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20 february 2020

29 views21:35:05 How A Show About, Of All Things, Cambodian Surf Rock Became One Of This Seaso... (ArtsJournal) New
31 views21:35:05 How A Co-Founder Of Black Lives Matter Uses Dance For Change (ArtsJournal) New
20 views20:50:11 How The Arts Could Reform Business Education (ArtsJournal) New
19 views20:50:11 How My Fake College Essay Went Insanely Viral And Nearly Cost Me My Day Job (ArtsJournal) New
20 views20:50:11 Seattle Arts Philanthropist Virginia Wright, 91 (ArtsJournal) New
27 views20:50:11 He Was One Of Sudan´s Most Beloved Musicians - Then He Went Silent For Decade... (ArtsJournal) New
20 views20:50:11 EU Will Demand UK Return Parthenon Marbles To Greece As Part Of Brexit Deal (ArtsJournal) New
20 views20:50:11 Why The U.S. Department Of Defense Is Interested In Dancing Robots (ArtsJournal) New
24 views20:50:11 Royal Philharmonic Research: How Technology Is Bringing Classical Music A Big... (ArtsJournal) New
17 views17:18:50 Louvre Cancels Show Of Bulgarian Icons After Bulgarian Government And Church ... (ArtsJournal) New
19 views17:18:49 Amar Ramasar Is Not Leaving Broadway´s `West Side Story´. Neither Are The Pro... (ArtsJournal) New
20 views17:18:49 Which Presidential Candidate Would Be Best For The Arts? (ArtsJournal) New
16 views17:18:49 Why An `Old-Timey Gothic Typeface´ Became `The Nazi Font´ (ArtsJournal) New
15 views17:18:49 The Rise Of Queer Tango In Buenos Aires Makes Perfect Sense (ArtsJournal) New
14 views17:18:49 Indian Cinema Is Finally Starting To Get Comfortable With Same-Sex Romance (ArtsJournal) New
19 views17:18:49 A Huge Frank Stella Painting Disappeared In Chile And Ended Up Being Used As ... (ArtsJournal) New
22 views13:30:06 Study: Does A Company´s Political Advocacy Affect Consumer Behavior? Yes. But... (ArtsJournal) New

19 february 2020

10 views23:41:35 `True Grit´ Author Charles Portis Dead At 86 (ArtsJournal) New
10 views23:41:35 Arts Council England Warns Organisations: Get More Diverse Or Give Up Governm... (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Actress Zoe Caldwell, Four-Time Tony Winner, Dead At 86 (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 For South L.A., A Sort Of African-American High Line (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Will UK Have To Return Elgin Marbles To Greece To Get Post-Brexit EU Trade Deal? (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Can A Theater Function With Four Artistic Directors? Philadelphia´s Wilma The... (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 La Scala Ballet´s New Director: Manuel Legris Of Vienna State Ballet (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Tough Talk On Theatre Diversity Efforts (ArtsJournal) New
10 views23:41:34 This Could Be The Berkeley Public Library´s Most Treasured Collection (ArtsJournal) New
10 views23:41:34 End Of The Big Glamorous Cities? (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Fan Fiction Has Been Around For Almost 300 Years (And It´s Been About Sex The... (ArtsJournal) New
10 views23:41:34 Learning Technology Through Dance (ArtsJournal) New
9 views23:41:34 Opera Performed By And For The Deaf? These Folks Are Giving It A Try (ArtsJournal) New
9 views23:41:34 Meet Oliver Dowden, The UK´s New Culture Secretary (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 One Of Britain´s Top Dance Companies, Tired Of The Money Struggle, Gives Up A... (ArtsJournal) New
11 views23:41:34 Has Netflix Reached Its Max Audience? (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Allentown Museum Painting Discovered To Be A Rembrandt After It Was Sent Out ... (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Tory MPs Warn Boris Johnson Not To Attack The BBC (ArtsJournal) New
10 views23:41:34 Meet The Workers Who Inspect The Sistine Chapel´s Frescoes (ArtsJournal) New
8 views23:41:34 Revealed: YouTube´s Most-Watched Gaming Channels Are Infested With Bots (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:04 Boy Scouts Of America Files For Bankruptcy (ArtsJournal) New
12 views00:42:04 New Director Is Making Britain´s Oldest Dance Company Hot Again (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:04 Rarity: Vienna Kunsthalle Museum Replaces Director With A Three-Person Collec... (ArtsJournal) New
12 views00:42:04 Following Netflix Series, Case Of Malcolm X´s Murder May Be Reopened (ArtsJournal) New
14 views00:42:04 The Radical Plan To Remake Paris Into A `15-Minute City` (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:04 John Eliot Gardiner On Period-Instrument Beethoven (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:03 How Musicians Are Starting To Grapple With The Climate Impact Of Touring (ArtsJournal) New
12 views00:42:03 Forgers And The True Believers That Want To Believe Them (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:03 Ten Trends That Will Impact The Arts Says Americans For The Arts (ArtsJournal) New
14 views00:42:03 An Open-Ended, Ambiguous, Multi-Perspective Opera Made To Resist Reduction (ArtsJournal) New
13 views00:42:03 Art Critic Christopher Knight Wins Lifetime Achievement Award (ArtsJournal) New
18 views00:42:03 Crystal Bridges Changed The Landscape Of American Art. Now It´s Taking On Con... (ArtsJournal) New

