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23 february 2020

53 views02:06:38 `The Salt of Tears´ Review: Philippe Garrel´s Lighthearted Movie About a Terr... (indieWIRE) New

22 february 2020

19 views21:22:33 George Clooney Wraps Production on Netflix Movie Now Titled `The Midnight Sky´ (indieWIRE) New
17 views21:22:33 How `Emma´ Director Autumn de Wilde Found Another Love Story in Jane Austen´s... (indieWIRE) New
19 views21:22:33 `The Intruder´ Review: `Black Swan´ Meets `Berberian Sound Studio´ in Dreamli... (indieWIRE) New
21 views21:22:33 Netflix Gets Serious About Its Theatrical Ambitions With Two Veteran Hires (indieWIRE) New
21 views21:22:33 `Kill It and Leave This Town´ Review: A Grotesque Vision Quest Through an Ani... (indieWIRE) New
18 views21:22:33 `Siberia´ Exclusive Trailer: Willem Dafoe Wanders a Fever Dream in Abel Ferra... (indieWIRE) New
20 views21:22:33 Jason Blum Says Jordan Peele `Has No Intention´ of Making a `Get Out´ Sequel (indieWIRE) New
17 views19:05:15 The best horror movies of 2020 so far, definitively ranked (including `Brahms... (USA Today Movies) New
17 views19:05:15 How `Call of the Wild`s heartbreaking dog ending veers from brutal novel (Spo... (USA Today Movies) New
19 views19:01:52 Korean culture wave rises high on `Parasite` and BTS. Ride it with novelist S... (LA Times Movies) New
23 views19:01:52 Autumn de Wilde`s secret for directing your first film at 49? Keep whiskey in... (LA Times Movies) New
22 views19:01:52 `Knives Out` is one sharp murder mystery - with a surprising political edge (LA Times Movies) New
5 views06:50:04 `Miracle` revived the memory and glory of the 1980 U.S. hockey team`s triumph (LA Times Movies) New
51 views04:26:50 Sarah Paulson Is A Helicopter Mom From Hell In Run (MTV Movies Blog) New
50 views04:26:50 Peter Or John Ambrose? To All The Boys Star Anna Cathcart Is Just As Torn As ... (MTV Movies Blog) New
33 views03:20:05 `Gentefied´ Review: Fall in Love With the Morales Family in Netflix´s Hip Comedy (indieWIRE) New
29 views03:20:05 `Friends´ Reunion Special Officially Set for HBO Max With Full Cast Returning (indieWIRE) New
29 views03:20:05 In Berlin, Margaret Qualley Has Star Power and the Germans Will Lecture If Yo... (indieWIRE) New
28 views03:20:05 HBO Officially Deems `Watchmen´ a Limited Series, Shaking Up Emmy Race (indieWIRE) New
29 views03:20:05 `Babies´ Review: Clinical Netflix Doc Series About Toddlers Puts Academics Ov... (indieWIRE) New
27 views03:20:05 New `Star Wars´ Movie in Talks With `Sleight´ Director and `Agents of S.H.I.E... (indieWIRE) New

