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30 march 2020

47 views02:43:06 Spike Lee Shares Script for Unmade Jackie Robinson Passion Project - Read Now (indieWIRE) New

29 march 2020

43 views23:57:22 Tiffany Haddish Says She and Her `Girls Trip´ Co-Stars Are Blazing Ahead on a... (indieWIRE) New
28 views22:15:01 Ryan Gosling Heading Back to Outer Space in New Adaptation From `The Martian´... (indieWIRE) New
28 views22:15:01 Krzysztof Penderecki Dies: Influential Composer With Music in `The Shining´ a... (indieWIRE) New
28 views22:15:01 J.J. Abrams Says Hollywood Can Learn From Original TV Like `Fleabag´ and `Atl... (indieWIRE) New
28 views22:15:01 Gamechangers in Box-Office History: When `Titanic` Proved Its Dominance, Once... (indieWIRE) New
16 views19:41:59 Would Mister Rogers know how to make us feel better right now? (LA Times Movies) New
64 views00:30:08 Watching Kate Winslet Demonstrate Proper Hand-Washing Is the Salve We Need Ri... (indieWIRE) New
48 views00:30:08 `Ozark´ Spoilers Review: Season 3 Delivers, From Marital Battles to a Bang-Ba... (indieWIRE) New
47 views00:30:07 Issa Rae´s `Insecure´ Gets the Mobile Game Treatment (indieWIRE) New
49 views00:30:07 Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Courting J.J. Abrams for Quibi: `He´s Leaning in and Is... (indieWIRE) New
38 views00:20:04 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in L.A. after COVID-19 hospitalization in Aust... (LA Times Movies) New

28 march 2020

42 views05:15:48 Film Comment magazine on `indefinite hiatus` as layoffs hit Film at Lincoln C... (LA Times Movies) New
58 views04:55:02 `The Mandalorian´: Michael Biehn to Guest Star in Season 2, Bill Burr Set to ... (indieWIRE) New
61 views04:55:01 Trish Regan Out at Fox Business After Referring to Coronavirus as `Impeachmen... (indieWIRE) New
37 views03:30:06 Who Needs Premieres? Amazon Boosts Hard-Hit Caterers With `Blow the Man Down´... (indieWIRE) New
27 views03:30:06 `There´s Something in the Water´ Review: Ellen Page´s Urgent Netflix Document... (indieWIRE) New
29 views03:30:06 `Dragon´s Lair:´ Ryan Reynolds in Talks to Star in Netflix´s Video Game Adapt... (indieWIRE) New
20 views03:30:06 Streamers See Huge Subscriber Gains as Viewers Seek Out Indoor Entertainment (indieWIRE) New
18 views03:30:05 `The Mandalorian:´ Michael Biehn to Guest Star in Season 2, Bill Burr Set to ... (indieWIRE) New
39 views02:30:29 Mulan Is Delayed but Here`s a Ranked List of the Live-Action Disney Remakes Y... (E! Online Movie News) New

