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17 january 2019

3 views04:05:48 NDP flags conflict-of-interest rules in Taverner hiring (The Star Movies) New
2 views04:05:47 Martin Regg Cohn: Doug Ford rewrote the rules, now he wants to redraw Ontario... (The Star Movies) New
3 views04:05:46 Snap resignation of Karen Wang gives Liberals just weeks to find new byelecti... (The Star Movies) New
2 views04:05:45 Former director of scandal-plagued York school board seeks more than $2M afte... (The Star Movies) New
2 views04:05:45 Planning experts warn Ontario´s growth plan changes could worsen traffic cong... (The Star Movies) New
1 views02:02:59 Marie Kondo to Bibliophiles: No, You Don´t Need to Throw Away Your Books (indieWIRE) New
1 views02:02:59 `Weekends´: Animating Childhood Memories of a Broken Family in Toronto (indieWIRE) New
7 views00:32:13 Robert Pattinson And André 3000 Star In Erotic Space Thriller High Life - Wat... (MTV Movies Blog) New

16 january 2019

5 views23:43:40 `Ghostbusters` movie: Director Jason Reitman releases first teaser in origina... (USA Today Movies) New
3 views23:33:33 Reviews: Frat house horror in `Pledge,´ Noomi Rapace in `Close´ and more (LA Times Movies) New
7 views23:33:32 Matthew McConaughey, Seth Rogen, Olivia Wilde films added to SXSW Film Festiv... (LA Times Movies) New
7 views22:39:33 Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan Plan `The Trip to Greece,´ So Get Your Impression... (indieWIRE) New
4 views22:39:33 Steve Carell Will Create and Star in a `Space Force´ Workplace Comedy for Net... (indieWIRE) New
3 views22:39:32 Britain No Longer Permitting Rape Scenes, Sexual Violence in Films Rated for ... (indieWIRE) New
3 views22:39:32 Why Aren´t You Watching TV´s Last Serious Show About Movies? (indieWIRE) New
1 views22:39:32 `Now Apocalypse´ Trailer: First Look at Gregg Araki´s Neon-Hued End of the World (indieWIRE) New
1 views22:39:32 `Wayne´ Review: It´s `The End of the F***ing World,´ But This YouTube Origina... (indieWIRE) New
3 views22:39:31 SXSW 2019 Unveils Features and Episodic Premieres, Including `Beach Bum´ and ... (indieWIRE) New
1 views22:39:31 Macaulay Culkin Reflects on Michael Jackson Friendship, While Sundance Stands... (indieWIRE) New
1 views22:39:31 SXSW 2019 Film: 10 Promising Selections, From Robert Rodriguez to Beto O´Rourke (indieWIRE) New
4 views22:39:31 Christina Ricci, Hollywood Contrarian, Doesn´t Care What You Think Of Her (indieWIRE) New
5 views22:30:05 A New Ghostbusters Movie Is Coming in 2020: See the First Sneak Peek (E! Online Movie News) New
5 views22:07:56 Liberal candidate Karen Wang resigns from Burnaby South byelection following ... (The Star Movies) New
5 views20:07:10 SIU gives most-detailed account to date of Danforth mass shooting, finds gunm... (The Star Movies) New
6 views20:07:10 Federal Liberal candidate Karen Wang resigns following criticisms about WeCha... (The Star Movies) New
6 views20:07:10 China rejects Canada´s plea for clemency for Robert Lloyd Schellenberg senten... (The Star Movies) New
5 views19:45:03 10 Powerful Captain Marvel Movie Posters Revealed (E! Online Movie News) New
3 views19:18:58 Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway tease `sexy noir` (USA Today Movies) New
4 views19:18:56 Watch: The trailer has landed for Nick Loeb`s anti-abortion film Roe v Wade (Independent.ie Film & Cinema) New
4 views19:18:55 `I feel closer to home and want more work here`, says Saoirse Ronan (Independent.ie Film & Cinema) New