21 february 2020

38 views23:35:02 Review: `Onward` isn`t one of Pixar`s best animated movies, but it might be i... (LA Times Movies) New
33 views23:35:02 Indie romance `Premature` challenges Hollywood by portraying black love, not ... (LA Times Movies) New
34 views23:35:02 President Trump isn`t happy about the Oscar for `Parasite.` What movies does ... (LA Times Movies) New
41 views22:47:32 `Minamata´ Review: Johnny Depp´s Gonzo Performance Can´t Rescue an Overzealou... (indieWIRE) New
41 views22:47:32 `Bad Education´ Teaser: Hugh Jackman Enters the Emmy Race as a High School Bo... (indieWIRE) New
41 views22:47:32 `Brahms: The Boy II´ Review: A Sequel No One Needed Inside a Thriller No One ... (indieWIRE) New
31 views22:35:02 Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ suit revealed in leaked mov... (New York Post Movies) New
29 views21:35:57 `Charm City Kings´ Trailer: Barry Jenkins Helped Script This Drama Inspired b... (indieWIRE) New
31 views21:35:57 Months Before `Inception,´ `Shutter Island´ Delivered an Ambiguous Ending Tha... (indieWIRE) New
30 views21:35:57 `Picard´: The Most Violent `Star Trek´ Scene Ever, and Why Seven of Nine´s St... (indieWIRE) New
28 views21:35:57 Berlin 2020: What Makes This Massive Film Festival Different From the Rest? -... (indieWIRE) New
22 views21:30:02 Liam Neeson Absolutely Refuses to Watch Love Actually (E! Online Movie News) New
12 views21:00:13 Devin France plays the classic girl who never wanted to grow up like Peter Pa... (USA Today Movies) New
17 views19:37:49 Elizabeth Moss is hunted in the new sci-fi thriller `The Invisible Man` (USA Today Movies) New
15 views19:14:33 `PAW Patrol´ animated movie in the works (New York Post Movies) New
25 views19:00:19 Review: Pixar`s charming fantasy `Onward` mixes laughs and tears with sword a... (USA Today Movies) New
25 views12:38:17 Comparing the Casts of Emma From All the Takes on Jane Austen`s Classic Novel (E! Online Movie News) New
19 views10:43:43 Review: `Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band` documents a dream... (LA Times Movies) New
20 views10:43:43 President Trump blasts Oscar win for `Parasite` and lashes out at Brad Pitt (LA Times Movies) New
19 views10:43:43 Review: Return of creepy killer doll can`t help `Brahms: The Boy II` overcome... (LA Times Movies) New
18 views07:46:52 `My Brilliant Friend´ Season 2 Trailer: Alice Rohrwacher Was Born to Direct E... (indieWIRE) New
17 views07:46:52 `Star Trek: Picard´ Review: Seven of Nine Avenges a Beloved `Voyager´ Friend´... (indieWIRE) New
18 views07:46:52 Netflix and the Sweet Release of Garbage TV - TV Podcast (indieWIRE) New
19 views07:46:52 `Premature´: When Telling a Young Black Love Story Is a Radical Act (indieWIRE) New
18 views07:46:52 Trump Mocks `Parasite´ and Brad Pitt Oscar Wins at Rally: `Can We Get `Gone W... (indieWIRE) New
18 views07:46:52 `Star Wars: The Clone Wars´: Dave Filoni Discusses the Final Eps and George L... (indieWIRE) New
19 views04:37:13 Every horror movie of 2020, definitively ranked (including Katie Holmes` `Bra... (USA Today Movies) New
39 views04:10:11 Shailene Woodley Finds Herself In A Toxic Love Triangle In Endings, Beginnings (MTV Movies Blog) New
10 views01:00:34 Review: Twisty `The Lodge` is Riley Keough at her terrifying best (USA Today Movies) New
29 views00:33:08 John Krasinski Responds to Critic Who Slammed `A Quiet Place´ As Socially Reg... (indieWIRE) New
28 views00:33:08 `Better Call Saul´ Review: Season 5 Brings the Pain as the Saddest Show on TV... (indieWIRE) New
28 views00:33:08 Priyanka Chopra´s `Wild Wild Country´-Inspired Movie `Sheela´ Set for Amazon,... (indieWIRE) New
25 views00:33:07 New Directors/New Films 2020 Lineup Launches With Sundance Hit `Boys State´ (indieWIRE) New
25 views00:33:07 `The Mandalorian´: How ILM´s Innovative StageCraft Tech Created a `Star Wars´... (indieWIRE) New
24 views00:33:07 Joaquin Phoenix Rescued a Cow and Her Newborn Calf From an LA Slaughterhouse ... (indieWIRE) New

