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11 december 2019

12 views01:11:19 What we want from the next Splinter Cell (N4G GameCube) New

10 december 2019

3 views11:06:17 A Retrospective Look at Resident Evil`s Jill Valentine (N4G GameCube) New

6 december 2019

19 views19:20:21 Artist Recreates Resident Evil`s Iconic Spencer Mansion In Unreal Engine (N4G GameCube) New

5 december 2019

15 views03:37:28 Resident Evil 3`s Nemesis Is Still Terrifying (N4G GameCube) New

4 december 2019

18 views16:25:46 Future Punk - Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death 4K Gameplay Looks Great - RTX 2080 Ti (N4G GameCube) New

29 november 2019

16 views21:35:16 Best Need for Speed Games, All 22 Ranked (N4G GameCube) New
22 views04:05:36 How Super Smash Bros. has endured 20 years on (N4G GameCube) New

27 november 2019

28 views00:20:25 These Are The Best-Selling Third-Party Games On Nintendo Platforms In America (N4G GameCube) New

26 november 2019

24 views03:35:26 The Convoluted History Of Transferring Pokemon (N4G GameCube) New
22 views01:35:50 Metal Gear Solid Board Game Delayed (N4G GameCube) New

24 november 2019

19 views12:15:08 Pop pills with classic puzzlers - Dr. Mario vs. Puyo Puyo (N4G GameCube) New

22 november 2019

38 views01:35:51 Donkey Kong Country team reflects on the games 25th anniversary (N4G GameCube) New

20 november 2019

15 views13:58:10 What do you need to know about Luigi`s Mansion (N4G GameCube) New

17 november 2019

25 views18:05:02 15 Years Later, November 2004 Might Still Be One Of The Best Months In Video ... (N4G GameCube) New

16 november 2019

34 views23:35:02 10 Mistakes Nintendo Got Away With (Because They`re Nintendo) (N4G GameCube) New
24 views10:01:50 Why Metal Gear Solid Deserves a Remake (N4G GameCube) New

15 november 2019

13 views23:15:14 The 10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made (N4G GameCube) New

14 november 2019

21 views07:30:03 The Need For Speed (1996) Sega Saturn Classic Review (N4G GameCube) New
19 views03:25:06 Will Hideo Kojima Ever Stop Making Metal Gear Solid? (N4G GameCube) New

13 november 2019

14 views13:26:59 The Best Moustaches In Gaming (N4G GameCube) New

9 november 2019

29 views23:15:15 Why Hardcore Baseball Fans Have Unexpectedly Embraced the Wii`s Mario Sluggers (N4G GameCube) New
23 views19:45:06 Ocarina of Time is Prime For an HD Remake on The Nintendo Switch (N4G GameCube) New

8 november 2019

18 views02:20:29 Twilight Princess is The Most Underrated Zelda Game (N4G GameCube) New

7 november 2019

10 views15:49:39 Why Death Stranding isn`t actually the first `strand game` (N4G GameCube) New

6 november 2019

22 views10:18:41 I Went Back to My Animal Crossing Village and Found Nothing but Misery (N4G GameCube) New
25 views01:20:17 Is The Metal Gear Solid Series Done For Good? (N4G GameCube) New

2 november 2019

37 views01:20:02 Tomb Raider Hasn`t Aged Well, But Remains Hugely Influential on Games Today (N4G GameCube) New

1 november 2019

37 views23:00:17 There`s No Mention Of Local Co-op In Crystal Chronicles Remastered, And That`... (N4G GameCube) New
19 views16:50:07 The World Needs Another Eternal Darkness Game (N4G GameCube) New
23 views14:20:59 GameEnthus Podcast ep394: Deep Space Coordination or Riverdale`d (N4G GameCube) New

31 october 2019

30 views21:46:28 10 Video Game Franchises We Cant Believe Havent Been Rebooted Yet (N4G GameCube) New

30 october 2019

22 views11:19:03 10 Games to Play for Halloween If You Dont Like Horror (N4G GameCube) New