4 views19:18:55 `It`s not a reboot` - Jason Reitman to direct new Ghostbusters film set in mo... (Independent.ie Film & Cinema) New
5 views19:11:39 `Deadly Class´ Review: Syfy´s School for Kid Killers Is a Miserable, Angst-Fu... (indieWIRE) New
7 views19:11:38 `Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt´ Trailer: Netflix Starts the Final Season Farewell... (indieWIRE) New
5 views19:11:38 Julia Roberts Won´t Be Back for `Homecoming´ Season 2, but the Show Can Still... (indieWIRE) New
7 views19:11:38 `Surviving R. Kelly´ Producers Talked to 54 People, Because `This Isn´t One P... (indieWIRE) New
7 views19:11:38 `Drunk History´: After 12 Years, Creator Derek Waters Only Drinks When Gettin... (indieWIRE) New
8 views17:45:06 Ryan Coogler Retooled `Black Panther´ Ending by Cutting Killmonger´s Big Line... (indieWIRE) New
2 views17:43:18 Alleged Gay Village serial killer Bruce McArthur ordered to return to court J... (The Star Movies) New
4 views17:43:17 SIU clears Toronto officers in death of Danforth gunman, releases new narrati... (The Star Movies) New
5 views17:23:51 Bill Maher Rallies to Impeach Trump, Asks Republicans Why They´re Covering Up... (indieWIRE) New
6 views17:22:16 Watch Zoe Saldana Transform Into Gamora in This Time-Lapse Video (E! Online Movie News) New
9 views16:40:04 M. Night Shyamalan answers all our burning questions about `Glass` (USA Today Movies) New
9 views16:40:03 McConaughey and Hathaway tease `sexy noir` (USA Today Movies) New
5 views16:30:14 Alleged Gay Village serial killer Bruce McArthur set to appear in court Wedne... (The Star Movies) New
3 views16:30:13 Did Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed jump the queue with her speedy resettlement to ... (The Star Movies) New
3 views16:30:13 Edward Keenan: Ford government´s regional review could be a good thing - or a... (The Star Movies) New
5 views16:30:13 Special advisors named to review Ontario regional municipalities called `hone... (The Star Movies) New
6 views15:11:02 `High Life´ Trailer: Robert Pattinson and Claire Denis Join Forces for Erotic... (indieWIRE) New
6 views15:11:02 GKids Picks Up Animated Survival Drama `Funan´ for Spring Release (indieWIRE) New
5 views12:17:30 In the Fyre Fest documentary battle, will Hulu or Netflix come out on top? (LA Times Movies) New
7 views07:45:36 Meet the person putting up those `Sorry to Bother You` posters around Los Ang... (LA Times Movies) New
4 views05:33:30 Alfonso Cuarón Rejected Multiple Studio Requests to Add a Rescue at the End o... (indieWIRE) New
3 views05:33:29 Jason Reitman Will Write and Direct New `Ghostbusters´ Sequel (indieWIRE) New
9 views03:26:36 Who is Jake Gyllenhaal`s Mysterio in the new `Spider-Man: Far From Home` trai... (USA Today Movies) New
8 views03:26:36 `Ghostbusters` is returning: Jason Reitman to direct a new movie in the origi... (USA Today Movies) New
17 views01:26:39 West Side Story Remake Casts Its Maria and She Hasn`t Even Graduated High Sch... (E! Online Movie News) New
14 views00:11:05 Life at 220 Oak St., one of TCHC´s most troubled addresses, takes centre stag... (The Star Movies) New
4 views00:11:04 Trump is badly losing the fight over the border wall shutdown, polls suggest (The Star Movies) New
7 views00:11:04 Special advisers named to review Ontario regional municipalities called `hone... (The Star Movies) New
6 views00:11:04 Ontario mayors greet regional reform news with excitement, dread (The Star Movies) New