20 february 2020

26 views23:38:19 Review: `Emma` proves the spirit of Jane Austen never gets old (LA Times Movies) New
32 views23:25:02 ‘Premature’ movie review: Harlem romance-drama breaks hearts (New York Post Movies) New
37 views23:25:02 Alex Winter posts trove of vintage ‘Bill & Ted’ behind-the-s... (New York Post Movies) New
35 views23:25:02 `First Wives Club´ stars Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton reuniting... (New York Post Movies) New
29 views22:35:15 Review: From the Archives: `Pandora and the Flying Dutchman` provides rare en... (LA Times Movies) New
15 views21:54:37 Review: In `The Times of Bill Cunningham,` the late fashion photographer tell... (LA Times Movies) New
11 views21:54:37 Review: `Impractical Jokers: The Movie` doesn`t aim too high. And mostly hits... (LA Times Movies) New
15 views21:54:37 Review: Fashionista Slick Woods dominates Sam de Jong`s explosive hip-hop dra... (LA Times Movies) New
18 views21:54:37 Review: `Emerald Run` is no gem, uncut or otherwise (LA Times Movies) New
13 views21:54:37 Review: Ben Schwartz and Billy Crystal shine in old-school comedy `Standing U... (LA Times Movies) New
14 views21:54:37 Review: Michael Cristofer explores loneliness and autism in subdued `The Nigh... (LA Times Movies) New
11 views21:54:37 Review: Beautiful to look at, `You Go to My Head` lingers in its smarmy gaze (LA Times Movies) New
11 views21:54:37 `The Woman Who Loves Giraffes` documents a surprising tale of groundbreaking ... (LA Times Movies) New
13 views21:54:36 Review: In `Premature,` a young New Yorker explores love, language and herself (LA Times Movies) New
14 views21:54:36 Ben Affleck opens up about alcohol addiction, depression and his biggest disa... (LA Times Movies) New
11 views21:54:36 Review: In `The Cordillera of Dreams,` Patricio Guzmán completes his powerful... (LA Times Movies) New
19 views21:02:17 `Little Fires Everywhere´ Trailer: Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington´s S... (indieWIRE) New
30 views20:48:51 `Wendy´: Listen to the First Track from Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin´s Sweeping... (indieWIRE) New
32 views20:48:51 Scorsese Wrote Bong Joon Ho a Heartfelt Letter After Oscars: `You´ve Done Wel... (indieWIRE) New
32 views20:48:51 `Sonic the Hedgehog´ to Win the Box Office, `Call of the Wild´ Will Whimper (indieWIRE) New
33 views20:48:51 `Shantaram´: Production on Apple TV+ Series Has Been Suspended Indefinitely (indieWIRE) New
30 views20:48:51 Marielle Heller Sets Limited Series About Serial Sexual Harasser and His Fema... (indieWIRE) New
20 views20:48:51 `Westworld´ Season 3 Trailer: Dolores and Maeve Face Off in HBO´s Cryptic Tease (indieWIRE) New
21 views20:48:51 `My Salinger Year´ Review: Margaret Qualley in Half-Hearted Twist on `The Dev... (indieWIRE) New
19 views20:48:51 `Borderlands´: Filmmaker Eli Roth Takes Aim at First Video-Game Movie Adaptation (indieWIRE) New
21 views18:50:36 ‘Call of the Wild’ movie review: CGI can’t replace a real dog (New York Post Movies) New
29 views18:31:03 5 movies that put a modern spin on Jane Austen, including the new `Emma` and ... (USA Today Movies) New
27 views16:08:05 `Run´ Trailer: `Searching´ Director Returns With Sarah Paulson Psychological ... (indieWIRE) New
27 views16:08:05 Jeremy Irons Kicks Off Berlinale by Confronting Past Anti-Abortion, Gay Marri... (indieWIRE) New
31 views16:08:05 Ryan Murphy´s Netflix Event Series `Hollywood´ Set for May, Making it an Emmy... (indieWIRE) New
43 views07:26:41 Review: Liam Neeson, Lesley Manville test love`s limits in `Ordinary Love` (USA Today Movies) New
43 views07:26:41 Harrison Ford`s shirtless chest is that buff (at 77) for his `Call of the Wil... (USA Today Movies) New
30 views06:56:24 Here`s What`s Coming to Netflix in March 2020 (E! Online Movie News) New
44 views02:57:41 `Year of the Rabbit´ Review: Matt Berry Was Born to Star in IFC´s Victorian R... (indieWIRE) New
44 views02:57:41 `The Call of the Wild´: How a CG Dog Named Buck Held His Own with Harrison Ford (indieWIRE) New
44 views02:57:41 `Endings, Beginnings´ Trailer: Shailene Woodley Is Caught in a Love Triangle ... (indieWIRE) New
27 views02:07:39 First Reactions To Pixar’s Onward Praise ‘Trash Unicorns’ A... (MTV Movies Blog) New
29 views02:07:39 Jennifer Lawrence Thinks We’re All Doomed In Don’t Look Up (MTV Movies Blog) New
20 views01:45:04 Review: Bertrand Bonello`s strange, beguiling `Zombi Child` is a zombie movie... (LA Times Movies) New
19 views01:45:04 `A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood` gives Fred Rogers his due (LA Times Movies) New
42 views00:40:02 New York Film Festival Finds an Agent of Change in Director Eugene Hernandez (indieWIRE) New
40 views00:40:02 Film Crew Stranded in China Releases Footage of a City Plagued by Coronavirus... (indieWIRE) New
41 views00:40:02 `The Shrink Next Door´: Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd to Reunite For Small Scree... (indieWIRE) New
00:40:02 More ...

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