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Philadelphia 76ers

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19 july 2018

8 views03:41:50 Kawhi Leonard`s trade to Raptors hurts Sixers in multiple ways (Philly.com Sixers) New

18 july 2018

1 views22:44:28 Nemanja Bjelica, after spurning Sixers, reportedly discussing deal with Kings (Philly.com Sixers) New
2 views20:05:06 Spurs send Kawhi Leonard to Raptors; Sixers miss out on trade target (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views16:41:21 Report: Spurs finalize deal to send Kawhi Leonard to Raptors; Sixers miss out... (Philly.com Sixers) New
2 views13:49:44 Report: Spurs close to finalizing a deal to send Kawhi Leonard to Toronto Rap... (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views11:39:13 A big-name hire for Sixers GM? In this offseason, expect a more modest result... (Philly.com Sixers) New

17 july 2018

4 views20:24:56 Nemanja Bjelica backs out of agreement with Sixers (Philly.com Sixers) New
1 views20:24:55 Allen Iverson, Brian Westbrook, Muffet McGraw headline 2018 Philly Sports Hal... (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views17:03:23 Summer 76 | Top Plays from Summer League Tourney Round (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views17:03:23 The BroadCast | Bolden Motivated for NBA Opportunity (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views05:26:29 Valued Johnson to Bring Back Steady, Trusted Presence (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views03:36:35 Report: Sixers` attempt to hire Daryl Morey away from Rockets was rejected (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views01:45:51 Veteran leader Amir Johnson signs one-year deal to remain with Sixers (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views01:00:09 Team Re-Signs Johnson (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

16 july 2018

7 views21:37:10 For young Sixers Zhaire Smith and Furkan Korkmaz, there`s still work to do (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views21:01:58 Summer 76 | Looking Back on Las Vegas...With a Few Takeaways (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views19:16:08 Se acabó la aventura de los Sixers en Las Vegas (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
0 views07:12:35 Summer League Six-Pack | Tournament Run Ends With Loss to Memphis (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
10 views07:02:11 Sixers eliminated by Memphis Grizzlies in summer league (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views02:44:10 Sixers` Jonah Bolden hasn`t been satisfied with his summer league performance... (Philly.com Sixers) New

15 july 2018

11 views21:36:30 Summer League Game Preview | Memphis Grizzlies (7.15.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views18:30:31 Los Sixers se imponen a los Bucks en la Liga de Verano (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
10 views11:21:03 Sixers` Zhaire Smith used to defying odds headed into rookie season (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views06:57:19 Summer League Six-Pack | Clutch Finish Seals Spot in Quarters (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views06:20:27 Furkan Korkmaz leads Sixers to second-round upset over Milwaukee Bucks in sum... (Philly.com Sixers) New

14 july 2018

7 views16:26:53 Summer League Game Preview | Milwaukee Bucks (7.14.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

13 july 2018

4 views22:09:59 Sixers` Furkan Korkmaz working on consistency (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views22:09:37 Summer 76 | Purposeful Miles Feeling Good in Second Summer with Team (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views20:01:38 Isaiah Miles hopes standout play leads to Sixers opportunity (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views19:05:06 Primera victoria de los Sixers en Las Vegas (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views17:40:02 Sixers beat Suns in summer league in first Zhaire Smith-Mikal Bridges matchup (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views05:56:29 Sixers beat Suns in summer league in Zhaire Smith, Mikal Bridges first matchup (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views04:45:36 Summer League Six-Pack | Miles Helps Fuel Spirited Win, Second-Round Berth (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

12 july 2018

6 views20:25:25 With Help of Data Scientist, Coaches, Analytics Dept. Seek to Strengthen Comm... (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views15:05:16 Summer League Game Preview | Phoenix Suns (7.12.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views03:21:38 Cameron Oliver`s summer league play with Sixers is turning heads (Philly.com Sixers) New

11 july 2018

5 views22:09:37 Through Penn Wrestling Gift, Harris Highlights Important Experience (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views19:43:49 76ers owner Josh Harris gives $1 million gift to Penn wrestling (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views19:43:49 NBA Board of Governors discusses changing the playoff format (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views19:04:08 Harris Family Charitable Foundation Gives $1 Million Gift to Penn Wrestling (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
2 views18:26:19 Summer 76 | Some Highlights From Summer League Preliminary Round (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views17:40:55 76ers owner Josh Harris gives $1 million gift to Penn wrestling program (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views16:18:52 Sixers to open NBA Summer League playoffs against Mikal Bridges, Suns (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views03:41:54 Sixers` Brett Brown sees Wilson Chandler playing a vital role in the lineup (Philly.com Sixers) New