27 march 2020

23 views23:50:05 As Film at Lincoln Center and More Lay Off Staff, Film Non-Profits Put Compet... (indieWIRE) New
23 views23:50:05 The 2019-2020 Emmy Awards Calendar Reshaped by TV Academy (indieWIRE) New
20 views23:15:01 Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and More Contagion Stars Reunite for Coronavirus PSAs (E! Online Movie News) New
32 views21:32:11 ‘Contagion’ cast PSAs urge vigilance against coronavirus: ‘... (New York Post Movies) New
18 views21:10:02 Emmy Predictions 2020: Best Animated Program (indieWIRE) New
16 views21:10:01 Let Other Studios Race to VOD; Sony Pictures Classics Believes It´s Theaters ... (indieWIRE) New
26 views20:39:04 Retta to host ‘The Invisible Man’ watch party Saturday on Twitter (New York Post Movies) New
35 views18:50:16 12 best LGBTQ movies to watch right now, including `Portrait of a Lady on Fir... (USA Today Movies) New
36 views18:50:15 Every horror movie of 2020, definitively ranked (including `Invisible Man` an... (USA Today Movies) New
27 views18:50:15 Coronavirus: Our picks for the best entertainment nostalgia to revisit during... (USA Today Movies) New
14 views16:18:40 Lulu Wang Launched a Grassroots Campaign to Donate 1,000 Masks to Los Angeles... (indieWIRE) New
37 views14:48:26 `Tape´ Review: Strong Performances Elevate #MeToo Drama That Doesn´t Reckon W... (indieWIRE) New
36 views14:48:25 TV Academy Compresses Emmy Schedule, Cancels FYCs, but Keeps September Ceremo... (indieWIRE) New
32 views14:48:25 Stream of the Day: Julianne Moore Still Gives Her All-Time Best Performance i... (indieWIRE) New
26 views10:17:28 Review: Ellen Page`s documentary examines `environmental racism` in her home ... (LA Times Movies) New
33 views08:50:40 `Tigertail´ Trailer: Alan Yang´s Netflix Film Promises a Heartfelt Story of L... (indieWIRE) New
27 views08:50:40 Coronavirus Help: How Impacted Entertainment Industry Workers Can Get Financi... (indieWIRE) New
28 views08:50:40 `The Sinner´: How the Season 3 Finale Says Goodbye in an Unexpected Way (indieWIRE) New
29 views08:50:39 Finale Footage Not Found: Inside TV´s New Normal - TV Podcast (indieWIRE) New
14 views03:50:03 10 essential baseball movies to watch if you`ve got the Opening Day blues (USA Today Movies) New
12 views00:44:49 Review: By finding immense beauty in darkness, `Vitalina Varela` connects wit... (LA Times Movies) New
13 views00:44:49 Review: Bertrand Tavernier`s `Journeys Through French Cinema` is one you won`... (LA Times Movies) New
11 views00:44:49 V.I. Pudovkin`s `Bolshevik Trilogy` comes to Blu-ray and a new book on `China... (LA Times Movies) New
12 views00:44:49 Review: `Tape` misses its mark as a #MeToo-era thriller (LA Times Movies) New
11 views00:44:49 Review: It`s sisters before misters in witty teen comedy `Banana Split` (LA Times Movies) New
11 views00:44:49 Review: Inner life of bipolar college student remains elusive in `Inside the ... (LA Times Movies) New
11 views00:25:16 George Miller Eyes `Mad Max´ Furiosa Film for 2021, Has Met With Anya Taylor-... (indieWIRE) New
11 views00:25:15 `Devs´: Alex Garland´s Visual Idea That Helps Locate the Show´s Multiverse (indieWIRE) New
12 views00:25:15 `Unorthodox´ Review: Netflix´s Yiddish Miniseries Turns Hasidic Rebellion Int... (indieWIRE) New
11 views00:25:15 Farewell, Box Office: This Was the Week That Premium VOD Charts Took Flight (indieWIRE) New
11 views00:25:15 `Bad Education´ Trailer: Hugh Jackman Shines in HBO´s Critically Acclaimed TI... (indieWIRE) New