29 october 2019

20 views21:30:16 Here`s The Top 25 Video Games From The `90s (N4G GameCube) New
23 views21:30:16 Top 8 Creepiest Resident Evil Monsters, Ranked (N4G GameCube) New
14 views12:47:10 Nintendo Needs To Diversify Its Pool Of Villains (N4G GameCube) New

25 october 2019

19 views15:05:05 The Best Games to Play on Halloween (N4G GameCube) New

24 october 2019

17 views11:20:03 Revisit Resident Evil 4 this Halloween (N4G GameCube) New

23 october 2019

13 views22:57:26 Halloween Marathon 15 Must Play Games Of The Season (N4G GameCube) New
17 views09:34:04 Go For The Head With These Best Zombie Video Games (N4G GameCube) New

22 october 2019

18 views15:40:32 Waluigi And Wario Arent Related - So Who The Hell Is Waluigi? (N4G GameCube) New
20 views15:40:32 Nintendo Five Biggest Gaming Industry Successes (N4G GameCube) New
19 views15:40:32 The Top 5 Legend of Zelda Games (N4G GameCube) New
19 views15:40:32 Luigis Mansion gave Marios brother his own identity (N4G GameCube) New
18 views15:40:32 5 Dormant Capcom Franchises That Should Be Revived (N4G GameCube) New

10 october 2019

59 views17:09:57 10 Games That Should Absolutely Get Remade for PS5 (N4G GameCube) New
52 views17:09:57 7 Crazy Video Game Reveals That Shocked the World (N4G GameCube) New
46 views17:09:57 Nintendo`s 5 Biggest Gaming Industry Mistakes (N4G GameCube) New
37 views17:09:57 The Simpsons: Hit & Run Producer Could See It Being Remade or Remastered (N4G GameCube) New
19 views09:13:43 ANGELIUM - Blockchain Based Cross Reality Platform - (N4G GameCube) New

9 october 2019

13 views17:40:05 Future Tactics: The Uprising (Xbox) Review (N4G GameCube) New
13 views17:40:04 Retro Respawn - FIFA Street (GameCube Version) (N4G GameCube) New

6 october 2019

18 views06:15:03 Here are the Top 10 Best-Selling The Legend of Zelda Games (N4G GameCube) New

5 october 2019

28 views16:00:09 The Best (and Worst) Crossovers in Video Games (N4G GameCube) New
21 views06:50:33 Cooking From Video Games The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker`s Elixir Soup (N4G GameCube) New

4 october 2019

15 views16:40:02 10 Scariest Video Game Moments Of All Time (N4G GameCube) New

2 october 2019

13 views19:25:57 Monolith Soft 20th anniversary website launched (N4G GameCube) New
16 views19:25:57 Top 11 Best Zelda Games (N4G GameCube) New

29 september 2019

19 views03:30:08 A beginner`s guide to Mario Kart (N4G GameCube) New
18 views03:30:08 Holy Batgames Top 7 Titles From Batman`s First 80 Years (N4G GameCube) New

27 september 2019

24 views04:16:39 Nintendos Biggest Moments From Its 130-Year History (N4G GameCube) New

25 september 2019

19 views15:11:06 Top 10 Superhero Video Games We Want to See (N4G GameCube) New
17 views10:55:09 20 Old Game Console Features Everyone Laughs At Today (N4G GameCube) New
24 views08:58:04 Mega Man X | Beyond Ones and Zeroes (N4G GameCube) New

24 september 2019

24 views01:05:01 The 10 Best Legend of Zelda Games (N4G GameCube) New

23 september 2019

22 views16:35:16 Happy 130th birthday, Nintendo (N4G GameCube) New
21 views16:35:15 Kid Link Is A Better Hero Than Adult Link (N4G GameCube) New

20 september 2019

24 views07:40:05 Link`s Awakening isn`t the only The Legend of Zelda Switch remake we need to see (N4G GameCube) New

