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14 july 2019

10 views17:40:02 French police fire tear gas as protests follow Bastille Day parade (Reuters Lifestyle) New
10 views17:40:02 European leaders join Macron for Bastille Day parade (Reuters Lifestyle) New

13 july 2019

13 views20:10:36 Egypt opens Sneferu`s `Bent` Pyramid in Dahshur to public (Reuters Lifestyle) New
7 views01:51:31 Customers over the moon with messages on Hong Kong cakes (Reuters Lifestyle) New

12 july 2019

9 views12:03:13 Five sent to hospital on sixth day of Pamplona bull run (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views01:14:10 Back on the map: Lebanon hopes for best tourist season in years (Reuters Lifestyle) New

11 july 2019

12 views17:11:07 Last Volkswagen Beetle drives into the sunset (Reuters Lifestyle) New
8 views16:10:30 UK parliament`s `Big Ben` bell marks 160 years with silence as restoration wo... (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views16:10:30 One gored among dozens injured at bull-running in Spain (Reuters Lifestyle) New
10 views15:05:15 Why you should visit Cheyenne (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:14 Cause Celeb: Victor Garber testifies on diabetes research (Washington Post Style) New
14 views15:05:14 Miss the Biden and Obama bromance? There´s - another - book for that. (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:14 The Starbucks Tie-Dye Frappuccino tastes like Laffy Taffy and disenchantment (Washington Post Style) New
8 views15:05:14 Do travelers deserve bad service? (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:13 Sturgeon are making a comeback in America´s waterways (Washington Post Style) New
8 views15:05:13 Women´s soccer needs fan love every season, not just every four years (Washington Post Style) New
8 views15:05:13 Carolyn Hax: Sister´s (and everyone else´s) keeper deserves solo time (Washington Post Style) New
10 views15:05:13 Miss Manners: Making the most polite mess possible (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:12 Hints From Heloise: Clean greens (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:12 Ask Amy: Girlfriend feels suffocated by close clan (Washington Post Style) New
11 views15:05:12 Roll on: July 14, 2019 (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:11 `Time to shake things up´: Norah O´Donnell takes over at ratings-challenged C... (Washington Post Style) New
8 views15:05:11 Date Lab: Forget happily ever after. They chose to live in the moment. (Washington Post Style) New
8 views15:05:11 How deplatforming became a rallying cry for right-wing media stars (Washington Post Style) New
9 views15:05:11 Jeffrey Epstein´s case was covered in the media. But one Miami reporter made ... (Washington Post Style) New

7 july 2019

10 views14:19:09 Three people gored on first day of Spanish bull-running festival (Reuters Lifestyle) New
11 views09:50:17 One man gored on first day of Spanish bull-running festival (Reuters Lifestyle) New

6 july 2019

10 views23:35:19 Lithuanian couple defends world wife-carrying championship title (Reuters Lifestyle) New
8 views16:56:40 Myanmar´s temple city Bagan awarded UNESCO World Heritage status (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views16:15:13 Pamplona starts annual bull-running festival with a bang (Reuters Lifestyle) New

5 july 2019

9 views20:11:56 Weed ban means no Rocky Mountain high for Canada`s Calgary Stampede (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views20:10:08 Is your wine bottle lighter? That´s one way wineries are cutting their energy... (Washington Post Style) New
7 views20:10:08 This $13 Spanish red will provide a delightful match for all your grilled food (Washington Post Style) New
8 views20:10:07 Evening in America: What it felt like on Trump´s Fourth of July (Washington Post Style) New
11 views17:01:56 Test your baseball Hall of Fame knowledge (Washington Post Style) New
10 views17:01:56 At Cherry, where´s there´s smoke, there´s a fired-up chef (Washington Post Style) New
11 views17:01:55 Drowning happens so easily. Here´s what parents get wrong about water safety. (Washington Post Style) New
11 views17:01:55 How to push fresh herbs beyond the garnish: Use with abundance and abandon (Washington Post Style) New
12 views17:01:55 Anytime you want use up a lot of tender herbs, make this easy rice (Washington Post Style) New
7 views17:01:55 Evening in America: What it felt like on Trump´s 4th of July (Washington Post Style) New
10 views00:30:07 Madrid high heels run defies gravity, homophobia (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views00:30:07 Tennis royalty hands down tips to Britain`s Next-Gen royals (Reuters Lifestyle) New

4 july 2019

10 views18:26:54 Kimonos and colossal bows fill Valentino`s colorful catwalk (Reuters Lifestyle) New
10 views18:26:54 Tutankhamen head set for London auction despite Egyptian protests (Reuters Lifestyle) New
9 views18:26:54 Plight of young Greek jobless plays out on stage (Reuters Lifestyle) New
7 views12:45:25 With Nationals on the upswing, can they make a playoff run? (Washington Post Style) New
6 views12:45:25 Carolyn Hax: Your cold feet are meant for walking (Washington Post Style) New
7 views12:45:25 Miss Manners: Helping husband with disability both practical and polite (Washington Post Style) New
6 views12:45:25 Hints From Heloise: Celebrate the Fourth! (Washington Post Style) New
6 views12:45:24 Ask Amy: Would-be mother suffers through baby news (Washington Post Style) New
7 views12:45:24 My father left Bulgaria when he was 14. Nearly 7 decades later, we visit as a... (Washington Post Style) New
6 views12:45:24 Here´s why Ivanka Trump´s role at the G-20 summit was so unsettling. And it w... (Washington Post Style) New
6 views12:18:02 Pakistan`s street cricketers bring game to life in Greece (Reuters Lifestyle) New
8 views11:37:01 Free birds: Bald eagles stir U.S. patriotism as web-cam stars (Reuters Lifestyle) New
7 views11:37:01 Armani Privé sends pastel rainbow gliding down Paris runway (Reuters Lifestyle) New
7 views11:37:01 Solar eclipse plunges Chile into darkness (Reuters Lifestyle) New
8 views11:37:00 Baby son of UK`s Prince Harry and Meghan to be christened on Saturday (Reuters Lifestyle) New
8 views11:37:00 Biblical bad guys the ancient Philistines came from Europe, DNA shows (Reuters Lifestyle) New
7 views11:37:00 Gaultier walks on the wild side at Haute Couture show (Reuters Lifestyle) New

