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Philadelphia 76ers

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23 april 2018

7 views07:53:53 Sixers look to clinch rare conference semifinals appearance in NBA playoffs (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views07:53:51 Sixers set team record for made three-pointers despite inconsistent shooting (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views07:53:49 Sixers-Heat Game 5 will be Philly`s biggest test and could be Dwyane Wade`s l... (Philly.com Sixers) New

22 april 2018

4 views19:37:37 Playoffs Notebook | 4.22.18 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views18:29:49 Primer triple-doble de Simmons en playoffs (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views17:00:08 GIF Recap | Win #3 in the 305 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
28 views16:50:21 GIF Recap | 3-1 in the 305 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
30 views16:46:22 Sixers-Heat observations: Another milestone for Ben Simmons, overcoming turno... (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views07:22:56 Playoffs Game Review | Latest Determined 4th Quarter Yields 3-1 Series Edge (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
4 views01:16:56 For Marc Zumoff, the 76ers` ups and downs don`t matter (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views01:16:55 Sixers beat Heat in Game 4 behind Ben Simmons triple-double, Joel Embiid`s ri... (Philly.com Sixers) New

21 april 2018

4 views19:30:19 Playoffs Game Preview | Embiid Believes He's Built for Post-Season (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
2 views15:29:13 Sixers-Heat Game 4 preview: Philly looks to go up two games (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views04:55:07 Sixers expecting Heat to ratchet up physicality even more in Game 4 of NBA pl... (Philly.com Sixers) New
1 views03:06:58 Three Sixers-Heat NBA playoffs observations: Youth, shooting and Markelle Ful... (Philly.com Sixers) New
1 views03:06:57 Heat guard Dwyane Wade always knew Sixers` Ben Simmons would be special (Philly.com Sixers) New

20 april 2018

3 views22:57:37 Playoffs Notebook | 4.20.18 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views22:52:02 Joel Embiid: Sixers were `best on defense all season;` Simmons, Covington des... (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views22:52:01 A SEPTA bus is already calling the Sixers `NBA champions` (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views20:41:44 Charles Barkley `blew a gasket` over Allie LaForce`s question to LeBron James (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views19:10:11 Justin Anderson`s physicality fuels Sixers (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views17:49:47 GIF Recap | Game 3 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views17:49:46 Sixers vencen en Miami y retoman ventaja de camp (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
2 views16:50:32 Sixers-Heat observations, `best` and `worst` awards: Joel Embiid`s presence, ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views12:12:52 Sixers beat the Heat - convincingly - at their own game to take lead in NBA p... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views09:20:09 Playoffs Game Review | Embiid, in Return, Helps Lead 4th Quarter Close Out (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views07:11:03 Locked on Sixers: Joel Embiid looks, plays like superhero (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views07:11:00 Joel Embiid and the mask make NBA playoff debut in Sixers` win over Heat (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views06:19:57 Joel Embiid and the mask -well, masks - make NBA playoff debut in Sixers` win... (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views04:55:06 At the Buzzer | Close Out Fourth Quarter Propels Sixers to 2-1 Series Lead (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
10 views04:53:33 Joel Embiid leads Sixers to NBA playoff victory over Heat in first game back (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views03:10:10 Miami`s Wayne Ellington enjoys quieting Sixers fans in NBA playoffs (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views00:52:54 Source: Sixers` Joel Embiid cleared to play in Game 3 vs. Miami Heat (Philly.com Sixers) New

19 april 2018

2 views20:29:38 Playoffs Game Preview | Brain, Brawn Focal Points in Miami (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views20:27:29 Miami Heat`s Dwyane Wade, Wayne Ellington troll Kevin Hart ahead of Game 3 (Philly.com Sixers) New
0 views15:54:00 LeBron James defends TNT`s Allie LaForce over question about Gregg Popovich`s... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views06:20:54 Sixers must stand firm and protect Joel Embiid, not rush him back for NBA Pla... (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views01:21:56 Playoffs Notebook | 4.18.18 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views00:30:48 Joel Embiid `doubtful` for Sixers-Heat Game 3 (Philly.com Sixers) New

18 april 2018

3 views23:58:52 Sixers need Embiid to contend, but not to beat the Heat | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
12 views21:47:44 Analytics research led Sixers to Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova signings (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views18:09:39 Analytics-driven Sixers ride the numbers to NBA playoffs (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views18:09:38 Now it`s the 76ers` turn to adjust to the Heat (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views18:09:36 Analytics research led Sixers to Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova trades (Philly.com Sixers) New
2 views12:27:43 Locked on Sixers: Sixers right for being cautious with Joel Embiid ... this time (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views03:16:42 Philadelphia 76ers to Play Dallas Mavericks in NBA China Games During 2018 Pr... (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views02:10:28 Sixers to face Dallas Mavericks in China next season (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views01:29:26 Playoffs | Go-With-Flow Mindset Important Part of Post-Season (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New