19 september 2019

20 views22:20:12 Classic Mobile Game Spotlight - Conflict: Desert Storm (N4G GameCube) New

18 september 2019

15 views16:35:03 Move Over Mario, Someone Else Deserves A Chance In The Nintendo Spotlight (N4G GameCube) New
17 views16:35:03 Someone Has Beat Resident Evil 4 With 0% Accuracy (N4G GameCube) New

16 september 2019

19 views18:52:17 Super Smash: Its Time For Melee Players To Move On (N4G GameCube) New

14 september 2019

13 views09:30:22 The Best Side Characters in the Legend of Zelda Series (N4G GameCube) New
12 views09:30:21 The Most Improved Video Game Sequels - Part One (N4G GameCube) New
17 views09:30:21 Resident Evil 2 Seamless HD Project is a must-have mod; upscales textures, im... (N4G GameCube) New
15 views09:30:21 Ocarina Of Time Or Majoras Mask: Which Zelda Game is Actually Better? (N4G GameCube) New
15 views09:30:21 10 Games Still Trapped Exclusively On GameCube (N4G GameCube) New

10 september 2019

17 views12:15:37 The Dreamcast predicted everything about modern consoles (N4G GameCube) New
21 views04:05:04 Jerry`s 5 Favorite Dreamcast Games (N4G GameCube) New

5 september 2019

23 views19:00:08 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: True Form Midna Resin Statue gets U.S... (N4G GameCube) New
19 views05:45:07 7 Video Game Franchises That Famously Switched Genres Before Yakuza (N4G GameCube) New

4 september 2019

22 views08:41:51 I Really Miss Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N4G GameCube) New
23 views04:33:08 Kojima Countdown: Analyzing the METAL GEAR SOLID Series- Part 1 (N4G GameCube) New

31 august 2019

32 views11:45:04 20 Times Nintendo Repeated Past Mistakes (N4G GameCube) New
24 views04:55:52 Dr. Mario World Review (Mobile) - Hey Poor Player (N4G GameCube) New

26 august 2019

32 views06:30:03 5 non-WWE pro-wrestling video games you totally forgot about (N4G GameCube) New

25 august 2019

26 views23:25:49 3 Metal Gear Solid remasters that need to happen Readers Feature (N4G GameCube) New
22 views19:30:08 How A Remake Could Fix Super Mario Sunshine (N4G GameCube) New
35 views18:15:28 Hey You Video Game Podcast #64 - `Dads of Tomorrow` (N4G GameCube) New
32 views18:15:27 12 Incredible Video Game Hub Worlds Worth Going Back To (N4G GameCube) New
21 views10:23:05 Nintendo teases Super Mario Sunshine 2, Switch remake, or Odyssey DLC (N4G GameCube) New

24 august 2019

16 views10:20:09 5 Games By Rare That Are Totally Overrated (And 5 That Are Underrated) (N4G GameCube) New
18 views10:20:09 10 Quotes from The Metal Gear Solid Franchise That We Still Dont Understand (N4G GameCube) New
27 views02:06:14 Super Mario Sunshine Will Inevitably Get A Switch Remake (N4G GameCube) New
25 views02:06:14 5 GameCube Games That Need A Remaster (And 5 That Dont But Will Probably Get ... (N4G GameCube) New
28 views02:06:14 The Zelda: Twilight Princess manga is lighting up the graphic novel sales charts (N4G GameCube) New
36 views02:06:13 Is The Next Splinter Cell Title Coming To Phones? (N4G GameCube) New
28 views02:06:13 5 Games Couples Can Play (And Not Breakup) (N4G GameCube) New
27 views02:06:13 F-Zero Is Long Overdue For A Comeback (N4G GameCube) New

15 august 2019

22 views01:20:02 The 10 Most Adorable Protagonists in Gaming (N4G GameCube) New

14 august 2019

18 views17:10:39 Capcom Uploads Biography for Resident Evil`s Claire Redfield (N4G GameCube) New
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