The Fun Why The Soulslike Sub-Genre Was The Last Great Gameplay Revol... (N4G PS3) New
16 views10:50:09 DBPG: Puppeteer Review (PS3) (N4G PS3) New
12 views10:50:09 DBPG: Bioshock Review (N4G PS3) New
13 views10:50:09 Wccftech`s Best Multiplayer Games of the Decade - Fun for Everyone (N4G PS3) New
12 views10:50:09 Hindsight 2020: The Most Disappointing Games Of The 2010s (N4G PS3) New
12 views10:50:08 It`s Time For Battlefield To Return To The Present (N4G PS3) New

14 january 2020

22 views00:33:09 Ranking the Years of the Gaming Decade - 2010-2019 (N4G PS3) New
21 views00:33:09 Bitores Mendez Teaches You the Politics of Pain in Resident Evil 4 (N4G PS3) New

13 january 2020

21 views09:50:18 Muv-Luv Alternative Creator Would Like to Continue Total Eclipse in Novel Form (N4G PS3) New
8 views03:29:01 Destiny 2: Hotfix Update Patch fixes problems (N4G PS3) New
14 views03:29:01 PS4 and Xbox One vs PS3 and Xbox 360 - VGChartz Gap Charts December 2019 (N4G PS3) New

12 january 2020

22 views11:26:22 Actually, Resident Evil 4 Was Plenty Scary (N4G PS3) New
21 views05:24:01 Top 5 Video Game Trilogies of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
24 views03:26:34 Retired Star Confirms Gaming Was Integral to Football Teams Success (N4G PS3) New
19 views01:30:08 Top 5 Underrated Games of the Last Decade (N4G PS3) New
17 views01:30:08 15 Years of Resident Evil 4: How Resident Evil 4 Changed the Franchise Forever (N4G PS3) New
21 views01:30:08 PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade: The Winners (N4G PS3) New
21 views01:30:08 The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is the Best Video Game Trilogy of the Decade (N4G PS3) New

11 january 2020

23 views05:56:07 7 Spiritual Successor Games That Did Right by Their Inspirations (N4G PS3) New

10 january 2020

9 views21:11:47 10 Remasters & Remakes That Need to Happen in 2020 (N4G PS3) New
12 views21:11:46 The Last of Us crowned as best Game of the Decade by Metacritic users (N4G PS3) New
17 views17:05:55 7 Most Awaited Video Games Of 2020 (N4G PS3) New
14 views02:12:07 Top 15 Best Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
15 views02:12:07 The Gamers Have Grown Up (N4G PS3) New

9 january 2020

40 views14:20:22 Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
38 views14:20:22 Wccftech`s Best Platformers of the Decade - Jump Up Superstar (N4G PS3) New
13 views10:43:42 Why Resident Evil is Immune to Zombie Fatigue (N4G PS3) New
9 views10:43:42 Skyrim: Retrospective (N4G PS3) New
12 views10:43:42 NieR: Automata Producer Drops a Tease Related to NieR`s 10th Anniversary (N4G PS3) New
14 views10:43:42 Chrono Trigger Remake: Its Time for This to Happen (N4G PS3) New

8 january 2020

13 views18:10:58 Sony & Microsoft Already Have GamerScore, So Why Not Nintendo? (N4G PS3) New
25 views12:32:38 Drink from the Holy Grail with Official PlayStation Trophy Glass (N4G PS3) New
22 views12:32:38 Rocksmith kicks off 2020 with some country and a lick of Tennessee Whiskey (N4G PS3) New
16 views03:37:36 CES 2020: Dell and Alienware Bring Their Battle Cry To CES With A Range Of Ga... (N4G PS3) New

7 january 2020

43 views22:35:19 The Last of Us director Bruce Straley on ludonarrative dissonance (N4G PS3) New
48 views22:35:19 Destiny: The Official Cookbook gets cover and release date (N4G PS3) New
13 views19:25:27 The `Teen Years: A Look Back at Kingdom Hearts over the Past 10 Years (N4G PS3) New
11 views19:25:27 Bayonetta Is 10: One Decade On, The Shapeshifting Witch Adventure Hasnt Aged ... (N4G PS3) New
14 views19:25:27 GH Collective - Game of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
16 views19:25:27 10 Best Boss Fights of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
19 views11:20:58 Diablo 3 Season 20 Start Date - When Does It Begin and End? (N4G PS3) New
22 views07:22:34 10 Video Game Spin-Offs That Were Better Than The Main Franchise (N4G PS3) New
14 views06:46:26 Wccftech`s Best Fighting Games of the Decade - Genre`s Golden Age (N4G PS3) New
17 views06:46:26 The Rules of the Force Are Wildly Inconsistent in Star Wars Video Games (N4G PS3) New
14 views01:30:08 Active Quest Episode 50: Our Top Ten Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New

6 january 2020

14 views22:37:38 New Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Trailer Dives Into Steelbooks Desig... (N4G PS3) New
8 views21:29:20 Silent Hills Designer is a Core Member In New Project (N4G PS3) New
19 views18:45:31 GH Collective - Most Anticipated 2020 (N4G PS3) New
17 views18:45:31 Metal Gear - Original MSX2 Video Game Vinyl Soundtrack gets release date (N4G PS3) New
14 views18:45:31 Sleeping Dogs: The Most Underrated Game Of The Decade (N4G PS3) New
16 views11:45:10 Destiny 2: What To Expect In 2020 (N4G PS3) New
18 views11:45:09 GH Collective - Most Anticipated 2020 | Game Hype (N4G PS3) New
17 views03:52:49 Top 20 Disappointing Video Games of The Decade (N4G PS3) New
18 views03:52:49 Looking back to 2010 and the apocalyptic good times of the original Darksiders (N4G PS3) New
16 views03:52:49 Every Tyrant in Resident Evil (N4G PS3) New

5 january 2020

17 views23:15:39 Wccftech`s Best Shooters of the Decade - Top Snipers (N4G PS3) New
32 views16:46:13 10 Best Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
19 views03:30:08 How Gameplay Shown of The Last of Us 2 Differs From the Original (N4G PS3) New
19 views03:30:07 5 Ways That Borderlands 3 is Better Than Borderlands 2 (N4G PS3) New

4 january 2020

18 views14:10:17 10 Best Shooter Games of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
19 views08:15:03 Top 10 Games Turning 10 in 2020 (N4G PS3) New
16 views05:27:19 Multiplayer Nights 3 Underrated PS1 Games to Play with a Friend (N4G PS3) New
11 views02:54:30 CoGs Top 20 Games of the Decade, Part Two (N4G PS3) New

3 january 2020

15 views19:34:23 I Miss the Brothers in Arms Series (N4G PS3) New
11 views19:34:23 Best Multiplayer Shooters of the Decade (N4G PS3) New
13 views19:34:23 What the Hell Happened to Ape Escape? (N4G PS3) New
15 views09:44:23 11 good games which plot is nonsense (N4G PS3) New
16 views09:44:23 20 Incredible Video Game Soundtracks We Were Blessed With This Past Decade (N4G PS3) New
14 views09:44:23 The 10 Most Watched Video Games on Youtube in 2019 (N4G PS3) New
15 views09:44:23 10 Big Video Game Anniversaries in 2020 to Make You Feel Like an Old Fart (N4G PS3) New
09:44:23 More ...

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