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Nintendo Wii

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RSS Feedsnintendowii.myheadlinez.com - News from the category "Nintendo Wii" (3 feeds)


10 december 2019

6 views10:42:49 A Retrospective Look at Resident Evil`s Jill Valentine (N4G Wii) New

8 december 2019

15 views17:46:42 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories proved combat wasn`t needed for horror 10 yea... (N4G Wii) New
23 views04:45:03 Retro gaming with Nintendo - Virtual Console vs. Switch Online (N4G Wii) New

7 december 2019

22 views16:51:40 Honest Review: Blaster Master (N4G Wii) New

6 december 2019

17 views22:50:39 Metacritic`s Best Video Games of the Decade (2010-19) (N4G Wii) New
16 views16:35:30 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Was a New Height to Survival-Horror (N4G Wii) New

4 december 2019

11 views14:05:20 Discover some 8-bit gold - NES Hidden Gems (Part 3) (N4G Wii) New
15 views14:05:20 Rebellion Resurrecting Three Classic Games For Digital Distribution (N4G Wii) New

29 november 2019

19 views23:05:10 Switch vs Wii in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts October 2019 (N4G Wii) New
19 views23:05:09 Best Need for Speed Games, All 22 Ranked (N4G Wii) New
14 views04:50:57 Here`s how a new Okami sequel can surpass the original (N4G Wii) New
20 views04:50:57 Donkey Kong Country at 25: The godfather of Rares Nintendo era still holds up (N4G Wii) New
17 views04:50:57 How Super Smash Bros. has endured 20 years on (N4G Wii) New

28 november 2019

10 views17:55:54 New amazing screenshots released for the Unreal Engine 4 fan remake of Golden... (N4G Wii) New

27 november 2019

15 views14:12:36 Retro Respawn - Mario Is Missing (N4G Wii) New
15 views01:25:05 These Are The Best-Selling Third-Party Games On Nintendo Platforms In America (N4G Wii) New

26 november 2019

20 views06:37:52 The Convoluted History Of Transferring Pokemon (N4G Wii) New

25 november 2019

31 views00:16:45 PS4 vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts October 2019 (N4G Wii) New

24 november 2019

12 views12:27:53 How Saints Row Ties Into Red Faction (N4G Wii) New
13 views12:27:53 Nintendo Wii 13th Anniversary - Why I Bought A Wii And Not A PS3 (N4G Wii) New
9 views12:27:52 Pop pills with classic puzzlers - Dr. Mario vs. Puyo Puyo (N4G Wii) New

22 november 2019

21 views02:30:14 Donkey Kong Country team reflects on the games 25th anniversary (N4G Wii) New
24 views02:30:14 25 Years Later: Donkey Kong Country is Still as Difficult, Demanding and Amazing (N4G Wii) New

20 november 2019

20 views11:33:50 Dragon Quest X is Coming to Browsers Next Year in Japan (N4G Wii) New

17 november 2019

15 views11:55:06 Survival Horror Thrived on the Wii (N4G Wii) New
20 views09:25:23 Switch is currently selling as well as PS2 and PS4, but behind Wii (N4G Wii) New

16 november 2019

24 views14:55:02 PlayStation 4s first six years were better than every console except PS2 and Wii (N4G Wii) New

15 november 2019

20 views20:40:48 Honest Review The Adventures of Bayou Billy on NES (N4G Wii) New
21 views13:21:48 PlayStation 4 Units Sold to Consumers Outsells the Nintendo Wii (N4G Wii) New
14 views08:36:58 How Capcoms Monster Hunter went from niche franchise to global sensation (N4G Wii) New

14 november 2019

23 views23:40:10 Metal Slug: The Ultimate History Is A Very Impressive Book (N4G Wii) New
12 views15:55:57 Feel the Force: 5 Star Wars Games That Need Remastering (N4G Wii) New

13 november 2019

18 views23:33:08 Switch vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts October 2019 (N4G Wii) New
18 views23:33:08 The Nintendo Wii and Twilight Princess: A Retrospective (N4G Wii) New
20 views10:45:34 Modern Warfare is Great But it still Falls Short of Modern Warfare 2 (N4G Wii) New
14 views00:30:08 The Ten Best Video Game Soundtracks of the Past Decade (N4G Wii) New

12 november 2019

19 views20:58:47 Just Dance 2020 Sold Better On Wii Than PS4 Or Xbox One In Its Opening Week (UK) (N4G Wii) New
16 views20:58:47 The Greatest Games of All-Time (N4G Wii) New

11 november 2019

60 views04:36:15 UK Charts: Death Stranding is the second biggest PS4 launch of 2019 (N4G Wii) New

10 november 2019

20 views15:10:03 10 Strongest Belmonts in Castlevania, Ranked (N4G Wii) New
31 views01:28:12 Why Hardcore Baseball Fans Have Unexpectedly Embraced the Wii`s Mario Sluggers (N4G Wii) New

9 november 2019

27 views17:45:10 Ocarina of Time is Prime For an HD Remake on The Nintendo Switch (N4G Wii) New
12 views08:05:19 OK Boomer; Let`s Celebrate the 5 Best Boomers in Gaming (N4G Wii) New

8 november 2019

24 views03:45:12 Xenoblade is Better Than Final Fantasy (N4G Wii) New
24 views03:45:12 Twilight Princess is The Most Underrated Zelda Game (N4G Wii) New

7 november 2019

15 views15:46:59 Why Death Stranding isn`t actually the first `strand game` (N4G Wii) New
18 views14:36:21 Top 5 RPGs Of All Time (N4G Wii) New
18 views05:50:55 Just Dance 2020 is on sale for $26.66 (N4G Wii) New