26 march 2020

20 views22:20:03 Meghan Markle Set to Narrate Disney Nature Film Elephant After Royal Exit (E! Online Movie News) New
11 views20:49:57 Meghan Markle narrates new Disneynature film `Elephant` (USA Today Movies) New
12 views20:49:57 Duchess Meghan marks her return to Hollywood as narrator on Disney+ nature fi... (USA Today Movies) New
11 views20:49:57 All the movies streaming early amid coronavirus closures: `Call of the Wild,`... (USA Today Movies) New
35 views20:30:07 Idris Elba, still quarantined with coronavirus, is fine but misses home (LA Times Movies) New
31 views20:30:07 Review: Can you imagine being trapped with a monstrous child? `Vivarium` take... (LA Times Movies) New
30 views20:30:07 Mark Blum, actor in `Desperately Seeking Susan,` dies at 69 from COVID-19 com... (LA Times Movies) New
31 views20:30:07 Meghan Markle`s first Hollywood project post-Megxit is coming to Disney+ (LA Times Movies) New
16 views19:29:03 Disney’s ‘Call of the Wild’ and ‘Downhill’ get ... (New York Post Movies) New
13 views19:02:09 NASA Astronaut Looks Back at `Gravity´: It´s Harmful for Girls Who Want to Go... (indieWIRE) New
11 views19:02:09 As the Golden Globes Make Rule Changes, Will Oscars Follow? (indieWIRE) New
12 views19:02:09 GKids Acquires `Lupin the 3rd: The First,´ the Franchise´s First CG-Animated ... (indieWIRE) New
11 views19:02:08 `One Day at a Time´: How Pop TV Gave the Former Netflix Sitcom a Second Chanc... (indieWIRE) New
13 views19:02:08 Forget `Imagine,´ These Quarantined Friends Remade Toni Collette´s `Hereditar... (indieWIRE) New
15 views17:35:01 Idris Elba, still quarantined with coronavirus, is fine but missing home (LA Times Movies) New
28 views17:12:38 Here`s What`s Coming to and Leaving Hulu in April 2020 (E! Online Movie News) New
32 views15:55:31 Review: Jesse Eisenberg brings Marcel Marceau`s World War II heroics to life ... (LA Times Movies) New
32 views15:55:31 Disney makes `The Call of the Wild` and `Downhill` available early on digital (LA Times Movies) New
19 views15:53:39 How to watch ‘Birds of Prey,’ ‘Bloodshot’ and more ne... (New York Post Movies) New
18 views12:13:43 Readers respond to coronavirus quarantine culture, our new way of socially di... (LA Times Movies) New
19 views12:13:43 Review: If coronavirus doesn`t end us, electronic voting just might (LA Times Movies) New
43 views07:50:03 James Corden, Elton John Hosting Specials to Raise Money for Charitable Organ... (indieWIRE) New
45 views07:50:02 NBC Postpones Release of `New Amsterdam´ Episode About Fictional New York Pan... (indieWIRE) New
44 views07:50:02 NATO Gets Positive News for Theaters in $2.2 Trillion Senate Aid Package (indieWIRE) New
28 views01:35:32 How to watch ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Bloodshot’ and more ne... (New York Post Movies) New
25 views00:35:02 Here`s What`s Coming to Netflix in April 2020 (E! Online Movie News) New
35 views00:32:47 `Vivarium´ Review: Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots Star in a Creepy Suburban... (indieWIRE) New
34 views00:32:47 RIP Stuart Gordon: Fellow Filmmaker Larry Fessenden Fondly Remembers the Horr... (indieWIRE) New
35 views00:32:47 `Angry Birds: Summer Madness´ Series Coming to Netflix in 2021 (indieWIRE) New

25 march 2020

13 views22:45:04 Movies to watch while you empty a bottle of wine (New York Post Movies) New
13 views22:45:04 Jesse Eisenberg: I’m ‘incredibly calm’ amid the coronavirus... (New York Post Movies) New
21 views21:17:12 Emmy Predictions 2020: Best TV Movie (indieWIRE) New
18 views20:20:09 Stuart Gordon, director of horror classics `Re-Animator` and `From Beyond,` d... (LA Times Movies) New
16 views18:23:17 `The Farewell` director Lulu Wang on fighting Hollywood and coronavirus (LA Times Movies) New
25 views15:20:11 Stuart Gordon, cult classic horror film director, dies at 72 (New York Post Movies) New
25 views07:20:25 `Contagion` medical adviser Dr. Ian Lipkin has coronavirus: `If it can hit me... (USA Today Movies) New
28 views04:45:28 Netflix Announces New Marie Kondo Series, Renews `Love Is Blind´, `The Circle´ (indieWIRE) New
27 views04:45:28 Disney+ Launches in the United Kingdom and Europe (indieWIRE) New
26 views04:45:28 `This Is Us´ Review: Season 4 Finale Wraps Up Its `Strangers´ Experiment with... (indieWIRE) New
26 views04:45:27 Ian Lipkin, Medical Consultant on `Contagion,´ Tests Positive for Coronavirus (indieWIRE) New
29 views04:45:27 WarnerMedia Reports Large Viewership Increases for HBO Now, Other Platforms (indieWIRE) New
29 views04:45:27 Netflix Paying Talent Guarantees During Production Shutdowns - Report (indieWIRE) New
14 views03:22:46 From theaters to your home, `1917` and nine more films arrive this week (LA Times Movies) New
35 views01:12:54 `Tiger King´: How Two Directors Untangled the Thorny Web Around Big Cat Owners (indieWIRE) New
35 views01:12:53 `Shiva Baby´ Review: A Sugar Daddy Crashes a Jewish Funeral in This Lively Qu... (indieWIRE) New
33 views01:12:53 `Council of Dads´ Review: NBC Tries to Recreate `This Is Us´ Magic With Uneve... (indieWIRE) New

24 march 2020

14 views23:36:17 What a Thrill! See the Cast of Troop Beverly Hills Now (E! Online Movie News) New
31 views23:07:43 Review: Netflix`s `Crip Camp` chronicles the birth of the disability rights m... (LA Times Movies) New
23:07:43 More ...

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