17 april 2018

2 views23:27:34 Joel Embiid to get more of a role at Sixers practice (Philly.com Sixers) New
3 views20:26:39 Heat give a lesson about playoff basketball; now Sixers must show they`ve lea... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views20:11:17 GIF Recap | Game 2 vs MIA (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
6 views18:43:34 GIF Recap| Game 2 vs Miami (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views18:01:40 Ben Simmons` performance a silver lining in Sixers` Game 2 loss | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views16:42:03 Los Heat no se rinden y empatan la serie (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
3 views15:50:39 Did Kevin Hart cost the Sixers a playoff win against Dwyane Wade and the Heat? (Philly.com Sixers) New
4 views15:50:38 Sixers-Heat observations: Joel Embiid`s absence, three-point misses, Dwyane ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views08:43:39 Playoffs Game Review | Physical Affair Sends Series to Miami in Tie (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
22 views06:22:07 76ers need Joel Embiid back after home playoff loss to Miami | Bob Ford (Philly.com Sixers) New
17 views06:22:04 No word on Joel Embiid`s status for Game 3 (Philly.com Sixers) New
14 views06:22:02 Dwyane Wade scores 28 points as Heat win, 113-103, to even NBA playoff serie... (Philly.com Sixers) New
17 views06:22:00 Dwyane Wade punishes Sixers with 28 points to even the series (Philly.com Sixers) New
6 views02:22:14 Sixers` Ersan Ilyasova to get start at center in Game 2 (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views01:01:58 Game Preview | Early Adjustment Helps Set Tone for Series (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
7 views00:58:11 Hal Greer, 76ers` jump-shooting legend, dies at 81 (Philly.com Sixers) New

16 april 2018

14 views23:31:34 Marco Belinelli wants Sixers to set the tone early in Game 2 (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views23:31:32 Three thoughts on Sixers-Heat, Game 2 | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
14 views23:31:31 Sixers` winning streak: stats, facts, trivia, Ben Simmons and Jimmie Foxx (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views18:38:47 Fallece la leyenda de los Sixers Hal Greer (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
14 views17:24:08 Former Sixers great Hal Greer dies (Philly.com Sixers) New
11 views17:11:51 Hal Greer | 1936 - 2018 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
13 views17:11:49 Philadelphia 76ers Statement on passing of Hal Greer (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
10 views15:18:07 Sixers-Heat Game 2 preview: Philly looks to go up 2-0 (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views08:24:08 Dwyane Wade weighs in on matchups in Sixers-Heat NBA playoff series, has high... (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views08:24:06 Dario Saric`s evolution is another reason the Sixers are thinking big in NBA ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views03:23:20 Ersan Ilyasova`s third-quarter explosion was huge in Sixers NBA playoff win a... (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views03:23:16 Sixers-Heat Game 2 will start the coaching battle between Brett Brown and Eri... (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views03:23:14 Sixers coach Brett Brown respects the Heat, but won`t be rushing Joel Embiid ... (Philly.com Sixers) New
10 views00:56:34 Sixers` owner Josh Harris: `I`m invested in keeping Brett here for a long time` (Philly.com Sixers) New

15 april 2018

11 views23:07:27 Playoffs Notebook | 4.15.18 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views18:32:59 Los Sixers toman ventaja en la serie (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views18:32:56 GIF Recap | Game 1 W (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
4 views17:16:29 Sixers-Heat observations, `best` and `worst` awards: Marco Belinelli`s prese... (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views12:13:08 Playoffs Game Review | Second Half Turnaround Sparks Game 1 Win (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
11 views08:01:03 Robert Covington`s defense key in Sixers` Game 1 win over the Heat in NBA Pla... (Philly.com Sixers) New
12 views05:53:15 Sixers beat Heat to start NBA playoffs with a win behind Ben Simmons, JJ Redi... (Philly.com Sixers) New
9 views05:53:14 Ersan Ilyasova`s third quarter explosion was huge in Sixers NBA playoff win a... (Philly.com Sixers) New
12 views05:53:13 Robert Covington`s defense key in Sixers Game 1 win over the Heat in NBA Play... (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views05:53:12 Sixers-Heat feels like a short series in NBA Playoffs | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
7 views05:43:58 At the Buzzer | Second Half Turnaround Sparks Game 1 Win (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
9 views04:08:28 A Liberty Bell and a severed snake: 76ers marketing looks to score a big win (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views04:08:26 Sixers-Heat playoff predictions (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views04:08:24 Q&A with Sixers` owner Josh Harris: `I`m greedy, I want to win an NBA champio... (Philly.com Sixers) New

14 april 2018

6 views22:09:12 Game Preview | For Team on Roll, Culture Holds Key to Chemistry (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
19 views21:46:43 Sixers` Dario Saric still feeling effects of cellulitis (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views19:32:48 Comienzan los playoffs (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
19 views08:29:28 Sixers-Heat playoff preview: Philly looks to build off regular-season success (Philly.com Sixers) New
5 views07:26:44 Playoffs Notebook | 4.13.18 (NBA.com Philadelphia 76ers) New
5 views05:43:46 Sixers` Joel Embiid can`t wait to tackle playoff intensity (Philly.com Sixers) New
8 views05:43:45 Sixers` JJ Redick thinks lack of playoff experience is an advantage (Philly.com Sixers) New

13 april 2018

5 views21:18:24 Sixers play fast. Heat play slow. Whose style wins out? | David Murphy (Philly.com Sixers) New
21:18:24 More ...

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