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21 june 2018

4 views18:43:08 Lifeline isn`t ours - Netherlands (2) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:07 Govt blasts `illegal` NGO migrant rescue (4) (ANSA) New
4 views18:43:06 Italy wants migrant centres outside EU (2) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:06 EU migrant draft doc to be shelved-Conte (4) (ANSA) New
4 views18:43:05 Indifference to suffering upsetting-pope (2) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:04 Rescue legal, assign us a port -Lifeline (2) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:04 Govt blasts `illegal` NGO migrant rescue (5) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:03 Salvini `minister of underworld`-Saviano (2) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:03 Saviano escort to be assessed - Salvini (3) (ANSA) New
3 views18:43:02 Milan bourse plunges, spread up to 238 (ANSA) New
1 views17:03:47 1471 Archangel is `oldest Leonardo work` (2) (ANSA) New
2 views17:03:46 Soccer: Emre Can joins Juventus (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:05 Contribution talks `if no migrant deal` (2) (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:04 EU must change migrant rules- Salvini (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:04 Govt blasts `illegal` NGO migrant rescue (3) (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:03 Milan bourse down, spread up (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:02 Health body says no to `light cannabis` (2) (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:02 Nainggolan moving to Inter from Roma (2) (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:01 Saviano escort to be assessed - Salvini (2) (ANSA) New
1 views15:39:01 Euro not in question for govt - Tria (ANSA) New
2 views15:39:00 EU migrant draft doc to be shelved-Conte (3) (ANSA) New
3 views13:26:33 Matteo Salvini threatens to remove Gomorrah author`s police protection (The Guardian Italy) New
14 views13:00:04 EU change rules or we`ll say No- Salvini (3) (ANSA) New
8 views11:05:04 `He`s a fool who says foolish things`: Italy`s Roma face new threat from Matt... (The Guardian Italy) New
8 views06:53:42 Roma may face census as Italy hunts for illegal immigrants (The Guardian Italy) New

20 june 2018

7 views20:11:24 Manifesta 12 review - plant sex, puppets and a dial-a-spy booth (The Guardian Italy) New
8 views20:11:23 The Guardian view on EU diplomacy: May must detoxify Brexit | Editorial (The Guardian Italy) New
8 views20:11:23 Italy`s treatment of Roma people rooted in centuries-old prejudice (The Guardian Italy) New
8 views20:11:22 Italy`s Salvini warns EU to `defend its border` against migrants (The Guardian Italy) New
6 views19:53:51 Funding rethink if no EU change-Salvini (2) (ANSA) New
10 views19:53:51 Proposal to protect EU border-Salvini (2) (ANSA) New
5 views19:53:51 Migrant deaths do-gooders` fault-Salvini (ANSA) New
10 views19:53:50 We can`t take all migrants-Conte to Tusk (4) (ANSA) New
11 views17:50:02 Parma promotion at risk over probe (2) (ANSA) New
10 views17:50:01 We can`t take all migrants-Conte to Tusk (3) (ANSA) New
6 views17:50:01 Italy`s cities 1° hotter since 2000 (2) (ANSA) New
5 views16:10:31 Italians emigrating up 11% in 2016-OECD (2) (ANSA) New
7 views16:10:30 Bottura eatery world`s best restaurant (2) (ANSA) New
5 views16:10:30 Combat fraud to finance tax cuts - Tria (2) (ANSA) New
0 views16:10:30 Fake goods trade costs Italy billions (2) (ANSA) New
0 views14:35:55 Mattarella demands united refugee action (2) (ANSA) New
5 views14:35:55 1,000 big tax dodgers tracked down (2) (ANSA) New
4 views14:35:55 First day of high-school final exams (ANSA) New
0 views14:35:55 Ship with 509 migrants lands in Pozzallo (ANSA) New
0 views14:35:54 Migrant arrivals by sea down 34% - OECD (2) (ANSA) New
6 views13:00:51 Populists cause migrant `psychosis`-pope (2) (ANSA) New
8 views12:54:29 Salvini meeting Conte for migrant talks (ANSA) New