10 july 2018

8 views22:49:48 Willing to Embrace Any Role, Chandler Wants to Pursue Championship (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views19:51:01 Sixers` Brett Brown says Markelle Fultz will `have a hell of a year` (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views17:50:08 The BroadCast | Confident Korkmaz Eager for Year Two (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views16:00:20 McCullough lidera los Sixers ante los Wizards (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views14:19:34 The apps and gadgets the Sixers use to track their players (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views14:01:23 The apps and gadgets the Sixers use to track their players | Marcus Hayes (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views14:01:23 Sixers track Markelle Fultz`s, Ben Simmons` shooting with sports science app ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views06:35:47 Sixers taking their time to find the right GM (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views06:35:47 Sixers unwilling to spend too much for Kawhi Leonard (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views06:35:46 Sixers` summer league woes continue in 87-75 loss to Wizards (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views04:02:04 Summer League Six-Pack | Signs of Progress vs Wizards (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

9 july 2018

12 views17:00:53 Summer League Game Preview | Washington Wizards (7.9.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
14 views16:15:01 Sixers top doctor Daniel Medina says his first year keeping Joel Embiid, Ben ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views11:45:07 Sixers` top doctor Daniel Medina says his first year keeping Joel Embiid, Ben... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views03:32:27 Former St. Joe`s star Isaiah Miles looking to break into NBA on Sixers` summe... (Philly.com Sixers) New

8 july 2018

10 views23:21:09 Sixers` Zhaire Smith shows progress in second summer-league game (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views16:48:43 Los Lakers se imponen a Philly en Las Vegas (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views12:56:21 Summer League Six-Pack | Smith Delivers Highlights Against Lakers (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views11:47:37 Former St. Joe`s star Isaiah Miles looking to break into NBA on Sixers summer... (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views11:26:18 Sixers struggle in 96-79 loss to Lakers (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views02:18:45 Summer 76 | Early in Trip, Team Looks to Learn More About Smith (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views02:08:42 Patience remains key in Sixers` guard Zhaire Smith`s growth (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views00:20:14 Sixers` Landry Shamet to miss rest of NBA Summer League with sprained ankle (Philly.com Sixers) New

7 july 2018

9 views21:20:49 Sixers` Landry Shamet out with sprained right ankle (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views16:57:02 Summer League Game Preview | Los Angeles Lakers (7.7.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views16:57:02 Los Sixers van perfilando su roster (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views16:57:02 Furkan Korkmaz destaca en el primer partido en Las Vegas (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
16 views06:40:52 Summer League Six-Pack | Korkmaz Drops 40 in Opener (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views05:34:55 Sixers` Furkan Korkmaz steals headlines from Zhaire Smith, Landry Shamet (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views04:57:44 Sixers` Furkan Korkmaaz steals headlines from Zhaire Smith, Landry Shamet (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views04:31:09 Landry Shamet leaves first summer league game with sprained ankle (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views04:31:09 Dear Kawhi, here`s why you should come to Philly | Ed Rendell (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views02:45:52 Free Agency | Following Career Season, Redick to Return (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
13 views02:45:52 Acquired in Trade, Chandler to Deepen Team's Veteran Talent (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views02:45:52 76ers Re-Sign JJ Redick and Acquire Wilson Chandler From Denver (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views01:33:40 JJ Redick`s Sixers return, trades with Nuggets and Lakers become official (Philly.com Sixers) New

6 july 2018

5 views20:38:38 Sixers` Furkan Korkmaz looking to showcase skills in NBA Summer League (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views16:14:39 Summer League Game Preview | Boston Celtics (7.6.18) (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views16:14:38 Comienza la Liga de Verano para los Sixers (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
8 views11:35:11 Sixers might look the same, but potential for improvement is huge | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views06:48:58 Jonah Bolden says he`s playing for Sixers this season (Philly.com Sixers) New
15 views00:46:23 Sixers` Zhaire Smith exceeding early expectations with jump shot, offensive s... (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views00:15:42 Summer 76 | Summer League Roster Finalized (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views00:15:42 Philadelphia 76ers to Host Sixers Dancers and Dunk Squad Auditions (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views00:15:42 76ers Announce MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2018 Roster and Schedule (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

5 july 2018

8 views21:22:03 Sixers to sign forward Nemanja Bjelica to one-year deal (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views19:35:18 Sixers` Ben Simmons will be on NBA 2K19 cover ... in Australia (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views19:35:17 Sixers insider Jessica Camerato out at NBC Sports Philadelphia (Philly.com Sixers) New
12 views13:30:54 Sixers` summer league preview: Which players could stand out in Las Vegas? (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views01:38:41 Sixers weren`t ready for LeBron James or Paul George | Marcus Hayes (Philly.com Sixers) New

4 july 2018

14 views23:41:51 Amir Johnson re-signs with the Sixers on a one-year deal (Philly.com Sixers) New
16 views23:41:51 Sixers officially sign Landry Shamet to rookie contract (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views23:13:55 Jonah Bolden expected to join sqaud in Vegas for summer league (Philly.com Sixers) New
13 views21:39:34 Team Signs Shamet (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views18:31:39 Jonah Bolden expected to join Sixers in Vegas for summer league (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views14:14:27 Sixers` Wilson Chandler trade is where `The Process` meets `The Reality` | Da... (Philly.com Sixers) New
14:14:27 More ...

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