18 february 2020

9 views17:50:06 Ballet Philippines Appoints Foreign Artistic Director; People Flip Out (ArtsJournal) New
9 views17:50:06 Reinbert de Leeuw, Champion Of Contemporary Classical Music, Dead At 81 (ArtsJournal) New
10 views17:50:06 Raphael´s Sistine Chapel Tapestries Displayed There For First Time In 500 Years (ArtsJournal) New
8 views17:50:06 15,000-Year-Old Wall Carvings Found In Spanish Cave (ArtsJournal) New
11 views17:50:06 Artist (And Scrotum-Nailing, Bank-Burning Refugee) Pyotr Pavlensky Arrested F... (ArtsJournal) New
9 views17:50:05 How A Theatre Powered The Downtown Revival Of Illinois´s Second-Largest City (ArtsJournal) New
7 views17:50:05 Why Black English Is America´s Most Important Dialect (ArtsJournal) New
7 views17:50:05 More Than Numbers: How Astronomers Named The Planets And Stars (ArtsJournal) New

17 february 2020

10 views23:40:03 `Save The BBC` Petition Gets 100,000 Signers In First 24 Hours (ArtsJournal) New
18 views23:40:03 Six Cooper Hewitt Boardmembers Resign Over Director´s Forced Resignation (ArtsJournal) New
15 views23:40:03 In Praise Of Wikipedia And What It´s Become (ArtsJournal) New
15 views22:12:01 A Theatre Director Rates The Presidential Candidates On their Performance Style (ArtsJournal) New
22 views22:12:00 Remember The Stolen-Klimt-Hidden-All-These-Years-In-A-Museum-Wall Story? (ArtsJournal) New
16 views22:12:00 California´s New Freelance Law Is Playing Havoc With Artists (ArtsJournal) New
15 views22:12:00 Why The Business Case For Diversity Doesn´t Work (ArtsJournal) New
12 views22:12:00 At Least 80 American Cities Are Shrinking. Here´s How They´re Planning For It (ArtsJournal) New
12 views22:12:00 Why The Trump Administration´s Greek Columns Plan For Federal Buildings Will ... (ArtsJournal) New
10 views22:12:00 The Man Who Sees A History Bigger Than All Of Us (ArtsJournal) New
11 views22:12:00 How We Got So Disaffected From Our Culture (ArtsJournal) New
13 views22:12:00 Abu Dhabi´s `City Of The Future` Gets Off To A Slow Start (ArtsJournal) New
32 views17:56:39 Taking Aim Against (Part Of) Amazon With A New Website (ArtsJournal) New
31 views17:56:39 Is E.L. James The Best Writer Of The Past 30 Years? (ArtsJournal) New
32 views17:56:39 The Wedding Dress That Cost The Cooper Hewitt Director Her Job (ArtsJournal) New
27 views17:56:39 Adding Back In The Workers That Art About Los Angeles So Often Forgets (ArtsJournal) New
27 views17:56:39 The Photographer And The Photos Of A Ballerina Who´s 33 Weeks Pregnant (ArtsJournal) New
26 views17:56:39 NYT´s Classical Music Critic Hosts A House Concert (ArtsJournal) New