6 november 2019

27 views06:40:04 Ubisoft and Alzheimer`s Research UK team up to announce Just Dance Memories f... (N4G Wii) New

5 november 2019

20 views19:30:30 Dance to Baby Shark as Just Dance 2020 launches on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Wii (N4G Wii) New
18 views17:38:29 Switch vs Wii in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts September 2019 (N4G Wii) New
15 views08:35:03 Castlevania`s Vlad Tepes Is One of the Most Fascinating Takes on Dracula Around (N4G Wii) New

3 november 2019

19 views15:52:46 Top 10 Scariest Baddies in Video Games (N4G Wii) New

2 november 2019

23 views13:47:21 Its 2019, and Mario Kart Wii is still selling pretty well (N4G Wii) New
27 views01:25:41 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Is A Lot More Fun Now That It`s Not On The Wii (N4G Wii) New

1 november 2019

40 views22:45:11 Hilarious Mario Kart Mod Forces Waluigi To Race On Foot (N4G Wii) New
22 views22:45:11 New Nintendo Switch Sales Data Release Exposes Glaring Strategic Flaw (N4G Wii) New
21 views22:45:11 Breath of Fire and Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works get release date (N4G Wii) New
30 views05:35:09 The History of Horror Video Games Part 1 (N4G Wii) New
28 views05:35:08 Fatal Frame Needs To Be in VR (N4G Wii) New
25 views02:55:15 Reggie Fils-Aimé: The Wii Was Nintendo`s Response to a `Stagnant` Market (N4G Wii) New

30 october 2019

16 views10:25:49 Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Ensured there Would be New Ground to Break (N4G Wii) New
17 views04:25:04 The Games Weve Played the Most (N4G Wii) New

29 october 2019

10 views16:21:33 PS4 vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts September 2019 (N4G Wii) New
22 views15:05:17 Here`s The Top 25 Video Games From The `90s (N4G Wii) New
18 views12:55:41 Nintendo Needs To Diversify Its Pool Of Villains (N4G Wii) New
19 views07:30:13 Top 10 Best Call of Duty Games (N4G Wii) New
19 views02:20:45 Silent Hill: Exploring The Symbolism Behind The Towns Lesser-Known Monsters (... (N4G Wii) New

28 october 2019

10 views17:14:30 Splatterhouse 3D - The moment when Splatterhouse goes full Doom mode (N4G Wii) New
27 views04:06:18 Satoru Iwata Initially Didn`t Want Wii Sports Bundled With Wii In The US, Say... (N4G Wii) New

27 october 2019

12 views13:16:20 7 Awesome Monster Hunter Alternatives (N4G Wii) New
20 views12:30:08 Top 10 Best-Selling Call of Duty Games (N4G Wii) New
18 views12:30:08 Bring back that 8-bit magic - Mega Man 9 vs. Mega Man 10 (N4G Wii) New

23 october 2019

23 views09:40:09 What do you need to know about Sega`s Columns (N4G Wii) New
22 views06:50:05 Go For The Head With These Best Zombie Video Games (N4G Wii) New

22 october 2019

15 views22:58:26 Five non-horror franchises that should make the jump to horror (N4G Wii) New
18 views16:30:13 Switchs sales in the US Compared to Other Consoles in the same Timeframe (N4G Wii) New
21 views16:30:13 Nintendo Five Biggest Gaming Industry Successes (N4G Wii) New
19 views16:30:13 Why Wargroove Is One of the Best Indies of 2019 (N4G Wii) New
19 views16:30:13 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Trailer Shows Us What`s E... (N4G Wii) New
19 views16:30:13 The Top 5 Legend of Zelda Games (N4G Wii) New
22 views16:30:13 Switch vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts September 2019 (N4G Wii) New
20 views16:30:12 Xenoblade is The Best RPG Series Ever (N4G Wii) New
19 views16:30:12 8-Bit Chronicles: Dig Dug (N4G Wii) New
19 views16:30:12 The initial pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario, a time machine, & W... (N4G Wii) New
22 views16:30:12 Why It`s Time For An Okami Sequel (N4G Wii) New

10 october 2019

15 views12:35:24 7 Crazy Video Game Reveals That Shocked the World (N4G Wii) New
17 views12:35:24 Nintendo`s 5 Biggest Gaming Industry Mistakes (N4G Wii) New

9 october 2019

15 views22:45:22 No Longer a Correspondent - Episode 299 Gaming Podcast (N4G Wii) New

8 october 2019

19 views00:01:19 Gamestop Revamp - Valve to allow Resale of games? | Power Up Podcast #88 (N4G Wii) New

7 october 2019

17 views13:35:28 10 Nintendo Franchises That Will Likely Never See Another Title (N4G Wii) New

6 october 2019

43 views01:05:03 Here are the Top 10 Best-Selling The Legend of Zelda Games (N4G Wii) New

5 october 2019

23 views13:35:09 The Best (and Worst) Crossovers in Video Games (N4G Wii) New

4 october 2019

19 views00:00:11 PS4 vs Wii VGChartz Gap Charts August 2019 (N4G Wii) New

3 october 2019

23 views11:01:29 The Best-Selling Videogame Franchises of All Time (N4G Wii) New

2 october 2019

17 views22:58:45 Monolith Soft 20th anniversary website launched (N4G Wii) New
16 views22:58:45 Top 11 Best Zelda Games (N4G Wii) New
18 views22:58:45 Motion Control Is Nintendo`s Best Gimmick (N4G Wii) New
16 views22:58:45 The Best Ghost Recon Games to Play Before Breakpoint (N4G Wii) New

29 september 2019

18 views04:36:55 A beginner`s guide to Mario Kart (N4G Wii) New
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