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RSS Feedsnintendogamecube.myheadlinez.com - News from the category "Nintendo GameCube" (2 feeds)


23 february 2017

1 views00:32:33 WTFGamersCast - Ep.2: Reboots, Remasters & Remakes, Worth It? (N4G GameCube) New

22 february 2017

2 views10:33:01 The 10 Very Best Resident Evil Characters (N4G GameCube) New
1 views10:33:01 What I Want to See From a New Metroid Game (N4G GameCube) New
4 views09:31:15 Should Adults Play Video Games? (N4G GameCube) New

21 february 2017

3 views09:37:59 Forget Crash Bandicoot, Here Are 10 Dead Franchises We Dont Need To Revisit (N4G GameCube) New

20 february 2017

3 views17:11:39 Nintendo considered making Link 25-30 years old in Zelda: Twilight Princess, ... (N4G GameCube) New
3 views13:11:53 10 Best Nintendo Launch Games Ever (N4G GameCube) New
4 views11:15:07 Ep. 98 Gotta Catch Em All Again | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast (N4G GameCube) New
2 views09:00:28 Nintendo explains why they moved away from realistic Zelda design in Spacewor... (N4G GameCube) New

19 february 2017

4 views16:07:41 10 Awesome Snow Areas In Video Games (N4G GameCube) New
2 views14:39:51 Why Resident Evil 3s Nemesis is the deadliest villain in the history of survi... (N4G GameCube) New
4 views13:57:35 #214 - Calibrating Emotional Gaming Music - Constantly Calibrating (N4G GameCube) New
5 views06:31:33 $20 sale on 3DS games includes Ocarina of Time 3D, Chibi-Robo Amiibo Bundle a... (N4G GameCube) New

18 february 2017

4 views23:03:00 The Road to Nintendo Switch Top 10 Nintendo GameCube Games (N4G GameCube) New
4 views20:10:29 A gamer`s paradise: UM video game archive contains more than 7,000 titles (N4G GameCube) New

17 february 2017

5 views11:47:02 Opinion: Characters We Want/Need In Fire Emblem Heroes Soon (N4G GameCube) New

16 february 2017

2 views12:46:02 GameCube Virtual Console on Switch Might Be Real, so Here`s our Wish List (N4G GameCube) New
1 views08:36:46 Does Nintendo Only Care About Japan? (N4G GameCube) New
8 views05:31:32 The Top 20 Best Sonic Games of All Time, According to Metacritic (N4G GameCube) New
1 views01:36:25 Rolling the Dice: Do Modern RPGs Miss the Point of Team-Based Play? (N4G GameCube) New

15 february 2017

5 views23:50:12 5 Sega Series That Need A Resurrection (N4G GameCube) New
2 views19:58:54 Nintendo GameCube imports guide: the best Japan-only games to play (N4G GameCube) New
3 views15:58:20 GAMEYE Review for Android | GT USA (N4G GameCube) New
5 views12:24:34 From NES to Wii U: Ranking Nintendo`s Past Home Console Launches (N4G GameCube) New
2 views09:39:37 5 Life Lessons from The Legend of Zelda (N4G GameCube) New

14 february 2017

3 views23:00:02 #212 - Calibrating Regrettable Gaming Achievements (N4G GameCube) New
5 views23:00:02 10 Things You Probably Didn`t Know About Nintendo (N4G GameCube) New
3 views18:56:14 Review: Induction | The Gamerscore Whores (N4G GameCube) New
4 views00:30:42 Strange Games from the East: Battle Stadium D.O.N (N4G GameCube) New

13 february 2017

4 views13:42:53 Ep. 97 The Fractured Release Date | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast (N4G GameCube) New