15 january 2019

8 views23:39:26 James Franco and Former Student Settle Disaster Artist Lawsuit (E! Online Movie News) New
7 views23:39:26 Everything You Need to Know About Hulu`s Fyre Festival Documentary, Per Chris... (E! Online Movie News) New
8 views23:35:05 James McAvoy Remains Uncertain How Successfully `X-Men´ Can Be Folded Into MCU (indieWIRE) New
10 views23:25:32 `Spider-man: Far From Home` trailer introduces Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio (USA Today Movies) New
3 views22:26:11 Doug Ford´s Tories reviewing Peel, Halton, Durham and York governments (The Star Movies) New
5 views21:52:33 Oscars 2019: All 15 Best Original Score Contenders Ranked from Worst to Best (indieWIRE) New
10 views21:30:03 `Bird Box` star Rosa Salazar has a genius pitch for a sequel (LA Times Movies) New
3 views21:10:42 Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray Reunite: `Lost In Translation´ Duo Team Up for ... (indieWIRE) New
3 views21:10:42 USC Scripter Awards Nominations Often Tip Adapted Screenplay Oscar Race (indieWIRE) New
2 views21:01:42 The new Maria from Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ sho... (New York Post Movies) New
9 views20:18:37 GM tells Ottawa, Queen´s Park that Oshawa assembly plant will definitely close (The Star Movies) New
6 views19:55:10 Cannes 2019 Announces Full Selection Committee, Including Four Prominent Women (indieWIRE) New
6 views19:55:10 `Game of Thrones´ Boss Says Season 8 Trailer With Actual Footage Incoming, bu... (indieWIRE) New
4 views19:55:09 `The Last O.G.´ Trailer: Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan Cover Each Other in... (indieWIRE) New
7 views19:11:47 Palm Springs: Why a Secret Haven for Cinephiles is Hiding in the Desert Durin... (indieWIRE) New
5 views18:43:56 Sundance Will Not Pull Michael Jackson Child Abuse Doc `Leaving Neverland´ Am... (indieWIRE) New
5 views18:43:55 `Avengers: Infinity War´ Leads VES Awards with Six VFX Nominations, with Surp... (indieWIRE) New
5 views18:43:55 Producers Try to Bring Sanity and Uniformity to Documentary Credits (indieWIRE) New
7 views18:43:55 Is `Roma´ the Priciest Oscar Campaign in a Decade? Netflix Fights to Win Best... (indieWIRE) New
7 views17:47:47 Peter Parker Is Alive And Well In First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer (MTV Movies Blog) New
3 views17:38:52 The new ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ trailer is super romantic (New York Post Movies) New
10 views17:35:44 Exclusive first look: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen get twisty for thriller `The... (USA Today Movies) New
9 views17:19:59 Person dies after being hit by garbage truck near Adelaide and York (The Star Movies) New
6 views17:19:59 Tories rev up fundraising machine with big-ticket events featuring Premier Do... (The Star Movies) New
4 views16:36:16 `Black Earth Rising´ Trailer: Michaela Coel and John Goodman Star in Internat... (indieWIRE) New
6 views16:09:48 `Spider-Man: Far From Home´ Trailer: Peter Parker Lives, but Jake Gyllenhaal ... (indieWIRE) New
4 views16:09:48 Kathy Griffin Lashes Out at Don Cheadle for Not Supporting Her: `You´re a D*c... (indieWIRE) New
5 views15:50:53 Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Shows New Look for Peter Parker (E! Online Movie News) New
6 views15:36:38 Rosa Salazar has a genius pitch for `Bird Box 2´ (LA Times Movies) New
9 views14:54:10 Tom Cruise Making Back-to-Back Mission: Impossible Sequels (E! Online Movie News) New
5 views14:53:28 Everything we know about Chris Pratt`s fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger (USA Today Movies) New
7 views13:51:07 `My life was in danger and I had nothing to lose.` With tears and trepidation... (The Star Movies) New
8 views07:23:32 China has carried out death penalty threats against Canadians in the past, St... (The Star Movies) New
11 views07:23:32 From their perch in a special van, police are watching for texting drivers (The Star Movies) New
10 views07:23:31 Province´s push for private funding, additional stops puts Scarborough subway... (The Star Movies) New
9 views07:23:31 Martin Regg Cohn: Canada faces a war on all fronts over refugee rights and wr... (The Star Movies) New
12 views07:23:31 Rosie DiManno: Canada is Rahaf Mohammed´s guardian now (The Star Movies) New
12 views06:13:25 You should watch both Fyre Fest docs on Hulu and Netflix (despite Hulu`s shad... (USA Today Movies) New
10 views03:47:29 Obsessed with Fyre Fest drama? Netflix, Hulu documentaries compete to tell th... (USA Today Movies) New
3 views03:47:29 Essence honors Regina Hall, Amandla Stenberg, KiKi Layne and Jenifer Lewis (USA Today Movies) New
03:47:29 More ...

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