28 june 2019

21 views06:48:17 Festival-goers form climate-change hourglass in Glastonbury sunshine (Reuters Lifestyle) New
20 views06:48:17 Cuba legalizes independent movie-making (Reuters Lifestyle) New
19 views06:48:16 Apple Music hits more than 60 million subscribers, trailing Spotify (Reuters Lifestyle) New

27 june 2019

14 views22:45:53 Marianne Williamson won´t make you feel better about America, but you´ll feel... (Washington Post Style) New
17 views16:28:04 Divers discover Roman-era shipwreck off Cyprus (Reuters Lifestyle) New
11 views13:49:52 UK`s Prince William says it`s fine for his kids to be gay (Reuters Lifestyle) New
11 views13:49:52 `Kimono is not underwear`: Kardashian shapewear irks Japan (Reuters Lifestyle) New

26 june 2019

18 views23:55:21 A searing photo of deaths at the border forces media outlets to decide: Publi... (Washington Post Style) New
21 views23:55:21 Looking for winners and losers in this year´s NBA draft? You need to wait awh... (Washington Post Style) New
16 views23:55:20 We used to think photos like this could change the world. What needs to chang... (Washington Post Style) New
14 views21:35:02 A Picasso sold during Nazi flight can stay at New York`s Met -U.S. court (Reuters Lifestyle) New
14 views01:16:06 France`s Mirazur crowned world`s best restaurant, Denmark`s Noma is No. 2 (Reuters Lifestyle) New
12 views01:16:05 Sotheby`s must face Russian billionaire`s lawsuit over art fraud - U.S. judge (Reuters Lifestyle) New

25 june 2019

15 views20:45:05 Cuba`s first `sex shop` tackles taboos, fuels legalization calls (Reuters Lifestyle) New
16 views16:40:01 UK`s Duchess Kate becomes patron of Royal Photographic Society (Reuters Lifestyle) New
14 views11:10:02 Refurbishing Prince Harry and wife Meghan`s home cost $3 million (Reuters Lifestyle) New
14 views03:34:50 Refurbishing Prince Harry and wife Meghan`s home cost 2.4 million pounds (Reuters Lifestyle) New

24 june 2019

16 views23:59:27 Naomi Campbell says racial diversity in fashion should not be just a trend (Reuters Lifestyle) New
30 views21:40:06 Rihanna has a message for President Trump about immigration (Washington Post Style) New
17 views21:40:05 Why I threw my 11-year-old daughter a period party (Washington Post Style) New
29 views21:40:05 He´s on a boat: Obama hangs out with George Clooney in Italy (Washington Post Style) New
31 views21:40:05 Hearing a Michael Jackson song still feels good. Listening has become too pai... (Washington Post Style) New
31 views21:40:05 These quinoa salad recipes will help you make the ideal summer grain bowl (Washington Post Style) New
26 views21:40:04 Is centrism doomed? The cautionary tale of Howard Schultz - and the surprisin... (Washington Post Style) New
9 views16:48:20 It´s trendy to scorn processed food. Now there´s research to back up that att... (Washington Post Welness) New
14 views14:30:19 Thousands in Costa Rica celebrate in first pride march since gay marriage ruling (Reuters Lifestyle) New
14 views14:30:18 `Don`t ask my age`: Ageing South Koreans begin a new chapter on the catwalk, ... (Reuters Lifestyle) New

13 june 2019

71 views03:30:53 How to make better, more flavorful burritos at home (Washington Post Style) New
57 views03:30:53 The Hamilton Hotel shows off its rebooted restaurants and Ashley Biden-design... (Washington Post Style) New
56 views03:30:52 If Kraft dressing is `salad frosting,´ spaghetti is Twizzlers and parenting i... (Washington Post Style) New
25 views03:30:52 Ariana Grande donates part of Atlanta concert proceeds to Planned Parenthood (Washington Post Style) New
65 views03:30:52 Everything you´ve been told about `dad rock´ is a lie (Washington Post Style) New
57 views03:30:51 Ali Wong´s $8 dress from `Baby Cobra´ is headed to the Smithsonian, but first... (Washington Post Style) New
58 views03:30:50 Hunter Biden´s messy personal life is back in the news. Will it cause politic... (Washington Post Style) New
23 views03:30:48 D.C. chef who served Obama faces felony cocaine charges after arrest in Delaw... (Washington Post Style) New
22 views03:30:48 Faced with official falsehoods, White House correspondents ponder ways to pus... (Washington Post Style) New
45 views03:30:47 Mining lithium for electric cars is hurting this desert´s local environment (Washington Post Style) New
20 views03:30:47 Will Tiger Woods write the next chapter in his comeback story at the U.S. Open? (Washington Post Style) New
43 views03:30:47 Is it safe to travel to the Dominican Republic? (Washington Post Style) New
41 views03:30:46 Ashley Biden knows a presidential campaign is coming. For now, she´s talking ... (Washington Post Style) New

12 june 2019

10 views23:35:16 What is inulin, and why is it showing up in so many food products? (Washington Post Welness) New
23:35:16 More ...

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