12 february 2017

4 views23:57:10 Pwned and almost game over, Nintendo fights back again and again (N4G GameCube) New
2 views23:39:42 Top Five Puzzle Games You Should Wrap Your Brain Around (N4G GameCube) New
4 views20:02:01 Nintendo president gaining confidence in iPhone gaming following big `Mario,`... (N4G GameCube) New
6 views11:18:08 The Legend of Zelda and Me: 30 Years Apart | Cultured Vultures (N4G GameCube) New
4 views03:47:40 Mario Kart 64: The Story of the N64`s Greatest Racing Game (N4G GameCube) New
7 views01:53:34 Where will the next Call of Duty be set in 2017? World War 2, Vietnam, Iraq? (N4G GameCube) New

11 february 2017

7 views23:51:07 My Fondest Memories of Animal Crossing (N4G GameCube) New
9 views11:06:36 8 Reasons That Make Resident Evil 7 a True Resident Evil Game (N4G GameCube) New
12 views05:42:56 Sombra Players Shows She Can Be Played (N4G GameCube) New

10 february 2017

4 views14:52:25 In conversation with Megan Marie, the community manager for Tomb Raider (N4G GameCube) New

9 february 2017

7 views18:17:44 10 Valentines Day Video Game Date Suggestions (N4G GameCube) New

8 february 2017

11 views07:09:20 GameCube Virtual Console: Is this the `Killer App` Nintendo is ignoring? (N4G GameCube) New

7 february 2017

7 views22:42:08 After Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid Is Getting Its Own Porn Parody (N4G GameCube) New
4 views02:24:47 Best Video Games from the Year of the Rooster (N4G GameCube) New

6 february 2017

7 views20:38:35 Beyond Good & Evil Gave Us One of Gamings Greatest Protagonists (N4G GameCube) New
9 views12:38:42 12 Years Later, Resident Evil 4 Remains the Most Important Third-Person Shoot... (N4G GameCube) New
6 views06:15:02 Resident Evil save-room music is its own melancholy musical genre (N4G GameCube) New

5 february 2017

5 views04:42:41 The Scientifically Proven Best Video Games of All Time #91: Madden NFL Footba... (N4G GameCube) New
7 views04:42:40 Top 10 Namco Games (N4G GameCube) New

4 february 2017

8 views22:02:43 The Top 10 Best Fire Emblem Characters of All Time (N4G GameCube) New
8 views18:23:58 Ep. 96 New Vegas 2, Baby | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast (N4G GameCube) New
5 views17:13:01 How Madden Became King of the Gaming Gridiron (N4G GameCube) New
7 views04:38:23 Fire Emblems Rebirth (N4G GameCube) New
8 views00:59:48 Preorders open for the Good Smile Twilight Princess Link and Zelda Figma Acti... (N4G GameCube) New

3 february 2017

4 views15:03:59 Is Nintendo`s Switch Hybrid Console the Future of Gaming? (N4G GameCube) New
4 views11:42:10 Celebrate Valentine`s Day With Some Lovable Nintendo Sales (N4G GameCube) New
8 views09:36:16 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes- Reappraising a Flawed Masterpiece (N4G GameCube) New
6 views08:07:26 Gaming 20 years ago: The good and bad things (by today`s standards) (N4G GameCube) New

2 february 2017

8 views13:16:23 Silent Hill vs Resident Evil: Which Is The Better Horror Franchise? (N4G GameCube) New
9 views06:41:44 The Relevance Of Resident Evil For Our Times, According To Eoin Macken (N4G GameCube) New
10 views02:35:01 Nintendo Plans To Release Up To 3 iPhone Games Per Year: Switch Is Main Focus (N4G GameCube) New
9 views01:16:37 The 10 Best Resident Evil Games in Franchise History (N4G GameCube) New

1 february 2017

12 views22:37:32 The Best `Tales of` Games Ranked, According to Metacritic Scores (N4G GameCube) New
8 views18:36:55 How Well Do You Really Know the `Tales of` Series? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz (N4G GameCube) New
8 views15:13:51 11 Famous Directors Who Have Directed Video Game Trailers (N4G GameCube) New
4 views04:46:10 Psychological Horror & Why We Create Nightmare Worlds - The Zombie Chimp (N4G GameCube) New