21 views17:56:39 The Royal Shakespeare Company Hires Its First Spanish Actor (ArtsJournal) New
23 views17:56:39 The Oscar Bump Was Real This Week For `Parasite´ (ArtsJournal) New
14 views17:56:39 Overheard At LA´s Art Fairs (ArtsJournal) New
21 views17:56:38 More Eyes On South Korea´s Class Divisions After `Parasite´ Hits Big On The W... (ArtsJournal) New
15 views17:56:38 While Boris Johnson Wants To `Massively Prune´ The BBC, Senior Tory MPs Say No (ArtsJournal) New
13 views17:56:38 Independent Cinemas In Canada Say They´re Being Shut Out By Cineplex (ArtsJournal) New
20 views17:56:38 An AI Bot Interviews Billy Eilish, Eliciting Some Interesting Answers (ArtsJournal) New
47 views13:33:54 The Young Star Of `Queen Of Katwe,´ Nikita Pearl Waligwa, Has Died At 15 (ArtsJournal) New
47 views13:33:54 Inside The Sad, Sudden, Dramatic Demise Of The Marciano Art Foundation (ArtsJournal) New
47 views13:33:54 What Philly Must Do To Preserve Its Jazz Legacy (ArtsJournal) New
50 views00:50:05 Making Art So Big It Can´t Be Ignored (ArtsJournal) New

16 february 2020

41 views22:10:16 Living At The Intersection Of Dance, Social Media, And Teenage Life (ArtsJournal) New
50 views22:10:16 Let´s Talk About This `Classical´ Architecture Thing, Strongmen, And Fascism (ArtsJournal) New
16 views21:03:32 A.E. Hotchner, Writer And Co-Founder Of Newman´s Own, Has Died At 102 (ArtsJournal) New
13 views21:03:32 Sheldon Theatre (Red Wing MN) seeks Executive & Artistic Director (ArtsJournal) New
14 views21:03:32 Checking In On (What´s Left Of) This Professional Writers Organization (ArtsJournal) New
13 views21:03:32 Can The Worldwide Vinyl Boom Recover From The Apollo Factory Fire? (ArtsJournal) New
12 views21:03:31 Nedda Casei, Mezzo-Soprano Who Became A Labor Leader, Has Died At 87 (ArtsJournal) New
17 views21:03:31 Two Men Broke Into A London Bookshop Intending To Rob It, But Then They Found... (ArtsJournal) New
18 views21:03:31 Making Sense Of Through Tiny Nuggets Of Narrative (ArtsJournal) New
13 views21:03:31 When Plays Explore Trauma, Performers Bear The Brunt Of The Pain (ArtsJournal) New
19 views21:03:31 Elizabeth Cullinan, Who Helped Redefine Irish American Literature, Has Died A... (ArtsJournal) New
94 views17:06:57 Barbara Remington, Illustrator Of Classic Lord Of The Rings Covers, Has Died ... (ArtsJournal) New
51 views17:06:57 New Banksy In Bristol Vandalized Almost As Soon As It Appears (ArtsJournal) New
35 views17:06:57 Lynn Cohen, Magda Of `Sex And The City´ Fame, Has Died At 86 (ArtsJournal) New
17:06:57 More ...

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