19 june 2018

7 views21:30:19 Europe´s democrats must unite to prevent a far-right takeover | Natalie Nouga... (The Guardian Italy) New
6 views21:30:19 Far-right Italy minister vows `action` to expel thousands of Roma (The Guardian Italy) New
6 views20:17:42 EU to consider plans for migrant processing centres in north Africa (The Guardian Italy) New
4 views20:17:42 Europe´s progressives must unite to prevent a far-right takeover | Natalie No... (The Guardian Italy) New
6 views20:17:42 Far-right Italian minister vows `action` to expel thousands of Roma (The Guardian Italy) New
7 views19:00:38 Mustn`t jeopardize debt reduction - Tria (3) (ANSA) New
10 views19:00:37 Ship with 500 migrants on way to Italy (ANSA) New
7 views19:00:37 Synod on youth to tackle gays, gender (2) (ANSA) New
8 views19:00:36 Drugs, loan-sharking ring busted (2) (ANSA) New
8 views19:00:35 Man arrested for abusing three-year-old (2) (ANSA) New
7 views19:00:35 House approves majority DEF resolution (2) (ANSA) New
7 views19:00:34 Household spending up 1.6% in 2017 (3) (ANSA) New
7 views19:00:33 Raggi-M5S meeting on Roma stadium (ANSA) New
6 views19:00:33 Youths shoot at migrants,shout `Salvini` (2) (ANSA) New
7 views19:00:32 Salvini reported for inciting hatred (2) (ANSA) New
11 views19:00:32 Salvini hails demolition of Sinti home (3) (ANSA) New
6 views19:00:31 We understand Italy on migrants -Merkel (2) (ANSA) New
6 views19:00:30 European migrant solution needed-Macron (2) (ANSA) New
6 views19:00:30 We understand Italy on migrants -Merkel (3) (ANSA) New
12 views19:00:29 Greenaway to star at Ischia Film Fest (ANSA) New
11 views19:00:28 First meeting between Vatican, new govt (2) (ANSA) New
9 views19:00:28 Cucchi Cop witness says being threatened (2) (ANSA) New
7 views18:14:39 Outcry over far-right Italian minister`s call for Roma `register` (The Guardian Italy) New
8 views13:24:30 Italy can`t be abandoned - Moscovici (3) (ANSA) New
8 views13:24:30 Stop VAT hike - majority DEF resolution (2) (ANSA) New
9 views13:24:29 Not giving up on Roma census - Salvini (3) (ANSA) New
7 views12:33:31 Italian minister`s call for Roma `register` sparks coalition rift (The Guardian Italy) New
10 views07:12:52 Italy´s war on migrants makes me fear for my country´s future | Roberto Saviano (The Guardian Italy) New

18 june 2018

4 views19:04:16 Salvini`s Roma census abhorrent -Martina (3) (ANSA) New
6 views19:04:15 Census of Roma people coming up- Salvini (5) (ANSA) New
4 views19:04:15 Lawyer opens letter bomb, may lose hands (ANSA) New
4 views19:04:15 Raggi summoned over Roma stadium again (3) (ANSA) New
9 views17:54:00 Di Maio starts gig economy talks (2) (ANSA) New
6 views17:54:00 Spada gets six years for `mafia` attack (2) (ANSA) New
4 views17:34:48 Vatican`s Gendarmerie get Tasers (2) (ANSA) New
8 views17:34:47 Ethic census illegal- Roma association (2) (ANSA) New
7 views17:34:47 Census of Roma people coming up- Salvini (4) (ANSA) New
5 views17:34:47 Armani shows double-breasted elegance (ANSA) New
5 views16:14:45 I`ll meet the pope soon says Salvini (2) (ANSA) New
0 views16:14:45 Census of Roma people coming up- Salvini (2) (ANSA) New
0 views16:14:44 Conte to propose poverty fund to Merkel (2) (ANSA) New
1 views16:14:44 Conte to discuss migrants with Merkel (ANSA) New
0 views16:14:43 Census of Roma people coming up- Salvini (3) (ANSA) New
1 views16:14:42 Man detained for murder of Senegalese (2) (ANSA) New
0 views16:14:42 Ex Lombardy head Maroni gets 1-year term (3) (ANSA) New
4 views16:14:41 Fiscal peace isn`t an amnesty-Garavaglia (ANSA) New
7 views14:00:33 Over 100 arrests in big Bari mafia bust (2) (ANSA) New
5 views14:00:32 Spada faces eight-year, nine-mth term (2) (ANSA) New
5 views14:00:32 Man dead after car falls from ferry deck (ANSA) New
13 views13:20:25 Conte meeting Merkel, migrants on agenda (ANSA) New
15 views13:20:25 No longer Europe`s doormat - Salvini (ANSA) New
16 views13:20:25 No anomalies so far on Roma stadium-city (2) (ANSA) New
7 views12:40:56 Salvini meets Cardinal Burke, staunch critic of Pope Francis (The Guardian Italy) New
12:40:56 More ...

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