31 january 2017

7 views16:26:11 The Evolution of Nintendo Consoles (N4G GameCube) New

29 january 2017

9 views23:13:37 Should GameCube games be available on the VC for Switch`s launch (N4G GameCube) New
4 views19:54:19 How Resident Evil 4 Changed Horror Gaming (N4G GameCube) New
10 views18:23:12 Nintendo Entertainment Podcast - Episode 17 - What`s Old Is New Again? (N4G GameCube) New
9 views01:10:09 Watch Dogs 2: Hack Your Game With A Real iPhone (N4G GameCube) New

28 january 2017

10 views23:15:38 Heres why gamers may seriously worry about Trump as new U.S. president (N4G GameCube) New
7 views23:15:38 Why Resident Evil is Embracing Horror Again (N4G GameCube) New
10 views23:15:38 The George Romero Resident Evil Movie You Never Saw (N4G GameCube) New
9 views23:01:21 How Sweet Home Sparked Resident Evil & the Survival Horror Genre (N4G GameCube) New
8 views20:07:03 The Scientifically Proven Best Video Games of All Time #68: Resident Evil (N4G GameCube) New
6 views03:13:09 Top 10 Marvel video games of all-time (N4G GameCube) New
6 views03:05:37 The Resident Evil Franchise is a Gaming Market Chameleon (N4G GameCube) New

27 january 2017

9 views22:43:13 The Infection: Ranking the Top 10 `Resident Evil` Titles (N4G GameCube) New
7 views12:44:01 How my brother`s passing made me realize how important gaming moments are | R... (N4G GameCube) New
8 views12:16:37 Resident Evil VII Coats Old Charms With Modern Polish (N4G GameCube) New
9 views06:17:23 Resident Evil: The Most Ridiculous Moments in Franchise History (N4G GameCube) New

26 january 2017

10 views23:55:14 Fan Turns Super Mario 64 DS Into Super Mario Sunshine DS (N4G GameCube) New
11 views09:58:40 Evolution 2017 Reveals 8 Fighting Games for the Event and Leaves 9th Up to Votes (N4G GameCube) New
11 views04:12:23 Revisiting: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) (N4G GameCube) New

25 january 2017

6 views10:02:50 Resident Evil 7: Why It`s Taking Me Straight To Resi Heaven (N4G GameCube) New
7 views10:02:50 Top V Resident Evil Games (N4G GameCube) New

24 january 2017

7 views19:26:33 Celebrating Resident Evil: The iconic series that helped shape a genre (N4G GameCube) New
7 views14:33:42 4 Ways Breath of the Wild Could Fit Into the Zelda Timeline (N4G GameCube) New
11 views10:27:08 How History Defines The Nintendo Switch | Goomba Stomp (N4G GameCube) New
8 views02:33:44 5 Survival Horror Franchises Capcom Should Resurrect (N4G GameCube) New

23 january 2017

7 views22:27:20 Ranked: Resident Evil`s top 10 (N4G GameCube) New
7 views22:27:20 Scariest Moments in the Resident Evil Games (N4G GameCube) New

22 january 2017

5 views19:03:00 The Way Wii Were: Growing Up With Nintendos Gaming Phenomenon (N4G GameCube) New
8 views12:06:47 The Best `Tales of` Cosplay From Around the World (N4G GameCube) New

20 january 2017

5 views18:18:09 Top 10 Best Resident Evil Bosses of All Time (N4G GameCube) New
10 views17:29:06 What Happened To Retros Big New Game? (N4G GameCube) New
12 views04:19:14 Nintendo Switch: Is It Just Another Wii U? (N4G GameCube) New
7 views00:37:51 Minimap: Resident Evil 4s Village (N4G GameCube) New
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